tagGroup SexLiza Transformed Ch. 01

Liza Transformed Ch. 01


This is part one an autobiographical series. I used literary license to expound on some of the details and I changed some of the names. But the basic premise is true.

Liza reflects on her life and her conversion from innocent to slut, and the comments she makes to herself are denoted in italics. Her husband's intuitive skills awaken her cravings for sex—oral, anal, group, and slight bondage. Even after their divorce, Liza continues on this path, until she is one day converted again.

Any part of this series can be appreciated on its own, but to experience Liza's transformation as it happened, you might want to start from the beginning.

So let's begin.

Chapter One

I'm going to be 30 years old in two years, Liza sighed, as she sat on the deck, drinking a Margarita. She'd finally returned to college, and her last final for the semester was yesterday. Molly agreed to give her a few days off from her job as bar manager. She needed to re-group before summer classes started. She was determined to complete her degree this time around. God, I was dumb back then. Okay, maybe not dumb, but definitely naïve and innocent.

He so enthralled me that I dropped out to marry the controlling schmuck. Yeah, he had his good points...I did learn about sex...oral, anal, group, light bondage. He took me from innocent to slut. It was fun, but will I be a slut my whole life?

How many girls were still virgins at 19? Especially during the 1970s? Me, for one.

But she did the diet thing and lost weight that first year of college, and genetics maintained her 38-C's. Still not the blonde-haired, size four "Barbie doll" looks that attracted the "A" crowd, but good enough to be chosen by the "King of the Cherry Pickers" at a frat party.

Wisconsin's drinking age was 18 back then, so the beer and booze were flowing freely when she, Linda and Nancy walked into the door of the house that Saturday night. He handed her a 16-ounce draft, and introduced himself. "My name is Jamey," he said, "but everyone calls me JC. Are you a new freshman? What's your name?"

Liza was leery. She had avoided these parties like the plague. But Liza's last mid-term was this morning, and she'd be heading off campus for spring break in a couple of days, just like everyone else. "What the hell—why not," she'd told Linda.

She recognized Jamey as a varsity football player, and knew his reputation—"JC" stood for "Just Cherries" because of his ability to pick one out in a crowd. He supposedly had a collection of girls' underwear ranging from granny-whites of all sizes to thongs in any imaginable color.

But he is cute, and those dimples are hard to resist, Liza thought. I know what he wants, so why not give it to him. I can finally go home a non-virgin.

"No, I've been here since last semester," she responded. "Didn't want my parents to freak, so I thought I'd focus on grades the first semester."

"Cool," JC said, feigning interest. "Let's have a shot."

About an hour and four shots of Jack later, JC pulled down on the vee of Liza's sweater and said, "I bet these boobs are beautiful. How about you show them to me?"

"Sure," replied Liza, "but maybe someplace more private?"

JC grabbed her hand and pulled her up the stairs. They walked into his bedroom, and he locked the door behind them. "Don't want anyone interfering," he smirked as he walked over to her and pulled off her sweater.

"God, they are real. We had bets going on that," JC commented.

He then reached around and unhooked her bra, letting her 38-C's fall free. He grabbed her boobs and licked the insides of them before forcing them together.

"Yeah, I'm gonna fuck these babies," he professed as he walked her backwards to the bed. "But you're gonna have to get me wet first."

He pushed Liza down onto the bed, and started to undress the bottom half of her.

"A nice red lace pair for your collection," she teased.

The leer on JC's face got bigger as he pulled the thong off, crawled forward and straddled her chest.

"Open up and suck on this dick," JC ordered as he held his hard cock to her lips.

Liza had blown someone before, but he wasn't very complimentary afterwards—too much teeth, he'd told her. Now, she reluctantly opened her mouth as wide as she could.

JC stuck his rod in her mouth and started to thrust. After a couple of minutes, he pulled out and backed up. He pushed her tits together and started twisting the nipples.

"Oh, God," Liza groaned.

JC then put his saliva-coated cock between the globes and thrust back and forth.

"Gotta stop now or I'm gonna cum between these babies," JC groaned. "Now I gotta do the other cherry," he added with a smirk. JC backed up more towards the end of the bed, grabbed her knees and forced her legs apart.

"Fucking a virgin is so sweet," JC bragged to Liza as he plunged forward without stopping, not thinking about Liza.

