tagIncest/TabooLittle Miss Muffett

Little Miss Muffett


I was over my mother-in-law’s house with my wife and we were having a big family gathering. My brother-in-law, Mike and his wife, Fran were there. She is one bitch I just don’t care for. She is constantly telling everyone how great she is or her girls are. She’s a soccer mom and all three are supposed to be great soccer players. My brother-in-law is pretty cool but he is pretty boring to talk to. Their daughters were there. Each one is really more beautiful then the next. Candi is 18, Sara is 16, and Teri is 13. They are all brunettes and they all are very attractive in their own way. Candi is legal and is built like a goddess. She is about 5’9 and 125 pounds and has the nicest set of perky C-cup titties and a tight little ass. She has one of those infectious smiles too, with big green eyes, and full lips.

My wife’s younger brother was there too. Johnny is the black sheep of the family and for some reason he has always taken a liking to me. He despises his sister-in-law Fran and loves to tell me all the good gossip he knows. He has never been to prison but has been damn close as he tends to run with a tough crowd. He has called me quite a few times with some hot deals he has had on TVs, stereos, cars, you name it. I always politely decline as I know he is pawning off his friend’s and his stolen or ill begotten items. My wife tells me to steer clear of her brother but I politely listen to what he has to say. Johnny says that when Fran was younger, she was quite the slut. Says his older brother knocked her up and had to marry her. Supposedly she had slept with a couple of Mike’s friends too and only Mike was virtuous enough to take responsibility.

Well this particular day, Johnny’s gossip made my heart skip a few beats. He was hanging out in the back yard on the patio and smoking a little weed and trying to avoid Fran and his mother. I stepped outside too as I was tired of Fran’s self-glorifying stories.

“Dude, I got a doozy for you,” Johnny said and leaned forward in his seat on one of my mother-in-law’s patio chairs. He always had some doozies. I feigned attention and walked over to where he was. I was expecting to hear about some TVs falling off a truck or a buddy of his moving out and having to unload some stuff to make rent on a new place. He was especially cheerful today and acting like the cat that ate the canary.

“Fran driving you nuts?” he asked and didn’t wait for the obvious answer. “She sure wouldn’t be strutting her ass around inside if she knew,” he chuckled and smiled, dragging out what he knew for certain dramatic effect.

I didn’t really want to play his game but I didn’t have much else to do. I sat close to him and took the pot out of his fingers and took a toke. I nodded for him to continue.

“Little Miss Muffet loves to Suffet,” he said and went quiet. He looked behind me at the house and I turned to look back at the house. It was my wife and she was looking for me. She opened the back door and asked if I was coming in or was I going to stay outside with Johnny.

It was a loaded question with only one answer. She doesn’t like me talking with Johnny so I told her I was coming back inside in just a minute. It seemed to satisfy her as she said hi to her brother and went back in the house.

I turned back to Johnny who became very animated again. I could tell he was high and a little drunk. I would find out later that he was hiding out at his mom’s until the smoked cleared around his hangout across town. Apparently his buddies had lifted some stuff from an electronic shop and the police wanted him for questioning.

“What were you saying?” I asked, feigning interest.

“Little Miss Muffet Loves to Suffet,” he said again and smiled. He acted like I should know what his mispronounced nursery rhyme meant.

“Please speak English Johnny, I don’t know what the hell you are talking about” I said, trying not to get annoyed.

“Mrs. Queenie’s little princess loves to suck dick,” he said much more frankly.

I still wasn’t sure what or whom he was talking about but he definitely had my attention. I wondered if he was drunker than I thought and he was just jabbering on incoherently. “”English, Johnny” I asked for clarification.

Johnny seemed frustrated with me not understanding him. He spoke frankly and loudly, like someone talking to someone hard of hearing, and it nearly floored me. The words rang like bells in my head, “Candi apparently loves to suck cock, and has almost been caught doing it twice.”

My eyes got wide and my shocked look made Johnny laugh. I looked all around us to make sure no one heard what he had said. “Yeah dude, now I got your attention. Candi was hanging out with a couple of guys I know and she apparently blew one of them.”

