tagGroup SexLines Are Crossed at the Beach Ch. 02

Lines Are Crossed at the Beach Ch. 02


Special thanks to Redhairedandfriendly for the editing help.


The following morning, I wake up while it is still dark outside. I pull on a bathing suit, t-shirt and flip-flops, step into the kitchen and eat a Pop-Tart and have a glass of juice. While I eat my breakfast, Brad comes into the kitchen and fixes himself something to eat. After a few minutes with no further signs of life, we grab our tackle and head out to the beach to do some surf fishing. We still hope to catch enough over the mornings of our visit to feed everyone dinner on our last night.

A little after 9, Paige and Alex come out of their rooms, dressed and ready to go. After some coffee, Paige knocks on the door to see if Laura is still going shopping. When she sticks her head in the door to ask, Laura rolls over, pulling a pillow over her head, mumbling "No...go away."

Laughing, Paige shuts the door again and turns to Alex, "Looks like it's just the two of us, let's go."

Apparently the commotion is enough to get Jake and Laura up though, because within minutes both wander bleary-eyed into the kitchen. Jake fixes himself a cup of coffee and then sits on the bar stool, hunching over and staring into the dark liquid. Laura digs around in the fridge, pulling out half a grapefruit for her breakfast. Standing on the other side of the bar, across from Jake, she eats her grapefruit while they make idle conversation.

As Jake slowly wakes up, he looks at Laura, noticing the outline of her nipples through the thin material of her t-shirt. He shifts a bit in his seat and feels his cock starting to thicken slightly. When Laura finishes her grapefruit, she throws the rind in the trash and takes her bowl to the dishwasher. Jake watches her move around the kitchen, enjoying the jiggle of her breasts with each step. When she bends over to put her bowl in the dishwasher, her t-shirt rides up and he sees that she has nothing else on. With a quiet groan, Jake stares at Laura's naked ass and the glimpse of her pussy that is revealed and remembers how enjoyable it had been to finger her to orgasm the night before. When his cock begins to harden more noticeably in his boxers, Jake excuses himself and retreats to his bedroom. Laura is surprised at the sudden disappearance, but shrugs it off and finishes straightening up the kitchen, then goes into her bedroom to change into her swimsuit.

Once she has pulled her hair back and slipped into her hot pink bikini, Laura grabs her towel and the suntan lotion. Knocking lightly on the door of Jake's room, she opens it, planning on asking for some help with her lotion. Instead, she sees Jake lying naked in the middle of the bed, his eyes are closed and his hand is working up and down the hard shaft of his cock. Her words stick in her mouth and all she can do for the moment is watch. Turned on by the scene, Laura drops her things and steps to the bed. Wrapping her own hand around the thick shaft, she begins pumping it, saying, "Here, let me help."

Jake opens his eyes, surprised at her sudden appearance, but the feeling of her hand on his cock quickly squashes any concerns he may have. Laura holds the shaft firmly in her hand, slowly jerking it up and down. Her other hand snakes between his thighs and begins to caress and rub his balls. Every few strokes she glides her hand higher, over the head of Jake's cock, collecting the precum that is starting to ooze out, before going back to the steady, pumping motion. Her movements work the glistening precum into the head and shaft of Jake's cock and soon results in wet, squishy sounds as she continues her handjob. As Jakes starts to feel that familiar tingling in his balls, he grabs her hand and pulls it from his cock, then pushes her back onto the bed.

Jake moves between her legs and pushes his face into Laura's pussy and starts to lick. Her pussy is already wet, so he quickly focuses on her stiff clit. Licking and sucking on the hard little button, Jake soon makes Laura cum. After a quick catching of her breath, Laura wants more. She grabs Jake's cock and whispers, "Fuck me Jake, I want your cock inside of me."

Sliding up her body, Jake positions himself at the opening of Laura's pussy and begins to ease his thick, veiny cock inside of her. Filling her up, he begins to slowly pump his cock in and out. He grinds against her when he is fully inside. As he fucks her, Laura pulls her legs up and puts her heels on his ass, opening herself wider for his cock. "Yes, Jake...that's it, fuck my wet pussy, fuck me with that fat cock, fuck me baby, harder, harder..."

