tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLisa's Employment Checkup

Lisa's Employment Checkup


Lisa Jeffries was anxious as she rode on the way to a clinic. She just completed two interviews, one with the HR manager, Mr. Watkins, and one with the restaurant supervisor at the hotel, Sam.

Lisa had just turned eighteen, and was going to graduate from high school in a few months. Lisa waited in the office, chatting with a nice secretary who looked only a few years older than Lisa, named Marcy. Lisa thought Marcy was very nice, but thought it was a little strange that she wore a short skirt and a low cut, tight fitting blouse with some pretty high heels.

Marcy kept complimenting on Lisa's great looks, including her figure. Lisa blushed, but she knew Marcy was right. Four years of track kept her legs lean and muscular and her tummy flat, and she knew the boys all made jokes about her perfect 'bubble butt', and always stared at her perky teenage tits. Her blonde hair and sweet smile completed what most boys referred to as the 'most fuckable piece of ass' in school.

Shortly after getting to know Marcy a little bit, both Lisa's interviewers approached her to let her know that they wanted to invite her to the company, but that the hiring process must be completed by a 'quick physical' checkup at the clinic around the corner. They explained that they were in a rush to begin Lisa's training, and that if it were ok, they wanted to escort her to the clinic right away. As they got ready to leave, Mr. Watkins directed Marcy to accompany them. Lisa began to feel a little embarrassed, but agreed to go with the group to her physical.

As they entered the clinic, Mr. Watkins approached the nurse at the desk to inform her of Lisa's arrival. Lisa wondered what Mr Watkins was talking about with the nurse for so long, but brushed it off as she nervously flipped through a magazine, wondering how in depth the exam would be.

Finally, the nurse called Lisa's name, and to her surprise, Marcy got up with her and ushered her into the room. Lisa just smiled at Marcy. "Oh don't worry hun, these exams aren't a big deal. Mr. Watkins just likes me to sit in to ensure the company gets all the correct information."

Lisa was starting to question what was going on. Why would nobody even ask if this was ok with her? She was considering asking Marcy to leave when the nurse walked in, leaving the door wide open behind her. The nurse didn't even address Lisa, instead speaking directly to Marcy. "Oh hey Marcy, if you could please get Lisa undressed for the exam, here's her gown."

Lisa blushed deeply. "What the hell?!" Lisa thought, "I can undress myself, and what happened to this being quick and painless?" She was flush when Marcy approached her, she felt like the sexy young secretary was now sizing her up, and seemed like she was happy to undress her.

Marcy unbuttoned Lisa's blouse and skirt, and shed them both quickly, leaving Lisa in her underwear.

Lisa was anxious as Marcy unclasped her bra, releasing her firm teenaged breasts into the cool air. Marcy hid a smile as she watched Lisa's nipples get hard almost instantly.

Next, Marcy hooked her thumbs into the waistband of Lisa's little cotton panties and pulled them down, tantalizingly slowly. Lisa felt so exposed as she felt the cold air of the room on her exposed pussy. She felt like Marcy took longer than necessary as she picked her panties up and folded them while still kneeling right behind her ass. However, Lisa was sure Marcy obviously had nothing but good intentions, so she didn't want to be impolite and say something awkward.

Lisa donned the gown and hopped up on table, and the door quickly opened as the doctor walked in. "Hello Lisa, my name is Dr. Troy," the handsome young doctor said with a smile. Lisa blushed and introduced herself. She had never even been nude in front of a doctor, let alone a hot guy!

"Okay, Lisa, we have a pretty standard physical checkup for you today, with a few additional tests for a study for the insurance firm with your company. So I'm going to try to breeze through this all rather quickly while Marcy records the notes for your file, ok?"

Lisa nodded in agreement. "Ok, please fold your gown down into your lap so that we can begin the exam."

Lisa was shocked. What about my ears or throat or any of that first? Naked right away? However, she didn't want to hold things up for the obviously busy doctor, so she folded down her gown, exposing her hard nipples to the doctor.

"Marcy please note that upon physical inspection, that Lisa's nipples are hard and her breasts are somewhat flush, early signs of sexual arousal."

Lisa nearly gasped, she couldn't believe this! How embarrassing! But Marcy just jotted down the notes like it was no big deal, and the doctor proceeded.

