tagGay MaleLining Up a Putt Ch. 02

Lining Up a Putt Ch. 02


A couple of weeks later, I was playing the same course. When I came to the tenth green, my cock responded and was hard by the time I got off the golf cart. My playing partners didn't notice anything at first but when I bent over to pick up my ball, the bulge in my shorts showed. I very slowly stood up and looked around. One of the guys was staring at my crotch and I must have turned three shades of red. I looked at the other guy and he winked at me so I knew they both had observed my uncomfortable movements. We finished the hole and as we were walking back to the carts, one of the guys came past me and his hand brushed against my ass. Whether it was by accident or not, I must say it felt really good. I leaned back a little and turned around to face the other two, the bulge in my shorts bigger than before. I lounged against the cart, showing off the bulge, just to see what would happen.

Sure enough, one of them came over and after looking around to make sure we were not seen, reached out and rubbed the front of my pants, feeling the hardness of my cock through the fabric. I swear I heard him groan softly as he did. While he was rubbing my cock, I was watching the other guy who was watching us with the most lustful look on his face I have ever seen. I could tell that he wanted to become involved but was holding back for some reason.

After a few more minutes, he came over and started to caress the other guy's ass. Again I swear I heard a soft groan come from one of them as the three of us stood beside the carts, the two of them enjoying what they were doing.

We finally drove off but as we reached the area that the clearing was in, I couldn't help but look over to check out if anyone had stopped there. There weren't any carts in view so I stopped and using the excuse I had to take a leak, I parked my cart in the bushes and headed through them towards the clearing. I didn't look back but a few minutes later I heard the other two coming through the bushes behind me. When they came into the clearing they both stopped and their mouths fell open. I was in the middle of the clearing, without a stitch of clothing on, slowly rubbing the length of my hard cock with my hand, offering it to them.

They got the message real fast and soon the three of us were together, all naked, rubbing, caressing and exploring each other. I got down on my hands and knees and offered my ass to them. One of them moved into me and I had a hard cock buried deep in my ass in an instant. He groaned when he entered me and started to fuck me with long, slow thrusts. I could hear the other guy too. He was kneeling behind the guy fucking me, his tongue extended out as far as it could, tongue fucking the guy every time he pulled out of me. Soon I heard the guy above me gasp and I knew that the three of us were glued together, ass to cock. We fucked like that for what seemed an eternity. Finally I felt the cock in my ass explode, sending hot rivulets of come deep up into my canal over and over again. He grunted loudly when he came and I felt him slide out of me slowly then a hot, wet stream of come running down my legs. He was still bent over me, as the guy fucking him wasn't finished.

When he came, he yelled out and held himself against the guy's ass while he filled it. He then slowly slid out of him and walked over to me. He could see that my cock was hard so he got down and straddled me. Lowering himself slowly, he impaled himself on my cock and started, slowly at first, to bounce up and down on me. While he did that he groaned loudly and I was afraid that someone would hear us if he kept it up. I fucked him for quite a while before emptying myself into him, my cock spewing come up into him until it ran out around the edges of his ass hole and down my cock onto my crotch.

He got off me and that's when I noticed a man standing in the bushes watching us. I looked at him and he smiled. Looking around at the other two who, had their lips glued to each other, their tongues circling and exploring each other's mouths, I hesitated then smiled back at him. He slowly came into the clearing and I could see he had his cock out and was rubbing it as he walked towards me. It was long and thick and very black, something I had never seen before. He walked right over to me and wrapped his hand around my responding cock as I grabbed his at the same time.

He leaned in and our lips met sending a shiver through me. While we kissed and tongued each other, he slowly undid his pants and let them drop to the ground. After his pants came his shorts then his shirt until he was as naked as the rest of us and ready for some action. By now the other two had noticed him and had come over, joining us. Our hands were everywhere on each other as we explored and prodded. It was quite erotic to feel so many hands caressing and rubbing almost every part of my body. Three fingers in my ass didn't hurt either as someone finger fucked me while I explored the black man in front of me.

I finally leaned down and took the black cock in my mouth, starting to lick and suck it. The fingers in my ass had been removed and a hard cock was fucking me as I sucked this black monster.

I heard the black man groan as I sucked but I didn't realize that he also had a hard cock deep inside his ass at the same time as me. I felt him thrust in and out of my mouth a little but was that from the fucking he was getting or was it him wanting to go deeper into my throat. I felt his cock twitch and I stopped sucking it, as I wanted to feel him come in my ass not my mouth.

I lowered my self down to the ground and let whoever was fucking me finish then I looked up at the black guy who also was finished getting fucked and told him to fuck me hard and fast. He did exactly that, thrusting against the back of my thighs with a loud pop and I felt his cock way up my canal. I was pushing back against him with every thrust and soon he unloaded his hot gold into me sending a shiver throughout my whole body. It seemed like forever before I felt his cock stop spewing hot come into me and when he pulled out he groaned a little. His come ran down my legs and started to pool beneath me while I tried to recover from the best fucking I had ever had.

We finally got dressed after sampling each other a few more times. I had every cock in me, at least twice and had fucked every one of the other three. By now it was starting to get dark so we dressed and drove back to the clubhouse. After a few drinks we went on our way but promised to see each other again and real soon. Who said that golf was a non contact sport?

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