She pulls her feet against his ass, trying to push him deeper inside. Leaning forward, Laura bites Jake's shoulder, causing him to grunt with excitement. With a hard thrust deep inside of Laura's pussy, Jake begins shooting his sperm into her. Spurt after spurt of cum explodes deep inside Laura, driving her over the edge as well; her body stiffens as her orgasm hits.

Jake rolls off of Laura and collapses beside her on the bed. Still breathing heavily, Laura sits up, leaning on an elbow and looking at her friend. "So that's what I missed out on last night," she says with a laugh.

Running painted fingernails lightly across Jake's chest and stomach, she purrs, "Thank you, what a great start to the day."

Seeing a mark starting to form on his shoulder where she bit him, she leans down to kiss it, "Oops, sorry."

Laura sits up and finds her bikini bottoms on the floor where she'd removed them earlier and slips them back on, just as Jake's cum starts to ooze out of her pussy. With a glance from the doorway, she smiles at Jake again, "See you out on the beach."

Grabbing the rest of her things, Laura leaves the cabin and heads out to the beach to find Brad and I. Finding us, she stakes out a spot on the beach, laying out her towel and other things. When I see her I smile and reel in my last cast, then put my gear away. When I finish, I join Laura who is sitting on her towel watching us.

"Hey babe," I say and lean down to give her a kiss.

"Hey hun," she replies. "Will you put some lotion on my back for me? I can't reach."

I take the bottle of lotion from her outstretched hand and kneel on the towel beside her. "I'd love to."

"Great," she says with a smile, then rolls onto her stomach. Reaching up beneath her hair, she unties the knot at her neck, then the one on her back. "No tan lines," she explains.

I squirt some lotion onto my hands, then rub them together to warm it up. Beginning at her shoulders, I slowly apply the suntan lotion to her shoulders and back, really giving her more of a massage rather than just applying lotion. As I run my fingers along her sides, I brush my fingertips along the sides of her breasts. Gradually my hands move lower and I apply lotion to her lower back as well. I skip down to her feet and apply lotion to the backs of her sleek legs. As I massage the backs of her thighs, she allows her legs to part slightly.

Putting more lotion on my hands, I begin to apply the lotion to either side of her bikini bottom, massaging the tight cheeks of her ass. I trace fingertips along the edge of her suit, dipping them between her legs. As my fingertips brush over her crotch, I feel a wetness in her bikini. I lean close to her ear, "It seems like someone is enjoying this."

She turns her head towards me, chewing on a fingernail and says, "I am, but...I was naughty earlier."

I press my hand more firmly between her legs. "Oh really? Just what did you do?"

"I couldn't help myself," she pants as I rub her through her bikini. "It looked so good and I was still so turned on after everything that happened last night...I fucked Jake this morning."

I slip a finger inside her suit and press it against her lips and into her cum-filled pussy. The wetness now explained, I find myself incredibly turned on. As I work my finger in and out of her, my thumb rubs against Laura's clit. As I work her up more and more, I slide a second finger into her juicy pussy and finger fuck her, continuing to tease her clit with my thumb.

While I finger her pussy, I notice movement out of the corner of my eye. That's when I remember that Brad is out there with us. Too involved with Laura and too excited to care anyway, I continue to play. My fingers slide in and out of her pussy, my thumb rubbing against her clit.

Laura turns her head and buries her face in her towel as my touch sends her to orgasm. She stifles a scream as her body bucks with the spasms running through her. I ease my fingers out of her as she turns her face back towards me with a contented smile. Without thinking about it, I lick my fingers clean, tasting both her and Jake's cum and enjoying it.

As I clean off my fingers, I see that Paige and Alex are back. They along with Jake come out onto the beach. Gathering up today's catch and our gear, and trying to hide the hard cocks in our shorts, Brad and I excuse ourselves and head back up to the cottage. Rinsing off our tackle, Brad comments on how sexy Laura is and how much he enjoyed watching us. Nodding toward the still prominent bulge in his shorts, I laugh and tell him that I had noticed.

