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Clogged & Crammed



Amy heard Sarah's desperate cry for help from the upstairs bathroom. "What is it?" Amy yelled, concerned. No answer — only a frantic thrashing amid sudden splashes of water.

Sarah's voice called out again, this time muffled and incoherent. Amy dashed up the stairs to the closed bathroom door. "What's happening?" she called. But all she could hear was the frantic thumps of a body struggling helplessly as water splashed on the floor. She heard Sarah groan and her voice attempt to scream again, mixed with strange, unnatural sounds of squishing and gurgling.

Amy was afraid to open the door. But one final gasp and call from Sarah persuaded her to finally burst through and find out what was happening.

The next thing Amy saw completely shocked her. She screamed momentarily before cupping her hands over her mouth in fear.

Tentacles - long, plant-like, and wet — were bursting out of the toilet Sarah was sitting on. They raised themselves out of the toilet bowl and crawled from beneath it through the floor — squirming, creeping, pulsing, causing water to spill everywhere. Some were thick, some were thin, but worst of all was that they were all moving — with what seemed to be a central purpose. They had all but covered Sarah, slithering over her skin and wrapping themselves around her body. They clung to her bare, smooth legs, which were caught at her ankles by her fallen panties. The tendrils slid around her torso, squeezing firmly around her waist and pushing her shirt above her breasts. Many small tentacles had found her soft, exposed breasts and were gripping them tightly — squeezing, massaging, one even opening at the end to engulf her nipple. The tentacles were crawling up her curvaceous back, clinging tightly to her skin, and looping around her neck, feeling her face curiously. One had wrapped itself across her mouth, reducing her calls for help to pitiful moans. The girl thrashed helplessly, struggling to move, but her naked body only squirmed in the grasp of the slithering tendrils.

Sarah stared at Amy with wide, fearful eyes, pleading for help in the only way she could.

Amy, in a sudden, unexpected trance, could only stare back. She suddenly began to feel like she enjoyed seeing Sarah restricted and tied up by this plant-like animal. She couldn't understand this reaction, but she couldn't resist it either. Sarah continued to implore her with wide, fearful eyes, and her voice tried to scream again. But Amy only looked at her with a strange, growing lust, and began to wish that she was being attacked by tentacles herself.

Amy looked down at Sarah's crotch. Her groin was poised above the toilet bowl, her bare thighs wrapped in slithering tentacles that spread her wide apart. Five or six dripping tentacles floated beneath Sarah's exposed pussy, cautiously approaching her skin and touching it tenderly. Sarah moaned in fear as they inched closer to her fat, fleshy vagina.

Beyond her control, Amy ached to be in Sarah's position. She could feel her interior begin to expand and moisten as she imagined those thick, slimy tentacles forcing their way inside. She wanted to be naked, trapped, ravaged. Her pussy burned with emptiness, and her head began to spin with the uncontrollable desire to be filled... stuffed... beyond natural capacity.

Absent-minded, she stepped towards Sarah and the tentacles. She barely realized what she was doing as she lifted off her shirt, allowing her large, voluptuous breasts to swing free. Her nipples felt cold in the air and they hardened quickly. She shoved her shorts over her round hips and her soft, plump ass, and they fell to her feet. She stepped out of her clothing towards the tentacles, now completely naked. She saw the fear mixed with confusion in Sarah's eyes; Amy, lost in a stupor of sexual desire, just looked at her seductively.

"Don't be afraid, girl. We're going to have some fun together."

Sarah seemed to calm slightly as some of the tentacles released their hold on her. They turned to face Amy, attracted by the scent and heat of her flesh. After sensing her for a moment, they lunged for her, snapping around her wrists and pulling her violently against Sarah. The tentacles slithered and adjusted around the two girls, squeezing their soft bodies together and smearing them in wetness and slime. Amy gasped in surprise at the force with which these tentacles moved — they speedily coiled themselves around the girls and forced them to embrace each other, their breasts mushing together. The tentacle around Sarah's mouth released, and she gulped in frantic intakes of air; she looked incredulously in Amy's eyes, who had a wonderstruck expression on her face.

"I... I can't believe this is happening, but I think I love it," Amy breathed.

Her arousal boiled over and she pressed her full crimson lips against Sarah's. Sarah pushed back in surprise, but as she felt her friend's arms around her and felt her tongue slipping into her mouth, she began to relax. Having Amy next to her began to comfort her, and soon her mouth melted into Amy's. She swished her tongue around inside Amy's mouth, smearing her lips over hers, losing herself in unexpected passion.

