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Living Proof


My name is Scott. Something I always dreamed of happened a few years ago, but not the way I wanted it.

Six years ago, I moved to Bloomington to manage one of my company's factories. The pay was good, but I didn't know anyone there! That's why I joined a bowling league. I put my name on a list for teams that needed a fifth player to fill out their roster. Simon was the captain, but Jim Linz and I found out we were also into canoeing. I mentioned that I was putting some money aside to buy my own. Jim went one better. He was looking to build his own, and he suggested we should do it together. Perfect! Now, not only did I have something to do on Tuesday nights, but my Saturdays became more fun.

The first week, we visited a couple different lumber yards and home improvement shops to find the kind of wood we'd need. His wife had gone with her sister and two friends on a shopping trip to Chicago. The next weekend, while we were cutting the boards that we'd put together later, she brought us a six-pack of A&W's. I'm more of a Coke man, but I appreciate a good root beer too. Jim barely acknowledged her presence, but I thanked her and introduced myself. Her name was Lynn. It was the middle of October, so Lynn wore jeans and a plain sweatshirt. The sweatshirt was loose, but I thought she filled out the jeans nicely. It took us the next two Saturdays to cut all the wood. The first of those weeks, Lynn made us some grilled cheese sandwiches. Jim loves them, and I grew up eating them, so it was comforting. It was still cool, but she wasn't going anywhere that day, so she wore shorts and a sweatshirt from St. Regis University, my alma mater in Indiana. (It was founded as a Jesuit college, but eventually it split off from the order and expanded its degree programs.) I found out that she went there as well!

That night, I remembered Janine, a classmate from one of my senior-level classes who happened to be a cheerleader. Contrary to the popular image, the cheerleaders I've known have been neither stupid nor shallow. In fact, I distinctly remember that she got the top score on the midterm in that class. I had managed to extract from her the fact that she was dating someone, so I never asked her out. However, a couple times she happened to be right in front of me when we were leaving class, and her cheerleading uniform accentuated what a nice rear she had. It dawned on me that Lynn's butt reminded me of Janine's. I found myself imagining Lynn in the uniform, and then hoping that she'd join us on a canoe trip so I could see her in a swimsuit.

The next week, we were about halfway finished cutting the wood when Jim got a call from the weekend secretary at his office. He's a shift supervisor at a factory with enough seniority that he gets to work the first shift on weekdays. On this occasion, the supervisor for the Saturday evening shift had gotten very sick partway through the shift, and they needed someone to finish. He said he'd be back in a couple hours and I could hang out at his place for a little while, or we could finish cutting the next week. I opted to hang around.

When I thought Jim would be back in a couple hours, it wasn't hard to relax. I turned on a college football game, and Lynn offered me a drink. When she came back with a Miller, they cut away for an update. St. Regis was clobbering Kokomo Tech in the first quarter. When she saw that the game was on TV in our area, she decided to join me and watch the fireworks. She excused herself and came back with some chips. She was wearing a somewhat low-cut T-shirt and tighter jeans than I'd seen her in before. When she was standing in front of me with the drinks, I could note the low cut and move on. When she was sitting to my right, and the chips were on the far right side of the table, there was no way to pick up a few without getting a look at her right breast. She wasn't wearing a bra.

At halftime, I thanked her for the chips and the company. She said, "You're welcome. I haven't watched St. Regis in ages."

I felt bold. "Jim doesn't appreciate you, does he?"

"I can't remember the last time he thanked me for anything. He just takes things for granted."

"Does he do nice things for you?"

"He usually buys me something nice on the usual gift-giving occasions, but as far as spontaneous things? No."

"Do you work?"

"I'm a teacher's aide in a Special Ed class."

"So you get home, then cook him supper, and-Shit, I'm part of the reason you're alone on Tuesdays." I paused when I realized I'd said "shit." I don't usually use four-letter words unless I'm very familiar with someone. "Or are you?"

Lynn nodded. "That's just Tuesdays. He also plays poker on Wednesdays and has a split shift every other Thursday."

"How long have you been married?"

"Seven years."

"No kids?"

"No." Even though I'd broken the profanity barrier, I didn't ask why not. I didn't have to. "We're not avoiding it; it just hasn't happened."

I changed the subject. "I just realized I'm assuming something I don't know. Did you take his name?"

