tagBDSMLisa and Al Teach a Lesson

Lisa and Al Teach a Lesson


My girlfriend, Lisa, and I had been having trouble. I was losing her, I could tell by her diminishing interest in me. Getting her into bed was becoming increasingly difficult even after offering her presents and awards. Even after I seduced her by crawling under the sheets and licking her delicious pussy she seemed disinterested. And when I finally mounted her and pounded away she acted bored. I could only make her climax with my tongue. My cock seemed to have little effect on her. Often she would just lie there as if she was thinking of something or someone else.

It wasn't just the physical part that waned, although that element had been becoming less prevalent. It had more do to with her sudden interest in one of the warehouse guys. The fact that the brute actually worked for me made the situation even more difficult.

When I say Al was a brute, believe me. He's the definition of the creature. Although shorter than me, he was certainly the stronger, both in mind and body. To show off his well-developed muscles he always wore some form-fitting t-shirt, his broad shoulders and huge muscles clearly showing that he spent many hours in the gym lifting weights.

Like I said, I was his boss but in title only. I never seemed in control when talking to him. Whenever he was around I was nervous, felt unsure and fidgeted like a teenager around a beauty queen. It didn't help that he always wore this condescending smirk when I spoke with him, generally ignoring everything I said, walking off in the middle of my instructions and doing whatever he wanted. I wanted to tell him to show more respect but just standing next to him caused a ripple of fear to run through me, actually causing my little guy to shrivel whenever I was in his presence. I had that kind of reaction to alpha males ever since I used to get shoved around in junior high by bullies. I would have fired him if I could have found the courage to do it.

Somehow Al recognized that he held the upper hand. How do these Alpha males sense their superiority whenever I'm around? It's like I emit a smell they can sense. I don't know what it is but it always seems to happen to me.

Lisa and I had been together for six months when the luster wore off, at least for her. on my part I was hopelessly infatuated. Who wouldn't be? She was built like Jennifer Love Hewitt, but sexier. A pretty face with piercing eyes, her dark hair curled at the top of her shoulders. Legs were well shaped, the kind you drool over, and her breasts were perky, jutting and dominant without being too large.

But it was her luscious rear end that first caught my attention. She had an ass to die for. There was nothing better on earth than getting behind her behind and ramming that scrumptious derriere.

Things went along fairly well until I made a critical mistake. When I first met her Lisa was a shy, unassuming gal who wanted a take-charge guy and since I had a prominent position in the company she assumed I was that kind of fellow. Little did she know. Hidden deep inside me was a submissive trait that ran a mile wide and desperately wanted to find its way out, always searching for ways to reveal its masochistic tendencies.

For some very bizarre reason I crave humiliation. The ultimate form of demonstrating this perverse trait is by submitting to someone superior.

My history was filled with examples. I had already lost a wife because of this damn masochistic tendency and more than one girlfriend left me after I displayed this humiliating part of my makeup, so I was trying hard to keep it from Lisa hoping she would be the one I grew old with.

One night I was doing my best to get her turned on and keep her excited, using the old massage trick, teasing her back and shoulders with my artful manipulations. I should have stayed away from her backside, concentrated on her front and not tempted fate. I was too near the object of my devotion when I felt some of the old feelings come back to haunt me.

Women always got the best of me. It's always been that way. My first wife took advantage of her superior looks and mischievous mind. Almost from the start she seemed to plot how to train me to become her devoted slave. To be fair, with the combination of luscious body and sweet pussy it didn't take much coercion on her part.

After a couple of months of marriage, my wife decided she had little need for little thing so bedtime consisted of me scooting under the covers to feast at the glorious fount while she read a magazine or watched television. After a couple of orgasms, she would turn off the light, roll over and go to sleep. She let me know that she didn't want and had little need my tiny soldier. After the honeymoon my proud but insignificant warrior was forsaken as she took advantage of my oral need of devotion. It didn't take long for my role in the marriage to be one of servitude. All the money I earned, and I had a good salary, went to her needs. Somewhere in the third year I realized the clothes she bought were to entertain others. I tried to keep her happy but frolicking with her big studs was more important to her.

