tagInterracial LoveLion's Den Ch. 04

Lion's Den Ch. 04


Max and Laney both drew a deep sigh of relief as the plane touched the ground in Spain. Flying first class definitely has it perks. The exhausted girls were happy to snuggle down on their reclining seat-beds, and sleep through the flight. They woke up in enough time to retouch their make-up and prep for the landing. They had to switch flights in Spain but it was just an hour long flight to Marseille then the vacation would be in full swing. Laney had never been to France, and was excited to swim in the Mediterranean, eat French food in France, and above all else, shop. Max was eager to see her parents, but having to explain to them the nature of her relationship with Leo was going to be difficult.

As the van pulled up to the villa, Max's stomach did a flip. Her parents were on the stairs beaming at them. Laney was the first to exit and run into their welcoming arms. Max, on the other hand was apprehensive until she saw her father's face. He grabbed his daughter and gave her a reassuring hug, which relieved all her anxiety. The girls were led through to the patio where lunch was waiting for them. Lunch was like a seafood feast.

Laney and Max were ravenous and tore into everything. Señor and Señora La Costa asked about the flight, ease of connection, and Laney's family. They avoided talking about Leo, but planned on doing so after the girls had rested. Max told them about the internship and meeting the Russian clients. Her father realized that she never mentioned what her boss did to her, but thanks to Carbone he had been informed and was guaranteed the situation would be handled to his satisfaction.

Damn, my little girl had one hell of a summer, but look at her she's resilient. That's daddy's girl. Antonio looked at his daughter smiling. Most men in his position could only see potential in a male heir, but Max was amazing and made him proud. He spent all her childhood and teenage years training her to survive in this world, hoping all along she would never need it. He had known something was going on, thanks to his updates from Rick, but when the coded postcard arrived he almost hopped on a plane to the States. A cooler head prevailed when he re-read the card. She knew how to hide, and defend herself, and if Leo was a true threat to her she would drop him without a second thought. Antonio was glad it did not come to that, especially when he found out Leo was a son a long time friend. The world is truly small.

Laney and Max excused themselves to get changed for swimming. The weather was perfect and they both had been fantasizing about getting into the sea. For Max being around the sea was always good to clear her mind. The girls had a great time frolicking in the water, until Max began to feel queasy. She was sure it was all the sea food they had eaten so she left Laney and went back up to the villa for an antacid. However before she made it back to her room a wave of nausea swept over her causing her knees to buckle. Her mother rounded the corner catching Max trying to steady herself on the wall.

"Mom, the room's spinning. I'm feeli...," was all she got out before puking out her entire lunch in the hallway.

"Max, speak to me. What is going on?" Her mother touched forehead, and found her skin clammy and her color ashen.

"I don't know. I was fine then I wasn't," she said trying to take the fear from her voice. "I probably just need to lie down. It's been a long day."

Tara helped Max get to her room, changed and tucked her in. She studied her daughter intently. Max had never had a weak stomach. The child could eat anything; she cringed remembering their trips to Thailand and Africa. Max would always find the most unappealing things to eat. A suspicion crept into Tara's mind, but she wouldn't discuss it with Antonio until she talked to Max.

Max slept late into the next morning. When she woke up she found everyone on the patio having breakfast. Still uneasy she had toast and bacon, her favorite simple breakfast. After breakfast her father called her and Laney to his study to have the dreaded talk. Max hoped in vain he would have let it slide. Laney sat with her back extra straight, she hated having serious discussions with her own father, she always felt he could see through her eyes and know all the naughty things she had gotten up too. Max sat Indian style on the couch trying to be as comfortable as she could be in an uncomfortable situation. Antonio wanted to put the girls at ease, but it was difficult to with the tension he was feeling inside. Tara perched on the armchair next to her husband. Max laughed inwardly looking at her parents; they always presented a united front.

"Ok, Max," her father began, "take it from the top."

Max told her father how she met Leo in Little Italy in July, what she saw at the club, the incident on Flatbush Avenue, their running to Montclair, the letter and the visit to his parents. She figured those highlights were good enough. She was definitely not telling them about the sex.

