Little Brother's Lesson


"Well, I am your little brother," Ryan said, grinning. "Annoying you from time to time is part of my job." Having had his fun, he opened the door and held it for real this time. When they were led to a table, Cindy motioned to her chair, and Ryan picked up on the hint, pulling it out so she could sit down.

"I know these are little things," Cindy said, "and they don't seem like Profound Secrets of Courtship, but thank you for doing them anyway, Ryan. Don't know if every girl will appreciate them, but I do."

"Well, Sis, after you did this for me, I just wanted you to be happy," he replied. They ordered their food, and then they were by themselves once again, the silence stretching out until Ryan leaned forward. "Hey, Cindy, can I ask you something?"

"Sure," she responded.

"Why are you doing this? I mean, I know you're my sister and you've got to take care of me, but it's not the end of the world if I can't get a date." Cindy paused for a moment, before reaching across the table and taking Ryan's hand in hers.

"I'm doing this," she said, "because you don't have someone, and you don't deserve to be alone. I know how wonderful a person you are..."

"Cindy, that's nice of you, but—."

"No," she said, cutting him off. "I'm not just saying it to be nice." She paused for a moment, looking down at their joined hands, and then back up into Ryan's eyes. "Seven years ago, I came home from my Homecoming dance just...ruined. I'd caught my boyfriend making out with another girl on the dance floor. I confronted him about it and he said she was more 'in tune' with him than I was, not to mention more beautiful. He told me this to my face. God, I still can't believe it. Well, Mom and Dad were out and you were asleep, but apparently I was crying loudly enough to wake you up. You asked me what happened and I gave you a kid friendly version, and you know what you did? You walked over to me, sitting on the floor, and you gave me a nice, tight hug, and you said 'That boy's stupid. I think you're very pretty, Cindy.' Eleven years old, and you knew just what to say to me."

Cindy felt tears forming at the memory and tried to blink them away. Ryan picked up his napkin and reached out, wiping them from her face. As he drew his hand away, the two fell into silence once again, sharing a warm, intimate gaze. Ryan's eyes strayed from Cindy's face, and she could feel his attention on her body again, her natural curves painted in soft orange hues by the restaurant's ambient light. Again, she felt her flesh heating from her little brother's hungry gaze.

Precipice, she thought. Back away from the edge. She pushed the thought aside. Reaching up, Cindy caressed her brother's cheek, smiling warmly at him. Eventually, Ryan broke the eye contact, blushing as he looked down at the table.

"You know," he said, "I remember that night too. I didn't know 'just what to say' to you; I just knew what was true." Ryan looked back up at her. "I said 'pretty' at the time, but you''re beautiful, Cindy."

"I'm carrying a few extra pounds," she replied with a self-deprecating smile, causing Ryan to roll his eyes.

"So you can't look into a mirror and count your own ribs. So what? You look great, Cindy, and you're a great person too." Ryan shook his head slightly, before looking back at his sister. "That night, when I heard how upset you were, I knew I had to do something for you, because you were always doing stuff like that for me. Hell, the beginning of that same year, when I came home from school after one of the bullies gave me a black eye..." Cindy nodded.

"I asked Mom if we could get you pizza for dinner," she said. It had always been Ryan's favorite food.

"That wasn't the most important part," he replied. "After we ate, you curled up on the couch with me and put a blanket around us, and we watched TV together." Cindy smiled, warmth spreading through her as he remembered what Ryan was talking about.

"God, it's been forever since we did something like that," she said. "How come we never do anymore?"

"You were at school," Ryan said, shrugging. Cindy reached out and squeezed her little brother's hand again as their food arrived.

"Well," she said, "it's good to finally be back."


"So," Cindy said as they reached the front door, "would you like to come in?" Ryan laughed, and the two went into the house and sat on the couch.

"Thank you, Cindy," Ryan said, smiling warmly at his sister. "This has been wonderful, and I really appreciated the little lessons you gave me." Cindy returned the smile and squeezed his shoulder.

"Hey," she asked, "do you want to watch a movie together, like we used to?" Ryan paused for a moment, looking almost worried, and then gave Cindy a small, wistful smile.

"Yeah," he said quietly. "I'd love to do that again. What kind of movie do you want to watch?"

"Hmm...well, it'll need to be something emotional and touching. You know, a chick flick."

