tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLisa Services Her Landlord

Lisa Services Her Landlord


Lisa does what she has to do. Part 3.

Lisa services her landlord for the first of many times.

This is better read after reading the first two parts of this story.

Lisa tells Ron the good news.

It was the morning after Lisa had made her decision that she would have sex with Ron, her 68 year old landlord, in return for the rent. She came back to her flat late afternoon after spending the day at the university where she was a student. Five minutes after entering the flat there was a knock on the door. Her heart skipped as she knew it would be Ron (he lived in the lower half of the house so would have heard her come back) and the time had arrived for her to tell him of her decision. She opened the door. Ron was standing there nervously.

"Hi Lisa" he said "have you thought about what we talked about last night? If you don't want to then I am sorry I asked, really."

"It's OK Ron, come in lets talk inside" said Lisa. She sat him down at the kitchen table.

" I realise I was a bit out of order last night" Ron said apologetically.

"Ron it's OK I have decided to accept your offer, sex twice a week in return for the rent." Ron's face lit up with delight, and said he never thought she would go ahead with it. Lisa then went on to say that it was best that they understood each other right from the start and she had a few conditions she needed to tell him about. The first was that she could only do this if it was on an impersonal and business like basis. There would be no kissing as that was too personal, also she was happy to give him oral but she didn't want him to do it to her, for the same reason. Ron said that as far as he was concerned all that was fine. She then went on to say that if either of them wanted to finish the arrangement then it would stop with no hard feelings on either side. Finally Lisa said that nothing of this must go outside of her flat, he must tell no one and must act normally towards her when he saw her elsewhere.

Ron's story

Ron agreed to all these conditions and said that he would now tell her about what he wanted from their sessions together. Lisa was a bit apprehensive when she heard that, wondering what strange things he might be expecting of her. It turned out that Ron's wishes were a bit strange but not in a way she would have imagined.

He told her that he had been married for 37 years and in all that time his wife had never enjoyed sex. He believed that her mother had spoiled it for her by drumming it into to her that sex was only for making babies and men were disgusting creatures for wanting to keep on doing it simply for pleasure. However she was a dutiful wife and she loved Ron and let him have sex once or sometimes twice a week, but try as he may he could never get her to enjoy it.

He said sex always took the same form for them. His wife would lie in bed and usually on a Saturday night would ask if he wanted to 'do it' tonight, or sometime she'd say 'do you want me tonight'. Ron would invariably jump at the chance and she would get up and go to the bathroom 'to prepare herself' , which meant applying some lubricant. Meanwhile Ron would prepare himself by stroking his cock to erection. When she came back she would lie down flat on the bed and raise her nightdress up above her breasts. She had good breasts and Ron would fondle and kiss them a bit, but apart from kissing her and stroking her belly he never touched her anywhere else. The few times he had tried to rub her pussy or put his fingers into her in the early days of their marriage she had said she really didn't like it and so he stopped trying.

After a few minutes of what passed for foreplay she would ask if he was ready now, which meant in effect he should get on with it! She would open her legs and he would carefully position himself on top of her (it was always, without exception, missionary position). He was expected to find his own way into her, she never touched his cock. She would then lie motionless with her eyes closed while he happily fucked away until he came. Sometimes if he took longer than usual she would ask if he was nearly done, which meant he should get a move on! Once he was finished she would go to the bathroom to clean up. When she returned to bed she would usually ask if he'd enjoyed it and usually he said he had. She would then turn out the light and go to sleep – sexual duties carried out satisfactorily for another week!

Ron said that after a while he got used to the idea that she was never going to enjoy it. In a way it was a relief for him as it removed any need to try to get her to enjoy it and he was able to put behind him the sense of guilt and failure that he'd had in the first couple years of their marriage. He admitted that he was a man who didn't want or expect much variety in his life, sex included. After a while he began to enjoy this 'sex without responsibility'. It was totally self indulgent and he could concentrate solely on his own pleasure. It may not have been as joyous or fulfilling as other married couples sex lives seemed to be, but nevertheless it was enjoyable enough for Ron and fulfilled his needs.