What about me, she said to herself as she cringed through the initial pain.

JC pushed her knees back and kept pumping away and Liza felt his cock hit bottom.

"Oh, yeah, baby," JC groaned. "This load is gonna be so big and sweet. Get ready to feel it."

Liza, eyes still closed, tried to focus on her pussy. Yes, she felt him, yes, she felt her pussy tighten. "Keep going," Liza said, hoping to reach her peak.

"Too late, baby, here it comes. Oh, fuck," JC screamed as he shot his load into her.

That was fun, Liza grimaced to herself.

JC crawled off the bed and pulled on some shorts. He left the room, coming back in with a wet washcloth. He looked at it after he washed off her pussy and grinned. He probably wants to make sure there's blood on it, Liza said to herself.

She crawled off the bed and quickly dressed, minus her thong. She grabbed the red silk and threw them at Jamey.

"Add these to the pile. I wouldn't wear them again anyway," Liza growled as she unlocked the door and stormed out.

She recognized three of the frat boys standing at the bottom of the steps—they were in some of her classes. She smiled at them and said, "He wasn't that good. Not sure what all the fuss is about" as she walked out the door.


Liza reflected as she stirred her drink and walked across the deck to the chaise lounge.

Could have been worse. Barney slipped a mickey to Linda before he took her virginity; she didn't remember anything. And I wonder how long Nancy stayed a virgin?

All this remembering is making me hot.She poured herself another Margarita from the blender, and went back outside. Where was I? she thought.

Oh, right. Phil. Not sure I want to go through this again. But might as well if I want this to be cathartic.

Liza concentrated on her studies for the next two years and avoided the frat boys. Then she met Phil. He was six years older and attending college on the GI Bill. He was in her summer American Lit class and he approached her in the student lounge one day. They continued to meet before class and later in the afternoon. The family rule was you could not own a car until you graduated and made the monthly payments and paid the insurance. So Liza saved her money from her part time job and bought a 10-speed bike. Ironically, Phil had one also. They'd put on their backpacks and ride the campus, occasionally stopping for coffee—and I usually paid, she recalled.

After two weeks, she agreed to let him make dinner for her. She shaved closely and primped, told her mom she was meeting Theresa and Ellen, and would be home late. Of course, one thing led to another after he grilled the steaks, and they ended up in bed. It was fun, but Liza decided she wasn't meant to experience a climax with a man. She didn't know Phil realized she hadn't climaxed and had begun formulating other plans for her.

The next time Liza went to his apartment, Phil pulled out a joint and told her to take a toke. She hesitated because she was also inexperienced as far as any type of drugs went. But she finally complied. She was completely relaxed when Phil suddenly suggested they take a bath together.Maybe I'll learn something, Liza hoped, and therefore she readily agreed.

"Make sure you piss real good and empty your bladder," he said as he went into the master bedroom to start the bath. "I'm gonna make that pussy squeaky clean, and want it to stay that way, at least for now."

Liza shuddered but went to the other bathroom and did as he instructed. When she entered the master bath, Phil stood there, minus his shirt, his fly open and his cock in hand. He stopped stroking when he noticed her and rubbed his pre-cum around the head.

"I love giving girls their first climax. Pounding into an unused pussy, feeling their bodies shake, tasting their cum. You gonna let me do that, Liza? You gonna let me show you how it's supposed to be?"

Liza watched him pump his cock faster as he spoke, and finally looked in his eyes. "Oh, yeah, Phil," she whispered. How did he know?

"Good. Now strip. I want to see those tits and that tight body."

Phil had already seen Liza naked, but she still blushed as she stripped in front of him.

"I love those globes, baby. Look at those hard nipples. You wondering what I'm gonna do? Is that what's got you turned on? Turn around and let me see that ass. Oh, yeah. Can't wait to pull those sweet cheeks apart. Sit in the tub and scoot to one end. I'll sit behind you."

The water temperature was perfect, and the bubbles smelled like strawberries. She chuckled at this, and Phil said "I love the taste of strawberries. Eating your juicy red cunt will be like eating one that's been freshly picked."

Phil joined her, and Liza leaned back against him. He bit on the side of her neck, and she groaned. He slowly moved one hand across her belly, slipping it down into her sex and lightly swiped her clit. He used his other hand to pinch her nipples. Liza started to tense up and Phil again bit her neck. "Relax, baby. Just sit on my lap and relax," he whispered in her ear as he pulled her body closer.