I didn’t say anything and just listened to his ramblings. He was laughing because he knew I was ‘all ears’ now. “He said she was fantastic and even played with his balls,” he continued. “They were in the park and a cop came up to the car and told them to either take it somewhere else or he would haul them in,” he giggled and he almost reminded me of a schoolgirl. “My buddy said she ain’t no amateur, she plays a mean man flute,” He added with glee. His face went pale for a moment and he frowned, “ But she doesn’t swallow.”

I dismissed his sour expression and reminded him, “You said twice?”

He smiled and propped up his shoulders proudly, “I took her to the park to see if it was true,” he said.

“Well?” I asked and thought of little Candi sitting in a car with Johnny.

“She loves it,” he laughed and added, “I don’t know if it was the same cop though.”

I didn’t believe him and asked him more questions and he told me that he had met up with Candi at a convenience store and that she was all embarrassed about it when he brought it up. She became worried he would tell everyone and he assured her he wouldn’t. He said maybe she could show him where she had blown the guy and she took him there. He said he jokingly said maybe she could show him what she did and she willing undid his pants and started playing with his cock. He said she was about to go down on him when the cop came. He got the hell out of there and they went searching for another place to finish off what they had started and didn’t because Candi had to get home.

I asked him, “What did she say when he dropped her off?”

“She said she would make it up to me later and asked me to keep my promise not tell,” he replied and I could tell he was jazzed about her paying up.

After hearing the bombshell, I went indoors and returned to the living room where everyone was hanging out. They were talking about the girls and their games and school. Apparently Teri’s soccer team is one of the top teams in the county. Sara scored a goal and aced some math test for juniors to get into college. When they started talking about Candi, my ears perked up. She was sitting on the couch with her mom and was dressed to the nines. She had on a short black leather skirt, leather knee boots, and a white blouse. She had her shirt tied at her chest, showing off her tan and taut belly. Her hair was done up in pigtails and she was wearing makeup. Her lips looked wet as she was wearing shiny pink lip gloss.

Candi was one of the top 25 students in her class and she was up for homecoming queen. Candi’s high school team looked like a solid contender for the state championship but Fran wasn’t too happy with the coach. Apparently, she thought the coach fraternized a little too much with the girls. Candi smiled and I couldn’t help but think of my conversation with Johnny. A naughty little image went through my head that caused me to begin to get hard. I pictured Candi, in her little soccer outfit hanging out in the coach’s office and him locking the door and coming to sit in front of her on the edge of his desk. He would drop his pants and have Candi lean forward and take him in her mouth.

I quickly came back to reality when my wife pinched me. I had missed the point that Candi was now a licensed driver. She had postponed getting the license as she had so much more on her plate, with school and soccer. I looked at her and I could tell she was quite happy to be able to get her own car soon and be able to do more things. My wife made a joke about wanting Candi to call when she was going to be on the road so she could be sure to off it. Everyone laughed and I thought about Johnny wanting her to call him and let him know when she was out and about.

Letting it all sink in, I was floored by the next comment from my brother-in-law. Apparently my mother-in-law had told him she needed a few items for dinner. He didn’t want to go chasing down the items and had elected Candi to go get them.

“Hey Candi, your grandma needs you to go get some things from the store,” her dad started. “Mom, will ride along so you can get some practice driving.”

“What? No, you go with her,” Fran answered, “I take her out practicing all the time.” She looked at Mike like she had lasers in her eyes wanting to slice him up.

“I’ve got to take a look at mom’s car,” he told her and tried to avoid her glare.

Fran coyly asked my wife, “Hey, why don’t you take her out Mary?”

My wife doesn’t like to drive in the first place and she surely didn’t want to be riding with a new driver.

“No not me,” my wife stated, shaking her head. “I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if something went wrong.”

Just then Johnny came in the room. He had obviously been listening from the kitchen. He probably was checking out Candi sitting on the couch. I figured he had nothing else on his mind then getting that blowjob.

“I’ll ride with her,” his offer sounding more like begging to me. I looked at him and then Candi. She smiled knowingly and I could see she was fine with that plan. Being the only one in the room that knew the story, I got a kick out of watching Johnny offering his services from the goodness of his heart. I also got a huge kick out of watching Candi looking him up and down and wondering if she’d be fulfilling their deal.