Like the fool I am, I went along with whatever she wanted, I was so in love with her incredible beauty and somewhere along the way I learned to enjoy her orgasms as if they were my own.

Our relationship was easy for her, it was so one-sided. She began training me to do whatever she wanted. One of the most humiliating, yet exciting, things she had me do was preparing her for her dates and then cleaning her nasty pussy after she returned. One night, she taught me the final lesson.

She never allowed my little guy anywhere close to her delectable rear end, she seldom let it near her pussy for that matter, but after a night where her lover screwed her royal derriere she decided she wanted me to clean it out.

Lying on my stomach with her gorgeous butt in my face with my worshipful tongue buried deep inside was the most humiliating, yet intoxicating, thing she ever made me do. It took a while but I finally realized that worshipping my wife's ass was the most thrilling act I had ever done. To my surprise, the depraved act caused me to cum on the sheets as I licked up the sperm of another man.

There can't be any act that demonstrates your total subjugation to another more than licking someone's fanny, especially when you put your servile tongue inside the hole. Debasing, degrading, and humiliating, it is still the ultimate form of surrender to another, at least to me. My wife was so amused at my kinky behavior that the act of devotion became the only way she let me get off from then on.

Needless to say, my wife left me for another man, she said a real man, pointing at my miniscule weapon and thereby belittling my lack of manhood. After becoming just her ass-licking slave it was hard to argue. For a couple of years after she left she would call me up, tell me to take her shopping and I would be allowed me to taste her used and nasty pussy after she fucked somebody. Even though those times were always extremely humiliating, or maybe because they were so depraved, I always jumped at the chance.

But back to Lisa and the way I succumbed to her gorgeous posterior.

As I was massaging Lisa's back my eyes kept returning to that perfect bottom of hers. Submissive and devotional urges raced through my veins like the hot lava of heroin. As I stared at her hindquarters the curves began to hypnotize me. My hands crept ever lower. A masochistic lust swept through me. My lips caressed the soft skin of her shoulders and my mouth wandered down past the shoulder blades tracing the outline of her spine. She sighed as she felt my tender caress.

As I approached the beloved shrine my hands softly fondled the smooth and fleshy skin. I carefully I kneaded the fleshy mounds of her butt as if they were made of the finest silk. From the purring sounds I thought she was enjoying my erotic manipulations.

Even as I inched closer my feeble brain tried to warn me. My conscience mumbled an attempt of reason, but focusing on those beautiful twin globes I knew I was lost. I was entering a subspace from which I didn't want to return.

Lust, sweet masochistic lust took over.

The moment proved critical. There I was face to face with one of the sexiest posteriors in history. Disregarding every sense of caution, every whisper of wisdom, my head lowered as if drawn like a moth to the flame, and my lips brushed the warm skin. Lisa seemed to stiffen but even that reaction didn't dissuade me from journeying down this road of depravity.

My lips kissed the smooth slope and my worshipful tongue licked the velvety contour, caressing the forbidden flesh of her ass cheeks as I neared my goal.

Lisa tightened, surprised at my unusual, and to her, demeaning maneuver. I suspected, being the good girl that she was, that Lisa had never known anyone depraved enough to lick her ass.

Unable to resist the wicked temptation I kissed toward the cleft. My beloved destiny called.

Lisa must have come to a decision because her clenched cheeks loosened and easily parted as I wormed my face between them until close to the blessed rosebud.

The time of reckoning was nigh. One last cautionary warning flashed through my besotted brain but found no takers.

When my tongue entered she uttered a gasp of disbelief. It sounded like a sigh of disgust, however, like she usually did, she let me continue with my act of depravity.

What perfect Eden for me—she was disgusted, I was in heaven.

When I was married I was only allowed to worship my wife's gorgeous ass after giving her multiple orgasms with my mouth and tongue. Once satisfied she simply rolled over and I worshipped while rubbing against the bed. It took only a few minutes to lose myself in the evil act and I would explode all over the panties I wore.

I didn't want to actually cum while licking Lisa's ass, thinking it might seriously damage our already fragile relationship so I restrained myself and just kept licking, pretending the act was merely a form of foreplay, a casual and meaningless caress, although to me, it was a statement, not one to be proud of, but a statement nonetheless of my willingness to become her slave.