Antonio looked at his daughter with an amused smile on his face. He knew there were some details and key points missing from her recap, but he decided to let her have her secrets except one. "Max, what happened with your boss, McCleary?"

Oh shit this man is going to die twice, she thought. "He had been watching me since I started at the law firm. The night of the dinner the asshole decide he was going to teach me a lesson. I fought him off and got away. It's done."

"No, honey, but it will be." Antonio was certain his friend would make it right on all counts.

Laney had never seen the dangerous side of Papa La Costa before and was kind of scared, and happy he was on her side. He was not a man to be crossed, legit or not.

Antonio was satisfied with the girls' account of the events, and sent them on their way. Laney breathed a sigh of relief and hurried to her room, to get ready for some shopping. She wanted to be far away from Papa La Costa's eyes for awhile, she might start confessing all of her crazy activities to him.

When Max got back to her room she found a package on her bed from her mother. She was pleasantly surprised until she opened it. Her mother had gone to the chemist and gotten her a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test! Oh frig, oh frig, oh frig. Nah I couldn't be. Could I? Oh shit, I did miss my period. How could I not notice? Max's mind was racing a mile a minute. How in the world could I be so dumb? My father is going to kill me.

"Mom! Mom!" Max called out to her mother trying not to sound a panicked as she was feeling.

Tara wiggled from her husband's embrace. After all the years they have been together he had never lost his passion and desire for her. He vowed the day she decided to marry him that he would live his life making up for the terror he put her through, and has not disappointed since. She knew why Max was calling so eagerly, but it was not the time to tell Antonio.

She had peed on the stick and was waiting for the result. She had already called Laney into the room, but needed her mother there as well. All three women sat nervously waiting for the results to show. As the plus sign appeared, Max felt herself go cold. One shitting time, oh let's be reckless Max, let's live on the edge Max, you're such a dumb dumb. She asked to be alone so she could formulate a plan. One thing Max was good at was planning. A plan was her safe zone, her surety of success.


"Two fucking weeks, cuz," raged Pauley. "She will be gone two fucking weeks. So man the fuck up and get to work. People need to see your face."

It had been two days since Max left town but Leo was hold up in his house moping around. Pauley had had enough of Leo's depressing behavior. Although it was quite funny seeing his cousin in this novel state, it was bad for business,

"Alright, I'll come out but I'm not staying all night."

"That's good enough."

Leo went down to Absinthe first, then onto two other clubs he owned with Pauley, Coconuts and Verde. Pauley managed the other two clubs quite efficiently on his own, so Leo's trips there were less frequent. Absinthe was his baby anyway. By the end of the night, Leo was fed up seeing the same old skanky chicks at the clubs. This made him miss his hot thick body chocolate goddess something wicked. She could not come home fast enough for him. She let him know she did not want any communication between them for the next two weeks so she could clear her mind. Of course she let him know this through a text when she got on the plane. These two weeks are going to be so shitty, he thought grumbling.


Max drew up a two column chart; one heading was I am keeping the baby the other, I am not keeping the baby. She had some vital questions she needed to answer under each column, Do I tell Leo? If I don't tell Leo how do I protect my child? What about my education? Can I emotionally afford a child? Where will we live? Max's head was spinning with thoughts of them being a family. Is this what I subconsciously wanted? I mean frig I didn't protect myself all the time. This is too much I need some air.

Max ran down to the beach, hoping the sea air would calm her nerves, but all it did was remind her of the distance between her and Leo. A distance that felt choking, with the knowledge she was carrying his child. She started crying staring out at the expanse of water before her. Antonio had seen his daughter go down to the beach and wanted to talk her more about the Leo situation. He wanted to know if she was in love with him. Max was not callous with her heart or trust so if she was feeling anything for this boy, it was important.

Antonio could not believe his daughter was crying, it was so unlike her. He put his arms around her and let her cry into his chest. "It's ok, no llores mi princesa es tan solo semanas."

"Papi, I know it just two weeks. Estoy embarazada de su hijo. Lo siento, papi, lo siento." Max blurted out the truth to her father.

