tagIncest/TabooLittle Sis Ch. 01

Little Sis Ch. 01


Copyright © November 2017 by CiaoSteve

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Author's Notes

Foreword #1 : All sexually active characters in this story are over 18

Foreword #2 : This is a story and intended purely for pleasure.

Foreword #3 : The author does not condone nor encourage the practice of incest.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gabriella, or Gabi to her friends, will always be my "Little Sis". Not because she was younger than me, in actual fact she was a year older, but because she was . . . how can I say it simply . . . little.

OK, so she's not really my sister. She's my step-sister. Gabi and her father joined our lives when I was about twelve, bringing joy once more into a rather empty family. I don't remember so much about my own father as he had left when I was very young. I do remember though the difficulty of those early years belonging to a one parent family. I also remember, quite clearly, that look in Mother's eyes. A deep set look of despondency, of emptiness, of a life turned upside down. That was . . . until she met Pawel.

We'd scrimped and saved enough for a cheap holiday in Greece and what a holiday it turned out to be. That was where Mother met her partner to be and, without knowing at the time, I met the one who was to . . . shall we say, teach me about life.

It was a holiday romance. Pawel was a nurse working at a hospital in Dubrovnik. He was also a one parent family and Gabi was his shining light. I never did find out much about his wife but that seemed not to matter as Mother was happy. It was two weeks in the sun and two weeks with a little company. I couldn't believe how much Mother had changed in the space of two small weeks.

And then there was Gabi . . . ah, little Gabi. She was obviously older as I noticed just the smallest hint of breasts stretching the front of her swimsuit. What stood out though was her height, or lack of it, and her flexibility. I would sit and stare at the way she could bend in every direction. Her cards were marked . . . a gymnast or a circus performer . . . it had to be one or the other.

Two weeks of happiness and then back to the same old life as we all departed in different directions. The same old life that was, until one day, an e-mail arrived totally out of the blue. A message from Pawel saying that he had taken a job at a local hospital and was moving over. His ask was for a recommendation of places to live, but Mother went one step further. Without hesitation the offer had been made and three months later Pawel, along with Gabi, moved in. I was thirteen and she was fourteen, still little and still flexible.

It was amazing the change that this made. Suddenly Mother was happy again and life had purpose once more. A year later the two of them tied the knot and we seemed to be back like a normal family.

I loved having Gabi around; she was fun and always happy. Her English was improving but I would still tease her every now and again when she used the wrong words. We'd become very close over our time together and I really thought of Gabi as my own real sister.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As the years passed I watched Little Sis become Little "grown up" Sis as she blossomed into a charming young woman. Gabi hadn't thrown off the tag of being little, standing at just a tad over five foot two, but what she lacked in height she made up for in beauty and charm. Long blonde locks cascaded down over her shoulders, framing a sweetly seductive face. Deep set blue eyes exuded desire. Small, almost pouting, lips just wanted to be kissed. Then there was her body. Petite would be the word, narrow hips, tiny waist and breasts which would disappear into nothingness if she wore anything but the most figure clinging tops. Gabi though had legs to die for, perfectly toned as they narrowed down to tiny ankles.

There was just one thing though which confused the hell out of me. With the body of a heavenly angel, okay not the most well endowed angel, why wasn't she surrounded by would be suitors. I couldn't remember a single boyfriend. Even if she was saving herself, you would have expected at least one or two lads to be on the scene. I hadn't worried at all as Gabi seemed so happy in the company she kept, yes she had many friends and all of them female.

It was Little Sis' eighteenth birthday party which really set the cat amongst the pigeons. It was the usual affair. You know the sort of thing, a private room above a pub, disco, nibbles and drink flowing. It was mainly Gabi's friends who were there, Pawel and Mother giving her free rein for the evening, and of course she had slipped me in as well. Thirty or forty late teenagers having fun.

