tagNonHumanLiving Heart Ch. 01

Living Heart Ch. 01


All the other women danced around on the club floor, lost to the rhythmic thumping of the intense dance music. So, when I felt the first tug of sorrow on my empty chest, I was a little taken aback. It was someone else's heart breaking. I had to correct myself. Their heart was already broken. I scanned the room, looking against the walls for a lone woman crying. It was not uncommon for a woman to come here with her lover and find her lover on the floor with another, often more seductive woman. This was not a club for the meek. Women came here with the single purpose of hooking up. And frankly, until I had noticed the pain felt by this woman, the club scene had bored me tonight. The only betrayal of my boredom was my fingers tapping to the entrancing rhythm on the tiny glass table.

The pairs and groups swayed, some lost already to the dance of love, which undoubtedly would lead to the tawdry romances in the bathrooms. My night was dedicated to finding someone who would come home with me and never be seen again. I had planned to do to this woman what I had done to all the other women: seduce them, perhaps even bring them to my apartment, have a night of unbridled lesbian sex and then, dump them in some ravine to be found by a horrified farm worker later in the month, after I had recovered from the heady effects their blood had in my veins.

Before you recoil in horror, take the fact lightly that I would not die if I starved myself. Hunger in a vampire grows and gnaws at the very core of our being. To resist the urge to feed can drive one to madness, killing many innocent, undeserving people in horrifying ways. I grew to view my choice as one life for a few months instead of twenty or more in a matter of weeks. In the end, only a few would loose their lives every year. Ah yes, even among the undead, we have our morals.

The high-pitched electronic beat grew more intense. Just the aroma of sweat made my need for feeding grow. My fangs dug into my lower lip in anticipation. A few brave women dared to flirt with me earlier, twisting their tongues in the lewdest manners. None would try buying me drinks though. I had seen to that fact sitting in front of three shots of whiskey. I did not want a brazen woman this night. I was looking for something very different, but what I did not really know.

Certainly, I had taken my share of lovers, but none were capable of sharing my burden, nor had they wished the pain of being apart from me. Though the act of my heart beating inside my chest had long been dormant, I am subject to the same aches and pains of love that every other being on this planet is doomed to.

Again, I felt her sorrow. No woman was against any of the walls. I tilted my head to listen better; it was if the crowd was blocking her from my sight. Finally, again, I felt her pain more directly and I saw her sitting at a table on the very edge of the dance floor. I carefully assessed the nearest tables, void of any thought beyond the goal of trying to comfort this woman who clearly called out to me.

I hesitated glancing this woman over. She was smaller than my usual type. She sighed wistfully; I felt her tears brim on her eyes. I could not hold back. The echo of her pain was too much for me to continue to ignore.

"Pardon me miss, but I can't help but notice that something is troubling you." She looked away, her lips parting and I feel the rejection coming I know the line all too well, 'Leave me in peace', but she stops herself, and then looks up locking her eyes to mine.

I smiled and I lead her to the dance floor as she took my hand, pulling her close to me, my hands on her waist, her head on my shoulder, her heart nearly thundering in my own chest. Her eyes were closed tightly as if the sight of other women watching us make our way onto the dance floor was too much.

I took the chance to reassure her with my arms wrapped around her tightly. She made a little murmur of comfort and I allowed my teeth to graze her milky skin on her neck. Steeling myself to avoid frightening her more, I brushed my lips against her neck softly and shuddered. Even her skin tasted of her pain.

She looked up to me filled with a million questions. "Is this all there is?" She asks me innocently, "I mean between two women? Just being close and knowing that it's not wrong?"

I allowed a finger to caress her cheek so very softly and whispered to her as we swayed to the music. I gently tipped her view to the other women gyrating with need against other women without a second thought. "Love is what all these women think they've found tonight. Love, what you should want and have, is like something very precious and dear to your body and soul. Yours feels like it was ripped out of your chest." My heart fell, as I thought to myself, 'Your blood, your life is too innocent for me to take from you.'

She shuddered in my arms. I knew she would start to cry and I held her against my shoulder.

"Let go of the pain Sweeting," I whispered, feeling her hot tears sear my skin through my black silk shirt. I glanced about the floor bathed in blue lights, looking for a way to take her out of this to let her cry to me without the unnecessary audience. Again, I felt another wave in my chest. I looked down at her in my arms and I knew taking her somewhere private was the last thing she wanted.

