tagBDSMLisa's New Boss Ch. 02

Lisa's New Boss Ch. 02


This story stands alone, but it follows on from 'Lisa's New Boss' and you may get more from it if you read that first.


Gordon is a good husband. I have always been happy with our sex life, but I wouldn't really say that it was exciting. We don't do anything very adventurous. Tonight everything was different.

As soon as I walked in the door, Gordon was there and said

"what did he do?"

The first thing that I thought of was that Karl hadn't given my knickers back. Gordon put his hand on my cunt and whistled in surprise at how hot and wet it was.

"He caned it."

I said, casting my eyes down. To my surprise tears started to drop from my eyes and I began to worry that Gordon would reject me. Instead he dragged me to the bedroom and told me to get my clothes off. He told me to tell him every detail of what Karl had done. While I was doing it Gordon felt the welts on my ass and fingered my dripping pussy. As soon as I had finished telling him all he wanted to know he told me to get on my knees and fucked my mouth with real passion. Within a few minutes he was groaning and my mouth was filled for the second time with hot, sticky cum. There was so much, and it came so fast, that it trickled from the sides of my mouth.

Gordon withdrew his prick and told me to scoop his juice back in then show him my mouthful. After gazing at it for quite a long time he told me to swallow. We had a lovely night together. The next day Gordon bought a cane and a pair of wrist cuffs.

My husband was fully in favour of removing my pubic hair as Karl demanded. I shaved my self very carefully. When Gordon examined it he was really pleased , but then he licked my twat and said that it was a bit prickly. I have had a bikini wax before so I made an appointment to go in after work on Thursday and have a complete waxing. I didn't dare to offer Karl anything other than absolute smoothness.

During the week I made two or three mistakes at work. All I got from Karl was a kind of scowl and I imagined him clocking up a list of offences in his head that he would correct later. On Friday I went to work in the short, pleated skirt instead of my usual trousers. After hesitating a few times and worrying about it I finally set off with no knickers on. I put a thong in my handbag, just in case.

All day I had problems whenever I had to reach for anything in case I was showing a bare ass. It was almost a relief when it was time to clock off although I was anxious about what happened next. I looked out for Karl as I made my way slowly to the door. Suddenly he was at my side. Instead of taking me with him he just said

"My flat 9pm." And he left.

On my way home on the bus my head was buzzing. What was he going to do to me? Why did he want me later? There were no answers to these things.

Gordon got home shortly after me and was surprised to see me there.

"Doesn't he want you any more?"

I explained what had happened. He told me to get a meal together. After we had a talk while we were eating I had a shower and dressed. We agreed that I would wear stockings and suspenders with a very short, tight black skirt and a white blouse. No bra or knickers. Red high heeled shoes. It was only a short way, but Gordon drove me round to the flat and dropped me off.

My knees were trembling when I rang the doorbell. Karl opened the door.

"Go to the bedroom. You know the rules."

I quickly took off my clothes and opened the bedroom door. When I saw the two naked men with hoods on their heads I screamed with shock.

"Shut up. Kneel and welcome your hosts properly."

As I dropped to my knees, Karl grabbed my hair and pushed my face into a strange crotch. Stiff, greying pubic hairs tickled my face before the soft prick starting to stir brought my attention back to what I was obviously expected to do. I opened my mouth, slipped it in and felt it grow quickly in response to my sucking and licking.

The prick quickly became very hard and filled my mouth, then Karl dragged my head away and pushed my face into the next groin. When I had brought that prick to a stiff erection he pulled me away again and plugged his own semi hard prick into my slobbering mouth. As he was pumping into my throat Karl said that I had just met some of the senior management of the new company and I was going to be introduced to others in the future.

He told me that I had a special task to carry out for the next half hour. I would be marked on my performance in the most appropriate way. That is, marked on my body with his cane for any failure to provide the highest quality work.

Taking his prick out of my mouth I had the first opportunity to get a proper look above waist level at the men. They were both older men. One had a large paunch, a beer belly perhaps, and the other was very skinny. I couldn't tell much else about them except the skinny guy had very distinctive blue eyes shining out from round holes in his hood. Those hoods gave an even more menacing atmosphere than would have inevitably been present from being offered for use by strangers.

Karl produced a kitchen timer and set it at five minutes.

"Please prepare to be serviced gentlemen."