After 20 years of marriage Ron had had an affair with a woman called Sue who worked in the same office as him. She was a passionate woman who enjoyed sex very much. But for Ron it was all too much. He would practically cum during her enthusiastic and inventive foreplay. When he entered her she wrapped herself around him and humped against him with vigour. This was sensory overload to Ron and he would come within a minute, or maybe two, but nevertheless much, much too soon for Sue.

She was understanding and encouraging the first two or three times but then her disappointment and impatience started to show. This made Ron anxious and then he would lose his erection completely. In other words it was a disaster and they gave it up after a few weeks. It was all an embarrassing failure for Ron. He was simply used to less exotic fare. He realised that all the years of his marriage meant that just plain 'sex without responsibility' was all he could handle now.

The same was true after his wife died and he started to occasionally visit massage parlours/brothels. The girls performances were fake passion, of course, but their main objective was to get the customer to finish as soon as possible, so they could get onto the next one. And with Ron they were very successful at that. He always went away thinking that it was over much too soon and he had never really got his money's worth .

Ron said that the point of all this was that he didn't want Lisa to fake passion, rather he wanted her to be passive and let him enjoy himself in the way he was used to. He wanted to be able to take his time with her. When he was nearly ready to cum she could be more active, add a little excitement and do what she could to bring him off .

Lisa was relieved that this was all he wanted, indeed it fitted in perfectly with her own wishes, that is as little involvement in the act as possible. Ron also said that he would prefer it if he didn't have to use a condom. All the years with his wife he never had to use them, only when he went with the prostitutes. He was clean and disease free so it would be quite safe. Lisa believed him and said that would be OK. Lisa then said that there was only one thing left to decide and that was when would they have their first session.

"The sooner the better" Ron said and added, with a hopeful grin, "After all the rent was due yesterday."

Lisa took the plunge and said " OK then, no time like the present."

But Ron surprised her by saying that he would go back to his apartment and come back in an hour ( Lisa didn't know it but Ron liked to take a blue pill to help him along on his occasional sexual encounters) .

Lisa services Ron for the first of many times.

After he left Lisa took a shower and dressed in a short, silk robe. She then prepared the spare bedroom – clean sheet and pillow cases, a large towel spread over the sheet, tissues and 'wetwipes' on the bedside cabinet, curtains pulled shut, bedside light switched on. She realised that it ended up looking just like she imagined a whores bedroom would look like! Finally she applied some lubricant that she had bought that morning ( she had never needed it before as she had never had sex when she wasn't wet, aroused and wanting it and she had never considered anal ) and put the tube on the cabinet as well.

She got herself a glass of wine and waited for Ron to return. She thought how strange it felt to be waiting to have sex with someone who she had no attraction to or desire for. Strange to be contemplating sex as a commodity, her body something to be sold and used for someones pleasure. Strange to have been sitting down with Ron talking so matter-of-factly about how they were going to go about it! Did she feel nervous or have second thoughts about doing it? Not really, once she had made a decision she always saw it through, but she was conscious that she was about to cross a line, to do something that had previously been taboo. After this anyone could call her a whore and they would not be wrong she thought.

About 45 minutes after he left Ron knocked at the door again. Lisa drained the glass of wine, took a deep breath and opened the door and let in her 'client'. He was wearing a track suit and flip-flops, for speedy undressing she assumed. She couldn't help but notice that the trousers were tented out at the front, evidence of a semi-erection at the very least. She was a bit surprised as she had imagined that being so old she would need to work on him a bit to get him hard, but clearly this was not the case, which was fine by her. She didn't embrace him or anything like that, she just greeted him and led him into the spare bedroom.