Music blaring out, only so much diet coke you could manage and the dance floor heaving, I decided to stretch my legs and seek out the little boys room. It was down a long corridor towards the back of the pub. Off each side were a couple of smaller rooms which were not being used for the party. I was focused only on finding the toilets and didn't pay too much attention to the side rooms.

It was a noise off to the left though which did lead me to take a glance, and what I saw shocked me a little. There, in the dark, sprawled across a couple of chairs were two young women. I watched as they embraced, snuggled up bodies writhing against each other like two snakes. They were joined at the lips in a deep kiss. I could imagine their mouths open and tongues snaking around each other. This in itself, whilst unexpected, didn't shock. In fact, if I hadn't been desperate to relieve myself, I would have quite enjoyed staying a while and watching the show.

What did shock me though was that the girl on top was none other than Little Sis. I had wondered before, but really didn't have any proof. Could it be that my Little Sis was batting for the other side? Was she, how could I put it, a lesbian?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Time rolled on and I put the question to the back of my mind. She was still my Little Sis regardless of which side she batted for and to be honest I loved her for who she was and not what she was. I could hardly ask the question though as that would make her uncomfortable, so however much I wanted to know for sure I had to live with that seed of doubt.

Gabi went off to university, to study Theatre and Performance, quite apt given that she always liked to express herself. Life seemed so quiet without her around and I so looked forward to the holidays and Little Sis' return. Each time though she seemed to have changed from the sweet innocent angel I knew. Each time a little bit older, a little more world wisely and, damn I shouldn't be saying this, a little more gorgeous. Maybe I was imagining things but it seemed that Little Sis had more than a twinkle in her eye.

I didn't keep a diary but if I had there'd be some interesting entries for sure. I would have had to keep it under lock and key or anyone reading would think I had become infatuated with my own step-sister, which wasn't the case at all. Gabi was still my Little Sis, it's just that she had learnt how to perform, how to get herself noticed. If I had kept a diary though, maybe I would have foreseen what was to come.

It all started innocently enough. Gabi was always in a cheery disposition when she returned home for the holidays. She was obviously enjoying life at university but it was almost as if she still had a longing to be back home. I guessed this was normal and that she was probably a little homesick. Some people love the sudden independence, I always imagined that I would be one of them, and some needed to have their regular top up of home comforts. It seemed that Gabi was one of the latter.

What I did notice though was the way she changed when we were alone. For sure we'd always been close, in a platonic sibling type way, but now there was something different. It wasn't different in an unpleasant way, in fact quite the opposite, but it did feel different; almost uncomfortably different.

First came the smile. A wry sexy smile, bottom lip pulled in slightly as if she was nibbling on the flesh, which almost involuntarily morphed into the slightest pout. Just a smile to start with but over time the smile was accompanied by those eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes looking upwards into my own. Nothing unusual given that I was nearly a foot taller than Gabi. They were stunning though and once locked in a gaze you were mesmerised by their intensity. Add to this the way in which she flickered her eyelashes in a come and get me seductiveness.

I tried not to be taken in by her charm, through a combination of it just not being right along with just a touch if doubt as to what she was trying to achieve. Over time though I was becoming more receptive and it was obvious that Gabi noticed. She would grab my attention, look me deep in the eyes and, as I stared, her pout would change into a wide smile as she ran the tip of her tongue slowly around her lips.

And so it continued, another term would pass and then Gabi would return home from university. With each homecoming it seemed my angel of a sister had become just a little more sultry, a little more seductive, a little more provocative.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The summer came and it was one which would never be forgotten. For one I'd finally completed my own exams and been accepted for a place at university myself, in my case to study mathematics. It wasn't the same university as Gabi but it wasn't so far away either. It also highlighted one of several differences between the two of us. She was the creative one, the expressive one, the exhibitionist. I on the other hand was just a geek, a mathematical geek.