Sarah, suddenly finding herself unreasonably horny, felt herself become extremely sensitive to the tentacles clinging to her skin. Each one tingled in a way that caused her muscles to become more relaxed; as she became more receptive to them, the sensation spread across her smooth, pale skin. It sent shivers inside her as she felt small shockwaves that dove deep into her nerves. Her brain began to buzz with the warm energy that was entering her. Soon she couldn't think straight at all, because she was overwhelmed with the physical reaction. She had become hyper-aware of everything she was feeling on her skin, and it spread like electricity into her slender, vulnerable body. She could feel the sensation traveling to a particular spot between her legs and resting there, working up to a deep, gnawing, tingling fire inside her. The feeling spread from the lips of her vagina, deep into her interior, and resting in a small portion of her gut: her womb.

Whatever this sensation was, Sarah knew it was causing her to crave that the tentacles would enter her. Beads of sweat began to drip down her face. Her heart fluttered. She grasped Amy in her arms, pushing their slippery breasts together. She leaned her head over Amy's shoulder and began licking and kissing her neck. The passion, the craving, was working to a searing, mind-numbing boil. She felt the walls of her vagina stretch in the desire to be rubbed, penetrated, filled. She let out a yearning moan.

Meanwhile, Amy was getting her brains fucked out.

She was right on top of Sarah, their bodies tied together, but Sarah was so entranced that she couldn't even notice Amy being shaken violently against her. Amy had tentacles entering all three orifices, and the ones in her vagina and asshole were plunging into her with merciless force. She was in a wave of orgasmic disbelief as the tentacles forced their way into her; and as the pounding was only increasing, she had no choice but to submit herself to their wills. She made no sound but an occasional muffled groan as the tentacles pounded deeper inside her with each thrust. Her eyes were almost glazed over, and she couldn't help the tears from streaming. It was painful, but the pain mixed with body-shaking, seemingly endless orgasms. Each thrust sent explosions of warm energy into her defenseless form, and this energy immediately exploded again into uncontrollable orgasms that caused her body to involuntarily convulse and spasm. Two, three tentacles had entered her vagina now, and as they twisted together they slammed her soft, wet interior even deeper, stretching her vagina longer and wider than she believed she could take. Her breasts shook and bounced with the force. The moisture squeezed and spurted out of her. She threw her head back and tried to scream, but her throat was blocked by a squirming tentacle.

Her mind was racing. She couldn't believe it. They were fucking her senseless.

They plunged into her with a loud squelching sound and she groaned. Then they backed out, slowly, allowing the walls of her vagina and asshole to close together. Then they pounded her again, squeezing out her juices and stretching her yet even farther. Out and in, out and in, endlessly, with more tentacles slithering inside. She felt the one in her mouth as it crawled deeper down her throat — it was warm, slippery, soft, and she slobbered over it with her lips and her tongue. She choked as it forced its way further down, making it hard for her to breathe. Through a mix of tears, saliva, and slime, she managed to keep swallowing it. Her head spun as she felt it sliding against the back of her mouth, its squirming tip lodged midway down her throat. She gasped for breath, but the slithering tendril liked it inside her tight, wet enclosure, and it only burrowed deeper. She could feel it struggling to reach her stomach, and she dutifully tried to gulp up as much of it as she could. The tentacle sent shockwaves of warm energy into her, and her whole head tingled with brain-numbing ecstasy.

At this point, Amy heard Sarah scream. But it was only an afterthought to her quickly failing consciousness.

Sarah, too, was by this point being fucked forcefully by the tentacles. When one had pushed gently between her tender folds, Sarah had only been too willing to have it enter. She had felt it slither up inside her, then three more came and began to try to fit themselves into her. She had wanted it more than ever, despite her previous fears. And as they forced their way into her, shaking her body and causing her head to reel in orgasmic shock, she felt her burning emptiness eagerly eat up the intruders.

But at this moment, she was screaming. And that was because the tentacles had forced their way so far into her that they were pressing at the entrance of her womb. In a sudden awakening from her sexual trance, her original fears had rushed back to her. She realized the tentacles wanted to impregnate her, and she panicked. She struggled to free herself, but there was nothing she could do. Her body was tired, weakened from the unrelenting orgasms. She was still held tight by the tentacles and couldn't move any part of herself. Worst of all, five tentacles were buried deep inside her impossibly stretched vagina, and there was no way she could possibly dislodge them. She was stuck, and she could only scream.

She felt the edge of a tentacle finally squeeze painfully through the tiny opening. It slithered into the small enclosure of her womb. Sarah gasped with disbelief at what was happening, what she was feeling. It hurt, and yet... She couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement. She told herself she didn't want it — but as she felt the tentacle brushing the soft walls of her womb, she was uncontrollably aroused by the anticipation of its warm, sticky seed filling her... Filling her completely, and leaving absolutely no room.