Next, the doctor proceeded to check Lisa's heart rate, by placing the cold stethoscope on Lisa's breast. Lisa quietly gasped as the doctor moved the stethoscope onto her nipple. Marcy almost laughed out loud when she saw the doctor put the stethoscope, which he had just pulled out of the fridge, onto her already hard nipple and held it there. She thought Lisa looked so sexy as she flinched, but tried to act like everything was fine.

Just as Lisa began to wonder about the clinical effectiveness of what Dr. Troy was doing, the door opened wide, and Lisa gasped as the nurse poked her head in, and told the doctor "Dr. Troy, Dr. Stevens asked you to please instruct the gentlemen from Lisa's company on the procedures of the checkup since their company will be in-sourcing the entire screening process soon."

"That's fine, just send them in Nurse," Dr Troy said without hesitation. Lisa did not think what was going on was real, the door was open to the entire waiting room, a dozen or so men all looking in at the teenage beauty, including her perky breasts, with her hard nipples. Soon however, Mr. Watkins and Sam both strode into the room with bright smiles.

"Uhm, please, ... I can't," Lisa whispered. But the guys just acted like they didn't hear her. Marcy got up and walked over to Lisa. She began to soothe her, and tell her that even though it might be 'a little embarrassing', she better not upset Mr. Watkins, as he was "very picky about the willingness of his new employees."

Even though she was sure Marcy had the best intentions, she was uncomfortable with how she rubbed her back and her thigh, it seemed almost, sexual.

Lisa swallowed her fears and reassured herself that this was all just normal business of the company. She looked down as the doctor instructed the guys.

"Ok, guys, the next part is the manual breast examination, so just take a breast in your hand and basically massage it, checking for any abnormalities. You have to be firm, with the entire breast, especially the nipple region."

Lisa was crushed as each guy greedily took a breast in their hands and began squeezing them and teasing them. They seemed to alternate between mauling and lightly pinching and massaging. Sam pinched her nipple, and Lisa winced. Mr Watkins pulled her nipple out and up, and Lisa let out a light gasp.

"Be aware gentlemen, that Lisa's breasts, particularly her nipples, were showing signs of sexual arousal earlier, so don't be surprised if Lisa responds to your touch."

Lisa was so humiliated as the guys began to check her nipples for signs of arousal. The doctor then approached with a digital caliper.

"Marcy, we still have to take down the additional reproductive notes. Gentlemen, if you could each hold out her nipples, I can measure them for your study."

Lisa had tears in her eyes as the doctor measured each nipple, calling the distances out to Marcy. Beyond being embarrassed at the groping she was receiving, Lisa knew the doctor was right, her body was getting turned on by the constant manipulation. Lisa could feel her pussy becoming moist, and couldn't bear the thought of her new bosses knowing.

Marcy smiled to herself as she watched the girl get flushed, she couldn't imagine how raw and sensitive her nipples must be by this point!

"Marcy, go ahead and take a photo to document the completion of this portion." Marcy smiled as she held up a digital camera and snapped a picture of the guys, smiling for the camera as they pinched Lisa's nipples, who just looked dazed.

Gentlemen, if you could please help Lisa into the stirrups, it's time for the next portion of the exam. Lisa was frozen as the guys grabbed her by the tanned thighs, and scooted her down the table, until her ankles rested in the stirrups.

Lisa gasped as the doctor then secured her ankles with velcro straps. "Please, I can't do this, let me go..." Lisa whimpered. "Oh don't worry, hun, they're just for your safety, patients tend to move at the next part and we need you to be very still," Dr Troy said as he lowered her shoulders back down to the table. Lisa thought he was trying to be nice, but his hands just moved to her wrists, which he just tied more straps around!

Lisa was now openly crying. "There's no need to cry Lisa, be an adult for the doctor now" Mr. Watkins said gruffly. As soon as he said this, Sam removed her gown exposing her tight teen pussy for all the men to see. Mr Watkins then moved to the end of the table and held a button, which slowly spread open Lisa's legs. Lisa began to become afraid as she saw Mr Watkins grin as he splayed Lisa's toned legs open way further than she had ever been before.

Everyone gathered in between Lisa's outstretched legs and gazed at the perfect teenage pussy that lay before them. "Marcy, please continue to note that upon physical inspection, Lisa's vagina appears to be highly aroused, showing a pinkish color and a high level of lubrication."

Lisa wanted to die as the doctor described her wet pussy to the crowd. Next, Sam turned on a light and aimed it directly at Lisa's pussy, and she groaned at the warm sensation.