So now we had a good nine weeks together before we went our separate ways once more. What's more, this summer was going to be my eighteenth birthday and I really had high hopes that turning adult would open a new chapter on my life. Until now I hadn't been successful with the opposite sex. All the girls at college either had long term boyfriends or didn't think it was cool to date a six foot three geek. I couldn't wait to get to university, to make a new circle of like minded friends and, with just a little luck to find myself a love interest.

I had high hopes that this was going to be one of the best summers ever.

A few things happened in the run up to my birthday but I hadn't had the initiative to treat them as anything more than isolated incidents. It started though the minute that Gabi returned home. She was her usual cheery self, but the welcome was almost as if she was meeting a long lost lover for the first time in years. She certainly had developed an air of self confidence over the year, to the point that she never kept her feelings hidden and almost always got what she wanted.

I was away on an end of college celebration when Gabi arrived so missed the immediate family reunion. It was a few days later that we finally caught up with each other, and what a greeting it was.

I can remember it clearly.

I'd risen late, taken breakfast alone and was busy washing up after myself staring out of the kitchen window at back garden. A couple of tits had taken my attention, birds not breasts, and I was watching them hop from branch to branch as they chased each other around the garden. I never heard those soft footsteps behind me as Gabi sneaked up. The first I knew was almost jumping out of my skin as a gentle hand tapped on my shoulder.

I spun around and there she was, my Little Sis, staring up at me, smiling as usual. She looked a picture in a pair of pale blue ripped jeans and a white skin tight top. Before I had the chance to react Gabi was up on tiptoes and giving me a peck on each cheek; her usual European style greeting.

"Hello Big Boy," I heard her whisper "I've missed you."

We'd started calling each other "Big Boy" and "Little Sis" over the years. It started as pure teasing, emphasising out height difference but had sort of stuck. The only time we really used our given names was in company or when we wanted to be stern with each other.

"I've missed you too Little Sis," came my reply.

Now, there's nothing too unusual about the greeting itself. It is what followed which was out of the ordinary. Usually it would be a peck on each cheek, a whispered hello and then we would go back to our normal business. This time though the latter didn't happen. Gabi remained on tiptoes and instead of pulling away she practically pulled herself on to me in a tight embrace. I could swear I could feel her grinding those cute little tits against my chest as she held me tight.

"Let's make this a summer to remember," she continued, the breath as she spoke sending shivers down my neck.

"Don't we always," I responded smiling "did you have something different in mind?"

She clung on hard for a minute more and I could clearly feel her hard nipples pressing into my chest. The rest was a bit of a blur, but did she actually nibble my earlobe and grind her mound against my trousers. It was a split second and I guessed my imagination was running riot. We parted and Gabi smiled before turning and walking back out of the kitchen. I watched as she disappeared though the doorway, her cute arse wiggling slightly as she went. I had to admit it, my Little Sis did have one hell of a body.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Nothing more happened for a couple of weeks, bar the usual seductive smile which I had sort of gotten used to. It was a week or so before my birthday when things did start to heat up a little. It wasn't only the temperature which warmed up, although we were having a mini heat wave at the time. Gradually Gabi was become just a little more expressive, exposing her sultry side as the summer went on.

With the heat of the summer we took to lounging in the garden as our parents worked. These were lazy days as we relaxed in the sun. Gabi still loved to dance and would strut her stuff on the lawn. Leotards were no longer en vogue so instead she tended to wear a cropped lycra top and pair of matching gym shorts.

I would often watch as she went through her routine, admiring her flexibility as she bent in every direction possible, from hand stand to splits, almost a contortionist at times. I tried to keep it discrete as it wasn't right to spend time ogling your step-sister but deep down I suspected she knew, and more so suspected that she enjoyed the idea of being watched. It was on one such occasion, as Gabi went through her routine, that I found out for sure.