She looked up to me, her eyes red and raw. "Can you, I want you...to take away my pain please." She stuttered through her request of me not realizing the seriousness of her request. I stared into her brown eyes, wishing that her pain were not so deep.

"Sweeting, eternity is a long time to have pain." I stroked her cheek.

She pulled away from me, dejected. "I'll find someone else."

I conceded. "Yes Sweeting, you can always find another. But not one who would reject you because you should be loved. You should know what love feels like."

"I already have, and she ripped my heart away." Her brown eyes were turning raw and out ran large frightened tears as she tried to hold her pride together.

I hesitated, my mind twisted with anger against a woman who could be so cruel to such a delicate rose, then reached for her holding her against me. She held enough anger. I needed to provide her with compassion.

"She is a fool, Sweeting," I whispered in her ear.

I held her against me for the rest of the evening while the club churned out song after song. Slowly, as the time ticked away the occupants slowly disappeared to their destinations. The last call had come and passed. The neon lights were replaced by bright florescent ones.

I looked into her brown eyes and kissed her forehead. "Time to take you home, Sweeting."

"But the lights are on, the magic is over." She finally took a good look at me under the lights of reality. I sensed her fear starting to wash over her. The anonymity provided by the neon glow of the dance lights had concealed so much about me.

I smiled. "No, the magic ends when you're done asking me questions." I promised.

"I only bite those who I think might deserve it," I joked softly to her as we walked into the soft glow of the streetlights. I enjoyed her soft touch on my arm tucked under my elbow.

I walked with her down the empty streets, watching her look at me from the corners of her eyes. I reluctantly glanced about the street. No living creature other than us seemed to exist. With every step I took, I felt my blood pound with desire for this woman. My fangs lengthened and self-consciously, I kept my mouth closed to keep from frightening her more. My eyes roamed her body, a flicker of a dream danced in my mind of having her writhing under my body.

"Where is your car?" She asked, looking about dark streets.

"I don't own one." I said unapologetically.

Another awkward moment passed between us and I cleared my throat to speak. "Are you feeling all right? Did you drink too much?" I asked. I used the questions to help distract me from the growing need to draw her close and brush my lips to her neck. Even now, I could hear the drumming of her pulse in her neck. I quickly shut my mind from that part of her. I did not want her like this, at least not at this very moment. Briefly an image of her writhing underneath me on the brink of orgasm as I teased the most sensual points on her body, danced in my mind. The temptation was there. I had to do little more than look into her eyes again and she would fall into a trance, a slave to my every whim. Her tiny frame begged for my physical protection. As tempting as it was, I wanted her freely.

"Where are we going?" She glanced back at the cold metal door where the club was. The lights were dimmed, clearly stating there was no going back now.

I shrugged. "Wherever you want." I watched her shiver again and put a hand to her head. Gently, I sought to find what was causing her consternation. To my relief, it was just her way of trying to sort out the events that had lead up to this very moment. I released myself from her and stepped up to the curb where a red light kept us from crossing the street.

We stood at a corner and waited for the crosswalk sign. "What's your name?" she finally asked me.

"Only if you tell me yours," I whispered. I wondered briefly if I had just demanded too much of her, then I heard a soft strangled sound from her throat.

"Grace deLong." She said so softly that I could barely hear.

"Angel." To my surprise, she laid her head on my shoulder and I accepted her intimate touch by wrapping my arm around her waist.

"There is no need to be so tense my sweet Grace. I won't hurt you." My fangs dug into my lower lip reminding me that perhaps that promise would only last for tonight.

I summoned the cab I sensed from two blocks away; my fangs protesting in my steadfast resolve not to take her tonight.

"Can I see you again?" she asked looking up at me. I kept a steady eye on the street and felt some relief when the headlights from the cab appeared.

I looked into her searching eyes and relaxed with a promise. "Just think of my name, and I'll be with you." The yellow cab stopped next to us and I opened the door and guided her into the clean leather interior.

I stood on the corner watching the cab drive away. She looked out the back nearly pleading with me, my fangs wanting every ounce of her soul.

I won't be far Grace. I promised her silently. She turned and sat in the cab as it sped her away. You are worthy of true love Grace.

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