Lisa's Lust


Lisa placed Rick's breakfast on the table. Her handsome husband smiled up at her and said, "Looks good. Thanks honey, love you."

"I love you too Rick. This is a day to celebrate. You're getting better, going back to work and soon we'll have or lives back to normal."

"Yeah. I'm really feeling good. I'm feeling my strength coming back. In just a couple of more weeks we'll really be able to celebrate! I can't wait to make love to you again, Lisa."

"Oh god Rick, I can't wait either. It's been sooo long!"

Lisa had been over three months without sex, and it was really beginning to get to her. It was three months earlier when her husband Rick had been diagnosed with testicular cancer and due to the surgery and treatments they still weren't able to resume their sex lives.

Soon she thought, the doctors said that soon things would be getting back to normal. It seemed as if the treatments had been successful, the cancer seemed to be gone and Rick was making a great recovery. Soon she wouldn't have to be without sex. She missed that regular lovemaking. In fact the lack of sex was driving her crazy, she hated to go without it.

"It's going to really be great when Doctor Worthington gives you the clearance."

"I know honey. I'm really looking forward to it. By the way, Jimmy is supposed to drop by today to replace the garbage disposal. He said he'd be around sometime after ten."

Lisa looked at Rick and smiled, "Your brother is such a sweetheart. He has been the greatest help to us since you got sick, always taking care of the odd chores."

Rick laughed. "Lisa, he's a great kid, I'm just sorry that his marriage didn't work out. Of course it's probably for the better, Gina was such a bitch to him."

"You can say that again. Good riddance, besides, I'm sure that as cute and funny as he is he'll have all kinds of women to choose from when he's ready."

"I think the reason he helps out so much is so he can check out his sexy sister-in-law!", Rick teased.

"Richard! You shouldn't say such things! Jimmy is a good guy, he's been a big help to us."

"I'm only teasing. But you are one hell of a sexy woman!", he said as he stood up, "I gotta go so I won't be late on my first day back to work."

Rick kissed Lisa and left for work.

At five minutes after ten the doorbell rang and Lisa hurried to the foyer to answer it. When she opened the door Jimmy stood there smiling at her. She smiles back, "Hi Jimmy. Thanks for coming over and taking care of that disposal for us."

"Hey Lisa. No problem. Families take care of each other, you know?"

Jimmy couldn't resist checking out his sexy 5'8"blonde haired sister-in-law. She was absolutely gorgeous. Lisa had a beautiful slender body and she kept it that way from working out a lot. She weighed around 130 pounds. It was her firm, well-toned body with those huge tits that always caught his eye every time he saw her. She had a great heart shaped ass, the kind you just want to grab every time you walked by her and her legs were long and toned. Lisa was wearing a tight pair of jeans with a tight, silky, white button up blouse that was a little too tight, which made her blouse gap open between some of the buttons exposing some cleavage.

Lisa looked at him and gave him a knowing smile.

Busted! "Shit" Jimmy said to himself as he saw her catch him staring at her body. He smiled nervously.

"Hmmm," Lisa thought, "Maybe Rick was right about Jimmy checking me out."

"Would you like something to drink before you get started?", Lisa asked. As she talked with Jimmy Lisa found she was mentally undressing him, it was so embarrassing, yet she couldn't seem to help herself. It had been just too long since she'd had sex. To her embarrassment, her eyes kept drifting to the enticing bulge in the crotch of her brother-in-laws tight jeans.

"Damn!", Jimmy thought, "She's checking me out. She's never done that before. I wonder if she's had any kind of sex since Rick got sick? I wonder..."

"Sure, I'd like a nice cool one. It's going to turn into a really hot one today." He replied and followed Lisa into the kitchen where she took two long necks out of the fridge and popped them open handing one to Jimmy.

"Let's talk in the living room, Lisa".

They went into the living room and sat down on the couch, drank their beer and made small talk. Lisa had always enjoyed talking with her brother-in-law; he was so easy to talk to. Finally Jimmy asked her, "Something's on your mind Lisa. What is it?"

"What's what? " Lisa replied, blushing.

"Aha," he grinned, "I knew it! There is something on your mind, all right. You're blushing. What are you blushing about? You can tell good old Jimmy."

Oh, no, she couldn't. How could she tell her husband's brother that she'd been constantly horny for the past three months and it was just getting worse? No way!

"Thanks, Jimmy," she sighed, "but it's pretty private. Personal. I don't think I'd be comfortable discussing it with you."