"Right, then," Ryan said, nodding. "Transformers 3 it is." He recoiled, laughing as Cindy whacked him with one of the sofa pillows. "What? It's got romance in it...and, you know, giant robots."

"I will hit you again," Cindy answered, grinning.

"Oh, all right," Ryan said with an exaggerated sigh. "Well, we've got Music and Lyrics. That's a romantic comedy. Would that work?"

"That would be great, Ryan."

Ryan grabbed the DVD and put it into the player while Cindy turned off the family room lights and grabbed a blanket from a nearby hamper. As the movie started, she motioned for her brother to sit beside her, and then wrapped the blanket around both of them. In the dark, with no source of light or sound other than the television, Cindy was acutely aware of the warmth of Ryan's body touching hers. His upper arm was pressing gently against the side of her breast, and the back of his hand lay against her thigh beneath the blanket.

After a while, Cindy felt Ryan's hand move. Instead of just lying against her, it now crept hesitantly up onto the warm skin of her thigh. Smiling in the darkness, she took hold of it with her own hand, but instead of pushing it away, she held it there, pressing it more firmly against her flesh.

Ryan shifted a little, and as the blanket slipped off of him somewhat, it was hard for Cindy not to notice his erection.

Precipice, Cindy's mind warned her again. Back away. Cindy thought about it for a moment, still holding her brother's hand against her thigh, and then made her decision.

Instead of backing away from the edge, she jumped.

Reaching over, Cindy cupped Ryan's cheek, turning his face back to hers.

"You know," she said, her voice low and breathy, "the lesson doesn't have to end here." Ryan looked at her questioningly. "Have you ever had sex?" she asked.

"N-no," he said nervously. Cindy smiled and looked into his eyes.

"If you want, I can teach you about that too." She ran her thumb across Ryan's lips, and he parted them, taking her thumb into his mouth and sucking gently on it. Cindy sighed as she felt the silken warmth of his tongue brushing across the pad of her thumb.

Removing it, she pulled on him, drawing his face closer to hers, but then Cindy saw tears forming in his eyes, and he drew a shaky breath.

"Cindy, I..." Ryan trailed off, backing away from her as fully formed tears started sliding down his cheeks. Immediately Cindy let go of his face and grabbed his hands.

"I'm so sorry, Ryan," she said, getting off the couch to sit in front of him. "I didn't mean to force you." She would have continued, but Ryan shook his head.

"No, that's the problem," he said, pain clearly evident in his voice. "I want this too; I want you. I guess I've been having these thoughts since the beach on Friday. I hadn't seen you since I was thirteen, and now that I see you again I feel...but I can't do this. It's wrong." Cindy got up onto her knees and slipped her arms around her little brother's neck.

"Hey," she said, looking into his eyes. "I felt the same way you did at the beach, and I had the same reaction to it, but think, I mean really think about it. I know it would be dangerous if we had kids, doubling up on alleles and all that, but I'm on the pill, so that's not a problem. I also know that it's illegal, but nobody has to know about this, okay?" Ryan's crying softened, but he was still clearly upset.

"But what about damage? You know, like mental damage?" Cindy smiled reassuringly at her brother.

"It's okay," she said. "If we were five or ten years younger, then yeah, it would probably be abusive and could do psychological damage. But you're not a little boy anymore, and I'm not a little girl. You won't be abusing me." She took one of Ryan's hands and pressed it to her chest, right above her heart. "And I promise you, baby brother, I will never make you do anything you don't want to. If you ever feel forced, just tell me and we'll stop, okay?" She released Ryan's hand and gently stroked his cheek, and he nodded, smiling.

"Thank you, Cindy," he said. "I love you."

"I love you too," Cindy said, climbing up and straddling Ryan's lap. She could still see tears shining on his face, and she leaned forward and gently ran the tip of her tongue up his cheeks, tasting the salty liquid as she swept it from his skin. Ryan gasped, shuddering at the incredibly erotic sensation of his big sister licking away his tears. Finally, Cindy slid her face over and the siblings' mouths met in a hot, sucking kiss, lips sliding against each other. Ryan's arms went around his sister and pulled her flush against him, pressing her soft warmth against his body as he opened his mouth and Cindy rolled her tongue against his. They must have kissed for well over a minute, lost to their senses as they licked and sucked at each other's mouths.

At last, they broke for air, gasping, and Cindy gave her little brother an impressed smile.