Phil twisted on her nipple harder, and drove a finger into her cunt. "Oh, that feels good," Liza groaned. Phil chuckled and added a second finger. After a few minutes of this, he did something strange and new to Liza—he stuck a finger in her ass.

"What...what" she stuttered as she stilled.

"Relax, baby. Stimulating this little rosebud will help you along. You'll see."

Liza had learned to trust Phil. They talked about school, their families, his experiences in the war, what they wanted from life. He was different from the other guys she knew, so she let him do what he wanted. His hand deserted her nipples and moved to her clit. He started pinching it and continued to fuck her pussy with his other thumb as his index and middle fingers slowly penetrated her ass.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna come," she moaned.

"Not yet," Phil said as he withdrew all his fingers. "We're just getting started, babe. When you come, I want to feel you pulse around this hard cock."

He stood up first and pulled her with him, holding on to her so she didn't slip. He wrapped a towel around her and helped her to the bed.

"Now I'm gonna make you come. Open your legs and hold your pussy open. I want to see the strawberry juice," he told her.

She felt herself blush, but she was too turned on to care. She used her fingers to hold her cunt lips open, and looked at Phil.

"Step one of Phil's special treatment coming up," he warned her. He lay between her legs, forcing them further apart. He licked from her asshole up to her cunt and back down. He did this several times before he lightly licked her clit. By this time, Liza was shaking and clutching the bed.

"Nice clit, Liza. Bigger than most I've seen," Phil stated as he bit it.

Liza arched her back and moaned.

Phil withdrew and said, "Roll over Liza...On your knees...Down on all fours."

What the hell is doing to me?

He licked her pussy one more time and then shoved his cock in to the hilt.

"Fuck, that's big...and deep," Liza moaned.

He didn't respond as he continued to pummel her pussy. But he did pull her ass cheeks apart. After several minutes of forcefully fucking her cunt, he pulled out and rubbed the lubed rod over her rosebud. Liza quivered.

"See what I mean about this little jewel helping you along?" Phil asked as he continued to skim her hole with his cock. "This cherry ass is mine, Liza. I'm gonna watch as this hard rod stretches this little hole. You'll feel what I mean. But first I'm gonna make you come."

Liza felt his fingers go into her pussy as his cock continued sliding between her ass cheeks. Phil suddenly lunged his cock into her pussy and stuck his fingers into her ass.

"Oh fuck, here it comes," she yelled, and he continued pumping into her as she felt her pussy spasm and his fingers continued fucking her ass.

She let go, and didn't see only stars as she climaxed—she saw the whole universe.

"God, girl, you just keep gushing," Phil commented. "Are you a squirter? I'll have to check that out."

Liza's head and chest fell to the bed, but she kept her ass in the air. Phil's fingers continued working in her ass. He withdrew his dick from her cunt and scooped some of her juice into his hand. As he dribbled it on her ass crack, he told Liza how to prep her ass for his cock.

"I'm going to pull my fingers out. When you feel me pushing back in with three of them, push out like you're taking a shit. That'll open the hole."

When she did as he said, she realized that the increased size didn't hurt that much at all.

"Now comes this mean piece of meat," Phil warned. "Push out."

Liza felt the big head push into her hole as she pushed out. Once he had the head in, he stopped. "Now get used to the size before I fuck this ripe hole. You should see how it's stretched...God, that's beautiful." Don't know what it looks like, but I sure know what it feels like.

Phil slowly pushed his 8 inches into her, and Liza moaned. When he pulled out, he used his thumbs to hold the hole open and plunged all the way in. Phil did this several times before he stopped.

"Here we go, girl. Use your fingers on your clit and diddle yourself while I fuck your ass. It's gonna feel so good."

Liza needed little instruction. She pinched her clit and stuck two fingers in her cunt. She felt herself gushing, and knew she was near as Phil continued to pound her ass, his groin hitting her butt. Her fingers started working faster as she started to hump backwards to meet his thrusts.

"Thought you might like it," Phil groaned.

Liza's pussy tightened in climax and she sprayed her cum on the bedspread as Phil pounded two more times and then shot his warm load into her ass. That feels nice. I came twice in one night.

Phil pulled himself out, looked down at the bed and frowned. "Girl, you left a puddle on my bed. Turn around and lick it up."

