tagLoving WivesLisa's Wedding Night

Lisa's Wedding Night


I met my husband when I was 20. He was 15 years older and had been married twice. He knew I was a virgin and although I was ready for sex and made it clear that I could be had about 3 weeks after we started dating, he refused to fuck me until after we were married.

I was more than ready. Mike could get me hot just kissing the back of my neck. I thought he was going to do the deed the week before our wedding. We had been out on the town and came back to my parent’s house. We did a little fooling around on the couch. It was the touchy-feely stuff we had done before but all of a sudden, his hand was in my panties and he was sliding a finger into me. I fell back on the couch and spread my legs wide, my skirt slid up to my waist. I was giving him total freedom to do what he wanted with my body. He jumped up and left me to my own devices. Frustrated, I masturbated twice that night.

The night before our wedding, I tried to get him to fuck me. I shamelessly threw myself at him, tugging his cock out of his pants while he was driving me home. This time, he allowed me to give him a blow job. It was the first time for me. We pulled into the driveway and he spread my legs wide while he fingered me to an almost orgasm. He stopped just short of getting me off and, once again, he left me to satisfy myself.

My wedding dress had a full skirt and 30 buttons down the bodice. It showed off my cleavage and, at Mike's suggestion, I wore thong bikini panties and thigh high nylons underneath. After the wedding, he reached under my dress to remove my garter. Unseen by the crowd, he also stroked my pussy through my panties.

We left for the hotel, still dressed in our wedding attire. On the drive, he reached inside the bodice of my gown and stroked my hardened nipples. He whispered that he had arranged a special treat at the hotel, one that would take care of my pent up frustration. I couldn't wait for him to finally claim my cherry.

I stroked his cock through his pants to make sure he was as excited as I was. When we got to the room, I fell back on the bed. He kissed me deeply and slowly lifted my dress to my waist. He began massaging my cunt. I was so wet the crotch of my panties had disappeared between my pussy lips. I was moaning with anticipation and desire.

He stopped and looked at me. "Do you trust me?" he said. "Of course, I replied. He reached under the bed and produced two hand cuffs. He used them to cuff my hands to the bed. He tied my legs to the foot of the bed with two scarves and slid a pillow under my ass.

He walked over and opened the door to the adjoining room. I was shocked when two men entered. Bill was a tall, muscular Swede. Joe was even bigger, a black man that could have been a pro football player. Both were very good looking and completely naked. I realized why they were here and began to struggle against my constraints.

My new husband sat next to me and ordered me to remain still. He told me he knew I was a far more sexual human being than he was and these two men could service me all night. I was humiliated, lying there with my legs spread for these strangers. Bill began undoing the buttons to my gown and Joe began kissing the inside of my thighs.

When Bill finished unbuttoning me, he looked at my husband and asked if he should continue. To answer him, he reached over and opened my top, exposing my breasts. They’re fairly large and they sagged slightly to the side. Mike pushed them together and offered them to Bill. My nipples were already hard when Bill took one in his mouth. It felt incredibly hot. In spite of myself, I moaned with desire. Joe drew his tongue across my exposed pussy lips, an unexpected sensation that caused me to buck my hips forward. He laughed and cupped my ass in his hands lifting me higher. "This white bitch is so hot, are you sure she's cherry?" he asked my husband.

Bill began trailing kisses toward my other nipple. To my shame, I found myself turning toward him so he could get my nipple into his mouth. Joe used his tongue to dig the crotch of my panties out of my soaking cunt and, pushing it aside, he sucked my clit into his mouth. He slid a finger deep inside me and whispered that he could feel my cherry.

Bill straddled my face and I opened my mouth to accept only the second cock of my life. I sucked it like the cum hungry slut I knew I had become. I felt Joe's finger, wet from my juices, penetrate my ass as he worked harder and faster on my clit. I came hard and soon tasted Bill's cum.

Joe covered my body with his. "You can call it quits now or ask me to fuck you with my black meat. If you want me to do it to you, your husband will untie your legs so you can put them where they belong."

I could feel his cock rubbing against my belly. It felt huge and wonderfully hot. "Fuck me!" I hissed.

Mike unlocked the hand cuffs and my legs were untied, freeing me to react easily and completely to these wonderful sensations. I wrapped my legs around his waist and asked him to fuck me again. He took my hand and placed it on his cock. "I'm going to do your pussy and your ass," he said. "Put it where you want it first."

We both watched as I hurriedly slid the head of his cock into my pussy. I immediately began pushing up against him. It had been a long and frustrating time and I knew I badly needed a cock deep inside me.

"Your wife is one hot little bitch," he said. Holding my ass still, he thrust forward until his cock met resistance. "Feel that? It's your cherry." He smiled at me as he thrust forward, burying his cock all the way inside my cunt in one quick thrust. "Now it's gone." he said.

I should have felt some pain but I was so cock-crazed that all I could do was cum. I was fucking him as hard as he was fucking me, both of us crying out loud enough for anyone walking down the hallway to know immediately what was going on.

He pulled out abruptly and positioned his wet cock against my butt. In my frenzied state and as wet as I was, it didn't take him long to work himself in. When I felt him finally slide all the way into my ass, I used my finger on my clit as he banged my back door with his cock. I came twice before he emptied himself into my ass.

Bill rolled me over and took me from behind, telling Mike, “I’m going to fuck your bitch like a dog.” His cock was pumping me hard and he reached under me to squeeze my tits. Joe sat on the pillow in front of me and I took him in my mouth, making him hard again. I drained them both that night and asked my husband for more. I had no idea how often I had been fucked but I knew I liked it and these two men would be a part of our lives. It's been five years. We're still married and Joe and Bill still visit whenever they want me.

Sometimes just one will show up. Occasionally both will arrive and take turns. My husband has started videotaping some of our activities including a wild session last summer on the deck of our boat at Lake of the Ozarks.

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