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Lit. Forum Fantasy

byAbner Devereaux©

This story was inspired by a member of The Lit. Forum.

The story in about a woman I met through various threads over the last month. Since I have gotten to know her, I found out I have a great deal in common with her. It started as just some playful remarks while visiting this thread and that thread.

It was a post here and a post there. It continued on to the pm stage. We would pm each other ever now and then. I would send her a joke everyday. When we both felt comfortable enough with each other, we exchanged e-mails address and photos.

The very first day she had my e-mail address, she sent me some very beautiful photos of her upper body. Later on she sent me photo of her wearing a pair of cute little glasses. It took me a while but I finally posted a pick of my gray boxer briefs with a soaked spot on them, a spot she help make. Since then I did post a pick of myself so see could what I looked like.

Time passed and we found our selves speaking via IM's and through certain threads in The Lit. Forum. She always told me that if I ever found myself alone some day that I should let her know.

Well, one day the time came and I was not with anyone so, I sent her a message and asked her if we could meet. She quickly responded with a yes and to tell me her name was Becky. I responded to tell her my name was Mark. We made plans to meet over a holiday weekend, that way if things work we would have to travel on a Sunday to be at work on Monday.

Beck suggested that we meet close to me, because she really needed to get away from things where she lived. I told her about place, it was a shopping center with restaurants and a hotel and at one time, it was a train station many years ago.

By the time our weekend arrived, I was so nervous. I always get nervous when meeting new people, even though we had expressed our feelings with one another time after time. We knew what each other looked like and had so many in common, I still wondered if we would hit it off in person.

On my drive to meet Becky I could not stop thinking of how good it was going to feel holding her in my arms. Since I did not have as far to drive as Becky, I showed up early. I parked my car, stood outside, and waited for her to show up.

"Mark?" I her a soft voice call out.

I turned around to see Becky standing there, she was so cute and even had on her cute little glasses that I liked so much.

"Becky!" I shouted, "It is so nice to finally see you in person."

"I feel the same way." She assured me.

After a long awaited hug and just holding each other, we went inside to look around and get to know one another face to face.

"I've never been here before." Becky said.

"It used to be a train station many years ago," I told Becky, "My dad left for basic training at that this station."

"They have a hotel here as well," I said, "Which by the way is Gene Simmons' favorite hotel he ever been to."

We spent the next several hours shopping, eating, talking and laughing; we even managed to sneak a few kisses in here and there. We were both enjoying the day so much, it was nice to get away from all the stress of work, family issues and relationship problems were both had faced over the last couple of months.

"Would you like to spend the night with me?" Becky asked.

"Yes," I told her, "I would love to."

We got our things together and headed for the hotel. The place was beautiful and the lobby was enormous. I had thought about being with Becky for a while now, she looked so good and smelled just as sweet.

When we reached the room, we just dropped our things, locked arms and started kissing passionately. While we were kissing, our hands roamed each other's bodies with such desire.

"Wait here," Becky spoke, "I will be right back."

Becky then went into the bathroom as I looked around our room. When she stepped out, Becky was wearing one of the white hotel bathrobes. As she stood there in the bathrobe with a child like grin on her face, she opened up the bathrobe and let it dropped to the floor.

I could not believe my eyes. Her body was stunning and I could tell that all of that yoga had made things sleek and firm. Not only was here body impressive but what she was wearing was also amazing. Becky had on my favorite lingerie set she owned.

She once sent me pictures of lingerie had had just purchased from a website. It was a sheer bra with matching panties. The bra and panties had little flowers on them, placed in certain locations. Not to mention the black garters that was a perfect end to the set.

"Do you remember my fist dream I had?" Becky asked.

"Yes," I told her, "I remember it very well."

"That's how I want you." Becky replied.

Becky then crawled on to the bed and lay on her tummy. I could not get my clothes off fast enough, as I look at Becky laying there as the soft glow of the dusk sunlight filled the room. I came up behind Becky slowly and quietly as I sunk my body onto her. I could feel her shiver as I pressed myself against her bottom. I began to kiss her neck and run my hands through her silky, dark hair.

As I kiss her neck, I softly whispered in her ear all those things she loves to hear. While I was grinding against her bottom, I kissed my way down her spine until I reached where her spine met her bottom and gently ran my tongue against her skin.

"Ooooh," Becky purred, "That feels so good."

"I have wanted you so much." I whispered.

As we, grinded each other back and forth, Becky slowly arched her back and started to moan ever so gently. I reached around her and lifted her breasts as I ran my fingers across her nipples. I removed her bra and began to nibble at the back of her neck.

"I want to feel you inside me." Becky hissed.

I pulled her black panties down with my teeth and teased her with my cock before I plunged it deep inside her. We both began to grind one another back in forth, me into her and her into me. Becky rocked into me as I pulled her beautiful hair back. Becky arched her back once more as I kissed her neck and massaged her breasts. I pulled her hair back as I pushed myself deeper into her.

By this time, our grinding became more and more intense. We matched each other push for push and crave for craves.

"Oh," Becky yelled, "I'm Cumming."

"Yeah," I shouted, "Me too,"

As we met each other at the same time, I just fell onto Becky's body and held her in my arms as I breathed heavily in her ear.

"That was so nice," Becky purred, "I needed that sooo bad."

"Me too," I told her, "That yoga you do came in handy."

"Should we get cleaned up?" Becky asked.

"I think we should," I replied.

So Becky and I headed for the shower. We turned the hot water on and the bathroom started to steam up. We stepped in side and began to washed each other as our hands fed and roamed She had gotten my ready for more craving.

"I want to taste you," Becky spoke, "I want to feed upon you and feel you in my throat."

Then Becky slid down my body as her hands glided down my ass and around my legs. She got down on her knees as the hot water rushed all around me. Then she slipped me through her lips and over her tongue and grazed her teeth lightly against my cock. As she sucked my cock each time she pulled it out of her mouth, she would jerk it up and down, kiss the head and look up at smile and me.

"I've got to have this in me again," Becky ordered, "I want to feel you grind against me in this shower."

I slid Becky off her knees and up my body so she could feel my hard cock press against her. I turned Becky around and made assume the position up against the shower wall. This time I drove myself into her with one deep thrust.

"Oh yes," Becky screamed. "That's it!"

"I love the way you feel." I said.

"Oh you're such big boy!" Becky shouted.

While I was grinding against Becky's bottom water from the shower was running down her back and down her backside and splashing everywhere with every thrust I made.

At the rate of our grinding, I knew I was not going to last much longer. I kept grinding and massaging Becky's big breasts. Every time I grinded forward, Becky would grind back into me.

"Oh Becky!" I yelled out

My body clenched and my hands squeezed her breasts. I could feel myself erupt inside Becky's firm, wet body.

"Oh Mark," Becky said, "You make me feel so good."

We held each other in the shower and kissed each other for a little while longer. Then we just dried and spent the rest of the night just talking and flirting. In the morning we fed our selves and on eachother.

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