Antonio wished to God he had heard his daughter incorrectly. "You're pregnant, hija? Are you sure?"

"Sí, metomóuna prueba de embarazoesta mañana."

"That's what all that commotion with your mother was about?"

"Yes," Max replied hanging her head in shame. She knew telling her father was going to be hard, but she was feeling like she wrecked his world too, along with hers.

"What happened?" Antonio felt he knew his daughter and this unexpected pregnancy was definitely not like her.

"I just wanted to have a moment in life where I threw caution to the wind. I wanted to not think or micromanage everything. Leo presented as the prefect escape. I didn't expect it to get so serious. It feels like a tornado has swept through my life."

"Ok, baby girl, what's the plan?" Antonio's heart was breaking for his daughter but it was more important to let her know she was loved, and not add any further stress. He thought about what stress had done to her mother, how he had almost lost them both. He could not go through that again. "Do you love him, negrita?"

"I don't know," she answered honestly. "I don't want to, and I don't want him to love me either, but he says he does. I am scared that he will lose himself in what he feels for me and it will cost him his life. History has a way of repeating itself, and he is so much like you daddy it is scary. When I look into his eyes I remember you guy's story and I freeze. I don't want him to feel compelled to give up his life for me, but I don't want to be a liability either."

"My child, my sweet baby, your mother and I never shared our story with you to be a deterrent. We thought it would inspire you to know that love, regardless of how complicated, can conquer all. Apparently it had the opposite effect and I am sorry. Love is beautiful and insane and can make you reckless," he said rubbing her belly, "but sweetheart please don't short change your life because of fear."

Max had heard everything her father said, and was taken aback that he was not angry with her, but still had one more question to ask. "Papi, would you hate me if I terminated this pregnancy?"

Antonio could not believe what he was hearing, all his Catholic upbringing rising to the surface. "Max, I would not hate you, but I would be so disappointed. I don't believe in abortion, but I know that the ultimate decision is yours. However, if that is what you decide, don't ever tell Leo you were pregnant. It would destroy him."

Max threw her hand around his waist, "Thank you daddy, I love you and I'm so sorry for all this."

"Hush child, what else are children for but to give their parents angina. Come let's put some food in you." He cracked a smile to lighten the mood. Max laughed, grateful her father had taken the news without threatening to kill her or Leo.

The weeks in France flew by so quickly. At the end of the vacation Max was sure she would have come to a decision about her, the baby, and Leo, but she hadn't. She just couldn't come up with a flawless plan. Her mother, father, and Laney had been great support, almost smothering sometimes. As soon as she saw the lights of JFK her stomach did flip flops. She knew Leo would be waiting for her at the terminal, and suddenly felt conscious about her body wondering if he would look at her and be able to tell she was pregnant.


Leo was pacing the terminal with two dozen red roses, and a mix cd. He wanted her to know just how much he missed her. Pauley had advised him on making the mix cd. In his words, Girls love shit like this bro, put some real panty droppers on it. The last time he had done anything like that was in high school. If this did not work he was going to give his cousin a beat down.

Leo spotted Max coming down the corridor she was talking to her parents animatedly, she was an absolute vision. He loved to see her like that, super relaxed. The only time he really sensed her let go is when they were having sex. Damn I can't wait to have her in bed again. Those chocolate legs wrapped around me...Whoa buddy, we can't meet her parents pitching a tent. Think pure thoughts. Pure thoughts asshole. Pure thoughts would not come especially when she was so close.

Max stopped talking to her parents, as her eyes roamed the baggage claim area for Leo. Their eyes met and she could not stop her feet. She took off running and leapt into his arms wrapping her legs around his hips. He held her as their lips got reacquainted. This was better than Leo could have ever imagined. His girl had come home, happy and hungry to see him.

Max felt Leo's bulge on her groin and moaned. "I see you have missed me. Are you going to give me the best homecoming ever?"

"Max please stop talking like that, your father is watching us, and I can't shake his hand with my cock poking at him."

Max laughed, and pecked Leo. "Think about trees, grass, anything."

Antonio and Tara watched their daughter run into the arms of the man she just spent two weeks trying to decide if she loved, and knew instantly, even if she didn't. Max was in love with Leo, head over heels.

