tagLoving WivesLittle Billy - The Real Story

Little Billy - The Real Story


["Little Billy" was originally submitted by george_nobush. I read it and realized I disliked the story enough that I wanted to offer readers an alternative. This is that alternative. If you are one of the readers who loves stories where a husband is made to accept his wife cuckolding him you probably will not like this story.]


When Brenda and I met we were both graduates of decent colleges and both had good jobs. We met at a mixer because the company I worked for had been purchased by the company Brenda worked for. Brenda is an attractive woman, to me. She gets enough attention from other men that I know she is attractive to them as well. I am almost invisible. As invisible as a man can be at five foot ten and a hundred seventy-five pounds. My hair is brown and has had the same style since I was in second grade. I've never been much for sports. I do exercise, but the payoff is not in muscle or speed. My payoff is in health. Brenda has maintained her trim figure and tone without me seeing her exercise even once. She doesn't own jogging shorts or a sports bra.

We dated for six months, going to events that interested us and becoming friends before anything physical happened between us. I was and still am physically attracted to Brenda, but the passion I read about, the passion I think I'd like to experience was never very strong between us.

We were good enough friends and enjoyed being together enough that after six months of dating mostly on weekends one evening I asked her to spend the night with me. She responded, "I'm not sure that's a good idea."

Under further questioning she shared her misgivings with me. She was apprehensive that her lack of experience wouldn't make her a good partner for me, that I would be disappointed. She was pretty sure that she was non-orgasmic in that she had never experienced what other women she had listened to describe as orgasmic bliss. Even when she masturbated she never got where other women said they got.

It took another month of dating before we slept together. That was what we did that first night and our second night in bed together. We slept together. The third night we went to bed together we attempted sex. I was so excited that when my penis was on it's way to her vagina I ejaculated and "spilled my seed" on rather than in her. We were both embarrassed and it took another month of sleepovers before we attempted sex again.

That time I jerked off before we started and I actually penetrated her and stroked for four or five minutes inside her before I came. She did not have an orgasm. She did say she enjoyed the intimacy and the feelings she had.

We found that our lives seemed better together that apart, so even with an imperfect sex life, we married. I research how I could help us both enjoy sex more and over the first couple of years it seemed that Brenda was able to achieve orgasms, especially after I learned to use my fingers and mouth on her vulva.

Like most of the couples I read about and listened to we established a routine for our life together and that routine included a pattern for the sexual part of our lives. Twelve years after we married the pattern of our sex lives had been set. We had sex the same way every time we had sex.

Brenda would suck me until I was hard, which took about two minutes. While she sucked me I would eat her to her first orgasm. As soon as her first orgasm hit I would turn around and quickly mount her, in the missionary position. As soon as I was in she would lift and close her legs, increasing the pressure and shortening the time it took for me to climax. I figured she closed her legs to make the sensations better for me.

I was wrong.

On the second Saturday of March 2009 we had one of our infrequent sexual encounters and when I had cum I did as I always did, I rolled to my side and lay next to her. Instead of our usual falling asleep ritual Brenda leaned to the side and turned on the small lamp on her side of the bed.

"I need to talk to you about something, but first I want you to eat me to orgasm. I have only cum once."

I had never eaten her after I had cum inside her. I didn't want to leave her unsatisfied so I did as she asked. I expected her to shut off the lamp and to eat her in the dark where all our sexual activities took place. She left the light on and opened her legs wide for me.

I didn't hurry. Instead I spent a considerable time stimulating her and feeling her swell towards her orgasm. She gave me directions on how to help her get the orgasm she wanted.

It took time and I learned that she could have a stronger than normal orgasm if I followed her directions and ate her the way she desired to be eaten. When her back arched and she trembled all over I was treated to a flow of her juices and I felt the spasms of the muscles in her vulva.

She calmed and still held my head close to her pussy. She said, "I want you to notice that although you first ate me, then fucked me and then ate me again, deeply enough to give me a great orgasm, my pussy has not been opened at all."

I looked and saw that her lips still touched. No signs of penetration by my efforts were evident.

