Liza Transformed Ch. 01


Debby complied, and she actually pulled her pussy lips apart, giving Liza a look at the hairless and silky snatch and clit.

"Don't you wonder what that twat tastes like, Liza?" Bob asked her.

"Yeah, babe, think you can do her like I do you? Can you make her come by nibbling on her clit and sticking your fingers in that cunt? I'm gonna fuck you while you eat her out and Bob fucks her ass," he told her as Debby diddled herself.

They continued these basic "show and tell" sessions for a few weeks, but the initiation ended one night when everyone was naked. Bob and Phil naturally were the last in the game, so they ended up splitting the pot before stripping off whatever clothing they had left. Now the action would really begin.

Phil told Liza to show Bob what he had taught her about blowjobs. Bob knew Phil was working with Liza, so he had purposely given her a chance to practice before she blew him again.

Bob sat on the couch, and Liza knelt in front of him. She spit on her hand, and started gliding it up and down his pole.

"You know how to do it, babe. You've practiced on me enough. Wait 'til you feel this, Bob," Phil smirked.

Liza continued pumping Bob's cock in her coated fist and lowered her face to his groin. She started to lick his balls, first one, then the other, and then she suddenly slurped both into her mouth.

"Oh, Fuck," commented Bob. "Nice trick, Phil. Debby, check out what she's doing here."

After lathing his balls, Liza licked her way back up to the tip of Bob's cock. She circled the head and passed her tongue over the top, sticking the tip in his slit.

"Keep that up, baby," Bob moaned, but Liza had other plans. She planned on showing him all her recently learned tricks.

She took all of him into her mouth, swirled her tongue on his shaft and pulled back up. She circled the head with her tongue, making sure to hit the sweet spot under the crown. Then she repeated the process again.

After several swipes at his now rock-hard 10 inches, Bob finally pulled out of her mouth.

"Stop. I plan on shooting somewhere else tonight, baby. Debby, get your cunt over here."

Liza, still on her knees, moved back, and Debby straddled Bob, taking his full rod into her pussy in one dive. Bob pumped up a few times and Debby moaned.

While watching this, Phil leaned forward to finger fuck Liza. Then he pulled her back to his chest and started pinching her nipples. He snuck a pair of nipple clamps from where he had hidden them on the couch, and snapped the first one on her right nipple.

"New toy, babe," he said when she cried out and turned to look at him. Then he stuck three fingers into her juicy twat. He pulled the clamp straight out as he fingers continued to pound her cunt.

"Look at that black monster plunge that hole, Liza. You want him to do that to you?" Phil asked he attached the other clamp to her left nipple and pulled. "Next week he's gonna pound this tight pussy first. Then he's gonna break that ass of yours with his 10 inches of black dick."

Bob took this as a hint because he lifted Debby off his rod and turned her to face Liza and Phil. "Lube your ass, Deb," he instructed as he pulled her back to his chest. Phil and Liza watched as she reached into her leaking twat and grabbed out some of her juice. First, she circled her rosebud, and then she stuck two fingers in. After she pulled out her fingers, she used them to pull her hole open.

"Isn't that sweet, Liza? Look at that baby twitch. Now watch her."

Liza didn't need Phil's encouragement because she sat there mesmerized, taking it all in. God, he's gonna rip me apart.

As Debby slide her ass channel all the way down Bob's black monster, she opened her cunt lips to show her juice.

"Kneel up and watch that cock stretch her hole," Phil ordered.

Liza crawled up closer to watch Bob. Phil followed her and plunged into her cunt.

"God, you're gushing like a geyser, Liza," Phil moaned.

Bob pulled Debby off and used his fingers to show Liza her gaping hole.

"This is what you'll look like after I ram your ass," Bob told her before he pounded back in and picked up speed.

Phil took this opportunity to thrust his cock into Liza's back hole and she groaned. He lay back on the floor and pulled Liza with him, giving Bob and Debby a clear view as he rammed her ass.

"Watch her cunt. You haven't had the pleasure of seeing this yet," Phil chuckled as he continued ravaging her ass. "Pull your cunt open, Liza. Show them what you can do. Here she comes," he said as pulled on the nipple clamps.

Bob and Debby both watched Liza as she started to tremble and then pulled her cunt open—her cum shot three feet into the air. Phil plunged into Liza's ass one more time before he shot his load.

"Oh fuck, I wanna taste that," Debby screamed, as she started shaking and coming while watching the geyser.

"In time," Bob moaned as shot his load at her gaping ass.

"Next week," added Phil.

The four of them sat there naked and sated, drinking beers, pondering what next week had in store.

Will Bob really ram my ass like that? Shit, I can't wait.


He got me into anal and groups, and I'm still hooked, Liza admitted. I really need to get off. Probably going to need more toys, so I might as well go to the bedroom. I still can't keep it straight, though...does a full house beat a straight?

I guess I should be grateful. The next phase was even better,
Liza sighed as she shut the bedroom door.


(To be continued)

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