"Remember what I told you earlier, families take care of each other. If you need to talk about it I'm a great listener and I understand about these things."

"Yeah, right. And what would those things be?" Lisa asked nervously.

Jimmy said gently, "I know you're horny, Lisa. You've got to be horny after three months. I remember how bad it was after my divorce. When you're used to getting it and suddenly it's gone, you really miss it."

"Jimmy!" Lisa gasped, "You shouldn't be talking to me like that. I'm your brother's wife."

"Yeah, you are and that's even more reason to talk about it with you. You're family and you need to talk about it. Get it in the open so you can deal with it. Don't let it get to the point where the situation gets so bad that you wind-up making a mistake with some stranger."

"That would never happen!" she protested.

He cupped her chin and forced her to look at him and she dropped her eyes guiltily like a little schoolgirl and blushed even harder. Jimmy laughed.

"Come on, Lisa," he said, "you gotta share it with somebody."

Lisa realized that she was beginning to get very excited from the attention Jimmy was paying to her and all of this talk about sex. Sex that she wasn't getting! She felt her pussy growing hot as fire. Hot, sticky cunt-cream leaked from her neglected cunt, moistening the crotch of her panties. All of a sudden her own brother-in-law was getting her turned-on! Lisa was ready to scream with her suppressed horniness.

"Oh, my God," she thought, "what's wrong with me?" Of course she knew what was wrong...She needed to have her horny pussy fucked desperately.

Lisa turned to Jimmy to tell him they should change the subject but at that moment her brother-in-law planted his mouth on hers and kissed her, darting his tongue into her mouth. Lisa was completely taken off guard. She felt her heart pounding and she began sweating from her horniness.

She sank back into the couch, and returned his kiss. Her mind kept telling her it was wrong, it was cheating but her body didn't give a damn. Her body wanted to feel a man's touch, and she was so fucking horny and aroused at the moment, it didn't matter whose.

A sudden surge of guilt roused Lisa from her lustful surrender. She knew that if she didn't get away from her handsome brother-in-law in the next few seconds, she'd lose her self-control completely. The consequences of that could be disastrous for them both. With every ounce of willpower Lisa wrenched her face away from Jimmy's.

"Jimmy, this is totally wrong. We mustn't do this," she stammered.

"How come?" he grinned.

"I'm you brother's wife; we shouldn't be doing this! It could really ruin all of our relationships."

"I'm trying to help you get some satisfaction. I just want to help you solve your little horniness problem. I just don't see what's so awful about it?" As he talked, Jimmy started lightly stroking her enormous tits through her shirt. Lisa lay slumped against the back of the couch, breathing hard, trying desperately to control herself.

His hands closed over her tits and started squeezing. She flushed with guilt as she felt a shameful fleeting desire to press her satin-smooth quivering flesh mounds more solidly into her husband's brothers' excitedly sweating palm. To her horror, she felt a tingle in her pussy right away as surges of hot lust flashed through her. Damn it all! If she hadn't have been without sex for so long, she wouldn't be so dangerously horny right now. As Jimmy's hard, manly body pressed up against her. She felt his hard cock throbbing on her thigh and she felt her pussy getting hot and creamy and swollen.

She tried not to think about the hard, satisfying cock pressed against her thigh but instead concentrated on his fingertips rubbing lightly over her painfully erect nipples under her shirt, he stopping occasionally to pinch each one to an even more stinging hardness and causing a series of ripples of fantastic sensations to dance freely through her alerted nerves straight to her pulsing, horny cunt each time he did it.

"Jimmy, no," she cried desperately, "I told you... we can't do this... it just isn't right."

Jimmy ignored her and unbuttoned her blouse exposing the swells of her tits still encased in the sexy white lacy bra. He reach around her an expertly released the bra hooks freeing her huge milky white tits. Lisa's 38DD breasts had large silver dollar sized auréoles with pale pink colored, long eraser like nipples that were well extended due to her excitement.

Lisa gasped and tried to cover her naked tits, but Jimmy caught her wrists and forced her arms down. He dipped his head low and sucked his sister-in-law's left nipple into his hot hungry mouth. He nursed like a baby on her huge, creamy-white tits, sucking one stiff nipple deeply between his lips and then the other. Lisa groaned with pleasure, cupping his head, letting him slurp on her tits, feeling the sheer pleasure of his sucking go straight into her cunt.

"Oh, noooooo!" Lisa whimpered, the need in her pussy growing stronger by the second.

