tagIncest/TabooLitte Mandy and Her Daddy's Present

Litte Mandy and Her Daddy's Present


Little Mandy had no problem figuring out what to get her daddy for Christmas. She had bought and wrapped some of the conventional things -- socks, handkerchiefs and a sweater -- and put them under the tree in their family room, but she had one more present for him - one she knew he would enjoy more than anything else. Early on Christmas morning, Mandy sneaked down to the family room, wrapped it and left it under the tree for him.

Frank Williams came downstairs to the family room, slightly surprised at his twenty year old daughter's absence. He expected Mandy to be there, waiting for him, ready to begin opening their gifts from each other and from Santa Claus. Before he even looked at the tree, he brewed a pot of coffee and poured himself a cup. He was still puzzled, because the aroma of the freshly-brewed coffee, which she liked as much as he, should have caught her attention and lured her downstairs.

His puzzlement disappeared when he saw the large, clumsily wrapped parcel in front of the tree, knowing it hadn't been there the night before. The label said "To Daddy" in big block letters, but, instead of the name of the giver, there was a series of x's and o's. He smiled and took a sip of his coffee.

"I wonder where Little Mandy is," he speculated out loud, even though he couldn't see anybody who might hear him. The ungainly package giggled, a familiar and very delightful sound, and the loosely wrapped paper rustled. Frank finished off his coffee and returned to the kitchen for a fresh cup. He prepared another one, the way he knew Mandy liked hers, and set it on the table in front of the sofa.

"Well," he said, still in a loud voice. "I guess I'll start opening presents without her. I think I'll start with this big, green one here." Frank knelt by the big parcel and put one hand lightly on it, feeling it move at his touch. He heard the giggle again and smelled an aroma that was equally familiar and even more delightful. There was no ribbon on the gift, and not even any cellophane tape. The paper wrapper seemed to be held in place by the weight of the contents of the package.

Frank took hold of some of the loose paper and started pulling on it. Abruptly, it burst open. "Surprise!" exclaimed his daughter, as she swung out her arms and legs to spread the paper away from her body. With the paper no longer covering her, she was completely naked.

"Oh, what a nice surprise," Frank exclaimed, and leaned forward to kiss his lovely Christmas present. His lips and hers parted and they let their tongues exchange a good morning kiss also.

Mandy broke off the kiss. "Daddy, I'm glad you like your gift, and you can start to really enjoy it, any way you want, in a few minutes but right now, I've got to have a cup of coffee." Spotting the second cup on the small table, she asked: "Oh! Did you bring me one?"

Not waiting for an answer, she got to her hands and knees and scurried over to the table where she took a sip of the morning elixir, followed by smiling at the man who had brought it and who would soon be giving her even more pleasure. Her nakedness didn't bother her, except that she would have been happier if her daddy had been equally unclothed. At least he had removed his bathrobe and was wearing only his pajamas.

After finishing her coffee, Mandy got back onto her hands and knees and, wiggling her gorgeous ass at her daddy, returned to lie on her back as she had been when she burst the package open. Her father also got to his knees, with his upper body supported on his hands, and leaned forward to resume kissing her, once again thrusting his tongue between her wide-open lips, where she caressed it with her own. After kissing her mouth again, he trailed butterfly kisses down her chin and throat until he reached her luscious breasts. There he stopped, removed his pajama shirt, and bent over his daughter to cup the twin beauties in his hands and start licking her nipples. She cooed with pleasure at the feel of Daddy's mouth.

They were fully erect, and the hard nubbins felt wonderful on his tongue. While lying inside her wrapper, Mandy had gotten quite aroused, thinking of what she and Daddy would be doing after he opened her special gift to him. Her pussy juices were also running, which had been the delightful aroma he had noticed before opening the package. As his tongue moved from one nipple to the other, the flow became even heavier, and the scent even more enticing.

