tagRomanceLisa and Jonah

Lisa and Jonah


Jonah drove along taking in the wonderful scenery that he passed. He had been on the road for 2 days now and except for an overnight stay last night and to fill up the tank, hadn't stopped anywhere. He had a goal and was determined to get to where he was headed as soon as possible.

As he drove he noticed something up ahead, it looked like a moving figure. He saw that they had their hand outstretched as though thumbing a ride. This was something he didn't really like as he had read and heard about so many things happening to drivers after picking up hitch-hikers.

As he came closer he realized it was a female. She looked to be about 19 or 20 years of age, but he couldn't be sure as he only had a back view of her. A very nice view though. She was slightly built but looked very fit. About 5'6" and about 130lbs and with a firm butt. She had a crop of short reddish gold hair that stood out like a halo in the sun.

Jonah slowed to a snail's pace and stopped beside her. He lowered the windows and spoke to her.

"Hi there, it looks like you could use a lift. Where are you going?" he asked.

She turned towards him making him stare fixedly at the vision before him. She was absolutely stunning.

"Oh hi, she replied. My car broke down a few miles back and I need to get to the next town to arrange for towing etc," she replied.

Lily was beginning to tire by now and even though she was fit, it was a hot day and she was carrying a backpack. Jonah leant over and opened the door so that she could get into the passenger seat.

"Thank you so much, I don't really know how much longer I would have been able to walk. There hasn't been any traffic on it since I have been walking. I am so lucky that you came along when you did," she explained to him.

"You're welcome, replied Jonah. By the way my name is Jonah Woodcrot and as luck would have it, I have some business in the next town, so I can make sure that you can arrange everything and get settled while I am there."

"Thank you so much Jonah, and my name is Lisa Hales. I am traveling round the States, just stopping wherever and enjoying the experience. It is bad luck that the car had to break down now, as I have a long way to go yet. I haven't seen anywhere near as much as I want too."

"Righto Lisa, let's go shall we? It is still about 60 miles to the next town and we should be there before dark. I am just glad that I came along or you could have been stranded out here overnight."

They spoke as they continued the journey and discussed all manner of topics. Jonah told her that he had his own Computer Repair Company and he was just going to do some servicing for some of his clients round the state. Lisa confessed that she had worked as a Secretary to a large firm in New York, but after 6 years she decided that she would take a long vacation and see as much of America as possible. She had just turned 27 and felt that her life was slipping away and she had not done anything for herself.

That really surprised Jonah, as he thought previously that she was about 19 or 20. He admitted to being 30 that year and that he really hadn't had the time to see anything of his own country. He thought that this was something to think about in the near future. His Company was doing alright now and he could still conduct any business from his Laptop. He had qualified people who could do any repairs that were needed.

As they drove into town, Jonah asked Lisa where he should drop her.

"I think the nearest good motel or hotel would be great. I need to have a shower first and then ring around for a tow truck."

"I am staying at the Queens Motel on the way into town, would you like to see if there are any vacancies there?"

"Oh yes, thanks again. That sounds great."

"Well let's go and get you settled and then work out what to do about your car. How about having dinner with me after you get that all arranged?"

"Oh Jonah, I can't impose on you any more. You must have something you need to do."

"I won't be able to do any work until tomorrow when businesses open. So I am all alone tonight. Won't you take pity on a lonely man?"

"If you put it like that, how can I refuse," Lisa said, laughing.

"OK, let's get you booked in."

Luckily for Lisa the Motel had some rooms vacant. Jonah had already booked and had a suite on the ground floor. Lisa asked if there was a room handy to his and they gave her one only two doors down from him.

Jonah saw Lisa to her door and told her he would pick her up at 6.30pm for dinner. He knew of a little Italian restaurant that was very quiet, and they could continue their conversations of the afternoon.

After a delicious meal of Minestrone, Pasta Marinara and a wonderful Zabaglione for dessert, along with a bottle of red wine, they both felt sated.

"So I don't suppose you feel like a short walk around beforehand? enquired Jonah. It is an interesting town." As it was still reasonable early, Lisa agreed, but said that she would not make it a late night, that she was quite tired after her long hike. . She would probably benefit from it, after eating those beautiful Italian dishes.

They walked the length of the main street and were just about to turn around to walk back when they were drenched with a shower of rain. It seemed to come from nowhere. They looked for a cab but at that time of night it seemed that no-one was out and about. They decided that since they were already wet through they may as well run back to the Motel.

When they arrived back, Jonah opened his door and as he had a suite, he also had a fireplace. The owners had set the fire so Jonah immediately started it and called Lisa over to warm up. She shivered as she came round to the fireplace.

"I think you should get out of those wet things and have a shower before you come down with pneumonia," he told her.

"I can go to my room and do that," Lisa replied.

"Ah but you would not have the benefit of a lovely warm fire there, would you?" retorted Jonah. There is a robe behind the bathroom door that you can use, and if you throw your wet things out I can drape them round so they wont get too crumpled and you can take them back to your own room later."

Lily could hear the fire crackling as she stepped from the bathroom. Jonah had changed clothes and was now wearing tight black denim jeans. She could smell his aftershave, a real musky aroma. She belted the robe as firmly as she could, but she actually felt that she swam in it. It was way too big for her tiny frame.

After taking her fill of him, she turned and exited into the lounge room and stretched out on the sofa.

"I am so tired, that I think my brain has stopped working, I feel as though I am working on automatic."

"The brandy is on the coffee table, why don't you curl up for a bit while I organize something to drink, like a nice hot coffee or tea if you prefer."

" Coffee will be fine, thanks," she replied.

