tagIncest/TabooLiving in the Woods with Grandpa Pt. 03

Living in the Woods with Grandpa Pt. 03




With the shower running, I pace around my room and wonder what's taking him so long to get his ass up here so he can have his way with me "Really grandpa!" I go into the bathroom and shut the shower off and head downstairs to get him, but I stop when I hear grandpa talking to another woman.

Sitting down on one of the steps, I listen into his conversation with the mystery woman.

"Why are you here now?" I hear my grandfather ask the woman.

"I've missed you and now knowing she's dead, I can come back to the only man I have ever loved." she says.

Sitting there I don't hear anything. I move forward to take a peek at what's going on.

That's when I see grandpa cupping the woman's face as he kisses her.

"I've missed you so much Roxy, you have no idea." he kisses her again, but this time with more passion. He holds her tight, the same way he held me when he kissed me for the very first time.

I sit back and feel betrayed, hurt, sad, but she looks familiar. Standing up, I wipe away the tears and head downstairs like nothing is going on.

"Grandpa I'm ready!!" I stop and look at the woman "hello, I'm Alex and you are?" stretching my hand out to her.

"I'm Roxy or Roxanne Beaufort, his daughter and you are?" she takes my hand and shakes it.

Looking at my grandpa, then back to her "I'm Alexandra or Alex Beaufort, his granddaughter." the look on Roxy's face is priceless.

"Wait? Is she Laura's kid?" she asks grandpa.

He nods "yea, she's Laura's and Mike's daughter." Roxy turns to me with sadness on her face.

"I'm sorry for your loss, Laura was my little sister and I feel terrible for not being here for her, but I can be for you." she says with a slight smile.

Finally meeting my aunt, the one that grandma chased away, I walk over to her and hug her tight

"It's so great to finally meet you, I have heard so much about you." my jealousy towards her fades away knowing that grandpa is surrounded by women who love him very much.

Deciding that they need to catch up, I lean over and give grandpa a kiss on the cheek

"I think you two have some catching up to do." giving him a smile and a wink, he grins

"Thank you Alex, but this doesn't change the fact I still want you in my bed tonight."

Blushing profusely, I look over to my aunt Roxy who is grinning from ear to ear now

"I knew it!! I knew you two were screwing around, I mean look at you, YOU'RE GORGEOUS!!" she says to me. "Has he knocked you up yet?" she stares with wonder at me and waits for an answer.

"Thank you aunt Roxy and no, well I don't know yet. We just did it and.." she waves her hand at me.

"Please girl, call me Roxy and don't sweat it sweetie, you will be by the end of the week, mark my words that belly of yours will be carrying the future of this family, like we all have." she leans in and gives me a hug "on that note, Dad and I have some catching up to do, so if you'll excuse us."

I stand there in the kitchen and watch Roxy take grandpa's hand and lead him into his bedroom, then hear the lock click in the end.

Grinning, I make my way over to the door just like I did a few years back, but this time I think of something better, the room he's in has a view of the huge back yard or woods and the windows in his bedroom are huge, so maybe I can get a better view of what they are doing or going to do.

Walking very quickly outside, I make my way to the back of the cabin and reach the back bedroom. The windows are from ceiling to floor so I get the perfect view of Roxy and grandpa.

Whispering to myself "Dang, she doesn't waste any time does she." as I see Roxy on her knees and swallowing grandpa's cock.

I am totally infatuated with what I'm watching. Roxy's head bob's back and forth as she also strokes him.

Grandpa's head is dropped back enjoying every second of pleasure his daughter is giving him. His fingers are in her hair holding her, guiding her as she just works her magic on him.

Glad that it's summer time, I can hear what they are saying to each other from where I'm standing.

Roxy releases him and looks up "fuck I've missed you and your dick." As she's about to take him back into her mouth, grandpa holds her head as he leans down to her

"I know you leaving wasn't your choice the first time and I will let that slide, but know this Roxanne, if you ever think about leaving me again or my family, don't bother coming back. Do you understand me young lady?"

She nods "yes sir, I promise." he gives her a nod just before he shoves his cock all the way down her throat

"Aaaah, that's it baby girl, swallow all of it." he grips her head as he pulls back a bit, then shoves himself all the way down her throat again.

You can hear her gag, but she takes all of him with no problem.

I can feel the dampness between my legs as I watch my aunt sucking off her dad.

My hand slips into my shorts as I start to rub on my clit, moaning softly, I keep watching them.

"No more girl!" I watch as my grandfather pulls out of her mouth and take a step back "take your clothes off Roxy and get on the bed, Daddy is going to eat you out!"

He removes his clothes as he watches her take off hers, all the while stroking his already erect cock, making himself even harder to where it looks painful for him.

"You've made me wait 20 yrs to have you back in my life, don't make me wait any longer girl, hurry your ass up!" Roxy strips naked as fast as she can, then crawls up onto his bed "sorry daddy won't happen again." she lays back and spreads her legs for him.

He stares down at her with a huge smile, with nothing said he moves down between her legs and starts feasting on her pussy.

Roxy cries out the moment his mouth covers her mound and takes her clit between his teeth "DADDY!!" she digs her heels onto the bed as she reaches down grabbing his hair and pushing his face into her "OH GOD YES!! JUST LIKE THAT!!" whatever he is doing, I want him to do that to me the next time.

My fingers slip inside of my body as they begin a slow and steady pace- in, out, in, out. My goal is to reach my climax the same time grandpa makes Roxy cum.

Slipping my other hand under my shirt, I grab my right breast and start to squeeze it, playing with my nipple to where it's hard like a pebble. Pinching it hard to where I can't stand the pain, I tweak it making my body quiver with desire "mmm" moaning softly to myself, but then again it's not like anyone is going to hear me in the middle of nowhere in the woods.

