Liza walked in her front door, snow following her in and coming to rest on the hard wood floor in front of the stairs. She closed the door and locked it. Shivering, she took off her scarf and coat, appreciating the warmth of the house. Shaking her short red hair with her hands the snow fell to the floor and disappeared.

It was late. Liza was hungry, cold, and sleepy. Entering the kitchen she poured herself a cup of milk and put it in the microwave while she made herself a small sandwich. Eating the sandwich she took her cup of warm milk and ascended the stairs to her bedroom.

Entering her bedroom, Liza put her cup down on the end table next to the bed and began stripping out of her clothes. She held her arms to her cold chest in attempt to return warmth to them. Picking up the cup she walked toward the bathroom, pausing momentarily in view of the mirror. She was proud of her body, at 5’ 8” she had wonderful hips and stomach, and an ass and breasts just the perfect size. Her nipples where still hard from the outside cold, and she shivered again.

Walking into the bathroom Liza sat her cup on the side of the bathtub and turned on the hot water, letting it fill as she adjusted the temperature to suit the cold still trapped deep inside her. Stepping into the bathtub, she cringed at first, letting herself adjust to the heat of the water. Sliding down into the water she exhaled in revelation of the warmth as it absorbed into her soft mound between her legs. She was surprised that she had not noticed sooner how much in need of sex she was. The long nights working had kept her too busy the last few months. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the enveloping heat.

Feeling very tired, Liza decided to end her bath. Slowly standing up out of the bathtub, water cascaded down her breasts and over her stomach and clitoris. She looked at herself in the mirror as water dripped from her nipples to the great pool below. Her skin immediately raised in goose bumps from the sudden lack of heat, causing her nipples to harden once again.

Liza dried off with a towel, and wrapping it around herself walked out into her bedroom. She flipped off the light and turned on her bedside lamp. Lighting some incense, she removed the towel and slid into bed. She reached for her book on the nightstand. Flipping it open to the bookmark she began to read…

…Liza awoke with a start. Her room was dark, and she could hear that the snow had turned to rain as it beat hard on her bedroom window. Something was wrong. She was restrained. She looked around the room, her vision still blurry from just waking up. She pulled at her restraints and found that she was tied to the bed spread eagle, coverings removed she lay there naked. She could not tell what held her, but it was loose enough only to move a little. Not enough.

Lightening streaked across the sky outside and shadows crawled across the room. Liza sensed something in the corner. Something was in her room, she could feel it. Fear griped her and she attempted to stay calm.

Something touched her leg, making her jerk away. Looking down the bed she could now see them. Several dark and long snake-like creatures slid across her body. She started to scream but the closest one rammed itself into her mouth. She gagged, tasting the slimy creature wiggle in her mouth. She tried to scream again but the creature sucked in her tongue, running small feelers over it continuously.

Two more creatures slid up to her chest, leaving slimy trails across her body in their wake. The left creature engulfed her left nipple in its jaws, followed by the other on her right nipple. The creatures’ feelers on her nipples were sending shockwaves through her body sending her onto the edge. At this instant she felt the familiar touch on her inner thigh. Looking down past the dark objects attached to her breasts and her mouth, there was another sliding up between her legs.

Liza squirmed to get away from the creature, but to no avail. The creature opened its slimy mouth and engulfed her pussy. Liza arched her back and moaned. She could feel the feelers inside her pussy, massaging her insides. While pleasuring her pussy the creature begin to suck on her clit, sending her into a pounding orgasm. Liza screamed through the creature in her mouth, bucking wildly against her restraints.

When her orgasm began to subside, she noticed the creatures sliding away from her, leaving her body shaking and covered in slime. As they slid off the end of the bed, she looked up and jerked against her restraints as she saw a huge shadow standing at the foot of her bed. She could not make out what the shadow was, but the snake-like creatures slid up its body and absorbed into holes in the sides of its flesh.

“Who’s there?” Liza said, her voice shaking. The shadow snorted, and climbed on the bed. She could tell that whatever it was must be huge. The shadow moved closer to her. At this moment, lightening lit the room, causing Liza to jerk back in terror as she saw the creature in full light. It had the head of a bull, and large horns. It was huge, and slime dripped off of its scale covered body, splattering down on her. She stared in horror at the eleven inch member which jutted from between its legs. A good four inches around, its cock was covered in small snake-like extrusions which danced in the lightening. Directly above it was a much smaller snake-like extension which hissed at her.

The creature grabbed her legs and slid its slime covered hands up her thighs slowly and over her stomach. Liza wanted to scream but the terror mixed with her recent orgasm held her back. The creature slid his hands around and over her breasts. As it fondled her breasts, Liza could feel it’s hands sucking at her nipples. She moaned and exhaled sharply.

Liza felt the creatures cock rub between the lips of her pussy and fear mixed with raw lust filled her to the core. The creature pinched and pulled at Liza’s nipples as it slid its slime covered cock all the way into her pussy. Her head shot back and her back arched as heat and lust consumed her. She could feel hundreds of tiny suctions inside her pussy and moaned loudly.

The smaller snake-like extension above the creature’s cock shot down and engulfed Liza’s clit, sucking it in hard as the creature begin sliding in and out of her pussy. Liza moaned and bucked against her restraints. Her nipples continued to be pulled and twisted as the creature began to pound in and out of her. Pure bless shot through body as she screamed, exploding inside. “OH MY GOD!!!” she screamed.

The creature did not slow, as it pounded into her furiously. Liza’s breasts bounced, begging for redemption. Her slime covered body shimmered in the lightening. A snake-like creature from before slid over her leg and before Liza could respond pushed itself deep into her anus, wiggling around, sending Liza into another earth shattering explosion. She bucked and screamed. Her pussy constricted around the creature’s cock, and it shoved it’s cock to the hilt of her pussy and she felt it pulsating as it filled her with warm slime.

Liza collapsed on the bed unconscious…

…Liza awoke startled. The sun was out and she was in bed, her book laying on her chest. She attempted to shake off the strange dream and wake up. As she slid out of bed, and walked toward her closet, she stopped. In front of her was something wet. A small pool of slime sat on the floor at her feet.

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