The appeal was so powerful that Frank couldn't resist. With some reluctance, his mouth left her succulent breasts to trail kisses down her sexily plump belly until it reached her hairless mons. Little Mandy and her daddy like to play games sometimes, and their favorite is pretending she is a very young girl. She has her pussy waxed regularly, to make the game more realistic, and the most recent time had been on the afternoon of Christmas Eve. On that morning, although her pussy was as smooth as that of a child, Mandy was not interested in playing games.

That certainly didn't bother her daddy; all he wanted to do just then was to eat his daughter's delectable pussy. Frank knew she wanted the same thing and, as she lay with her legs spread, he walked on his knees to get between them and leaned forward. With a lascivious grin on her face, Little Mandy raised her legs and Daddy ducked under them, letting them rest on his bare shoulders. He leaned forward, wrapping his arms around her thighs and gazed, enraptured, at the lovely wet Christmas treat that was waiting for him.

Little Mandy's pussy is truly a thing of beauty, especially right after waxing. She is a natural blonde, with creamy white skin. In her state of arousal, her swollen inner lips were a dark pink, and protruded out of her slit. Her adorable clit, also engorged with lust, was already pushing its way out from under its protective hood at the junction of the labia. Gently, Frank spread those inner lips to look into the alluring place between them. Mandy is a lighter pink there, and her delightful hole was shiny with the juices it was producing.

As he pulled the edges open with his fingers, a cloud of her incredible fragrance arose, an unmatchable joy to his nostrils. Still holding her open, Frank leaned closer and licked up all the juices that had trickled out and run down her crotch. Unbelievable as it may have been, their flavor was even better than their aroma. He shifted his face slightly, and his tongue started caressing one of her perfectly smooth outer lips. That was the very best sensation of all. His daughter's lip against his mouth was soft and smooth, like a warm satin pillow, but vibrant and alive. As he caressed her pussy with his tongue, Little Mandy's blissful cooing grew even louder, a treat to his ears and encouraging him to continue doing what they both loved so much. Eating his daughter's pussy was truly a joy to each of Frank's senses.

Very slowly -- they had all the time in the world -- he licked the outer lip all the way to Mandy's mons, enjoying her happy cooing as he did. After he kissed there, his tongue caressed her other outer lip. It was equally soft and smooth and this time, after kissing her mons, he brought his tongue back to her crotch and devoured all the fresh juices she had just produced. They were as delicious as he knew they would be. Besides her joyful sounds, Mandy was squirming under his face, and her movements became more pronounced when he started licking between an inner and an outer lip, turning his face to probe with the flat of his tongue into the seam between them. When he reached the end of her inner lip, he stroked his tongue across her clit hood, being careful not to touch the adorable love button itself. Frank didn't want his daughter to cum too soon, and he knew she didn't either. Both of them are aware that an orgasm that takes a long, steady buildup is the best and most intense.

Incredible waves of pleasure coursed through Little Mandy's body from where Daddy's tongue was slowly meandering. She wanted the added pleasure of watching his face moving between her legs, so she seized a package that she knew contained a sweater she had bought for him and slipped it under her head. It supported her in comfort, and she would be able to enjoy watching, as well as feeling what his mouth was doing for her.

Once again, Frank brought his tongue down below Little Mandy's sweet, pink love hole and started licking between her inner and an outer lips on the other side. This time, when he reached her clit hood, he raised his face to see how much his beloved daughter was enjoying it. He could tell she was approaching ecstasy. Her whole body writhed under the Christmas tree and her head tossed from side to side on top of a wrapped package she had pressed into service as a pillow. After stroking her clit hood with his tongue, he curled it under and fondled the adorable little morsel that had already pushed its way completely clear. He was elated at her response.

"Oh!" she squealed joyfully. "Oooo, lick me there, Daddy. That feels so good."

She not only said how great it felt, she demonstrated it. Little Mandy's voluptuous body thrashed on the floor and she started fucking her pussy up into her daddy's face. Frank smiled to himself, devoured the great wealth of fresh juices that she had produced, and started probing his tongue into the edge of the lovely pink hole that had been the source of the delicious treat. Small droplets flicked out onto his tongue, and he savored their taste before swallowing them, and advanced his ministrations up one side of that same hole. Little Mandy's cooing turned to blissful moans, and her legs that had been draped over his shoulders waved fetchingly in the air. It was getting closer and closer to the time for her to cum, but her daddy wanted to build up her pleasure to an even higher level.

