Living Large Pt. 01


"I'll say."

Without saying anything, Jenny got up and turned to pull down the one shade on her small window. Then she walked around the desk, trying to project an air of confidence that she didn't really feel. She stopped between Tom and the desk and sat back. Suddenly she could feel the blood rushing through her veins and pounding in her temple. Casually, as if she did it every day, she lifted her leg and placed her foot on the arm of the chair next to the startled man. The movement forced her skirt up her thigh, baring her leg all the way to the elastic at the top of her black thigh-high nylon.

Tom gulped visibly and his eyes opened wide. From his position he could see the soft skin above her nylon and a hint of the gusset of her thong panties. He looked up at Jenny's face and saw her staring back at him.

Jenny began to casually pull up her nylons and then caressed her leg as if to smooth them out. "So you like my new style?" she asked trying to keep a tremor from of her voice.

"Yes," he whispered hoarsely.

"I can tell. You've been looking at me like you could eat me all day," Jenny said boldly and paused. Then she scooted back onto the desk until she was sitting. She brought her other foot up to place on the other side of Tom's chair, almost straddling him.

Now, he was staring at her panty-covered crotch, inches from his face. His eyes were as round as saucers and he licked his lips nervously.

"Maybe you'd like to do it," Jenny said.

"Huh?" Tom said.

"Maybe you would like to eat me. After all... I did it to you." Jenny suddenly felt faint... wondering if those words had actually come from her mouth.

"Really?" Tom said.

With that, Jenny reached under her raised skirt and quickly pulled her wet panties off. She tossed them on the desk and resumed her position with her legs on either side of Tom's chair. "Really," she whispered. Jenny couldn't believe how bold she was being. However, she was following the instructions in the book, which said you never get anything if you don't ask. Right now she wanted this man's mouth on her pussy. She had never really been eaten before. One of her early boyfriends had kissed her there but it only lasted for a minute or two. It was time to experience it for real.

Tom sat as if he were mesmerized. His eyes stared at her swollen vagina without moving. The room had suddenly become very quiet.

When he made no move Jenny said, "Well... are you going to do it or not. I have a lot of work to get done today." Jenny almost gasped at her own words. She still couldn't believe that she was talking to her boss like this. Yet, her excitement was suddenly so great that she was ready to attack him if he didn't act soon.

Without a word, Tom pushed his chair back and slowly slipped to his knees, his eyes never leaving Jenny's now pulsing vagina. A moan escaped his lips as he moved forward. "God, your pussy is beautiful."

The excited woman spread her legs wider to give him an even better view. She was sure that Tom could smell her excitement because she could smell it. She also knew that he could see her juice dripping from her very wet lips. "Oh Jesus," she gasped when she felt his lips touch the tender skin of her inner thigh, just above the top of her nylon. Then her legs began to quiver when he lifted them and placed her thighs on his shoulders.

Tom began to lick her thighs, leaving a trail of saliva on her warm flesh. However, when she thought he was going to place his mouth on her sex, he moved to the other thigh. Jenny bit her lip to suppress a moan of frustration.

Suddenly, she couldn't wait any longer. She reached for his head and grabbed his hair, pulling him to her dripping sex lips. "Ahhhhhheeeee!!! she gasped when she felt his mouth cover her sex. She fell back on the desk, her hips lifting to his sucking mouth. She had never felt anything like it. It was better than the million fantasies she had had about oral sex. She didn't know if Tom was good or not, but she knew that she loved what he was doing.

Tom began to suck the large inner lips into his mouth before gently chewing on them. For several minutes he sucked the blood filled lips in and out of his mouth. Then he pulled his mouth away and used his fingers to open her so that he could push his tongue into her more than ready hole.

"Oh, oh, oh," Jenny gasped, trying to keep her voice under control. Her head began to thrash back and forth as she felt waves of pleasure rush up and down her body. It felt like electric current was rushing from her vagina to her tits and then to her brain. Her hips began to lift from the desk as her hands continued to pull his hair. A second later she began to climax. Tingling started in her toes, making them curl before rushing up her thighs and exploding in her groin. Her entire body stiffened as she lifted her hips and froze. It felt as though her essence was draining from her and into Tom's sucking mouth.