Liza reluctantly did as he said and then looked up at him.

"We are gonna have so much fun, Liza. I just might have to marry you. But first I'll have to introduce you to my friends," Phil told her.


Didn't get my degree and alienated my family, but I did marry him. What an initiation into sex. We traveled around like vagabonds because he would rather scam someone than work an honest job. At least I developed some bartending skills along the way. But I did learn about fucking. Baby, was it worth it!

They eloped, and moved north to live with some of his buddies. Phil enrolled in the community college because they needed his GI Bill money. She worked at a restaurant and he sat around getting high.I was such a sucker.

Last night Bob had come on to Liza, and she didn't know how to react. Phil walked into the room, and said, "Go ahead, baby, blow him. You can get him ready for Debby. She's gonna do the same for me, and I plan on showing you some new toys when you're done with him." And he sure did, she remembered.

Blow Jobs? Phil was a great teacher, Liza mumbled as she reflected back on one of the lessons.

Phil and Liza took a walk into the woods the next day to check on the status of the cabin they were building. He deviated from the main path and walked into a quiet knoll.

"Pull down those pants and bend over," he instructed her. "I want to check out that ass from last night."

"Please don't," she begged. She was sore and irritated because he had attacked her hole with the new vibrator.

"Just do it, Liza," he commented. "I'll make it feel better."

She complied and felt his fingers pull her ass cheeks apart. Soon his tongue was lathing her, and she began to get wet. "Oh, God," she moaned.

"Told you," he said. "Bob said you need some more help with blow jobs. You nipped him too many times last night. He's bigger than me, so I'll teach you how to deep throat someone his size. You need to improve that skill before we move on to a true threesome. He wants your ass, and I want to watch his black monster pound that sweet hole," he added. What threesome?

Phil pulled down his pants and lay on his back, stroking his cock. "Watch what I'm gonna do, babe," he directed. "This is how to get a guy ready for that mouth."

After spitting on his palm, he grabbed his cock and pulled on it with one hand, and grabbed and squeezed his balls with the other. Liza was on all fours, pants to her ankles. When he was hard, he beckoned her forward and began her lesson.

"Start by licking the head...Put the whole thing in your mouth to get it wet...Now lick my balls...Suck on one...Put them both in your mouth and roll them around...Lick back up to the top of this hard pole...Purse your lips around your teeth...Stretch that mouth open...Go all the way down...Lick that pre-cum off...Swirl your tongue around the slit...Swallow and you won't gag...Go faster...Tighten your lips as you go up and down...Oh, Baby, that's just right...Be ready to swallow because here it comes...Oh, fuck...More practice and then another session with Bob and you'll be a pro."

Dildos and porn? Phil knew the owners of the adult toy stores by their first names.

First came vibrators and books, and then various sizes, shapes and textures of dildos: "No, that is not a cucumber. See, Liza, if you take the sleeve off, it's 8 inches of cock, with little nodules all around. Can you feel them? Imagine that in your pussy." Vibrating eggs and anal plugs also earned their places in the toy basket.

And movies? I never considered watching porn before Phil. "Watch her suck that huge black cock while the other guy fucks her. Pretend that's you, me and Bob. You're gonna do that with us real soon. Now you know why I use those anal plugs on you? Gotta get you ready for Bob. We're gonna double-team you like that. One of us in your cunt, the other one in your ass."

Who knew anal plugs came in graduated sizes, allowing for adjustment and stretching? Not me.

Group Sex? Phil started this indoctrination with strip poker. Bob and Debby came over on a Saturday night, and Liza was under the impression it was to play cards. Phil had other ideas.

As he shuffled the cards for the first deal, he laid out the rules: the first to fold had to take off a piece of clothing; accessories and jewelry were disallowed. The same applied if everyone stayed in for the hand; person with the lowest hand had to strip one item. Bob and Debby smiled, and Liza squeaked, "What?"

"My game, my rules," said Phil. "Straight poker, nothing wild," he added.

Liza admitted she came out on the wrong end of the deck because by the end of the third hand, her boobs were hanging on the table. Phil occasionally took a swipe at the nipples, and Debby drooled.

Bob really got into it. When Debby came out of the bathroom, he told her to stop next to Liza. "Open those legs," he told her. "Let Liza see that smooth snatch."

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