Done cleaning up our stuff, I am ready for a shower. I step into the dressing area of the dual outside showers that this cabin has, then reach into the left hand stall and start the water. While I wait for the water to warm up, I take off my suit and stand there. I get a surprise when Brad also steps into the dressing area and takes off his suit. I try to act like this is no big deal, especially when all Brad does is reach into the other stall and turn on the water as well. Unable to control myself, my eyes keep returning to Brad's cock, even only semi-hard it looks big.

Brad notices the direction of my look, then reaches down and slides his hand along the now hardening length of his shaft. I watch, fascinated as Brad's cock reaches its full, impressive length and girth. My own dick responds and grows erect as well. I start to turn and step into my shower, but Brad's hand on my shoulder stops me and turns me around. His hand slides off my shoulder and down my body before wrapping around the shaft of my cock and squeezing. I groan and without thinking, reach out and take Brad's cock into my own hand and start to stroke it.

It feels strange at first, this is the first cock other than my own that I've ever touched, but that awkwardness quickly subsides and becomes pleasure as Brad's hand works up and down my rod. As I stroke him, it feels the same as my own cock, but it also feels different. I try to change the grip and the speed, much as I do when I jerk myself off. Brad steps closer to me and the heads of our dicks bump together. It looks like he is about to say something, but we are interrupted by Paige stepping into the dressing area. Between the sounds of the showers and our focus on each other, we had not heard her approach.

"Mmmm, I want some of that," she says as she steps closer to the two of us. Paige reaches out and takes a cock into each hand, starting to stroke us. While stroking us, the redhead leans in to each of us, giving us deep, tongue-filled kisses. She moves to her knees without ever releasing her grip on our cocks, continuing to stroke us. She leans towards Brad and takes the thick knob of his rod into her mouth, then turns her head and does the same to me. After alternating sucks and licks like this a few times, she tugs on our cocks, pulling us closer together. She opens her mouth wide and pushes the head of both dicks into her mouth at the same time, swirling her tongue around.

Gasping, she comes up for air and releases her grip on Brad's shaft. She cups my ass in both hands and lowers her mouth onto my cock, taking all of me into her mouth, the head sliding into her throat. As she swallows the muscles of her throat milk me. Brad moves behind her and pushes her skimpy bikini bottom to the side. While his wife deep throats my cock, Brad begins to push his huge dick into her wet pussy, quickly getting into a rhythm, pumping himself in and out. The visual sensation of Brad fucking her, plus her talented mouth and tongue on my cock, along with the earlier excitement of the morning quickly push me over the edge. With a yell, I start to cum, shooting spurt after spurt of cum into Paige's wet mouth and down her throat. I lean back against the wall of the dressing area, in time to see Brad grab Paige's hips and shove himself deep inside her. With a grunt, he cums.

With a smile and a kiss for both of us, Paige takes Brad's hand and leads him into a shower stall. I step into my own shower and get myself cleaned up. I finish up and dry off, hearing frequent giggles floating out of the other shower, but I just smile and leave the other couple alone. I wrap my towel around my waist and head upstairs to change.

Changed, I head back out to the beach. While I was changing, I heard Brad and Paige come upstairs so I yell to them that I'll be out on the beach. On the beach, I find our stuff, but Laura, Alex and Jake aren't there. I look around and spy them out in the surf, so I drop my towel and run out into the water to join them. A little later, Brad and Paige join us in the water as well.

That afternoon, we gather our belongings and head back up to the cottage for lunch. As we lounge around afterwards, nothing seems to be different. We're all fully dressed, well as dressed as anyone at the beach ever is, and we're talking about our jobs, our families, our friends. The thought crosses my mind that things should be different, things should be odd, after all that has happened, but I realize that I'm wrong. This is exactly how it should be, we are still the same people, still the same friends, those things haven't changed, just some things that we've shared have.

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