They both knelt with their backs to me and with their elbows on the carpet.

Karl took my hair again and pushed my face into the fatter man's ass.

"OK. Start licking. Get your tongue right up his asshole and work it around. You are going to give him five minutes, then do the same for your other host and me. After that you will do a second round of five minutes for each of us.

I was gasping for breath. It was the shock and having my nose and mouth pressed into a fleshy, hairy ass. Gordon had never asked me to do anything like this. I was scared - and thrilled. Trying to get my breath I put out my tongue and touched the brown, wrinkled sphincter.

"Get it right in and lick. Do it now. You will get an extra stroke for every second you waste. The tingle of fear that shot through me jerked my tongue to a point and I pushed forward. He moaned and wriggled. Without even thinking I cradled his balls in my hand and then stroked his dick while I started to work my tongue in and around his hole.

It was a great relief when the timer rang. The man was really moaning and pulling my face right into his ass. My tongue and jaw were really aching. Karl never gave me any break. He re-set the timer and told me to get my tongue straight into the next guy. This one wasn't hairy at all. It is amazing how different one asshole can be from another. His wasn't so tight. When I pointed my tongue and pushed, it went right inside him. I was kind of fucking him with my tongue. This made my aching mouth feel even worse and I had to slow to gentler licking. The man put his hand behind him and pulled my head in because he wanted more stimulation. Karl called out

"Two extra cane strokes. Do it properly"

I couldn't say how badly my jaw was feeling, all I could do was try to respond.

Finally the timer rang again. I turned my face away and struggled to breathe while I moved my jaw to ease it. Karl was on his knees and lost no time starting the timer and barking at me to get my tongue in. By the time I had finished on him my face felt as though it was frozen in cramp. I have never had such a feeling. My tongue was numb and had a strange bitter taste.

Karl passed me a glass of water which I drank greedily. If I had any hope of rest I was disappointed.

"Suck him." Said Karl pointing to beer belly. He walked the short distance to me and put his soft dick in my mouth. It was some relief to have the different movement. I had him hard very soon. Obviously I was made to do the same for skinny and Karl, but then there was no break before the second round of ass licking. This must have been the longest fifteen minutes of my life. Twice Karl said I wasn't doing the job properly and added two cane strokes on each time.

When the timer rang for the last time I sank down on my knees, massaging my jaw as best I could with my hands. I was worrying about the caning that I was going to get, but that wasn't going to happen yet. Karl said "suck him" once again and I had no chance to think or move before beer belly grabbed my head and pulled me onto him. He was hard quite quickly, but it didn't end there this time. He was fucking my face quite hard. Before long he was hitting into my throat and then he was mumbling.

"I'm cumming -- cumming - ooh" and he shot his load into my mouth. Karl told me to show it to them all and then I was made to swallow the cum. Skinny was already as stiff as a tent pole. He eagerly thrust into my sticky mouth. His prick was longer. I gagged several times as he fucked my throat. He was holding his hand to the front of my neck so he could feel his prick go in and out of my throat. He didn't cum as quickly as the first man. Slowly I got used to the action and realised that my face was not as cramped any more. When he did shoot his load I knew that I had to keep it in my mouth to show them before swallowing it and moving on to service Karl.

A couple of weeks ago I could never have imagined this. I had just been used for sex by complete strangers, doing things that I would have said were disgusting. Now I was being face fucked by a man who had beaten me and was going to do it even more. Instead of being outraged, I knew that my pussy was sopping wet and I really wanted to please Karl. His prick was familiar in my mouth and I worked my aching jaw for all I was worth to try to give him the best experience I could. When he shot his load I had the biggest mouthful of the evening. I showed it round proudly to the other men while I waited for the order to swallow.

What happened next surprised me.

"Thank you for your assistance in this training session gentlemen. Enjoy the rest of your evening."

Karl showed the two guys out of the bedroom. Presumably they dressed and left.

Turning back from the bedroom door he thrust his fingers into my soaking cunt, then slid his hand up my pubic bone.

"Good! Very smooth. Kneel."