"DADDDDYYYYY" Roxy's body arches off the bed as she cums on his face.

She tries to catch her breath as I watch grandpa sit back on his heels "not done yet girl." I notice his hand move down between her legs and start to move back and forth "after all these years you are still tight." he smiles down at her, enjoying watching her squirm under his touch, his control.

Roxy reaches down and grabs hold of his wrist, but it seems he's a strong guy since he keeps finger fucking her "I've not had...oh god daddy!!" she tries again to speak "I've not had...too many lovers." she sits up to meet him face to face "no man has come close to you daddy."

"Good." he grabs a handful of hair and pulls her forward for a demanding kiss, then pulls back "lay back down girl, I'm gonna fuck you like I did the very first I took you!" she lays back onto the bed as told, when he pulls his finger from her pussy and brings them to his lips.

His tongue snakes out and starts to lick off her juices from each finger "just like I remember." Sucking off each finger, he moves over her body reaching down and taking hold of his cock "Just like that night after your birthday party, when I came into your room, I told you something..." he leans down and gives her a kiss, when he thrusts into her causing her to turn her head and cry out in pain.

"I told you that YOU.." another thrust even harder into her "belonged to me and no one else!!" his arms slide under her arms as his fingers now dig into each of her shoulders when he starts to pound into her.

"Daddy!!" her nails dig into his back as her legs wrap around his hips, but he just keeps pounding into her tight pussy.

"Fuck, I've missed you Roxy!! Missed fucking you so much!!" he says without missing a beat.

The motion of them two going at it, has Roxy's head hanging off the edge of the bed, when I notice that she is looking at me and has a huge smile on her face and then she winks at me!!

I thought I was hidden, but apparently I didn't do a good job of it "oh god, what is she going to think of me now?" I start to think about it, but that thought is cut short when I hear her asking grandpa to cum inside of her and give her another baby.

"aahhh, that's it daddy!! fuck me like you did the very first time and knocked me up!!" she keeps begging him to cum deep inside of her as grandpa starts to pick up his speed.

He holds her tight in his arms as he moves his hips back and forth until he throws his head back "I'M CUMMING!!" he closes his eyes tight as his body shakes as he spills his seed into his daughter's womb.

I stand there finger fucking myself until I explode onto my hand. My orgasm shoots out of me and covers my hand completely as it soaks my shorts in the process. I press my back against the wall trying to catch my breath from cumming hard just as my grandfather and his daughter did the same a moment ago.

"Thank you daddy." I hear my aunt say to grandpa.

"No, thank you sweetheart. It's been a long time coming and I needed to feel you under me once again." hearing a soft moan, they start kissing again.

"I hope that this will result on my having your baby again." Roxy says.

I peek through the window and see that grandpa is still inside of her, rocking his hips a bit.

"Well if I didn't get you pregnant with this fucking, you know we can try again later." he jerks his hips as she gasps and laughs.

"Had that extra shot in ya, huh." Roxy says as she lays on his bed spent from their love making.

Grandpa slips out of her and off the bed and helps Roxy sit up "let's shower and dress, I want to meet my son and see the man he is now." Grandpa takes her hand as she slides off the bed and follows him into his private bathroom.

With all the fun over with those two, I start heading back to the front of the cabin when I make the turn and run into a tall frame of a man.

"Hey!" taking a step back, he reaches out and grabs my upper arms and pulls me forward so I don't tumble back "Thanks"

"You're welcome." he smiles down at me "So tell me little girl, what have you been doing back here?" he grins even bigger when he sees me turning red.

"That's none of your concern!" I try to move out of his grip, but he holds me firm "Let go of me!!"

"I've been watching you, Alex." he says in a low creepy tone.

"Who are you?" I ask nervously.

"I'm Matthew Beaufort. I'm Roxy and Chester's son." he pulls back a bit and grins "I can see why the old man wants to keep you to himself, but I think he wouldn't mind sharing, I mean he did nail his own daughter, got her pregnant and nine months later...here I am." He moves his hand to caress my face "you know what they say..sometimes it's good to just keep it in the family."

"Maybe, who knows." I say "I better head in, I'm sure they will be calling us to introduce us to each other." he let's go of my arms as I make my way into the house and upstairs to my room where I head straight for the shower to clean up and change for our soon family gathering.

A couple of hours later when Dylan and Judith got home, they got to meet their Aunt Roxanne and their cousin/brother Matthew as well. We all sat around the table just talking about how life has treated each of us, but as usual Dylan and Judith really didn't care much for the conversation so they decided to excuse themselves and head upstairs to their rooms, that left me, grandpa, aunt Roxy and Matthew at the table.

"So, now that we are a family again, what are the sleeping arrangements?" Matthew asks looking at Roxy, Chester and myself.

Grandpa reaches over and takes my hand "Alex is sleeping with me tonight, you and Roxy can take her bedroom until we can figure it all out." he says as I squeeze his hand.

Matthew looks at his mother with a devilish grin on his face "guess that means I'll be doing you tonight instead of Alex." giving her a wink they both stand up to head upstairs to my bedroom.

"Have a good night daddy." Roxy says to grandpa, leaning over and giving him a kiss on the cheek "and for fuck sake dad, will you get her pregnant already!" she says to him while she gives me a nod "Night sweetheart, hope tonight is the night for you both." with that she waits for Matthew to join her.

"Well if it doesn't, you know I can help you out in that department." he licks his lips staring at me "I mean, we do have the same DNA." with that he and his mom head upstairs for the night.

I look over to my grandfather "Let's not wait any longer, grandpa. Let's go make a baby." leaning in he moves in closer giving me a kiss.

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