Lisa curled up with her legs tucked beneath the robe and her head tucked into her chest. She gazed at the fire and thought how lucky she was when Jonah had come along and picked her up. She didn't last long though. Within about 5 minutes she had fallen asleep.

Jonah came from the kitchette area and looked down at her. He bent and ran his fingers along the smooth surface of her cheek and jaw line. He then just sat in the armchair opposite and watched her. She looked so angelic when asleep. He felt his heart miss a couple of beats and then begin to thump rather rapidly. He was totally engrossed with this lady. She had been getting to him more and more over a matter of a few hours, but he didn't know how to handle the situation.

After watching her for about an hour, Jonah realized that she couldn't be too comfortable on the sofa. He bent down and picked her up softly and carried her into the bedroom and lay her on the bed. He pulled the comforter over her and made sure that she was covered. He left the light on in case she woke and wondered where she was. He returned to the Lounge room and tried to settle on the sofa himself. Of course, it was no use.

Jonah was about 6'2" and about 190lbs so the sofa wasn't too comfortable for him. He got up and looked in on Lisa again, and seeing that she was still sound asleep, decided that he could just lie down on the other side of the bed and at least get some sleep. He changed from his jeans to just the bottom of his pj's and slipped into the bed.

He woke up about 5am and found Lisa curled into his side with her arm thrown across his chest and her leg across his thigh. As always, first thing in the mornings, he had a boner. He couldn't work out how he was going to extricate himself from her. He tried to slide under her arm and leg but she only moved closer which didn't do too much for his situation. He lifted her arm and moved it to her side and then leant down and moved her leg so that it was lying beside him and not over him.

As he did this he noticed that her robe had fallen open and he was witnessing a show of one bare breast. And what a beautiful breast it was. She was about a 36C and so full and pink. The nipple were standing up as though she'd had a sexy dream and just begging to have his fingers and mouth wrapped round them. He knew he would have to go to the toilet first and clean his teeth, but he would be back quick smart, hoping that she would not waken in the meantime.

He returned from the bathroom to find that she only shifted onto her back. In this way both her glorious breasts were sticking up and just waiting for some attention, and that was just what he was going to give them.

He slipped back into bed and turned towards her. He let his fingers caress those golden globes and then lowered his mouth and explored the nipple with his tongue, laving them both and gently playing with them. Lisa seemed to enjoy these ministrations as she slowly opened her eyes and looked down at his head on her chest. She wanted to feel his touch all over her body. She felt so fluid that she could have been melting beneath his hands.

His hands worked their way down and rubbed her tummy and navel, tickling her in its adventures down her body. He looked up at her and saw that she was awake and smiled. That smile just did her in, she could think of nothing else but the sensations that Jonah was bringing to her.

He parted the robe fully and attempted to slide it off her arms. She lifted lazily from one side to the other so that he could complete this. Then she lay there completely naked before him. What a sight! Her breasts were firm and her body was perfect. She had a small patch of reddish gold hair on her mons verenis and her legs seemed to stretch out forever.

"Just keep up what you're doing Jonah, she begged. I think I need this so badly."

He slipped his arm around her and bought her face level with his then took her lips in a sweet sensuous kiss, one like she had never experienced before with any man (not that there had been many). He slid his hands down to her most vulnerable place and gently inserted his finger into her hot wetness. She released a hoarse cry as she pushed her lower body into his hand, and she collapsed against him, letting go of a unbelievable release of sensations and moistness from her pussy. Jonah immediately lowered his mouth over the very heart of her femininity and proceeded to taste the soul of this lovely lady. She writhed and wriggled for a few moments and then let go another mind-shattering orgasm.

Jonah slowly lay back on the bed and held her close within his arms. He looked so wonderful to her.

"My turn," she said softly/

Holding his hands down by his sides she began to kiss him, her eager mouth moving over his face and lips and down to his chest and nipples, giving them a little nip as she went. She continued to taste and nip him all the way down his warm, sweaty body. She loved his skin, it was so smooth and slightly damp from his previous activities. His body was muscled and pulsed beneath her lips. As she continued her journey downwards towards his navel and groin, she felt the heat of his desire rub on her cheek. Leaning right down she placed her mouth over the bulbous head of his cock and slowly sucked it into her mouth and throat, making love to him with her mouth.

After a few short but delicious moments Jonah pulled her head up and dragged her up his body. He turned her over onto her back and then proceeded to enter the world of wonder he had been waiting for, for a long time. Lisa raised her body to meet his movements and they plunged into a rhythm of thrusts, meeting and receding together, the waves of desire washing over them. His hands caught her hips and he drove into her deeply. Then he was lost!! He called out her name and she followed, down from the rapids to a calm pond, where she lay in his arms.

They both drifted off to sleep again for a few hours. Lisa had already arranged for a tow truck to pick up her car but when it arrived at the garage, the part that had broken was not available and would have to be brought in. As they had already decided to stay a few days it didn't faze them, just gave them the excuse to spend that time together. Being his own boss, Jonah could conduct his business from anywhere there was a computer terminal,

The two of them did enjoy their time together, walking the streets and driving out of town on occasion, and of course, making love every night. Lisa gave up her room as it wasn't necessary.

When Lisa's car was ready, they had one last night together and went their separate ways. They both knew that what they had experienced was just one of life's wonderful moments and knew that it wasn't something to be continued. They took each other's phone numbers and addresses, just in case they were ever in the same city at the one time.

That was the end of a wonderful few days in the life of Lisa and Jonah. You never know though, they just may see each other again.

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by Anonymous

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by vonLassen05/21/18

The ending of the story.

Love the story, but as a hopeless romantic i would have preferred "A Happy Ending" :-)
Kind Regards


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