“Me and Jack will ride along with her,” he offered now and my face went hot. I looked at Johnny and I could tell what he was up to. My mouth went dry and I didn’t know what to say. I looked at Candi and almost keeled over. Her smile was just as bright and I got the distinct impression that she was willing to give me the same deal as the one she had with Johnny. Her eyes caught mine and I swallowed hard. She looked me up and down and then turned to her parents.

Mike and Fran looked at each other and then Johnny. They almost spoke in unison. “Candi, why don’t you take your Uncle Jack with you,” they started together but Mike finished, “Johnny you’ve been drinking and besides I need your help with mom’s car.”

My head almost exploded. I had suddenly been picked to be her lone driving partner. I looked at them and then my wife and she surprised me and sealed the deal.

“Yeah honey, ride along with Candi,” she piped in, “You would be an excellent instructor.”

I looked at Candi’s parents, Candi, and then Johnny. He looked heartbroken. He smiled at me but I could tell he really wanted to be in my shoes. He protested briefly but when his mother overheard the discussion, she chastised Johnny for his drinking and told him to go help Mike.

“That settles it,” Fran, ’my bitch of a sister-in-law’, said, “You’re stuck riding with Candi.” She looked at me and chuckled. I smiled and laughed to myself that she would drop dead on the spot if she knew why Johnny was so eager to ride along.

Mike fished out his keys and handed them to Candi. She tried to take them from her dad but dropped them. She suddenly looked nervous and pensive. I glanced at her and studied her face and her demeanor. She smiled uncomfortably and reached down to pick up the keys. When she did her legs partied slightly and I saw up her skirt. She had on tiny white cotton panties. I caught them out of my peripheral vision and fought the urge to stare. It would be a real deal breaker to get caught staring between her legs now.

“Mom, can I go?” Sara spoke up and I nearly shouted out “no”. Sara had been studying a school textbook and had decided to speak up.

“No honey, you’ve got to get ahead on your homework because of your tournament games this week,” Fran said and frowned. Sara went back to her work without another word. She didn’t seem too disappointed, nothing like I would have been if she had been allowed to go. Teri didn’t say a word as she was too busy helping her grandma in the kitchen.

“Come on, Uncle Jack, I’ll take you for a spin,” Candi chimed as she snatched up the keys and headed to the door. I got up and dutifully followed her. I caught Johnny out of the corner of my eye trying to make eye contact with me but fought the urge to look at him. He had to be bumming and I didn’t want anyone suspecting anything. I followed her out the door and as I walked I watched Candi sashay in front of me. She had a lovely shape to her and her ass was one of her best features. ‘Oh to be a young guy again’, I thought to myself and then smiled. It seemed to me that anyone could get in the door with her from what I heard from Johnny.

“Jump in,” Candi said as she made her way to the driver’s side of the car and turned to me. I smiled and opened the passenger door and got in. Their green Cadillac had a huge bench seat in front that could easily accommodate three adults. As I buckled up I watched as Candi slid in behind the wheel. Her taut belly drew my attention and I wanted to slide my tongue from her navel to her pussy.

Like any new driver, Candi did the whole deal. She adjusted her mirrors, moved the seat up a notch, which she need my help to rock the seat forward. She looked over both shoulders to see if the coast was clear, even made sure I had my seat belt on. As she backed out she was careful to go slow and look for any oncoming traffic. Her carefulness allowed me the opportunity to look her up and down without her noticing. Her full bosom accented her white blouse. She was round in all the right places and with her lovely face and taut body I was thinking of anything but playing driving instructor and getting some food for the dinner. My cock stiffened as I thought of Johnny’s story. I was enjoying watching her legs as she repositioned them as she drove. Her tight skirt made it difficult for her to spread her legs but she managed. As she drove her skirt rose up a little each time she moved her legs.

Now I’ve been to my mother-in-law’s about a hundred times and I know there is a supermarket to the east of her place but Candi headed west. I didn’t care where she was going as it allowed me more time to ogle her body with my eyes. Candi bit her lip and looked over at me and she seemed to be thinking hard. I smiled at her and wondered what was going on in her pretty little head.

She seemed nervous suddenly and leaned forward to put on some music. It was a progressive rock station and the music came booming through the speakers. Candi obviously liked the song as her head began immediately bouncing to the music. She smiled at me and asked if I liked music. She was making chitchat trying to relax the mood in the car.