He continued thrusting his tongue into the edge of her wet hole and exploring under her inner lips. He switched his probing back and forth between the sides, dipping into the bubbling pink cauldron to relish the juices that were running freely. When he got to the top edge, he raised his head slightly to see how his daughter was responding.

She was completely giving herself over to pleasure. Little Mandy's hands fondled her luscious breasts, tweaking her nipples and reveling in the currents of joy that flowed between them and her clit. She knew the slow buildup her daddy was giving her would continue until she was on the verge of a great orgasm, followed by his sucking and licking her clit until she knew ecstasy. He was more aware of the responses of her body than anybody, even her, and he would derive almost as much pleasure from her momentous climax as she would. Daddy really did know best, at least when it came to eating his daughter's pussy.

Just then, Daddy knew that his little girl's body had reached the peak of pleasure and it was time for her to cum. He could tell from the way her body thrashed and bounced on top of the wrapping paper, while her head tossed from side to side on her impromptu pillow, and from the heavy flow of her fragrant juices and from the way Mandy's hips were swiveling under his face, her legs resembling a pair of pistons as they thrust out and back over his shoulders. Delaying just long enough to sluice up and swallow all those delicious juices, he opened his mouth wide and enveloped his daughter's clit.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she cried joyfully, as she felt his mouth engulf the sweetest of her sweet spots.

With his lips forming a seal at the base, he sucked on the luscious morsel, while his tongue caressed the swollen sides and tops. As her daddy did fabulous things for her pussy, Little Mandy continued warbling joyously, and the movements of her body grew more and more strenuous.

"AH!" she shouted. "Yes! Yes!" as she started cumming. Her legs squeezed the temples of the man who had brought about that splendid event, and her hands went to the back of his head, pressing his face against her pussy.

Little Mandy's ass bounced up and down on the floor while her legs swung from side to side holding Daddy's head a very willing prisoner. She loudly proclaimed how wonderful it was to be cumming, and what a wonderful man Daddy was to bring her to that glorious state. The wonderful man didn't speak; his mouth was much too busy sharing the incredible pleasure for him to say anything. Frank continued sucking and licking while clinging to his daughter's thighs and enjoying the wild ride.

Little Mandy climaxed with an even louder shout of ecstasy, all her muscles clenching and her back arching, ramming her pussy into her daddy's face for an ultimate time. After her great orgasm, she totally relaxed, her arms flopping at her side, while her legs remained draped loosely over the shoulders of the man who had just enjoyed his Christmas present. He enjoyed it even more, licking up all the fresh juices that had spattered on her thighs and her belly and were running down her crotch. When he had gotten all the nectar, Frank straightened up and smiled at the look at total bliss on his daughter's pretty face. Her eyes were closed and her smile was about the biggest one he had ever seen. Using his fingers, he wiped her fresh juices from his face so he could lick them off, relish their flavor and swallow them.

After a few minutes, Mandy's eyes opened, but the smile remained on her face. "Oh, Daddy, that was wonderful," she sighed. Remembering what she was resting her head on, she reached back, picked it up and handed it to him. The paper was torn from her strenuous movements, but the ribbon still held the package in place.

"Oh, this is really nice," he said as he removed the ribbon and the remnants of red paper from the sweater. "But my favorite present is still the first one I unwrapped."

She smiled at Daddy's completely sincere compliment and at the sight of his big, hard cock protruding from the fly of his pajama pants. "Do you want to go up to my bed and enjoy your present some more, or would you rather open the other ones?"

It was a no-brainer, knowing the incredible things his sexy daughter could do for his eager cock with her mouth, pussy and ass. "Let's go upstairs, Honey," he replied, putting the sweater back under the tree. "These other things will still be here when we get back this afternoon."


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Little Mandy and her daddy did, and will continue to have all Christmas morning. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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