"Yes," she said with disdain. "He wouldn't marry me unless I did."

"Nothing wrong with 'Linz,'" I said. Then I added, "Unless it makes your name Lynn Linz."

We ran out of chips just before the game resumed. Lynn excused herself to get more. When she came back, she had a different shirt on. This was a button-down, and she hadn't buttoned it all the way. She still wasn't wearing a bra, so I could see cleavage. In the third quarter, they sent out their second-string offense but kept their defense strong. They kept Kokomo at bay but only managed a couple field goals. Finally, in the fourth, Kokomo put their own second-stringers in. St. Regis made an interception and got their first touchdown of the half. We were both excited, and Lynn slapped my thigh as we got up. We looked at each other, and I could see a little more tit than before. Was it just because of the angle, or was I not trying to avoid it this time? I sat down in a hurry and looked at the TV again. A few minutes later, a St. Regis defender got a 20-plus-yard sack, and we both got excited again. We didn't stand up, but Lynn put her hand on my thigh and didn't take it off till the game ended. I didn't do anything to stop her, but I hoped she didn't notice that I was getting an erection. Jim came home just as the players were leaving the field, and we finished cutting the wood.

The next week, we got our materials out and started bending the pieces of wood into the shapes we'd need them when we put them together. When she came out with our drinks this time, she was wearing a sweater that covered her from neck to below the waist. No nice view this time, except that I could tell when she turned in either direction that she still wasn't wearing a bra. Her jeans were still tight enough for me to appreciate her ass as she was leaving, and I thought she was shaking it.

The thought of a beautiful woman like Lynn sitting home alone three nights in a row bothered me more than I wanted to admit. As far as Jim knew, I didn't know the details of his evening schedule. I called his house Wednesday evening. I figured if he answered, or even if he just saw my name on the Caller ID, I'd tell him I had to go out of town that weekend. Lynn answered and confirmed that he was at his poker game. I asked, "Are you sure it's not 'poke-her' night?"

"I've been there once or twice. The closest thing to a woman in that group is a metrosexual guy named Leslie."

Finally I broke the ice. "You're always bringing us drinks. Can I get you a drink somewhere?"

I could hear the excitement in her voice. "Sure! Where do you wanna meet?"

"There's a new bar, O'Malley's, just a block east from your house. I'll meet you in 20 minutes."

I was already at the bar when she walked in. She was wearing blue dress that had a deep V neck. Once again, she didn't wear a bra. I greeted her and got us a table. I had a Canada Dry, and she had a Coors Light. She nursed her drink, but I finished my soda. After some unimportant chat, I told her, "It's criminal how he ignores you. You do all those nice things for him and me, and I assume you're the same way with any other friends he brings over. And with your body and face, you should be over there dancing!"

Music was playing in the next room. "Are you asking me to dance?" Lynn asked.

"Yes, I am," I said more confidently than I should.

"I accept," she said.

We went to the dance area. When she shook, her tits moved wildly from side to side. I thought I even saw a nipple once. I put my arms around her waist for the next number. If she was wearing underwear, it had a very smooth elastic. The next dance was slow. She took my hands and moved them down to her bottom. "I know you've been looking at it," she told me.

"I, uh. Hell, no point in denying it. How can I not look at an ass like that?"

"Well, if you like it, you can enjoy it some more." Lynn turned around, moving my hands to her lower hips. I still didn't feel any kind of underwear hem where I expected it. I pulled her toward me and moved my hands to her upper thighs. She shook her ass right in my crotch. I was hard, and I didn't know whether it was worse if she felt it or if the rest of the room saw it. I moved my hands to her inner thighs and drew them up. "No, none at all," she whispered back to me. I moved my hands in a little. "I'm not stopping you," she informed me.

I didn't move my hands, but I pulled her back toward me and rubbed my cock into her ass. "I'm not stopping you either," I replied, waiting to see what she did. She moved my hands up until they were just below her bust. I turned my palms up.

"Like what you see?" she asked.

"And feel," I answered, moving my hands just enough for emphasis.

She rubbed her ass against my cock again and said, "Me, too."

I stopped playing with her tits so I could focus on our lower bodies. I rubbed my cock slowly between her ass cheeks. Lynn turned around and felt my crotch. "Don't do that unless you mean it," I told her. She rubbed harder. "Finish your beer, and we'll go," I told her.

