tagChain StoriesLiterotica Reunion Ch. 3

Literotica Reunion Ch. 3


Mrhappy reached down between her legs and gently explored her pussy. He parted her lips and was pleased to find that she was very wet. He began at the bottom of her slit, near her asshole and pulled his finger slowly through her wet lips. He slowed as he passed by her opening and dipped his finger in to wet it with her juices before he reached her clit. She moaned into his mouth and spread her legs slightly, allowing him better access to her pussy. He slipped his finger in and out a few times before withdrawing it and moved to her clit. She bit his tongue playfully as he found her clit and rubbed his finger around it softly. He felt Manu's hands come around her body in search of her breasts. She jumped between them as Manu found her nipples and rolled them in his fingers.

Sabrina broke their kiss and began trailing her lips down mrhappy's chest. She wanted his cock in her mouth so she didn't spend too much time biting his nipples before she moved toward her goal. As she bent forward in search of his cock, she felt Manu spread her cheeks. His breath was hot as it caressed her ass and pussy, but not as hot as his tongue as he licked her in one slow movement, beginning at her clit and ending at her little, brown sphincter. "Oohh, yesss Manu! Lick my pussy some more. Get it really wet and slide a couple of fingers in it. Then I want your tongue in my asssss!" Eager to please, Manu quickly complied with her instructions and soon had two fingers moving in her pussy and his tongue probing her throbbing asshole.

Mrhappy held Sabrina's ample tits in his hands and occasionally tweaked her nipples as she wrapped her lips around his cock and slowly descended down its length. Her tongue actively worked its way around the head of his cock as Sabrina began to move her mouth up and down on his shaft. She paused every once in awhile and pressed her tongue flat against the sensitive underside, just below the head. "If you do that too many more times, I'm not going to be able to keep from cumming," he cautioned her, letting her know that her expert cock sucking was bringing him close to orgasm.

Manu stood up and prepared to plunge his cock into Sabrina's hot, wet cunt. He pulled her cheeks apart with one hand and placed the head of his cock at the opening to her pussy. He moved the tip up and down her wet slit and eased the tip between the lips of her pussy. Sabrina felt the head of Manu's dick part the folds of her pussy and she pushed backwards, taking his entire length in one move. She grabbed mrhappy's hips at the same time and pulled him forward, causing the head of his cock to move past the back of her mouth. She opened her throat to accept all of him.

Mrhappy and Manu looked at one another across Sabrina's back. Each had their cocks buried completely in this hot woman and they exchanged smiles. They paused for a moment as Sabrina moaned and wiggled between them. With Manu's hands on her hips and mrhappy's hands on her tits, they nodded and began their rhythmic fucking of Sabrina. They moved her back and forth between them. Alternately filling her mouth, then her pussy. Sabrina was beside herself lust. Her throat filled with mrhappy's cock as he pulled her by her tits toward him. Then, Manu would tighten his grip on her hips and pull her back, filling her pussy with his splendid, thick cock. "I've never been fucked like this," and she wanted to let them know how good they were making her feel, but she was relunctant to turn loose of mrhappy's cock to do so. They began to increase their tempo and she began to sense her impending orgasm. "Mmmph, yesss," she managed to moan around mrhappy's cock. Her moans raised their collective level of passion and they fucked with renewed frenzy as they sensed the approach of each other's orgasm.

Manu was first to let them know and cried, "Ohhhh, gaaawwwwdd, I'mmm going to cuummmm!!!"

Sabrina pulled her mouth off mrhappy's cock and yelled, "Put your finger in my asssss," then quickly plunged her mouth back down on his cock. She felt her own orgasm begin as Manu slid his finger in her ass and continued the assault on her pussy with his cock.

Mrhappy's balls tightened as soon as Sabrina pressed her tongue firmly against the underside if his dick and began moving it back and forth against his 'man clit.' He let go of her tits and wound his fingers in her blonde hair as he began fucking her mouth in earnest. "Just like that, Baby! Ohhhh gaawwwd yessss! Don't stop, keep suckiiiinnnnggg!" He warned her in advance that he was getting ready to cum and loosened his grip on her hair.

"Cum on my tits," as she began jacking his cock. "Ooohhhh gaaawwwd, I'mmm cuuummminnng!" She bucked her hips into Manu as she cried out in exstacy.

Mrhappy watched as his cock began unloading on Sabrina's tits. He threw his head back and let his pleasure explode from his lungs as well, "Ahhhgrph, ssshiiittt.....Yesssssss."

A few more strokes of Sabrina's suctioning pussy soon took Manu over the edge. He pulled his cock from Sabrina's pussy, layed it in between the cheeks of her ass and squeezed them together as he continued to pump his hips. "Aaahhhh, I'mmm cuummming," his cum shot out and landed between her shoulder blades. Each thrust of his hips brought a new load from his balls and he continued until Sabrina's back was covered with his seed.

Spent, they began to unfold from their coupling (trippling?). Manu sat back on the floor and mrhappy fell back on the bed. Sabrina moved back, grabbed Manu's cock and slid it back inside before sitting in his lap. She and mrhappy locked eyes as she rubbed his cum into her tits.

The doorbell rang and mixed with the sounds of their labored breathing. Nobody moved immediately. Mrhappy glanced at the clock and realized that only 20 minutes had passed since they'd first entered this room. "I'm glad I refilled my Viagra prescription," he thought. "I think I'm gonna need it!"

They donned their reunion robes and went to see who the new arrivals were.

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