What she couldn't see was Tom trying to capture all the juice that was gushing from her. It was nothing like he had ever experienced before. Her juice splattered across his lips and dripped from his chin as he opened his mouth as wide as possible. Still, he couldn't capture it all. He swallowed mouthful after mouthful.

When Jenny finally began to come down, she realized that she was half off the desk with most of her weight on Tom's shoulders. His mouth was still buried in her swollen lips and he was gently sucking her.

Suddenly the phone on Jenny's desk rang, startling them both.

Jenny quickly pulled her legs from Tom's shoulders. She almost gasped when she looked at him. His face was soaked from his forehead to his chin.

The phone rang again.

"Answer it," Tom said excitedly.

Jenny turned to the phone and picked it up, her hand trembling. She heard Tom's new assistant on the other end.

"Is Mr. Bradley there?"

"Uh... uh... yes he is," Jenny said, trying desperately to make her voice sound normal.

"It's your new assistant," Jenny said, holding her hand over the receiver.

Tom reached out and took the phone. "Yes," he said quickly. He listened for a moment and said, "Oh yes, I almost forgot. I'll be right there." He hung up and looked at Jenny and said, "I forgot that I have lunch with a client." As he stood up he realized that his face was a mess. He looked around for something to clean his face with.

"I don't have anything," Jenny said but then looked at her desk and saw her panties. "Here," she said, handing him her panties, a smile curling her lips.

Tom took them from her hand and looked up at her.

"It's all I have... sorry."

He shrugged his shoulders and then he used the tiny panties to clean his face as best he could before handing them back to her. "I hope I can make it to the bathroom before I see anyone," he said with concern. Then, when he saw the smile still on Jenny's face, he had to smile too.

Suddenly, the room was quiet again as the two of them stared at each other. Finally, Tom said, "I guess I have to go."

"Yes... your appointment."

Tom brushed off the knees of his slacks and turned to leave. Jenny reached for his arm. When he turned back to her, she stepped close and said, "Thanks... that was wonderful."

"Uh... you're welcome," he answered sheepishly.

Jenny leaned forward and kissed him tenderly. "Now, I owe you one."

Tom smiled again and reluctantly hurried to the door. He looked back at her before he disappeared from her office.

Jenny staggered over to her chair, her legs suddenly very weak, and sat down. She leaned back and took a deep breath. She felt her vagina flutter as squeezed her legs together, squishing her still swollen lips between her thighs. Although her climax had been very intense, she was still excited. It seemed like she was horny all the time now. She considered masturbating but when she looked at her desk, she knew that it was time to get back to work.


Chapter 4

The rest of the week was busy for Jenny. Not only because of the added work-she had many of her previous duties as well as some new one's-but also because there was still a steady stream of people stopping by to wish her luck. Some of the people she knew well, while others had barely talked to her in two years. That made her wonder if it was the job or her new look and attitude that made the difference. She was friendly to all of them... she never knew who she would need to call on to help her in her new job.

Another thing that surprised her was that most of the visits were from men: there were Sean and Jack, from the marketing department, Rob from the finance area and several other guys that she had barely knew. Even Tim, the shy guy that worked in the mailroom stopped by. He was cute. In addition, all of the managers of the various departments stopped in to say hi and offer their assistance. Then there were the ladies. While they were all friendly enough, Jenny couldn't help think that in many cases their words of congratulations weren't sincere. It almost seemed if they were stopping by to size up their competition. Maybe it was just her imagination though.

On Thursday, she got a call from Mr. Davenport's executive secretary. He was the owner and president of the company. The secretary said that he had a policy of taking newly promoted "management" employee's to lunch. Jenny was surprised because she hadn't realized that she was "management" now. She scheduled the lunch for the following day.

Jenny could hardly work the rest of the day. The incident with Tom the day before and now lunch with the boss was almost too much. While she was excited about being invited to lunch, there was also a good bit of nervousness. She had never gone to lunch with anyone higher than Tom. Mr. Davenport was "Mr. Big". She had seen him several times and been introduced when she started work. He was a handsome and tall man in his late forties with silver gray hair and penetrating blue eyes. Although Jenny had only met him briefly, she remembered how his presence had energized the room. Everyone at the agency seemed to like him.