"Hold still now Lisa, we're just going to have Marcy remove your hair so that we can proceed with the exam." Lisa gasped, as a warm oil was dripped directly onto her little clit, and ran down her pussy. Marcy then slowly and delicately began to work the oil into her mound, lightly pinching her clit and teasing her steaming teenaged love hole.

Marcy knew that this girls light blonde pubes weren't going to obstruct the exam, but she loved the opportunity to shave this poor girl, and expertly tease her little pussy. Marcy knew the girl must be going crazy, seeing as how the 'shaving oil' was actually a female sexual enhancement oil, made to heighten the arousal of the vagina and increase the sensitivity. Marcy had only ever used it as instructed, just a few drops massaged into the hands before some light petting, so she couldn't even imagine what this poor teenaged girl's tight little pussy felt like after being covered in the oil.

Lisa was panting now as the nurse finished shaving her. Marcy would circle Lisa's clit, toying with it and pinching it until Lisa's legs were flexed and her back was arched, and then stop, and resume shaving, bringing her back down before dipping a finger into her steaming hole, and circling it slowly until Lisa was panting, and then retreat again.

Lisa was beyond mortified. For some reason, that shave had her on fire, and she was terrified that she would come any second, in front of her new bosses. It couldn't be true, but it seemed like Marcy was torturing her purposefully, skillfully bringing her to the edge of orgasm, over and over, and then relenting. She didn't think that Marcy could possibly be out to humiliate her, but she began to have her doubts when, after she finished, she went to get the camera, without even having the doctor tell her to, and came over and got an up close shot of Lisa's swollen, freshly shaved pussy.

Lisa closed her eyes as all three men now approached her shaven pussy, dripping with excitement after her shave.

"Well gentlemen, we will have to be careful, as Lisa has become extremely aroused and looks on the verge of orgasm. Lets first get the results for the survey. Sam, will you please hold her vagina open so that I may access her clitoris?"

Lisa burned as she looked down to see her smiling new supervisor position his hands on each side of her soaking pussy, and gently pull her lips apart, exposing her love bud for the room.

Lisa nearly jumped off the table as the doctor, after lubricating his hands with the shaving oil, began pinching and twisting her swollen clit.

Lisa burned with shame as Marcy added fuel to the fire. "Doctor, do all women's clits get so full, and do women usually get so wet?"

"Not at all," Doctor Troy replied, "on the contrary, most women find these exams embarassing, but Lisa here seems to be very sexually excited, even on her way to climax, by having been exposed today."

Lisa's head was spinning as the doctor basically called her a whore, who got off by showing her pussy to a crowd.

Lisa could barely hear them over the doctors skilled manipulations. Dr. Troy was smirking at Lisa's coworkers, as he was just barely stroking her clit, as he knew the sexy little schoolgirl had been on the verge of orgasm for over 30 minutes now.

"Okay, Mr Watkins, could you please hold her clitoris out for me while I take the measurement?"

With that, a smirking Mr. Watkins roughly pinched and pulled on Lisa's sore and swollen clit, causing her to scream out loud and buck against her restraints.

Dr. Troy got the steel caliper back out from the fridge and measured Lisa's swollen clit, all while Sam diligently held her swollen vagina wide open. Lisa cried out, "Ahhhh...please...I can't..." Lisa thought she was going to go through the roof as the doctor held the ice cold caliper against her swollen, throbbing clit.

Marcy couldn't herself, and lit the whole scene up with the flash of the camera as all three men manipulated this poor girls pussy. Tears were now streaming down Lisas cheeks, but nobody seemed to notice.

"Okay Lisa, just a few more tests," Dr Troy said. "First, we'll take your temperature."

Lisa was confused as the Doctor pulled out a large, high tech looking stainless tube, with a bulbous head and ridges down the sides. Before she knew what was going on, Dr Troy coated the instrument in the shaving oil and positioned it at the entrance to her anus. Lisa barely had time to cry "please, no!" before the doctor pushed it past the entrance to her anus, making her moan lustily at the sensation. Then, as if her situation could get no more humiliating, the door opened wide, and the nurse poked her head in.

"Dr Troy, phone call," she said.

Lisa tried desperately to pull at the bonds as she looked into the eyes of a dozen men in the waiting room, all gazing in at her exposed pussy, with a steel rod coming out of her ass!

"Pardon me gentlemen, if you could continue with her temperature while I take this call, I would be much obliged. Just insert it slowly, and make sure to twist gently."