I laughed and said, “I love music.” I told her that I liked the song that was on. I asked her if she liked to go dancing. She smiled and shook her head, ‘yes’. Her face was so soft looking and her eyes were a glow as she started talking about hanging out with her friends and dancing at clubs. She told me they often snuck into older clubs. That’s probably where she met up with Johnny’s buddies.

As we talked, she drove into a warehouse area. She seemed to have a good idea where she was going. I just sat back and enjoyed watching her as she talked about dancing and hanging out with friends. She got real animated and I could tell she was nervous about what was to happen next. She pulled into a secluded area behind some dumpsters and small sheds. She looked around and when she was content that we were alone, parked and shut off the car. She looked at me and smiled and nervously bit her lower lip. I returned a smile and a soft chuckle as there was no easy way around the tension in the car.

“Well,” Candi said and giggled. She pushed the seat back and it cleared room for her legs to swing to the middle of the seat.

“Well what?” I said and we both laughed.

“I suppose Johnny told you?” Candi said and she smiled shyly.

‘Told me what?” I lied and we both cracked up. She smiled at me and I told her, “He told me and we don’t have to do this.” I smiled at her. I wanted to do it so bad that my cock was painfully trying to stick out of the top of my pants.

“You won’t tell anyone?” Candi asked and I shook my head ‘no’.

“I just like to do it,” she explained and smiled. “It feels so naughty and I get so turned on,” she added. I listened intently and looked her over. Candi was one hot piece of ass and a nympho to boot. She was going to make some guy or guys very happy. She slid closer to me and her hands went right for the front of my pants. I leaned back in my seat and let her show me what she liked so much. Her hands deftly undid the button at the top of my Dockers and slid my zipper down. The sound of a zipper being unzipped never was so sweet for me. I watched Candi work and was impressed. She was as careful and dedicated to undoing my pants as she was behind the wheel.

I pushed my hips up to accommodate her and she slipped my pants down below my knees. She cooed as she looked at the bulge in my briefs. Her hands moved to my cock and she rubbed it through the fabric. She smiled at me and licked her lips.

“Uncle Jack’s got a big one,” she kidded and added, “and it’s hard as a rock.”

I smiled and watched as she took her fingers and hooked my briefs and yanked them down. She did it quickly and playfully and my cock sprung from its confines. Pre cum wet my slit and my knob.

“Mmm,” Candi murmured and bent forward in my lap to lick at my cock head. Her tongue was warm and rough to the touch but my cock lerched forward for more.

Candi giggled as she licked and swirled her tongue around the head and down the shaft. I watched her head as she slipped up and down in my lap, lapping up my pre cum and wetting my rod.

I soon realized she was teasing my cock and her tongue was playing with my cock like a dog with a bone. She giggled as she watched my cock throb and twitch to her licking. I spread my legs wider to allow her to lick lower but she didn’t take the bait. She focused on my knob and the rim that runs just below it. She wrapped her hand around my cock and began pumping it and from her technique I could tell she had done this plenty of times before. She licked the head like an ice cream cone and I watched her eyes studying my rod.

“Where’d you learn to suck a guy’s dick?” I asked her now. She bent her head to the side so she could look at me as she held my cock head in her mouth.

“I had a boyfriend who loved blowjobs,” she answered breaking the suction on my head. She stroked my cock and smiled at me. “We used to go to his house after school and he’d ask me to do it for him,” she added. She ran the tip of her tongue on my cock head and I smiled back at her.

“Every day?” I asked and wiped her bangs away from the front of her face.

She smiled at the question and shook her head ‘yes’, “Pretty much.”

I smiled back at her and thought “What a Lucky Bastard!” “Did you guys fuck?” I asked.

“No, I wouldn’t let him,” she said, “I didn’t want to yet, I’m saving myself.” She smiled at her chastity.

“What did he think about that?” I asked. Looking down her back at her lovely shape.

“He hated it, called me a tease,” she laughed. “He wanted to, but I wouldn’t let him,” she added.

“Did he eat your pussy?” I asked and studied her face. She was my niece and I had never talked like this to her before but with my cock inches from her lips and having already been in her mouth, no question was off limits,

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