"I walked," she told me. "Meet me at home."

"I'll walk you home," I said.

"Don't do that," she said. "People will notice. But if you come in about ten minutes after, the neighbors will just assume that you're there to see Jim."

When I got to the door, Lynn hadn't changed her clothes. "Since you liked it so much, I kept it on," she said. "If that's okay."

"You didn't have to do that," I said with a grin. "You could have taken it off."

"I thought you'd say that," Lynn answered. "Or you could take it off for me."

"How long do we have?" I asked.

Lynn looked at the clock on the wall. "At least an hour. Follow me."

"You don't waste time, do you?" I said.

"If you're going to take it off, you may as well put it in the hamper." We ended up in their bedroom. Fortunately, the curtains were drawn, and the window faced the back yard. I pulled the strap over her left shoulder. The dress stayed in place, but I had a better view of her tits than I'd ever had before. I pulled it off her right shoulder. Her breasts were big enough that it still didn't fall. I laughed. "What's so funny?" she asked.

"Jim and I are working on a boat that you paddle, but now I'm ready-" I put my face in her cleavage. "-for a motorboat." I put my hands on her lower back and kissed all the tit flesh I could reach. I pulled the dress down a little, exposing the rest of her tits. I licked and sucked each nipple.

"Oh, God, yes. They haven't had that kind of attention in ages," Lynn cooed.

I moved behind her and pulled the dress down to her waist. I cupped her breasts from behind and kissed her neck and shoulders. "Then I'll bet these are even hungrier," I said.

"And how," she whimpered.

I stepped back, unbuckled my pants and let them fall to the ground. I pulled her dress to the floor as well. Sure enough, she was now naked, for all practical purposes. I still had my underwear on. I put my hands over her stomach and pressed my cock into her ass. "Do you like this?" I asked. She replied by grinding it back at me. I lowered my hands to her thighs, deliberately avoiding her genitals. "How 'bout this?" She pulled my right hand up until I could feel her nearly-bare pussy. I found her lips and stroked up and down. I tried to get a finger in, but the way she was grinding into my crotch, I couldn't keep it there. "Tell me what you want," I said.

Lynn turned around and pulled my underwear down to my ankles. I finished removing my clothes. She put her right hand around my cock and started stroking it. I already had some pre-cum on it. "Lie on the bed," she said, and I did. She crawled until she was crossways over my dick and took it in her mouth.

After she'd bobbed up and down a few times, I told her, "If he ignores you that badly, I bet I know what else you want."

She let me out long enough to say, "You read my mind." She moved around until her pussy was directly over my face. I've never seen a bald pussy in person before, and pictures didn't really do anything for me, but her almost-bare pussy looked amazing. I ran my tongue over her short pubes. By now, her lips had separated on their own, so I ran a line up and down between them. That prompted her to take my dick deeper into her mouth. When I started swirling my tongue around inside her cunt, she did the same around my cock. I could feel her hips tensing up just as my balls contracted. "Give it to me, stud!" she exclaimed. She took me back in, and we were each treated to a load of the other's cum. I don't think I'd ever tasted or produced that much at one time in my life.

We lay back for a while, and then Lynn got on top of me. Everything else up until now, I could live with for the time being, but I wasn't ready to actually fuck my buddy's wife. I couldn't speak, though, because I was just too drawn in by the attention she was giving me. As it turns out, she wasn't quite ready either. She moved up until my cock was under her pussy, which made it hard again. She proceeded to move back and forth. She was using the shaft like fingers on her pussy, and she was using her pussy lips like fingers on my cock. It was still enough for each of us to come one more time. She came over my dick, and I shot my wad onto my own chest. Lynn rubbed her pussy with her fingers and then ran them through the pool of my cum on my chest. She licked her fingers and shared them with me. She looked at the clock and said, "It's getting close."

I agreed, and I started putting my clothes back on. "Next Wednesday?" I asked.

"Thursday. He'll be working, which means he won't be home early."

"Are you sure about that?" I asked.

"He never has," she answered.

I was fully dressed, and Lynn had put on a T-shirt and jeans. "See you Saturday, then." I walked back to the bar and drove home. I contemplated what I'd done. How would she react when the three of us were in the same room? Would Jim notice anything?