She walked to the end of the bed, undid the tie of her robe, and let it slide off her shoulders to the floor. She looked fantastic, slim but not skinny, enough flesh to give her body curves in all the right places. Her skin was creamy and flawless, her black hair shiny, resting on her shoulders, contrasting with her skin. Her 36c breasts were firm, looking larger than that on her slim frame, her pink nipples pointing horizontally towards Ron. Her full lips set in her beautiful heart shaped face looked made for kissing - but that was something that Ron was not going to be able to do.

She let him look at her naked body for a moment, his eyes almost popping out of his head. When he moved towards her to get his hands on her she turned round gave him a little waggle of her perfect backside and walked to the side of the bed, telling him he could put his clothes on the chair.

She lay down naked on the bed in the middle of the towel and waited for him to undress. It only took a few seconds as he wore nothing underneath the tracksuit. As he pulled the trousers down his cock snagged under the elastic and was bent down. When it was released it sprang up with extraordinary vigour to slap the underside of his protruding belly.

Lisa was again amazed to see that he was fully erect now and his cock, which she noted was un-circumsized and a pretty good size, was rock hard. His body though was not a pretty sight, skinny arms and legs, his skin white with blotches of pink, grey hair sprouting out in various places. Worst of all was his pot belly, not flabby but taut and round like a football. Just for a moment Lisa had a touch of panic, thinking that she really couldn't do this. But she got over it by reminding herself why she was doing it and by telling herself it was just a job of work, she didn't have to enjoy it.

Ron stood there for a moment running his eyes over her body.

"Wow" he said "you're so beautiful Lisa, I really can't believe this is happening."

At the same time he stroked his cock a few times. When he took his hand away she could see that the foreskin was pulled right back now and the large purple head was fully exposed, pointing straight at her, ready and waiting to home in on her.

She just lay there spread out on the bed letting Ron enjoy the sight. She felt like a virgin laid down on some altar to be sacrificed, or like a delicious meal laid on a table for a hungry man to eat. She shook off these fantasies. She just wanted to get on with it now. She put her hands under her breasts, lifting them up, squeezing them together and pulling at her nipples, giving him a little show. Then she opened her legs a little wider and slid one hand down the smooth curve of her belly to stroke her pussy and with the other hand she patted the bed beside her.

"Come on, I'm all yours, bought and paid for."

With this Ron seemed to suddenly remember that, as great as the evening had been so far, there were far better things to come. He hurried round to the side of the bed she indicated and lay down beside her .

His hands were on her immediately, grabbing her breasts first as all men seem to do she thought. His thin, long fingers squeezing them, hefting them, stroking them. His head bent to her breasts and he suckled them, kissed them, licked at her nipples. She looked down at the top of his pink bald head as he greedily feasted on her. His hands then roamed farther afield to her belly, her thighs, even, rather tentatively, between her thighs where he had a quick, clumsy feel around. This was an area which she recalled had been out of bounds with his wife, so was probably a bit unfamiliar for him. There were plenty of other places for him to put his hands, though, as every inch of her body seemed a delight to Ron.

Lisa lay there for a while letting him explore her body. It seemed so odd to her to be squeezed and fondled and stroked like this and to feel nothing sexual at all. After a while she absent-mindedly slid her hand between their bodies and grasped his cock, feeling its girth and its hardness for the first of many times. She ran her hand up and down the shaft three or four times before Ron's hand came down and removed it.

"Not too much of that darling or it will be over too soon."

She remembered she was meant to stay passive.

Even that amount of stimulation must have been too much as a minute or two later he suddenly said "I'm ready, Lisa, I want to do it now."

He clambered eagerly onto her, clumsy now in his haste to finally have her. He even accidentally knelt on her spread thigh, making her give a yelp of pain. She knew there would be a bruise there tomorrow. He seemed not to notice, intent only on getting his cock into her. He made three or four futile stabs in the general direction of her pussy, missing his target each time. She told him to slow down a bit and reached down and grasped his cock and rubbed the swollen, purple head on the lips of her pussy to get some of the lubricant on it first. She then lined it up with the entrance, pulling his cock forward with her hand at the same time as she pushed her hips forward to meet it. The head slipped inside her cunt easily and, with her hand feeding it in and a couple of vigorous shoves from him, his cock slid all the way in. For the first of many times they were well and truly coupled!

