tagIncest/TabooLittle Sister's First Time Ch. 02

Little Sister's First Time Ch. 02


The next day I had work early and was gone most of the day and when I got home, Megan was already asleep. The following day was Monday and Megan had school, so I hadn't seen her since I took her virginity with my massive cock. I couldn't stop thinking about how good her pussy felt around my dick and how good it tasted on my tongue and how sweet she smelled. I had to have her again, and soon. I went into her bedroom and looked through her drawers, touching and sniffing every pair of panties and thongs I could find. I checked the hamper and found last nite's panties and I started to lick the crotch area. This was crazy, I had been with Megan one time and I was totally addicted to her hairy pussy. I could barely see straight, I had no appetite (for food, anyway), and I didn't know what to do with this steel pipe in my pants. I thought about calling one of my fuck buddies but it wasn't the same. I knew the only pussy I would ever want again was my younger sister's. I hoped she felt the same way about me because I decided to take action. I went to her high school, and asked the main office to page Megan and that there was a family emergency.

A few minutes later, Megan showed up at the office with a concerned look and asked what was wrong. I told her I'd fill her up, I mean in, on the way. I held the door open and let her walk out in front of me so I could catch a glimpse of her gorgeous ass, and when we got to my car, I drove us to the closest empty parking lot and parked. Megan asked me what the emergency was so I showed her. I opened my zipper and my painful erection plopped out in its semi hard state. She looked at me as if she couldn't believe I would have done all this, and at first I was afraid I went too far with the whole "family emergency" thing.

But then Megan asked, "Is all that for me?"

I smiled and told her its for her and only her and I started to massage her tits through her shirt. She opened her legs and began rubbing herself under her skirt while I rubbed her tits and stroked my cock. I pulled off my shirt and then hers, and started licking her tit valley above the bra.

"Forget my big tits for now, didn't you have a little, or I should say BIG problem that needed to be handled?"

This formerly innocent girl was turning into the slutty nymph that the rest of her friends already were. I grabbed Megan and we climbed into the back of my car where I told her,

"You asked for this, I hope you can handle it."

I didn't wait for an answer I just hiked up her skirt and took one quick look at her forest of cunt curls before I injected my hard cock into her hard and fast. Because of the way we had to lie on the seat, I was above her so all of my strength and pressure pounded into her as I fucked her in and out, harder and faster, ignoring her yells and screams as I gave this girl the most intense fuck of either of our lives. My car shook as I plunged deeper into my new sex toy, and Meg absolutely shocked me when she whimpered,

"Don't pull out this time."

I said, "What?" and she said

"Fill my little cunt with all of your cock juice.

Her words (and her amazingly tight pussy) put me over the edge and I came gallons into little sis's hairy twat.

I came so much that it leaked out of her and all over my leather seats but I didn't care. I collapsed on top of her sweaty chest and my cock stay nestled between her legs, where it belonged.

I told her, "I'm sorry I dragged you away from class, but I think I'm addicted to your hot pussy."

Megan laughed and told me she's been dreaming of my giant cock since I first shoved it inside her. She told me there's no way she would be able to go a single day without having it in her at least once, and we knew we would have to figure out a way to make this work without our parents finding out.

Since we had the rest of the day to ourselves, we agreed to go catch a movie. It was during the day so the theater was empty. About halfway through, I felt Meg's hand slip into my pants and start rubbing my cock and balls. I immediately got hard and I returned the favor by sliding two fingers into her now panty-less cunt. There were probably about twenty people in there by now but we didn't care. I pulled her on top of me and had easy access to my new favorite housing for my big fat cock. She was soaked already in anticipation of getting fucked hard, and I obliged. I covered her mouth so she wouldn't scream out, and I rocked her up and down on my pole. Her huge titties flopped in my face under her shirt while I railed her in the second public place of the day. This time I came quickly inside her juicy snatch, and she sat back in her seat while keeping her hand on my dick. The whole back row reeked of my cock-crazed little sister's hot pussy. An older guy in the corner a few rows up looked back at us and stared, so my sister hiked up her skirt and flashed her hairy cunt which was still matted down with both our juices. We laughed and got up and ran out.

At home, our parents were there with dinner waiting, so we were forced to behave for the rest of the nite. I slept naked that nite with my penis rock hard all nite, thinking about how we were going to hide from everyone the fact that my cock needs to be inside Megan's pussy ALL the fucking time!

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