The following day, Jenny arrived at work wearing her most professional suit. It was a black pin-stripped suit with a modestly tight skirt and tapered jacket. She wore a powder blue blouse underneath. She felt good about her appearance and thought she looked very professional. Still, she was very nervous to be going to lunch with the President and wondered what she was going to say to a person in his position. She even rehearsed in her mind several conversations and pulled out a copy of the annual report to bone up on the company's financial position.

Jenny was still reading the report at her desk when she looked up and saw Mr. Davenport entering her office.

The handsome man walked over and held out his hand to Jenny.

"Hi, I'm Robert Davenport... call me Bob."

"Uh... hi... I'm Jenny," Jenny said, standing up and suddenly forgetting everything she had rehearsed.

"I know."

Jenny blushed.

"Tom's told me a lot about you... all good things. However, he didn't say how pretty you are. I think he's been hiding you from me."

Jenny blushed again and felt like a schoolgirl on her first date. "Uh... Tom's a good boss."

"Shall we go? I thought we would walk over to the Downtown Athletic Club. They have a great restaurant on the top floor."

"Yes... anywhere would be fine," Jenny said, letting him lead her out of the office.

The two of them walked the two blocks to the Downtown Athletic Club and took the elevator to the top floor. Mr. Davenport made small talk along the way... the weather, sports, traffic... nothing important. When they were seated, he ordered two glasses of wine.

"So, you've been with the company for two years," Bob said. "I'm surprised that we have never met."

Jenny wanted to say that they had met but he probably didn't recognize her because of her new hair and clothes. Instead she said, "Tom doesn't let me out very often."

They both laughed and Jenny started to finally relax.

"Well, I'll have to fix that."

Soon the two of them were talking like old friends. Jenny was surprised to find him very easy to talk to and quite knowledgeable; he seemed to be familiar with every subject that she brought up. When the subject of history came up, she was delighted to hear that he was a European history buff. It was rare to find someone that was into history like she was. Still, although the conversation was quite stimulating, she had a difficult time keeping her train of thought. Every time she looked into his blue eyes she felt a little tremor rush through her. It was rare for any man to have this affect on her so quickly. She found out that he was a widower and he had been single for about five years. It was difficult for her to believe that he hadn't found someone or that someone hadn't found him. She was dying to ask why but controlled herself.

As they ate their lunch, Jenny felt Bob's knee touch hers. It was only a light touch but enough to send a little tremor through her. She was going to move her leg away but decided to leave it where it was to see if he moved his. He didn't. Occasionally he would turn or laugh and his knee would press a little harder to hers. By the time lunch was over, Jenny was surprised to find that her panties were wet. And he had said nothing even remotely sexual.

When they arrived back at Jenny's office, she thanked him and he turned to leave. Then he stopped and turned back around. "Jenny, I have some tickets to the basketball game tonight. Are you a fan?"

Jenny thought he was going to give her tickets. She really didn't know much about basketball but didn't want to insult him. "Uh... yes, I go occasionally." She figured a little "white lie" was appropriate in this situation.

"Would you like to go with me tonight?"

"Huh?" Jenny said, sure she hadn't heard him correctly.

"I don't have anyone to go with and I was wondering if you wanted to join me. But I guess a pretty girl like you has a hot date anyway."

"Uh... no," Jenny said quickly, "I mean I don't have any plans."

"Good, I'll pick you up at seven. Just give your address to my assistant. We can get a bite to eat after the game if you like."

"That would be... nice," Jenny said as her head began to spin. She couldn't believe this powerful and gorgeous man was asking her out.

Because Jenny had never been to a basketball game, she had no idea what to wear. She changed outfits five times before settling on a pink V-neck sweater and white slacks. The sweater hugged and emphasized her large breasts and the slacks were modestly tight. She worried about her already hard nipples... they were plainly visible through the material of her top and her lacy bra underneath. As she looked at herself in the mirror, turning to check out her butt, she almost decided to change into black slacks because she thought that would make her look thinner. Instead she decided that she liked the way her butt looked in the white slacks.