"You are a talented cuntlicker. However, your cock doesn't fill me at all. I have figured out that the size of your penis is the problem. To put it another way, I have discovered that I need an industrial sized tool to get me where I need to go. Something needs to change."

I was stunned. Never, in our years together, had we had such a sexual conversation. Never had she intimated that I was a terrible lover. She was telling me that my dick wasn't good enough to get the job done! She had shown me the evidence, proving my dick was too small!

"Bill, I love you, love our life together... but, this must change. I must have a better sex life and you must accept that. Tomorrow night when I come home from work I will be bringing a friend home with me. He and I have become close and I am bringing him home so that we can have sex. I have become close enough to him that I have already discovered he has the equipment needed to fill me up and fuck me properly." Brenda paused, letting her words sink in.

I was in shock. My stature as a man was shattered. A few seconds passed and she continued: "You have two choices. You can stay here while Matt and I fuck or you can leave and come back after midnight. I would prefer that you stay. I prefer that you not only stay, but you watch. Then you will know that this is what I need and want. You'll see that what I need is more than you can give."

The thoughts of Brenda bringing a man home and fucking him in front of me were thoughts I'd never entertained before. As they swirled through my brain my small penis grew to it's full size.

She said, "Look! The thought of me getting screwed by a full-sized man turn you on, too! Good. That's perfect. What I want you to think about is eating me after he leaves. He is not here to become my new husband or to move in. He's coming here to fuck me, that's all."

"You love me? Am I supposed to be pleased that you are going to fuck someone else?" I asked, still attempting to understand how and why my life had just changed.

Brenda smiled and said, "I do love you. I love you and I need a good fucking! Between about five tomorrow afternoon and midnight I'm going to get fucked. After midnight, I'll sleep the night with you, just like always. I have no intention of replacing you as my husband, well, just one part of you."

She leaned to me, kissed me quickly then shut off the light and went to sleep. I stayed awake for hours, thinking.

My life before Brenda had been a sexual disaster. I had somehow made it through high school gym classes without too many boys pointing to my size and making rude remarks, but there were those cruel boys who did say something. I had attempted sex with a willing date in high school but that too was a disaster. I came on her, not in her and she never spoke to me after that night.

As the dawn came and Brenda woke to get ready for work I believed I understood that we had a good marriage and that this was just a case of her getting someone to fix something I couldn't reach. We would, I believed, be Ok. My feelings were bruised but I told myself that we still had a good marriage.

The work day passed as all work days did. As the clock in my workshop showed itself getting closer and closer to quitting time I noticed myself anticipating the evening. I thought my job, as Brenda's husband, was to do everything I could to have her life be great, even if it embarrassed or humiliated me. Perhaps I could learn something from the man coming to fuck my wife that would enable me to be enough lover to satisfy her.

When I arrived home I parked my car in the garage and quickly went inside. I changed the sheets on our bed, lit two fragrance candles, made sure a fresh bar of soap was in the shower, fresh towels hanging nearby and whatever else I could think of to make the environment conducive to them enjoying their fucking.

A few minutes after six I heard two cars pull into our driveway. As I heard their feet on the back stairs I opened the back door and Brenda stepped inside. She smiled at me and said, "Matt, this is Billy, my husband. He will be watching as we fuck. He wants to see how a man fucks a woman, a real man, with a real cock."

She stepped past me and I saw Matt for the first time. He was the embodiment of tall, dark and handsome. Easily six foot four and muscular he filled the expensive suit he wore and moved with self-assurance. He wore a suit that was tailored and must have cost a thousand dollars. His face was tanned and he smiled at me as he entered our home. I put out my hand and he walked passed me. That was my first hint that Brenda's lover didn't see things the way I did.

In the kitchen Brenda opened a bottle of wine and poured two glasses. She and Matt drained half their contents and then kissed. It was obvious they had kissed before and that Brenda liked kissing Matt. She molded her body to his and placed his hands on her ass as their faces met.

"Billy, bring our wine to the bedroom, please." Brenda said, when the kiss ended. Arm in arm they turned and left the kitchen. I noticed that Brenda didn't pour me a glass of wine. She had treated me as a servant, not a spouse. She guided Matt to the master bedroom. In the bedroom she helped him undress and handed me his clothes to hang up. He stood watching Brenda and I as if he always was undressed by others and tended to as if he were something quite special.