Everything was slightly exaggerated that day. The way she stretched, the way she bent, the way she displayed her body. It was dirty dancing to an extreme: pole dancing but minus the pole. And then she did it, facing away from me Gabi bent over at the waist, legs splayed wide apart, head down between them. I had a full view of her private parts within those tight gym shorts and swear I could see every curve of her pussy lips. I could do nothing but stare at the young woman in front of me, not even noticing that she was looking up from between her legs. She smiled at the thought of her own private audience before continuing with her performance.

A couple of days later and we were alone one evening, our parents having gone out to the theatre. We'd chosen to stay in and watch a movie. It was Gabi who had suggested we change into something a little more comfortable for the evening so I put on my pyjamas, a twin set of t-shirt and trousers in soft jersey material. I set up the movie and waited for Gabi to join me. Finally she did, dressed in her long white dressing gown, and sat in the chair opposite.

The movie was a romcom and if you ask me it was a little dull and boring, but Gabi seemed to like it. It was around half way through when events took an interesting turn.

"Do you think it's hot in here?" asked Gabi, that mischievous look in her eye once more.

I paused for a minute before responding. "I'm fine," came my reply "but you have got that huge gown on and maybe you didn't notice but it is summer outside." I laughed at the wittiness of my reply, not expecting what came next.

"So, Big Boy, do you suggest I take it off?"

She didn't even wait for a reply before standing up and slowly undoing the belt around her midriff. Seductively Gabi eased the gown over her shoulders and allowed it to drop to the floor. There she stood in a sheer negligee, almost but not quite see through in the right light. I sat, wide eyed, staring at the beauty of my Little Sis. She smiled back.

"Looks like you're more interested in me than the movie, Big Boy!"

I shook myself out of it and went back to the movie. It was wrong, simply wrong. But, she was beautiful. Every now and again, when I hoped Gabi wasn't watching, I took a quick glance. From where I was sitting she might as well have been wearing nothing. With just a little imagination I could see her red knickers down below and those little pert tits up top. It took all of my will power not to think about latching down on her hard nipples and suckling on those tiny breasts.

A matter of minutes later came the next turn of events.

"You know what, Big Boy?" came Gabi's teasing voice. "I'm a little chilly now. Why don't I come over and sit with you. I'm sure you can keep me warm."

I had no time to object before Little Sis plonked herself in my lap, curling up into a ball with her head into my neck. I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her in close. This was wrong but after all she was my Little Sis and I really didn't want to upset her. I closed my arm around her slim body and immediately retracted, my hand having landed on her pert little breast.

"What's wrong Big Boy?" she enquired. "Don't you like me snuggling up with you?"

"Gabi, it's not right. You are my step-sister," I snapped sternly.

She laughed. "Oh Jamie, I'm suggesting you keep me warm not that you fuck me."

I was shocked with her directness, this wasn't exactly the Little Sis who had gone away to university, but once again I put my arm around her this time avoiding her tits. It was Gabi though who repositioned my hand, placing it neatly over her left breast. And there we sat for the remainder of the movie, only separating at the sound of a car pulling into the drive outside. By the time our parents popped their heads into the living room we were back in opposite chairs, Gabi once again dressed in her long white gown.

Now, as I've always said, Gabi took pleasure in expressing herself and I took it for granted that this was nothing but more of the same, but the recent turn of events was a little surprising and just a tad uncomfortable.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My eighteenth came and went. It was a low key affair, dinner with family and a couple of close friends. I was never the party animal and didn't want anything huge. Discos and all that jazz were really not my scene. If you ask me it was a very enjoyable evening, the best Italian in town and for the first time as a legal adult a glass or two of red wine. There were the usual handful of presents, a round of happy birthday, blowing out the candles on the cake and then the evening was over.

It was just as we were leaving that Gabi forced a card into my hand.

"Oh, Big Boy," she whispered "I nearly forgot your present." She smiled before continuing. "Maybe you want to open it when you get home." There was a wink and Gabi left the restaurant.

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