She was almost ready when the doorbell rang. She rushed into the living room, straightening up the already cleaned room. Then she hurried to the door, stopping before reaching for the doorknob to smooth out her top. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles. With a deep breath she opened the door and found Mr. Davenport standing there with flowers in his hand. She was just a little shocked and her face showed it. "Uh... thank you," she said as she took the flowers from him.

"You look great," he said sincerely.

"Thank you... I'll just put these in water," Jenny said as she turned to rush into the kitchen.

"Nice place," Bob called as he wandered around the living room.

Jenny came back out with a vase with the flowers in it. "It's small but the neighborhood is nice."

"The place fits you well... conservative but pretty," he said, his eyes sparkling. "Shall we go?"

"Yes," Jenny said and followed the handsome man out the door.

When they got to the car, Jenny was surprised to find that Mr. Davenport had a driver. The car was a large limousine with a fully stocked bar. Bob offered her a drink, which she accepted. She needed something to calm her nerves.

The basketball game was interesting to Jenny but she didn't understand most of it. She knew that Bob realized that within minutes of the game starting. He didn't seem to mind and began to explain the game to her. By the time it was over, she felt like she understood the basics.

After the game Bob took her to a nice restaurant not far from the sports arena.

As they sat down for dinner Jenny said, "Mr. Davenport..."

"Bob," he interrupted.

"Bob... I have a confession to make. I've never been to a basketball game before."

"I figured that," he smiled.

"I'm sorry. I was just so surprised when you asked me out that I said the first thing that came to my mind."

"No need to apologize. I'm very happy that you accepted." Then he added, "Maybe the next time we can go to the Art History Museum."

Jenny wasn't sure if he were teasing or not but she felt a thrill go through her at the words "next time." "Yes that would be nice," she said but quickly added, "Not that the game wasn't fun."

They both laughed.

After dinner, the driver took them back to Jenny's apartment. "Wait here for me," Bob said as the drive let them out of the car. The two of them walked up the three flights of stairs to Jenny's apartment.

Suddenly Jenny found herself standing at her door with Bob. She didn't know what to do and wondered if she should invite him in., although she knew that his car was waiting outside. Then, before she could speak, Bob pulled the surprised woman into his arms. A second later his lips were on hers.

Jenny moaned and opened her mouth to his insistent tongue. Her momentary reluctance melted into excitement as she felt his arms squeeze her tight. Her soft breasts pressed to his strong chest as their tongues dueled. Jenny almost swooned as the kiss went on and on.

Finally, Bob pulled his lips from hers and looked into her eyes. "Thanks for a wonderful evening," he said.

"Uh... you're welcome," Jenny answered breathlessly. A second later she was pressing her lips to his on her own. After several long minutes, Jenny reached down and grasped his hand. She boldly pulled it to her now heaving breast. She heard the handsome man moan and was relieved to feel him begin to knead her soft flesh. She moaned.

Bob got the idea and reached for the waist of her sweater. A second later his hand was under her top and sliding up her warm skin. When it reached her bra, his fingers went underneath.

"Mmmmm," Jenny groaned when his hand found the flesh of her bare breast. She almost swooned when his experienced fingers began to tweak one hard nipple. Jenny's could feel her panties soaking through and the cotton material rubbing on her very swollen lips. She pulled her lips from Bob's and said, "Would you... would you like to... to come in."

"I'd love to but I have a plane waiting to take me to Denmark. I have to be there for two weeks for an international trade conference. Can I get a rain check?"

Jenny couldn't hide her disappointment. "Sure," she said.

"Sorry. I'll make it up to you. I'll call you when I get back."

"Okay," Jenny answered, thinking she would never hear from him.

Bob kissed her one last time and turned and left.

Several minutes later Jenny was naked on her bed with her favorite vibrator ready. She slipped her hand down to her very swollen sex and began to play with her fat and wet lips. As she pushed a finger into her she imagined Bob's hard penis in place of her finger. She reached for her vibrator and slowly pushed it into her more than ready hole. Suddenly, pleasure exploded in her head as she lifted her hips from the bed as a strong climax rushed through her. Her body trembled and shook until exhaustion took over and she collapsed.

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