Hot juice welled from her cunt, soaking through her panties and jeans. Her nipples had always been extremely erogenous, and Jimmy's hot juicy lips felt wonderful as he moved back and forth between the two sensitive buds, sucking them into stiffness. Even as Lisa tried to wriggle free her pussy was moistening with arousal.

Lisa knew that when Jimmy began something he finished what he started. He always did. He wasn't going to give up until he made love to her, and that meant he wouldn't rest till they'd gone all the way. Lisa wondered what she could possibly offer him to change his mind. As achingly horny as she was, she still wasn't ready to fuck her husband's brother.

"Come on, Lisa." he said. "You're horny, and so am I. I think we should just take care of each other."

"But I'm married," Lisa answered hoarsely. "Oh, God, Jimmy, please don't push me any further. I...just can't. I'm not ready for this!"

"Yes you are," he leered, sliding a hand up between her legs.

He just thrust his hand against her cream-soaked jeans crotch and started rubbing her pussy-mound in a good steady rhythm. She needed to stop this but she couldn't resist him. He squeezed faster, harder, and she slumped back against the couch and moaned in total submission.

"Ohhhhh, God, ohhhhh!" she sobbed.

"See Lisa, let me get you off," he said hoarsely. "You'll feel so much better."

She was already feeling better. Lisa was practically screaming with the need to come. Maybe if she permitted him to rub her just this once, if she let him get her off she could think clearly again. And besides, he was just rubbing her through her jeans. That wasn't so serious. It really wasn't cheating, or so the frantically horny housewife told herself. Jimmy's hand felt absolutely fantastic. Unconsciously Lisa began humping her hips against his hand as she rocketed toward that desperately needed climax.

Jimmy watched his sister-in-law's lust-contorted face as he brought her to climax. Even through her jeans and panties he could feel the scorching heat and helpless wetness of her neglected pussy. Her swollen pussy flesh was actually throbbing through her clothes as he squeezed her and nursed on her beautiful tits. Suddenly her whole body stiffened and shuddered. Her eyes were shut tight, and her beautiful face was a mask of pure lust as a violent orgasm exploded in her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, God, Ahhhhhhh! I'm cummmmminnnggg.... so good... so gooooooodddddd!" she wailed.

Her body convulsed as Lisa ground her soaked crotch against his squeezing hand, her naked heaving tits jiggled and bounced. She went on whimpering and sobbing with joy as the intense climax ripped through her body. Jimmy damned near shot his load in his jeans. God she was hot! He knew now that it wasn't going to be as difficult as he'd first thought to seduce his brother's horny wife. He wouldn't rest till he'd gotten his cock into her hot, horny little fuck hole.

"Uuuuuhhhhnnnngggggghhh!" she moaned, as her thighs tightened around his softly squeezing hand.

Her climax spun itself out at last, and Lisa opened her eyes and looked at her husband's brother, blushing. He didn't say anything right away he simply looked at her, his eyes gleaming with an undisguised lust.

Jimmy reached for the zipper to her jeans and tugged it open. He grasped the jeans and started pulling them down. He was much stronger than Lisa, and no matter how she struggled she couldn't stop him for long. He whisked off her jeans and tossed them aside, leaving her naked except for her skimpy bikini panties.

Jimmy could see the effect his attentions were having on Lisa, her parted cherry lips and half closed eyes, the whole front of her panties soaked with her juices. He trailed his finger down the length of her slit and pushed against the fabric feeling her fever-hot pussy through the thin, wet silk. She gulped and spread her legs for him.

Lisa trembled with lust as Jimmy's fingertip entered her pussy taking the thin material with it. She wasn't doing anything wrong, she reasoned, she still had her panties on, besides she could always stop. His finger was pushing in further. It hurt a little as it dragged the material at her pussy lips; but when it slid across her swollen clit she had to bite her lip to stop from crying out.

Jimmy had begun a soft rhythm of gently fucking her with his panty-clad finger and the squishing noise of sex filled the room as the housewife's juices began to flow. Lisa shivered again as Jimmy's fingers caressed her, rubbing the damp fabric into her drooling cuntslit. He could surely feel how wet she was. It would be useless to argue any longer that she wasn't turned on by what he was doing. Hot pleasure flashed through her pelvis, and Lisa creamed helplessly, the molten liquid soaking right through her panties and moistening his hand.

"Do you like it, Lisa?" Jimmy asked hoarsely as he squeezed her pussy. "You like this?"

"Yes, Jimmy," Lisa gurgled, "it feels so good."