"Mommy, Daddy this is Leo." Max said sheepishly. She was a little embarrassed at her display of affection to Leo.

Leo took Antonio's hand and shook it with vigor. Max laughed knowing he was nervous, and really wanted to impress her father. Max's mom embraced Leo and kissed him warmly on both cheek. She winked at her daughter and mouthed, He is a cutie. Max was glad this part was done. As the men gathered the luggage, Max told her mom she was going to spend the night at Leo's.

When Max got into Leo's car Antonio was staring at him with such intensity he almost told Max to go home with her parents. He then nodded to Leo and put his wife in the car. The nod spoke volumes, Leo knew he had Antonio's permission, but also there was a warning there.

Max found it hilarious and sweet that Leo made her a mix cd. "Dude, this is so junior high," she joked.

"Really, but there is nothing junior high about the songs on that cd, pop it in."

She did just that, eager to see what Leo had in store for her. The first song that came on was, Bed by J Holiday. This was one of her favorite songs. The lyrics and melody got her hot every time. All the songs progressed in that manner, by the time they pulled up to the brownstone. They were on fire for each other.

"Leave the bags," she panted, having been squirming for him since she saw him. "Take me inside and fuck me like you have not seen me in two weeks."

"What the hell woman. I can smell you cunt juice from here. You're like a cat in heat. "

"Oh heck yeah, do you know what it was like spend two weeks waiting for a beautiful cock to fill you."

Leo laughed, "No can't say I have, but I have been dreaming night an day about a sweet juicy pussy, that cums for me on command."

"A pussy like this?" Max asked, flipping up her skirt to reveal her wet panties.

"Woman if you don't get your ass in the house I will tear you up on these stairs, and I don't care who sees."

"Promises. Promises." Max retorted flipping up the back of the skirt flashing him.

With that he smacked her ass and pulled her into the house. They were undressed before they made it to the bedroom so they began their reunion in the hallway. Leo grabbed Max and pulled her to the floor on top of him. She spread her legs and took him into her vagina with a sigh. She was careful, remembering the baby. "Ohh, Leo I have missed this, I have missed you." Max hoped Leo did not notice how careful she was being.

She began riding slowly with her hands on Leo's shoulders. He was aching for a go at her nipples; they were protruding and calling him. He dipped down pulled one into the mouth. Max hissed and bucked a little harder on his cock.

"That's it girl, give your man what he has been waiting for."

"I'll give you what you want, are you going to give me what I want?"

"What is that you want, cara?"

"I want you to love me forever." As instantly as the words left her mouth, Max regretted them. She stopped moving. She got so lost in him, in the moment, words just spilled from her lips. Oh balls! Do I want him to love me forever? Why do I say dumb stuff when his cock is in me?

"I love you now and forever, Max. Do you believe me? Do you believe me?" he asked drawing out each syllable of the question while thrusting up into her.

"Yes," she squeaked out with tears running down on her face. Regrettably she did believe him.

He held onto her hips and rocked her, watching the tears running down her face did something animalistic to him. He was determined to claim her, to mark her, to let her know she always had a home in his heart and bed. Her cocoa skin beckoned him to put passion marks on it. The harder he sucked the more inflamed she became. Speeding up her pleasure ride she broke the skin on his back drawing blood, marking him in her own way. The stinging in his back encouraged him to bring them over the edge. They came with their eyes locked onto each other, knowing that they were completely bonded.

Morning found Max and Leo entangled in each other's arms in the hallway. Leo smiled happy they had christened another place in his house. Max woke up to Leo placing gentle kisses on her body. When he got to her stomach she flinched. What the hell is wrong with me? He is the father. I should tell him.

Leo, felt Max's body flinch and got pissed.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he asked getting off of her. "I thought we got past all that shit last night."

Shit. "What are you talking about?" Max inquired innocently.

"Think I would not feel you flinch from me. Every time we get together you pull away. I'm here for the long haul, are you?"

"I can't do this right now Leo." Max got up and went to the bathroom to puke and shower. She needed to get last night off her and clear her mind.

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