Meanwhile, Amy had literally no control over her body any more. Outside, she was gripped by coils of tentacles that squeezed firmly onto her soft skin. Inside, they only crammed tighter and deeper. Orgasms continued to shoot through her, making her muscles involuntarily twitch and contract. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her back arched, and then she fell limp. She was a rag doll to these tentacles now, she felt it. The thought sent her head rushing with an uncontrollable pleasure at being so subdued. Extra tentacles kept pressing themselves into her asshole and vagina, joining the others to plunge violently into her body. Her head rocked with the impact.

Finally, through a nearly subconscious haze, she could feel the tentacle in her mouth reach the opening of her stomach. It squirmed inside for a while, and then she felt something new — something being forced through the inside of the tentacle to its tip. The tip opened and released a hot, syrupy substance into her gut. It filled her out uncomfortably, but she was incredibly gratified at the sensation. The tentacle slid awkwardly back out of her throat, pushing itself back with extra pulsations of seed. Finally it slipped right out of her mouth, and a great amount of the gummy liquid burst out. She choked as it backed up her throat, and it drizzled thickly off of her glossy lips onto Sarah's chest.

Amy couldn't take any more. With her last shred of consciousness, she felt the tentacles in her ass and vagina begin to pulse and expel more fluid into her. Then she fainted.

Amy's limp body lay in a mess of tentacles and sticky, gooey slime against Sarah. Sarah's mind was racing. The tentacles had calmed down significantly, and now they only moved in slight, deliberate ways. The primary motion she felt was that of the tentacle embedded in her womb. It twitched and turned inside of her, causing her to quiver with each unexpected movement.

The tentacles shifted inside of her, and the majority of them slowly backed out of her vagina. The only one remaining was the one in her womb. She breathed slowly, anxiously wondering what was next.

She saw the remaining tentacle suddenly grow thicker, pulsating with a sort of underlying energy. She felt the whole of the tentacle increase in size, causing the lips of her pussy to stretch tightly. Inside her womb, she felt the tip expand, and the tentacle began to pulse and shift. Something big was coming - Sarah could feel it through the growing, rumbling energy inside the tentacle. As it jerked and twisted inside her, she cried out in surprise, pain, and quick orgasmic shocks that burst out of her.

Sarah couldn't tell if she was excited or afraid. She groaned as the tentacle twitched inside her. She felt like she couldn't take any more. A drip of slime entered her, and she gasped for breath. She knew there was nothing she could do. Sarah was bound to be filled with this creature's juices, whether she liked it or not.

She tipped her head back and relaxed her frame, surrendering herself completely. The tentacle immediately became quite stiff and she inhaled sharply. The tentacles holding her suddenly tightened their grip painfully — they closed around her like a fist, contracting involuntarily.

Then it came. Loads of thick, hot, juicy sperm were shot into Sarah's womb with a force that overwhelmed her. Within seconds the walls of her womb were filled tight with the liquid, but it still came pouring into her. She could feel her gut expanding at an uncomfortable rate — the tentacle was forcing gallons of its sappy fluids into her body. She screamed and grit her teeth as the seed only continued to fill her. Overcome by the physical sensation of being filled beyond what she thought she could take, Sarah began to go numb. Her head rolled back and her eyes fluttered, gazing ahead with almost no light left in them. The cum rushing into her womb caused it to balloon, pushing her other organs aside. The feeling of being filled to her utmost limit caused her to go wild with sexual bliss, but the pain was unnatural. Sarah cried out in a mix of terror and orgasmic stupefaction, barely able to hear her own voice as her mind overloaded.

Then, gradually, it ended. The tentacles' grasp weakened; the flow began to decrease, and finally it stopped. The tentacle squeezed itself out of her womb and slid, inch by thick slimy inch, out of her quivering vagina. Globs of sperm dripped out of her slowly.

Sarah had no strength left to utter a single sound. She could barely breathe. Amy's head lay, unmoving, between Sarah's cushiony breasts in streaks of slime. The tentacles now draped lazily around the two girls — some of them slithered off, others simply fell lifelessly. Sarah looked down to her swollen belly. It had bulged perhaps 4 inches. She felt the hot, gooey slime inside, pushing her to a painful limit. Overwhelmed, she let her head hang limp, and exhaled.

In spite of her utter physical demolition, Sarah felt a strange sense of completion. She was burning, exhausted, and aching, but she felt undeniably fulfilled. Her last thought, before she slipped out of consciousness, was that she was entirely full — filled to the brim — and she wanted it that way.

A sigh of satisfaction escaped her weak lips as she faded into darkness.

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