Ron paused a moment and adjusted his position on her. He had been resting on his hands but now he lowered himself onto his elbows. He drew his knees up higher until they were resting against her upper thighs, to give him more purchase. He moved his cock around inside her a bit and when he had finally got himself positioned comfortably on her he started to fuck her. Not fast or hard but just a strong, steady, pumping rhythm in and out of her pussy. His breath came steadily with every thrust and occasional moans and grunts of pleasure passed his lips.

This was the first time in her life that Lisa had been fucked and not been in anyway turned on by it. Normally at this stage in proceedings there would be just her, her handsome young partner and the pleasures of sex. Nothing else would have existed. So for the first time she was able to lie back and observe things almost as if it was happening to someone else. She could see that to Ron she was no longer Lisa, the person that he had come to know and like, but just a pretty body to fuck. He was totally lost in his own pleasure. His cock didn't feel too bad in her, it was large enough for her to know it was there but not so large as to be uncomfortable. The lubricant seemed to work well. It was not too uncomfortable to have him on top her either, just his protruding belly tended to press her into the mattress a bit.

She looked around the room as he continue to hump her and caught sight of their reflection in the mirror on the wardrobe door. She could see her spread legs and Rons skinny white backside bouncing up and down between them, his hairy white legs flexing each time he thrust into her. His balls were quite large and she could see them swinging back and forth, banging against her with every thrust. It looked pretty obscene viewed like that. She told herself to hang a cloth over the mirror next time.

She thought what it would look like if one of her friends could see her now, if say her best friend Jude poked her head round the door. She'd probably laugh and say "Nice taste in men you have Lisa."

Or her friend Di who'd say "Yuk Lisa, what a slut you are."

She laughed softly at the thought before realising Ron might have heard, but she didn't need to worry as he took no notice, just carried on fucking her with the same steady rhythm.

After a while Lisa became aware that Rons rhythm had speeded up, his grunts and gasps were constant now, with every thrust. She realised he was close to coming. Was this the time she was supposed to 'get active' she wondered, wasn't he supposed to say something?

"Oh well" she thought "he seems to have been at it for quite a while, perhaps it is time to see if I can finish him off now."

She put her arms round his shoulders, lightly stroking his back. She raised her legs up a bit and started to gently hump back against him. It took no time at all before he was banging in to her at a frantic pace, gasping and crying out.

"Lisa, Lisa, Oh that's fantastic. Oh God I'm coming, I'm coming" and with a few last deep thrusts and several long drawn-out groans he emptied himself into her.

He collapsed onto her gasping, trying to get his breath, telling her how great it had been. After a minute or two she said he had to get off her as he was a bit heavy. He rolled off her and lay beside her, still breathing heavily.

For the first of many times Lisa found herself lying next to this pink, sweating, old man as he gasped for breath, recovering from his pleasure of her, as his semen started to ooze out of her and onto the towel beneath. Lisa now felt a bit embarrassed at what had happened and needed to compose herself. She got up and went to the bathroom.

She splashed water on her face and had a drink. She became aware of the stickiness between her thighs. She looked down and saw that the semen that was leaking out of her was thin and watery, unlike the thick, creamy stuff that her previous, younger lovers would have pumped into her. She mopped it up with some tissues.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror. She looked a bit dishevelled and noticed she had a couple of hickies on the side of her neck. She thought "I must tell him not to do that next time." Then she realised what she'd said. "Next time? So there's going to be a next time, then." Being a bit calmer now she thought about it. She concluded that having sex with Ron wasn't so bad really, not pleasurable, obviously, but she never wanted or expected it to be. It was a business transaction and she had carried it off alright. That was the first time, after all, surely it will be easier after a few more times, it will probably just become routine she thought. She also was aware how intense his pleasure seemed to have been and in a way she felt quite good about that. She felt good that she had really made Rons day! And of course half her rent was now paid.

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