Somehow I managed to stop my devotion and hoping to retain some semblance of dignity I pointed the mighty, but miniscule warrior, at her pussy and entered from behind, all the while fantasizing about returning to my ultimate goal of surrendering to her. Needless to say, I came quickly, much to her disappointment.

Sadly, disappointment was the word that was to describe me from that moment on.

One thing I usually did while screwing her from behind was threaten to put my little guy deep into her backside, whispering how much I would love to fuck her lovely ass.

Pounding away I whispered in her ear, "Do you know what I really want to do?" This was my cue for her to acknowledge I wanted to get into her bottom, do the nasty to her magnificent booty. Instead, she changed the roles.

"You want to lick my ass." Did she know?

Shocked, the little guy shot like a Fourth of July firecracker.

Snorting, Lisa pushed me off her and walked to the bathroom. Of course, I ogled her sweet tail, my mouth watering at the sight.

This encounter was but a prelude to my following predicament. Knowing she was complete control, Lisa made sure our lovemaking consisted of me going down on her, using my mouth and tongue as if they were mere playthings for her amusement. Soon, she denied me access to her pussy with anything but my tongue.

Naturally, I acquiesced like the humble soul that I am and let her set the pace. We both knew it's what I wanted anyway.

That's when Al waltzed into my life. I would say our life but I had my suspicions that he and Lisa already knew each other fairly well.

I came home one evening a little later than Lisa to find Al in my living room sitting on my couch with my girlfriend nearby. He was dressed in his work clothes, jeans, tight t-shirt and boots. The boots rested rudely on a very expensive coffee table.

The smug look on his face sent a shiver up and down my spine, finally ending in the center of my shrinking manhood.

Often in the past when confronted by a bully, or even a very confident male, I would get the same sensation. It was a cowering feeling, making me quiver with both fear and a rush of excitement, kind of like the sensation you get on the peak of a roller coaster ride.

It's hard to explain the bizarre feeling unless you have a warped streak of masochism in you. That same intimidation causes equal amounts of emasculating fear and lustful eroticism, as if pain, humiliation and capitulation are the keys to your soul, the reason you get off.

"Hey, Al, how's it going?" My inane comment only caused the evil smirk to broaden. In the normal world a man in my position, his boss, my house, my girl, would be demanding some sort of explanation for his obvious usurpation of my place in the universe.

But not here. Not now. He didn't respond to my inane question he just kept smirking. Tearing my gaze from those piercing eyes of his I noticed his arm draped over Lisa's shoulder, his fingers dangling very close to her right breast. His feeling of superiority and the thought of him taking my girl from me was getting to me. Instead of indignation, I felt the tiny soldier responding to this haughty character, bowing down to his master.

"Would you like a beer?" I asked, cursing the cowardly streak that ran down my back. I had a hard time looking him in the eye. Lisa watched the scene unfold with more than a hint of amusement.

Al chuckled. "Sure, get me a beer. What kind do you got?" Cringing at his misuse of verbs, which indicated his lack of proper education, I hoped Lisa would notice the gaff and thereby acknowledge my advanced intellect, but glancing at her and the way she practically drooled over the animal it appeared she wasn't interested in his mind as much as she was hot for his body.

"I've got Bud."

"Nope, won't do," he said. "Don't drink Bud, it tastes like piss which is probably why you like it." Lisa chuckled. "Get your ass down to the store and get some Corona's. Keep a case on hand, maybe two, I might bring company."

As Al's first command, this was a defining moment. If I didn't stand up to him now I never would. I would lose all respect from him and more importantly, from Lisa. Also, if Lisa saw what a wimp I was she would certainly leave me. Somewhere in the depth of my soul there was a part of me that wanted to be a man, throw this interloper out of my house and demonstrate that Lisa belonged to me.

"And take your time. In fact, go to Tacoma to get it. I don't want you back for at least two hours."

There it was. This was the moment. Glancing at Lisa I saw she was extremely interested in my response to his demands. Part of me wanted to rebel. But there was this damn need to surrender and subjugate myself to his superior will that overpowered all good sense. For some reason I wanted Lisa to see me obey this crass individual, treat me like I was nothing more than chattel. Bowing my head, I left to the sounds of laughter from both.

