tagIncest/TabooLittle Robbie and His Mom

Little Robbie and His Mom


Following the escapades next door at her sister's house Serena spent the rest of the day trying to keep busy. She wanted to feel regret at what she had done but the amount of pure pleasure she had experienced didn't allow this.

Robbie returned a couple of hours later after eventually completing his work on auntie Jean's computer. The atmosphere in their house was a little cold and Robbie spent a lot of time in his bedroom keeping away from his mom.

However, the memories of what he had just done didn't stop him feeling horny and soon he was rubbing both his auntie's and his mom's panties up and down his cock and it didn't take much for him to ejaculate into one of them.

Robbie joined his mom and dad for dinner although even then there was little conversation between them. After dinner they sat and watched TV together. His dad realised something was wrong and asked what the trouble was but both of them said, 'nothing.'

Robbie went to bed first and having undressed put on a pair of his mom's cum stained panties and soon got hard again. This time he realised he had cum enough for the day and although there was a lot going through his mind he eventually managed to fall asleep.

For Serena, however, it was a different matter and she spent a couple of hours feeling both disgusted with herself and sexually aroused when she remembered how much pleasure she had experienced. By the time she fell asleep she had made up her mind that first thing in the morning she would tell Robbie that what they had done was very wrong and must not and will not happen again. She will also tell him to leave her panties alone and not to do anything like that again with auntie Jean.

Robbie was woken by hearing his dad get up for work but it was too early to get up so was happy to lie in bed. As usual he woke up with a hard on and loved the feel of his mom's panties against his skin. He reached under his pillow and found his auntie's panties and held them to his nose and inhaled the wonderful aroma of her pussy.

Serena lay in bed waiting for her husband to leave for work. She had made up her mind how she was going to handle the situation with Robbie and was looking forward to sorting things out with him and making certain that yesterday's events were a one off.

He came upstairs and kissed her goodbye. Serena waited until she heard his car pull out and got out of bed. She put on a clean pair of panties and her dressing gown and nervously went to Robbie's bedroom. He had the bedcovers off him and was rubbing his cock through his mom's panties and smelling his auntie's. Serena knocked on the door and said, 'Robbie, it's mom, can I come in?'

Robbie immediately pulled the covers over his and slid auntie's panties under the cover and said, 'Yes, mom.'

Serena walked in and said, 'Robbie, dear, we need to talk, or what I mean is I need to talk.'

With that she sat down beside Robbie on the bed. She made sure her dressing gown was pulled together but Robbie could still see quite a lot of thigh.

She said, 'What happened yesterday was very wrong and must not and will not happen again. I won't mention it to dad or auntie Jean and neither will you, We'll both put it out of our minds and pretend it didn't happen. Also you mustn't do anything with auntie Jean either. Have I made myself clear?'

Robbie was speechless for a few minutes as he contemplated what his mom had said. Then he suddenly pulled back the bedclothes and showed his rock hard cock in his mom's panties and said, 'And what shall I do about this?'

Serena was shocked, she had not anticipated that. She replied, 'You need to get a girlfriend of your own age or go to the bathroom and take care of it yourself, and you must stop wearing my panties.'

With that Robbie pulled the panties down and his huge cock stood to attention. Serena couldn't take her eyes off it. She didn't know what to say, what was worse was that she was getting aroused as she recalled how much pleasure she had yesterday. Suddenly she was in two minds, she knew she should have got up and walked out but she was unable to do so. She seemed glued to the bed and her eyes glued to her son's cock.

Robbie started rubbing it and said, 'Just sit there mom and watch me.'

He carried on very slowly rubbing himself. Serena could feel her pussy getting wet and her nipples hardening and her willpower disappearing. Robbie took her hand and held it in his and put it back on his cock. Serena was powerless to refuse and moved her hand up and down with his. Robbie removed his hand and she carried on rubbing him, loving the feel and the hardness of it. Robbie reached up and opened his mom's dressing gown and exposed her breasts and could clearly see how large and red her nipples were. He squeezed and pinched them and Serena closed her eyes as she wallowed in the pleasure.

He merely said, 'Fuck me mom.'

She knew it was wrong, she knew she would regret it afterwards but was unable to refuse. She went into his bedroom this morning with good intentions but in the end was unable to resist her little Robbie's hard cock. She slipped her dressing gown off her shoulders and dropped her panties to the floor. She knelt over her son and holding his cock guided it into her very wet hole. It slid in so easily and she plunged herself down hard on him and took it all, then she very slowly raised herself up so his cock was just inside her before plunging all the way down. Serena gasped with pleasure as she impaled herself on his cock.

She rode up and down as her son reached up and played with his mom's nipples. Her orgasm happened quickly and suddenly and flooded his cock with her hot cum. But Serena needed more and she continued fucking herself until a second and third orgasm had crashed through her body. She fell off his cock and lay beside her son exhausted and panting. Robbie hadn't cum and needed to. He gave his mom a few minutes to recover and then said, Suck me off mom.'

Before she had time to reply or think of it he had moved up the bed and his cock was only inches from his mom's mouth, She opened it wide and he slid it inside. She clamped her lips tightly round the head and started sucking. Robbie held his mom's head tight to him and started fucking her mouth. His orgasm, when it happened, was huge with spurt after spurt crashing against the back of his mom's throat.

Now it was his time to recover and he lay beside his mom. After a while he turned to her and said,' Now, mom remind me what you said about this mustn't happen again' and they both laughed.

The rest of the day was spent with Serena walking round the house with no underwear on and Robbie groping and fingering his mom whenever she went near him. After lunch they fucked again with him cumming inside her.

Later that evening his dad said he was pleased that everyone was in a happier mood than yesterday. Robbie went to bed first and was still awake when his mom and dad went to bed. He heard his dad in the shower and his door opened and his mom came in and handed him a pair of her panties and said, 'Here have these, I put them on when dad got home, I think you'll love the smell. Wear them all night and I'll be in as soon as he goes to work in the morning.'

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