"Looks like I don't need to teach you about making out!" she said. Ryan beamed with pride and moved to kiss her again, but Cindy ducked her head and began kissing the soft flesh of his neck while her hands went to the top button of his shirt. Slowly, she spread the shirt open, licking and sucking at his skin as she went.

"When we were at the beach, I saw the water running off you, and I wondered what you'd taste like," she said, pausing to suck at Ryan's nipples, loving the rubbery, faintly pebbled texture against her tongue. "Now I get to find out." Slowly, Cindy made her way down her brother's abdomen, before finally reaching his belt. "Let's see what you have for me, baby brother." As her hands worked on his buckle and zipper, Ryan suddenly grew nervous.

"Cindy...I..." he started, and then closed his mouth.

"Do you want to stop?" Cindy asked. "Remember, we can if you want." Ryan shook his head.

"No, I want to keep going. It's just I'm afraid I might not be...enough for you." Cindy almost asked what he meant, but then it hit her, and her heart ached for her brother. Wanting to reassure him, she quickly hooked her fingers into his pants and boxers and pulled them both off, freeing his erection. She smiled.

"You were worried you wouldn't be big enough," she said, grasping his shaft with her right hand and slowly pumping it. Ryan nodded.

"I don't have any real life experience, but I've read stories and watched videos, and the guys are always eight or nine inches, so I figured you'd be disappointed." Cindy happily shook her head.

"I haven't had a ton of boyfriends, but I've read enough in the medical books to know six inches is normal. You're not a porn star; you're human. Besides," she said, "six inches is a lot easier to take in my mouth." With a salacious smile, she opened her mouth and ran her tongue slowly up the underside of her brother's cock, licking over the glans and exploring the hole at his tip. Ryan gasped and shuddered with pleasure.

"Cindy, that feels so good," he said, looking down at her with something very close to awe. With a final flick at the tip, Cindy withdrew her tongue.

"It's about to get a whole lot better." Without any further talk, she bent down and wrapped her lips around his length. Ryan threw his head back, hands squeezing the sofa pillows as his sister slid her hot mouth up and down on him. Cindy relaxed as she got to the base, and then sucked hard as she drew back toward the tip, her cheeks contracting as she pulled on his flesh. After about a minute, she heard Ryan panting.

"Sis," he got out between breaths. "I'm gonna...I think I'm gonna—"

"Let it go," Cindy replied, pulling her lips off him and blowing gently on the tip. "I'll take it all." She immediately took him back into her mouth, as deep as he would go, and sucked as hard as she could. As her little brother twisted back and forth on the sofa, Cindy caressed his shaft, feeling his frantic pulse against her tongue. Finally, Ryan cried out and burst in her mouth, painting the back of her throat with jets of hot semen. Cindy kept sucking until she was sure he was done, and then pulled back, releasing his cock with a soft pop, and tilting her head up so he could see her throat as she swallowed.

"Wow," Ryan breathed. "That was amazing."

"Mmm," Cindy hummed, slithering up his body for another wet kiss, "I'll bet it was, but here's another lesson: always make sure the woman has her pleasure too. Make sure it's not just about you. Now, come on, Ryan." Standing up, she took his hands and pulled him toward her bedroom. "Show your big sister how much you love her."

In her room, Cindy turned on only the bedside lamp, casting everything in a soft, warm glow. At her direction, Ryan lay back on the bed and watched as Cindy slid first one, and then the other of her dress straps off her shoulders, and his eyes followed the garment as it slid down to pool at her feet.

Underneath the dress, Cindy was clad in lacy red panties and a matching bra, the cups high enough to cover her nipples and areolae, but just barely. She had picked the underwear out hoping that men would like them, and judging by the look on her brother's face, he fully appreciated it.

With teasing slowness, Cindy reached behind her back and unhooked the bra, letting it fall away to expose her ample breasts and pert, pink nipples. Never taking her eyes off her brother's, she slid the panties down her legs and tossed them away, revealing her silky thighs and shaved pussy, lips already glistening with her arousal.

"Cindy," Ryan said, again with a look very close to awe, "you're so beautiful." Cindy's heart swelled at her little brother's compliment, and she had to fight back a lump in her throat.

"Thank you so much, Ryan," she said, before walking slowly to the bed and crawling up to lie next to him. Grasping his shoulder, she gently pulled him on top of her. Later, there would be time for her to be on top, but this first time she wanted Ryan to be able to explore, to touch and taste to his heart's content. "Now," she said, "make love to me."