When Brenda lowered his silk boxers his huge penis was exposed. Brenda held it with both her hands, saying, "Look Billy, isn't it wonderful?"

Matt smiled and said, "Brenda, Get undressed and get on the bed for me." She reluctantly let go of his cock and quickly undressed. She removed her thong and handed it to me. It was soaking wet. I hung her dress on a hanger and when I turned back towards the bed Brenda was on her back with her legs spread wide.

Matt said, "Your cunt will never take what I have for you without preparation. I'll rip you when I push inside. So... Billy, I want you to eat Brenda to an orgasm while she sucks me." He moved closer to the head of our bed and said, "And play with her hole, opening her up for me, would you?" It wasn't really a question.

I looked at Brenda and she smiled up at me. "Do as he asks, Billy. I know you love eating me. Make me cum for my new lover, Billy." The tone of her voice was as if she was talking to a little boy, not a husband. Her hands went to the junction of her thighs and she held herself open for me.

I knelt beside the bed and bent to the task I'd been given. Matt moved close to Brenda's head and aimed his flaccid cock at her mouth. She smiled up at him and opened wide to admit the intruder.

"I don't want to have to wait to fuck her, Billy. Get her to cum before I get all the way hard, Ok?"

She was quite wet when my mouth touched her and wetter still as she slurped his long, fat penis. I looked up and saw Matt's swelling cock stretching her lips.

After a minute or so of our efforts Brenda started talking between efforts to get Matt's cock ready for her fucking. She held his cock, pulled back so she could speak and said, "Billy, look how big Matt is. God I wish you were even half as big!"

Her mouth took him back inside and after a few seconds sucking him and making wet noises she backed off him again and said, "You're so much better than Billy, Matt. I love your big cock."

Repeated comments to Matt and to me let me be sure she was intent on humiliating me and making sure I knew how inadequate she believed I was. She used the name Billy instead of Bill as she had called me for most of the years we had been a couple. Even my Mom had stopped calling me Billy when I was ten.

My feelings were wounded. Bad enough that she brought a man into our home, our bed, to fuck her. The verbal abuse was unnecessary. I felt tears welling up as I felt her pussy responding.

I saw how huge his cock had grown. Brenda was having trouble getting it in her mouth. She shuddered and came.

As soon as she started to cum Matt pulled out of her mouth and said, "Good! Now I can get inside your cunt!"

He pushed me aside and quickly rammed his way inside Brenda. She yelped at his first push inside her. He hesitated and let her get used to the stretch of her vaginal walls, then he pushed deeper inside her.

"Oh sweet Jesus, you're so fucking big!" Brenda said as she watched him pushing inside her. From where I landed on the floor, beside the bed, I had a very clear view of his cock sliding inside my wife. Her normally pale skin near her pussy was pinking and swelling. Her natural lubrication leaked out with his every stroke.

"Fuck me Matt! Fuck me good!" She repeated her words over and over as Matt pistoned in and out of her. She braced herself by putting her hands on the headboard as Matt pushed her towards the headboard with every thrust.

"Fuck me Matt! Fuck me good!" Matt folded her legs up by her chest for a while. He leaned forward, pressing down with his hands behind her knees to further fold her and make his penetration feel even deeper to her. She had often held her legs up when we fucked, but always with her legs together. With Matt in her she opened her legs wide and looked up at his face, glancing down where they joined often.

Sweat made their skin wet. Their combined grunts and groans sounded much like a porno movie sound track. I felt myself being hard and turned on... not because I thought it was great that Matt was fucking my wife but because I'd never seen someone fucking so close to me before. The sight and sounds were ruttingly sensual.

"I want you from behind." Matt said. He released his hold of Brenda's legs and she turned over. She put her head on the bed, her ass she aimed at Matt's erect prick. He grabbed her hips and said, "Billy, help me aim my cock into her cunt!"

It wasn't a request. He was giving me an order! He expected me to hold his cock and aim it into Brenda! I hesitated.

Brenda looked at me and said, "Billy, this is what I want, too. Do what Matt wants."

