Lisa Searched


"Lisa, I don't like people who lie to me. I asked you to empty out your pockets. You retained these in one of your pockets. Why?"

"I was too embarrassed to take them out. I am really sorry," she replied.

"Well, it looks like you are in the clear Lisa. I will go and get the money for you. It looks like we got it wrong this time." This was of course a ploy to lure Lisa into thinking she had won.

"Thanks," Lisa said. "I realize you're just doing your job. "No hard feelings.

Lisa held out her hand and shook hands with Hamish who smiled as he shook her hand. He turned to go to the door and Lisa couldn't wait to get out of the store. If she didn't get those love eggs out soon she would have an orgasm right where she was standing.

The door opened and in walked the guy who'd apprehended Lisa in the car park with a strange looking object. "I found the metal detector, Hamish," he said.

"All right. Sorry Lisa, just one last check. Can you stand in the middle of the floor please and hold your arms out at 90 degrees to you."

Lisa glared at the men. "Look, you said I could go," she said with a hint of nervousness in her tone.

"As soon as we have done the check you can," Hamish said. "Now stand over there as instructed." Lisa walked to the spot she was directed to and stood, still glaring at both men.

The man holding the metal detector scanned it down Lisa's back. When they heard the beep, Hamish spoke up. "That's the fastener on her bra most likely."

He continued to scan down to her waist and over her kilt. The metal detector beeped again. "What's that Lisa?" Hamish asked.

"It's my suspender," Lisa replied.

"suspenders" is it not a bit cold for those Lisa? Lisa looked at the floor saying nothing

"Okay, Harry. Scan around the front," Hamish instructed.

Harry started at her throat and scanned down over her right breast. He moved the metal detector over the left breast, causing the machine to beep immediately.

"What's doing that, Lisa?" Hamish asked. )

"I don't know," Lisa answered sheepishly.

Harry continued scanning toward Lisa's crotch. The machine beeped again. "It's not looking good, is it Lisa?" Hamish said. "Harry and I will leave the room and Maureen will check you out," he added.

After the men left, Maureen instructed Lisa to open her blouse. "You've got something in there haven't you?" she asked. Lisa nodded. "I told you he won't be pleased. Open your blouse now."

Lisa did as she was told and Maureen felt under her breast. "Do you have any piercings down there?" she asked, glancing downward toward Lisa's crotch.

"No," Lisa replied quietly as she started to cry.

"You haven't hidden something down there, have you?"

Lisa sobbed and nodded. Suddenly, the two men returned. "Well? Did you find anything?" Hamish inquired.

"Yes," Maureen replied. "She has something inside her bra and knickers." Lisa threw her arms across her chest and turned away from the two men.

"Right," Hamish said. "Maureen, can you go and interview another shoplifter and get them to fill out the forms? We will sort things out here with Lisa." Maureen nodded and left the room.

"You thieving bitch! All along you've denied stealing anything from this store! You would've taken £500 as well. Do you really think we would offer such a deal? Well Lisa?" Lisa didn't reply, she kept her gaze fixated at the floor. "Now, we'll continue on with a full search. We can do it the easy way with your cooperation, or we can do it the other way. It makes no difference to us. But, we will do it. You have ten seconds to decide."

Lisa thought hard. She'd been knew she'd been caught. "Tell you what," she started, "I'll go over to the corner and remove the things I stole and pay for them. There's no need to do a full search. I have a pair of earrings in my bra and two love eggs in my vagina. I swear I have nothing else. I'll pay double. Please believe me. I don't want a full search."

"That's very touching Lisa," Hamish said. "But no deal. If you'd admitted to us at the start we would've let you do what you suggest. But you've told too many lies for that to be an option now. So stop wasting our time and take off your clothes as we ask."

"Take off your blouse," Hamish ordered. Lisa unbuttoned the cuffs then pulled it out of the waistband of her kilt and handed it to Hamish while covering her breasts with her arms.

"Now the kilt," he said.

Lisa dropped her head and started to sob. "Please let me go," she pleaded.

"The kilt Lisa," Hamish repeated, ignoring her plea. "Come on we haven't got all day."

"No," she said. Harry grabbed hold of Lisa and pulled her arms out in front of her and Hamish put on the cuffs.

Lisa screamed and struggled but it was no use the men were too strong. Her arms were lifted above her head and the cuffs placed over a hook hanging from the ceiling. Her feet were just barely touching the floor. Seconds later, a gag was put over her mouth.

"Now Lisa, if you don't want to be restrained further I suggest you stand still." Lisa stopped struggling and nodded. "Good girl," Hamish said. The men undid the straps on her kilt and it fell away. "Jesus," Hamish said, admiring her body. "What a beauty."

"Your boyfriend is a lucky man Lisa," Harry said with a smirk on his face.

Hamish turned to Harry, "Undo the suspenders and take off her stockings." Harry needed no second bidding as he popped the suspenders and rolled the stockings down her legs and off.

Hamish walked round behind Lisa and unfastened the suspender belt then eased the suspenders through the string of he thong. Lisa couldn't help being turned on by these two men. They were removing her clothes like someone unwrapping a Christmas present with great care.

"If you promise to be quiet, I'll take off the gag," Hamish said. "Nod your head once if you agree."

Lisa thought they're going to do it anyway I might as well be more comfortable. She nodded and the gag was removed. She gasped in air, her breasts heaving as she did so.

Harry left the room and Hamish stood quietly, his eyes roaming over her body. "Are you two going to rape me?" she asked.

"No. We're only interested in recovering the goods you stole. We're not animals Lisa."

Harry returned with a camera. "Hey! What are you doing with that?" she asked.