"We both know something that would feel even better, though," Jimmy leered.

Lisa reddened and said, "Forget it, Jimmy, I'm not going to fuck you. I can't cheat on Rick."

"Um, I meant with my tongue, Lisa," he lied. "I just thought you'd like it more if I got you off by sucking on your clit."

"No Jimmy, I don't think we should go that far." Lisa could see how far out of control the situation was getting and was about to stand up to stop Jimmy when something happened to break her resolve. Every faithful wife has a breaking point. It's the point of no return at which she will turn away from her wedding vows and readily allow another man to fuck her.

"No, oh... Jimmy, we have to stop," she said unconvincingly, "we really shouldn't be doing this. It's not right." Lisa had decided that she would let him have a few more thrusts and then they must stop. Suddenly the flimsy fabric of her panties was nudged aside and Jimmy plunged three fingers deep into her sex-deprived cunt. The penetration did her in.

He then slipped his free hand down inside her moist panties. Now he cupped her naked pussy, squeezing and releasing in a deliciously satisfying rhythm. Lisa's quivering cunt filled his palm with thick molten cunt-juice. She simply couldn't resist the pleasure. Digging her nails into the couch, she began to pump her hips up at him in a helpless, needful fucking motion.

"I figured you'd like that better, Lisa!" Jimmy grinned lewdly.

"Ohhhhhh, God, yessss!" Lisa moaned.

Jimmy was fingering her hot, juicy cunt faster and faster, working her into a frenzy of lust. Her hips were pumping and writhing, she was clawing the couch. Her pretty features were contorted with lust. She was close to forgetting all her hang-ups, and maybe that was why she didn't protest when Jimmy used his free hand to slip off her panties and toss them away out of reach.

"OHHHH, God!", she cried as she bucked and writhed and jerked her naked hips in a helpless fucking motion, her luscious tits jiggling enticingly.

Wantonly, she pumped her horny little cunt up and down on his fingers grinding her clit against his hand, desperate for even more delicious sensations. Jimmy thrust his stiff fingers hard and deep in her steaming cream-filled pussy, feeling the inside of his sister-in-law's cunt, scalding hot, slick with juice, and velvety smooth. Her cunt was really tight too, gripping and squeezing greedily at his fingers. Lisa was wildly horny at this point.

She considered the situation she was in and rationalized a bit further. She wasn't really committing adultery was she? After all she was only letting Jimmy finger-fuck her cunt. Surely she would be able to stop him before anything really naughty happened. Just a little while longer and she'd stop him. She couldn't get over how wonderful it felt having his fingers cramming her starved little pussy, pistoning inside her. Just a little while longer until he made her come. She would let him finger her horny cunt to orgasm and then end this, she could never allow him to fuck her, no matter how much she secretly desired having his hard cock stretching out her pussy and soothing her fire. She just needed release!

"Now here's something I know you'll love, Lisa," he said.

He stiffened his middle finger and plunged it into the little hole at the very center of his sister-in-law's pussy. He then bent it into a hook and began rubbing her g-spot. He twirled his fingertip around teasingly, and Lisa groaned with need. She jerked her hips up at him frantically, trying to impale herself on his finger.

"Oh, god, oh, please, please," she whimpered.

"Yeah, Lisa, I'll do whatever you want," Jimmy replied with a leer, "only you gotta tell me. Tell me exactly what you want me to do."

Lisa reddened. It was so outrageous for her to be telling her brother-in-law, in graphic terms, how to get her off. Yet she had to cum, or she'd go crazy with lust. She swallowed her pride and forgot her principles. Nothing mattered except that urgently needed orgasm. She had to have it, no matter what the consequences!

"Stick your finger in me deep, Jimmy." she whimpered, "deep in my pussy! Give me all of it!"

"You got it, baby", Jimmy grinned.

"Unnnnhhhh, yesssss!" Lisa moaned.

She arched her back to take it, wanting his hard finger as deep as she could get it. She soaked it with thick hot cream, and the pearly liquid overflowed her cunt and ran down the crack of her ass onto the couch cushion. That stiff hard presence felt so good in her fever-hot cunt. She whimpered with bliss as he shoved his finger all the way into her grinding his palm against her sensitive clit.

"You got it now, Lisa," he said hoarsely, "you got it all. Now what do you want?"

He knew perfectly well, Lisa realized, but he wanted to hear her say it. She had no choice. She had to have this orgasm. She was going out of her mind with lust and need.

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