"See? I told you the guy's a wimp," Al said as I shut the door behind me.

When I returned I heard Lisa jump up from the floor. As I brought a bottle in for Al I spotted him zipping up. That damn condescending smirk rested on his face as he looked into my supplicant eyes.

"Here you go, Al. Corona, just like you asked for." I handed him the bottle. He twisted the cap and chugged down a big gulp. From his position in my chair he studied me as if deciding how far to take things.

His hand raised and he dropped the cap on the floor, watching me the whole time.

I could not meet his penetrating eyes so I watched the cap roll until it rested next to his boot. The cap circled around and around, creating its own element of suspense. Both Al and Lisa watched me as I kept my eyes on the little piece of metal.

The next moment would define me forever. Even knowing the trap I was entering I did nothing to prevent my descent into a new hell. In fact, I eagerly took the step.

Dropping to my knees, I muttered something about getting the cap. As I crawled closer to my new master I heard Lisa gasp with astonishment. Her response only served to fuel the waves of masochistic lust that was overwhelming me and turning me into a craven slave for this brash hunk.

My hand reached out and grasped the cap. Just as I reached it, Al put his boot on the back of my hand, pinning it to the floor. Lisa's breath became shallow and rapid. She was getting aroused at the sight of me debasing myself to this haughty character.

The humiliation caused the little guy to start leaking.

Al pushed down enough so I felt pain. Still, I did nothing to stop his display of power, remaining glued to this humbling position. Chuckling, Al placed his other boot on the back of my neck forcing my head to the floor.

"Oh my god," Lisa said, "he is letting you do whatever you want." Al smiled.

"He's not letting me do anything. I'm making him do it. He's just a wimp. I can't believe you ever wanted him. He's such a pussy."

Lisa's eyes grew as the heat soared through her loins.

"Say it," Al commanded. "Say, he's nothing but a pussy."

It didn't take Lisa long to get into the role of Dominatrix. "He's a wimp...a pussy...I wouldn't fuck him if he was the last man...or should I say, the last wimp on Earth."

After a while Al tired of the game and sent me off to the guest room, giving me a not so gentle kick in the ribs.

"I need a fuck, you up to it?' he asked the love of my life. The smile on Lisa's face gave him the answer he wanted. He grabbed her hand and led her off. I could hear them walk to the master room as Lisa giggled down the hallway. Soon, the bed springs started groaning as Al bounced her up and down, taking my girlfriend in a way I could only wish I could. Her shrieks of joy were never heard when my poor little guy entered her.

that was the moment I realized the little warrior would never visit that shrine again.

Al was a constant visitor after that, taking over the large bedroom and delegating me to the guest room, delighting in the humiliations he could reap on me, both at home and at work.

Lisa was infatuated with her newfound stud, but Al treated her like she was just a plaything to use when he wanted. He had another girl on the side which only drove poor Lisa crazy. I would listen to her on phone, almost begging to be with him. He used her devotion to plot against me.

One night when he was over I was serving them another round of beers when Al told her he had to go.

"Please, Al, stay for a while. I'll make it good for you," Lisa pleaded. His eyes sparkled. I could tell this wasn't going to be good for me.

"I'll stay on one condition." Lisa said she would do anything for him. Al turned and pointed to me. "Slap his face," he said.

"What?" she asked.

"Slap the wimp's face and I'll let you suck me off."

Lisa contemplated the command for a moment, as if deciding whether to do it or not. She wasn't the kind of sadist Al was, but something told me she might end up learning to enjoy it. Finally, her need for him won out.

With grim determination on her face, she walked over to me. Almost a foot taller than she it wouldn't appear I was in any danger, but I was scared and my face showed it. Her eyes narrowed and I could see her anger rise. This was a Lisa I had never seen before. When she wanted something she would do anything for it and she wanted Al.

Without warning her hand flashed out and whacked me on the cheek. The blow hurt, but instead of reacting I stood there like a fool and waited for whatever destiny the two decided for me.

"That wasn't hard enough," Al said. There was a smirk on his face that would make Donald Trump proud.

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