Ryan stroked her face, before covering her mouth with his for another deep kiss, their tongues dancing together. Pulling away from her mouth, next he did what she had done to him, kissing and licking his way down the soft flesh of her throat. Cindy ran her fingers through Ryan's hair, gently guiding his head down to her breasts. When he reached them, Ryan pulled back for a moment, reaching up to cup the smooth mounds, squeezing gently before rolling them back and forth, thumbs rubbing her hard nipples. Cindy hummed with pleasure, but wrapped a hand around the back of Ryan's head, pulling him down.

"Suck," she whispered, before inhaling sharply as her little brother closed his mouth around her right breast, sucking at the soft flesh with unbridled enthusiasm. Releasing some of her breast, he focused his suction on the area around her nipple, dragging his tongue across the hard nub, and even biting down on it ever so softly. Cindy reluctantly guided Ryan away from that breast, only to sigh with joy as he began sucking and licking at the other one. His left hand was under her back, pulling her up to force as much of her as possible into his mouth, as his right slid down her back to cup and squeeze her ass. Soon, far too soon for Cindy's liking, Ryan pulled his mouth off of her, leaving her breasts glistening with his saliva.

"Oh, baby brother," Cindy moaned, "you're so good to me." She began to gently push him down along her stomach, tensing in pleasant surprise as his tongue flicked into her navel. "Now I need you to take that wonderful mouth of yours somewhere else." As she spread her thighs for him, Ryan hesitated, and Cindy realized he needed a little more guidance.

"See that little bud up there at the top?" she asked. "That's my clitoris. It's very sensitive, so pay special attention to it. Other than that, you can do whatever you want. Use your fingers, your tongue, anything." Ryan needed no more encouragement, and he leaned in and covered her pussy with his mouth, sucking on her labia and thrusting his tongue as deep into her as it would go. Remembering his sister's words, he took her clit between his lips and sucked on it, licking and tugging at it. Up above him, Cindy's eyes were squeezed shut, her brow furrowed as she focused all her attention on the amazing sensations her brother's lips and tongue were giving her.

"Keep it up," she panted. "I'm going to come!" Ryan redoubled his efforts, sucking hard at her clitoris and thrusting one, then two of his fingers inside of her.

"Oh, God, Ryan! Yes! Oh, oh GOOOD!" Ryan inadvertently brushed his fingers over a sensitive spot inside her, and Cindy's orgasm crashed over her like an ocean swell, causing her to clamp her thighs around his head as stars burst behind her eyes. As her vision came back into focus, she saw Ryan climb back up beside her, and she pulled him in for another kiss. "You did great, baby brother." Ryan smiled, blushing.

"I have a good teacher," he said. "I don't know if I should say this, but I'm really glad I'm learning this with you." Cindy felt her heart swell with love again, and she kissed her brother one more time, a soft, warm press of lips on lips. For a moment, the siblings just stared into each other's eyes, until Cindy became aware of Ryan's erection pressing hot and heavy against her thigh.

"I think it's time for the best part," she said, pulling him up on top of her again. Taking him into the cradle of her thighs, Cindy reached down and took hold of his cock, guiding it to her wet entrance. "Now," she said, returning her gaze to Ryan's eyes, "just push gently." Doing as his sister instructed, Ryan thrust forward, and began to push into her.

In spite of the lubrication provided by her first orgasm, Cindy was still tight, and both siblings gasped as he filled her, stretching her inner walls and making her shiver. She didn't tell him to wait for her to adjust to him, but it seemed he knew, or perhaps was struggling not to come immediately. Either way, it was exactly what she needed. After a moment, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his forehead down to rest against hers.

"Okay," she said. "You can start now." Nodding, Ryan started slow, but immediately accelerated, pounding into her forcefully. At this rate it wasn't going to last, so Cindy gripped her little brother's hips, slowing him down.

"What's wrong?" Ryan asked.

"Why are you going so fast?" Cindy responded. "You don't need to."

"Well, I remembered what you said. I wanted to make sure that know, before I did." Cindy kissed her brother gently before speaking again.

"Thank you," she said, "but don't try to force it. Go slow and just let it happen."

"Okay," Ryan said, nodding. He started to thrust again, but this time gently, moving in and out of his sister with slow, measured strokes. Occasionally he leaned his face down to Cindy's for another kiss, but for the most part the two just watched each other, wrapped in their own universe, where nothing existed except the warmth they were giving each other.

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