She twisted around a bit more and looked back at Matt. "I can't believe how good being filled feels! I've spent years being unsatisfied!"

I reached out and did what they wanted me to do, grabbing his cock and lining it up with the open snatch winking at Matt. I was amazed at how big his cock felt in my hand and how hot. When the tip touched her opening Matt leaned forward and slid into my wife, my Brenda.

Brenda moaned and said, "Yes! That's the fucking I've always needed!"

Matt focused and slammed against Brenda's ass as he fucked her hard. For a few minutes he and Brenda ignored me. I left the bedroom and went to the bathroom. My hand was slippery with their juices, so I washed.

As I washed my hands I thought about the whole situation. Why did Brenda want me to see her being fucked? Why did Matt feel it was Ok to fuck my wife in front of me? Why did they order me around? Why was I Billy instead of Bill?

Their noises got more frantic and louder. I knew Matt was close to cumming and Brenda was cumming almost continuously. I stayed in the bathroom so I didn't have to watch.

I heard Matt. "I'm close! Do you want me to make a baby in you or shoot my wad in your ass?"

Brenda had never let me into her ass! Make a baby? Up to that moment I'd never considered birth control. He should have been wearing a condom! I knew the courts would make me pay child support even though the DNA would show the child, if they started one, wasn't mine biologically.

"Make a baby with me!" Brenda screamed. Matt grunted loudly and emptied his nuts into my wife. I stayed in the bathroom and seethed. What could I do? Matt was bigger, stronger and younger than me. Brenda had invited him into her body. He was a guest in her body but it felt to me as if my life was being raped! I realized there was nothing to be done. His load was already swimming towards her egg, if there was one.

As they calmed down, I left the bathroom and went to the kitchen. I got a beer and drank it as I heard my wife and her lover start the shower. I could hear their voices and their laughter even though I couldn't tell what they were saying.

Before the shower shut off I couldn't take it any more. The disrespect, the humiliation, were too much. I took my car keys and walked out the back door. With some effort I maneuvered my car past Brenda's and Matt's cars and I left.

For two hours I drove, not really going anywhere just driving.

Just before midnight I came back. My thinking had become action. I had stopped for dinner and during my meal I had formulated a plan. I found Brenda in bed, alone and asleep.

I slept on our couch in the living room. In the morning Brenda woke me and asked, "Why didn't you come to bed?" I opened my eyes and saw her standing over me with hickies on her breasts and dried cum on her thighs. The smell of fucking assaulted my nose. She hadn't bothered to dress or clean up after Matt left.

"You were so peacefully sleeping I didn't want to disturb you." I said. 'I didn't want to sleep with a whore', I thought, but didn't say.

"Next time, come to bed anyway. Ok? I made breakfast. Get dressed and we can eat before I need to leave for work." Brenda said.

I got up, dressed and shared the breakfast she made.

At the breakfast table Brenda said, "Matt can't come over tonight. I'm thinking we can watch "Grey's Anatomy" tonight, just the two of us. Would you like that?"

"That might be fun." I said. 'Maybe the show will be about a whore having a baby that doesn't belong to her husband,' I thought.

"You understand that you and I will never fuck again, don't you? Now that I've had a real dick fill me up, it would be pointless to fuck a puny dick like yours. Tonight, you can eat me though. You're a good pussylicker."

"I noticed that Matt didn't eat you. Matt didn't hardly touch you, he just stuck his prick in you and pounded away."

"If you had a wonderful weapon like that you could skip the foreplay, too."

"Good thing I like eating pussy."

"Matt said when he comes back we'll have you eat me after he's filled my pussy. I like that idea. Maybe we'll have you suck Matt's big cock, too."

She didn't see how disgusting that would be! She suggested it as if it would be something I'd enjoy.

She gathered her things and left for work. I gathered my things and left for my job. As soon as I arrived at work I made arrangements to leave work to take care of all the details for getting a divorce. Our state is a no fault state so the divorce would be straight forward. All our assets would be split equally and we would go our separate ways. Rather than risk the wrath of an upset woman with a lawyer, I split all the financial accounts, putting my half in accounts with my name only on them. Easier to keep money than to get her to give my share back.

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