That week we bent the wood into shape and clamped it to keep it that way. When Lynn brought us refreshments, she wore a long T-shirt. Jim didn't notice that she wasn't wearing a bra, nor that her underwear still managed to show what a great butt she has, nor the fact that I'd stared long enough to notice these things. He thanked her, which was a first in the time we'd been doing this, and turned back to what we were doing.

On Thursday, I called their house at 5:30. Lynn confirmed that Jim was working and told me to come over. We went to one of those sexy restaurants. I wore a more formal version of my usual business clothes, and Lynn wore a low-cut blouse and a short skirt. She was practically falling out of it. Jim's allergic to seafood, so Lynn took the occasion to order shrimp. I had a small order of ribs. We were both too eager to enjoy our entrées to do anything sexy with them, but we had a large banana split and spoon-fed it to each other. I deliberately dropped some down the front of her blouse. "You'll have to clean that up," she said. I leaned in and licked it off her breast. After we finished, we went back to my place, where no one would find her suspicious. Once we were inside, she told me, "You didn't get it all." She stripped down to the waist. I did the same, and then I licked every inch of her body from head to waist.

After I cleaned her off, I unhooked her skirt and let it fall to the ground. "Well, that's a little disappointing," I said. She was wearing underwear this time.

"It's edible," she told me. "And so am I!"

"I know that firsthand," I added. Not wanting to waste time later on, I stripped naked. She lay back on my bed. I nibbled on the right hip part of it until it came apart. I did the same on the left. Now I moved to her crotch. Without removing the underwear, I licked the space between her lips. I could see moisture forming. I moved my head up and took the hem into my mouth. I nibbled my way down until her pussy was completely exposed. I put my hands under her butt. I withdrew the rest of the panty and tossed it aside. I ate that pussy at every depth and every angle I could think of.

After she'd come twice, she told me, "I'm ready. Are you?"

I wasn't sure, but I moved up, kissing a line across her stomach, then both breasts, then her neck and finally her lips. "I'm right there. I guess my dick knew before I did."

Lynn implored me, "Never mind your dick. Listen to your heart." I didn't move in, but I didn't move away. She put her hands on the back of my neck, pulled my face down and kissed me. I moved up, forcing her to either close her legs or separate them. She spread them far apart. I let the shaft fall over her pussy lips. I moved back until the head was at her opening and moved in slowly. "Yes," she whispered. "Yes. Give it to me, Scott!"

"Give what to you?" I asked.

"You know what."

"You want me to fuck you?"

"I want you to make love to me."

"I like that idea even better," I answered. I went in a little deeper on each stroke.

"I want it all, damn you!" she growled. I went harder and harder until I could feel my balls slapping her thighs. "Fuck, yes!" She let her head go back. "Are you doing what I asked?"

"Yes, Lynn. I'm making love to you."

"Mad, passionate love."

"Yes, Lynn. I'm madly, passionately in love with you."

"Me too. I mean, with you too. Now come inside me!"

"I'm about to," I groaned, and I let loose with a massive load of cum.

Lynn couldn't resist torturing me. Her mother had talked her into hosting Thanksgiving dinner, which she didn't really look forward to. Knowing that I didn't have any family in the area, she got Jim to invite me over. I accepted in a heartbeat. The next day, I texted her. "The turkey isn't the only thing that'll get stuffed." She replied with a lip-smack emoji. On Thanksgiving night, she went with her family to the mall so they could take advantage of the sales, but she sneaked out and gave me a quick blow job in the back of her van. She put her jacket on when we were done, so no one saw the two drops of cum that I got on her shirt.

Jim and I finished making the boat in January. Lynn and I got together every Wednesday. The three of us made plans with another couple to go on a rafting trip in April. Each couple had its own tent, and I had a pup tent. They set their tents up close to the river. I went further inland. Both nights, Lynn came to my tent after Jim was asleep. We ate each other on Friday night, and Saturday night I took her anal cherry.

Jim had season tickets to the local minor-league baseball team. Sometimes he went with Lynn, sometimes with me and sometimes with another friend. When he went with the other friend, Lynn and I would get together. When the bowling league started up again in fall, I dropped out, and that became our new night. Jim and I also started watching college football on Saturdays. He printed out the broadcast schedule, and I noticed that St. Regis' homecoming weekend was the first weekend in October. Lynn happened to be in the room. "I haven't been there in a long time," she said.

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