Doing as I was ordered, I felt a little disappointed that he hadn't commented on how my pussy looked. It had startled me when I followed Karl's instructions and removed my rather luxuriant pubic hair. Seeing the cleft of my cunt lips for the first time as an adult was very odd. It certainly made me look more naked. Gordon came really quickly when he fucked me after he saw it. Unfortunately, all the time he was screwing me I was thinking of Karl. After all it was him who brought me to these new experiences and all the time I was wondering where it would go next. Now I was finding out.

"You earned six strokes of the cane today for your lack of commitment and effort. Your slackness at work during this last week requires a further four strokes of my belt. For no reason other than that it pleases me, you will also receive four strokes of the riding crop."

I couldn't possibly explain why, but I felt a tingle about pleasing him by being whipped. At the same time I was very apprehensive about my beating. There was a greater shock to come.

Karl took a length of cord from his bedside cabinet. He bound my wrists and elbows behind my back. He then tied my ankles to the bed legs so that my feet were about three feet apart with my back to the bed. I was puzzled. I didn't see how I could get my punishment in this position. But he wasn't finished. He now tied my breasts tightly so that they stuck right out.

"You will call out the number of each stroke followed by 'Sir'. If you fail to number the stroke or you call it incorrectly, it will be repeated. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir".

After taking a cane from his cabinet he held my wrists firmly in his left hand. There were a couple of aiming taps and then I heard the whistle before the sharp crack on my buttocks that was followed by a horrible pain.

"One Sir."

I was sweating. The fierce stinging was awful and then I heard the whistle. I gasped when I heard the crack and the second wave of pain shot through my body. Confused, it was a few seconds before I called out.

"Two Sir."

"Just in time. Take care."

He let go of my wrists and moved round in front of me. He ran the cane down my body from my tits to my thighs and back up again. He looked into my eyes and then raised his arm. The cane hit me right in the belly and knocked the wind out of me. I let out a little squeal and bent forward.

"Stand up." He commanded. I did and hurriedly called the third stroke.

He put the fourth stroke right across the front of my pussy. Five was on the tops of my thighs and then the final one was back on my belly. Tears were streaming down my face now and I couldn't help yelling as each stroke landed. It was as much as I could do to keep calling the numbers, but I did manage it. Karl returned to the cabinet, carefully put away the cane and returned with the riding crop.

"How many will you receive from his?"

"Four Sir."

"And why are you getting them?"

Ummh! Er. For your pleasure Sir."

"Right. Don't forget to count. You start at the beginning again. My pleasure is counted separately."

"Yes Sir."

Standing in front of me, Karl lined up the crop on my right tit. It was purple now because of the cord tied round it. My head was swimming. I hadn't thought of this. Could I stand it?

There was not much time to think about it. The thwack of the crop resounded. I looked down to see the bright welt caused by the leather flap at the end of the crop.

"One Sir."

The next one was on the same spot on the other breast. As soon as I called out the number, he took me by the shoulders and laid me back on the bed. Karl stood above me with one foot on either side of my head. He lined up the crop again. This time he brought it down on the underside of my right breast and followed that very soon with the final pleasure stroke. Once I had numbered the fourth cropping, Karl knelt down so his ass was on my face. He ran his hands over my burning tits. I got my tongue into his ass as best I could.

This didn't last long. Karl got up and returned with his belt.

He stood over me again.

"Start counting from one."

Karl raised the belt over his shoulder. I couldn't see what was happening then the slap of the leather against my wet pussy lips made my ass leap from the bed and I screamed. I had never felt anything like it. Such pain in my cunt, but where the cane and the crop had landed earlier were now starting to tingle in a way that wasn't bad. There was a sort of warm glow there. Before I could get my thoughts together.

"Too late. Start again from one."

There was a wet splat and my twat was on fire.

"One Sir." I called out quickly. No scream this time. My concentration was totally on getting the numbers right

I managed to keep the count for the remaining three. When he had finished, Karl shoved the wet belt against my nose before wiping it dry on my stinging tits.


He untied my ankles, turned me over and released my arms.

"Get dressed and walk home. Slut that you are you came without a bra. You will go home with the one I have given you."

I left the bedroom and put my clothes on. My legs were trembling. It was hard to walk properly because of my sore pussy as well, but the pain was already going. I had a funny, warm and soft feeling. Struggling to fasten my blouse over my bulging tits I thought how they had been cropped for his pleasure. For mine too now. I looked ridiculous. It was almost midnight. What if Police stopped me on the way home. I would die of embarrassment.

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