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Listening to the Wife


My wife and I have been together for over 20 years now. We met when I was 20 and she was 19. At that time, I'd only had sex with one person...I was number 19 or 20 for her.

Our relationship has had its share of ups and downs, just like anyone else, but the ups for us have always outweighed the downs.

This will be the first in a series of stories that go through our sex life, in no particular order. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed living them!

My wife, Jen, is brunette, 5'8", has amazing green eyes, 36C tits, and has curves in all the right spots. I am 6 feet, and have a 6 inch cock.

Jen has a married "friend" she has been seeing for close to 10 years. Let's call him Bob. Bob's wife does not know, and he isn't the type of guy to engage in a threesome with another guy around, so she sees him alone.

She has seen Bob more times than I can count over the years, and she always tells me every detail, which leads to great sex for us afterward. Usually she comes home right away, and I get to go down on and/or fuck her sloppy pussy. For those who have done it know just how amazing it feels. Considering he he larger than I am, her pussy always feels stretched out and well-fucked.

Other times she will spend the night with him at a hotel and will give me all the details the following day. Those times are the worst because I will stroke it off 2 or 3 times just waiting for her return, wondering what they are doing.

One night he IM'd her and wanted to fuck. She told him I was out with some friends, so our place was good to go. What he didn't know is that I was upstairs in our bedroom waiting for them to finish.

When he arrived, Jen went downstairs to greet him while I laid in bed with my cock in my hand. I could not hear much at first, usually a sign that Jen was working her mouth over his 8 inch, thick cock. She loves to give head, and is incredible at it.

After several minutes, I can hear her start to moan. Bob has obviously stuck his big dick inside of her. She is moaning constantly, telling him "fuck me" and "your cock feels so good." She was putting on a bit of a show for me, as she knew I could hear every word while I was upstairs jacking my cock. He wasn't very vocal, just some moans here and there.

The whole time I am slowly jacking my cock, not wanting to cum...it was excruciating.

"Oh yeah, fuck my pussy!"

Every time she said something like that while they were fucking, I had to stop stroking just so I wouldn't cum. My wife can be very shy around people, but once she is engaged in sex, she can really open up, so to speak.

Twenty minutes later, she starts to moan louder, telling him to cum inside of her and I can hear him moaning as he does as he's told, pumping his cum deep inside of her tight pussy. After several minutes of quiet, I could hear muffled conversation, and heard him leave.

I hear Jen coming up the stairs...still naked as she comes into the room and lays on the bed, spreading her legs. I kiss her and can taste cum on her. She cleaned his cock after cumming insider her. That's my girl.

Looking at her pussy, she says "eat me". I knelt down and could see Bob's cum at the entrance of her vagina. Sticking my tongue out, I dip it inside, coating it with his sperm. After swallowing, I dive in, licking her cum-filled pussy like crazy.

"That's it, taste his cum. Do you like how he tastes?". She asks. I could only respond my licking her more. He shot a huge load, giving me plenty to eat.

When I got most of it out, my cock needed its own release. I climbed up and slid right in. She was so wet and stretched out by his bigger cock that there was no resistance. As I'm thrusting, she asked "do you like fucking me with another Bob's cum in my pussy?".

All I could do was groan and shoot my own load in her. As my cock slid out, it was covered with the cum of two men. She took it into her mouth to clean, giving me a deep, wet kiss afterward. Once my cock went soft, she pushed my shoulders down so I could clean her pussy again. The combined taste of our cum in her pussy was amazing.

That was a fun night. There are many more fun encounters from our past. I'll try to make them longer. Thanks for reading.

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