"Go ahead Sam," Mr Watkins motioned, as he changed his position to vacate the doorway. "Marcy, why don't you take a video of this, for her file." Lisa couldn't help but feel like things were strange, as Marcy turned the recorder on, got a shot out the door of the full waiting room, then bent down in between her legs, making sure not to block the door.

"Please, close the door! All the men can see me!" Lisa cried. "Nonsense, Lisa, Dr. Troy will be right back, and I am sure none of those men are concerned with a teenaged girls private parts."

Lisa knew this was not true, since when she craned her head, she was met with the stares of at least ten men.

Sam positioned himself on her side, and reached across her to grab the stainless rod still clutched by Lisa's virgin asshole. Sam smiled for the camera as he slowly twisted the rod, backing it out just a bit before quickly sinking it another few inches into her ass, eliciting a loud moan from Lisa.

"I would try to be quiet Lisa, I am sure the whole waiting room can you moaning!" Marcy said with a laugh. Lisa burned with humiliation as Sam slowly twisted the rod deeper, only to bring it back out further, to plunge it in harder. Lisa didn't even know it was possible, but she felt like she was going to cum, she felt like this thing was fucking her ass, and she knew it was all for a very large audience.

"Here Marcy, zoom in on her clitoris, it is becoming even more engorged," Mr Watkins said, as he pulled back her little hood, exposing her clitoris further. Marcy giggled, "Jeez, Lisa, does that mean it turns you on to have something put up your little butt," Marcy asked, delighted to humiliate this sexy young girl.

Lisa gasped as the sensations were sending her over the edge. She wanted to crawl into a hole, but the torture she was receiving was making her moan, like some porn star, right in the middle of the clinic, in front of her bosses and a crowd of other complete strangers.

Sam sped up the tempo of his insertions, and he was now basically fucking the young high school senior's perfect ass with what was actually a stainless steel vibrator. Lisa was now writhing on the table, making primal groans and moans. She could feel her ass and pussy spasm, and clench tightly around the rod. Her back was arched and she was pulling hard against her restraints when Sam just stopped, right as the feelings of orgasm were washing over her.

"I suppose we need to wait a few minutes while it reads her temperature?" Sam said with a smirk.

Marcy could not believe this poor girl! She's been having her whole body teased and aroused for almost two hours now, only to be denied every time!

Lisa's muscles were still flexed, and her back was still arched off the table for the next several minutes, as she lay there, covered in sweat, as her pussy literally dripped off the end of the table. She felt her pussy and ass spasm as her body was allowed to cool down once again. Her clit was so sore that it ached, and she could literally feel it throbbing.

Finally, after about ten minutes, the doctor returned, to Lisa's dismay with what looked exactly like a large glass penis.

"Okay gentlemen, one last thing and then we can call it a day." Dr. Troy said. "Okay guys here's how this works, insert this into her vagina, and place the suction cup here directly onto her clitoris."

Lisa looked up, to see Marcy videotaping a close up of her pussy, as the doctor held the rod while Sam coated it in the oil that already had her ass and clit on fire. Next, Dr. Troy slowly twisted it into her tight little pussy, stuffing it with the rod. Finally, after a few minutes of getting fucked by the rod, Lisa jumped as Sam pulled back her clit hood so the doctor could attach what looked like a small suction cup to her aching clit.

"Okay guys, I have to make another call, just activate the, uh, thermometers. Lisa might find the buzz uncomfortable, but just let it run until it stops, ok?"

The men happily agreed as Marcy set up the camera for the grande finale. Lisa knew they were taking advantage of her when Sam asked if Marcy was ready with camera before proceeding. Lisa begged for help one last time before Sam flipped a switch, and the rods that were stuffed in poor Lisa's tight teenaged ass and pussy buzzed to life, with a slow, low rumble, and the suction on her clit gently tugged away.

Lisa screamed aloud and bucked her hips. She was panicked, and as she looked at her new coworkers, she was sure they were humiliating her on purpose. She could see the bulges in both Mr. Watkins and Sam's pants as they feasted their eyes on her steaming teen pussy. Lisa swallowed hard as she knew she couldn't hold out long before she came in front of all of them.

As Lisa's reality was dawning upon her, she could faintly hear the nurse as she poked her head in the room once more. "Ahem, gentlemen, Dr. Troy's interns from the local high school are here. And uhm, if its possible to remind her that there are a room full of men out here, they can all hear her moaning."

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