"We have to show the stolen goods being recovered for our records. We don't include your face in the photo." The young man went behind Lisa and unhooked her bra. The boss man held it against her breasts while the young lad got the camera in position.

"Okay," Hamish said and lowered her bra. "Keep still." When he could see the earrings he stopped. "Can you get that?" he asked Harry.

"Yes," Harry said, aiming the camera and clicking the shutter release.

Hamish removed Lisa's bra completely, gazing at her nipples that protruded out nearly an inch. She blushed with embarrassment but she knew worse was to come

The two men stood at each side of her and undid the string tie on her thong. She closed her eyes as they pulled it away and set it with the rest of her clothes. Her vagina was now on display her labia lips full and bright red with small droplets of moisture clinging to her neatly trimmed blonde bush.

Hamish went over to what looked like a drawer in the wall and pulled it out. To Lisa's surprise, it turned out to be an examination table. "Just hop up onto the table Lisa," he told her.

Lisa walked over, her hands still handcuffed behind her back. The younger man steadied her as she climbed onto the table and sat down.

"Right, Lisa," Hamish said, undoing the handcuffs. "Turn round and get on your hands and knees. Now lean forward a grab those two handles." She did as she was told and two straps were secured round her wrists. Two more straps were secured just behind her knees.

"Okay. I have to get the next investigation started. Cooperate Lisa and you'll soon be on your way," Hamish said, then turned and left, pulling the door closed behind him.

Harry walked round the front of Lisa, pulling on a pair of rubber gloves. He began turning a lever and Lisa felt her hands dropping down until her nipples were almost touching the table. Then walked back round behind her and pulled out two pins. Her knees slid wide. He pressed down on her back which splayed them out a bit more then he replaced the pins. He stood back to admire his work. Lisa was now completely open to him and unable to move anything except her hips.

Harry walked round behind Lisa and put his hand between her legs. He pushed her pussy lips open and found the end of the chain. "You're very wet Lisa. Fancy doing this at half eleven in the morning."

He gently pushed her hips back and forth. The heavy balls inside the eggs rocked with Lisa's movements. She gasped. "Nice, eh Lisa?" Harry asked.

"Just take them out and let me go!" Lisa exclaimed.

"Why should I spoil your fun?" Harry asked, rocking her again.

"We don't get many beauties like you." He walked to the counter and smeared a large lump of lubricating jelly onto his middle finger then returned to Lisa and smeared her tight star with the jelly. He pushed but she tensed her anal muscles tightly.

"Fuck off you sick bastard!" Lisa shouted.

"That's no way to talk in your position." Harry set up two video cameras.

"What are they for?" she asked.

"So we we have a record of the stolen items being recovered. If you don't look round no one will see your face." The red lights came on indicating the cameras were recording.

He removed the glove from his right hand and started to rock her again. This time he put his bare finger on her clit rubbing gently in a circular motion. Lisa sighed. The balls rocking plus his finger work was no contest. She knew she would have no option but to achieve climax. Her breathing increased and she began to move her hips faster and faster. Giving in to the sensations, she let out a cry.

With his right hand, Harry grabbed the chain holding the love eggs and pulled them out. With his other hand still gloved, he pushed his middle finger deep into her anal cavity. She squealed more with delight than pain. He could feel the effects her orgasm on his finger as she contracted and released her anal muscles. He pulled out his finger and removed the glove. Lisa was still panting, sweat running down her face and neck towards her breasts.

"I need the toilet. I'm desperate for a pee," Lisa said, still trying to catch her breath.

"Okay," Harry replied. He went behind the desk and came back with a bucket and stood behind Lisa. "Go on then, I haven't got all day."

"You've got to be joking!" she snapped.

"No, I'm not joking," Harry replied.

Lisa couldn't hold out any longer and started to pee. Harry caught it all in the bucket. When she finished he set down the bucket and went over to her bag and took out the rabbit vibrator. "I always wondered how one of these things worked."

He walked over to Lisa still breathing hard. "No! Please don't!" she cried.

Harry paid no attention to her. He closed her legs slightly by adjusting the knee pads then inserted the vaginal and anal fingers of the rabbit and adjusted the third pad so it was firmly on her clit. He switched it on to the slow setting and watched the vibrations and movement.

"Please stop!" she cried.

He increased the speed setting and left the room. When he returned with some warm water, soap and a soft towel Lisa was bucking like a young colt.

He walked over to her and said, "Beg me to switch it off Lisa."

"Please switch it off!"

"I cant hear you!"

"PLEASE SWITCH IT OFF!" she gasped.

Harry relented and switched it off. He removed the rabbit in the coolness of the room and noticed vapours rising from Lisa's pussy and arse.

He then proceeded to wash Lisa ensuring all traces of jelly and love juice were removed before drying her with the soft towel. Finally he undid all the straps and Lisa spun round and jumped off the table.

At that point Hamish returned. "Are are we all done here?" he asked.

"Yes," Harry replied.

"Have you checked her with the metal detector again?"

"No. She's clean Hamish."

"I'll be the judge of that Harry, Lisa stand in the middle of the room, arms up, legs wide apart."

Lisa did as she was told. Hamish held the detector between her legs just touching her pubic hair for what seemed ages before telling Harry to continue. He left the room again.

"Right. I make it that you owe us £18.95. Here's is your purse."

"What about my clothes?" Lisa asked.

"First things first," Harry replied.

Lisa opened her purse and handed over twenty pound note. Harry put the earrings and love eggs into a bag and handed it to her.

He gave Lisa her clothes one item at a time watching her dress. "Right, Lisa. Come this way," he said and let her out a side door into the car park. Lisa walked to her car and left for the airport to meet her boyfriend. It was turning out to be quite a day.

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