tagGroup SexLola's Birthday

Lola's Birthday


I sat with my coffee, gazing out of the window at nothing; my thoughts were filled with my upcoming fortieth birthday. My thoughts seem to be fixated on what I had missed in those years, places not visited, offers not taken up, and chances not taken. Life had become lacking in excitement. Now on my second husband and with the current one not giving me enough of what I craved. Forty seemed to be near the end of my road.

Cheer up, I thought to myself. Shopping therapy will help. I leapt to my feet with renewed energy at the thought of a new outfit for my birthday party. I headed for the shower, the hot water and scented soap lifted my spirit as I washed myself. My fingers teasing my nipples and twisting the piercing on the right breast until they were both erect, with a hand drifting down her stomach, into the shaven area of my pussy. Starting with a circular movement of my fingers on my clitoris, and with one hand on the wall to support myself, I worked my fingers until my orgasm was reached, with the help of the showerhead.

"God! I need more sex!" I said aloud to myself.

I walked naked to the bedroom and stared at myself in the mirror, pretty good, I thought, still got the curves, not too much droop for a 36D and many have said I have a great ass. I was tempted to lie down and give myself some more relief but I wanted to get the right outfit for that day, today, and not have to think about it for the rest of the week. I got dressed in a skirt and blouse and headed off into town still undecided on exactly what I wanted. A new store had recently opened with more up market clothes than my regular stores so that would be my first stop.

"Good morning, feel free to look around." Said the young man, as soon as I entered the door.

"Thank you." I replied.

"Is there anything particular you are looking for, is it for an event?' He asked.


I explained what the event was and he rushed off gathering various outfits from the racks, while I watched him. He look like he was mid twenties probably, a pretty boy, probably gay, but with an ass, that just made you want to take a bite out of it. His nametag said his name was Colin. He came back with about eight dresses.

"Let's start with these, are we looking for demure, elegant or hot?" he asked.

"Hot elegant." I replied, and we both laughed.

"Try these two first, I have another in mind, let me get that one." He said

I tried the first two but neither of them grabbed me, Colin agreed as he watched me move around wearing each one. He gave me another two to try on, one was close to being suitable but the color was wrong. He then gave me the one he had in mind and I went into the changing room to try it on, I liked it straightaway, black and sexy, but would Colin? I stepped out.

"Oh my, you look fabulous, it needs some attention but this is you."

"What does it need?" I asked.

"Your bra is making your breast look lumpy and you have VPL (visible panty line.) It's such a clingy material."

He suggested I take off my underwear and let him take another look I went back into the changing room and thinking this is some salesperson, he has me wanting to get his approval, then thinking to myself, well he is a pretty boy, and I do want his approval. I removed my underwear and stepped back out, doing a twirl for Colin. He came up behind me and stroked my ass.

"Much better, no visible, or line to feel." He said

I just stood there, not really believing he just did that, but at the same time my heart was pounding with excitement. I was still in a dream as he came around in front of me, and started to run his hand over my breasts and rub my nipples with his fingertips.

"Um! They do stick out when erect, and they are sizeable, you will need some more support. Let me find you a nice matching black underwear set. It's 36D, correct?"

"Yes." I stammered.

He returned after a few minutes and passed me some items telling me to put them on. I went back in the changing room and put on the smooth-line bra, the lacy boy short panties and the holdup stockings he included, all in black of course. I looked in the full-length mirror and thought I do look damn hot. I put the dress back on and stepped out for Collins inspection.

"Wow! What a winner, Do a twirl for me, lift the dress, and let me see how the panties and stockings look."

I lifted the dress without hesitation, keen to show him. I knew he could see my pussy through the virtually sheer panties, which excited me even more. He came towards me and put the flat of his hand on my stomach, fingers facing down, slid down under my new panties until his fingertips curled inside of me, I was trembling as he rubbed my clit.

"So soft and smooth, are you enjoying this, you are so wet?"

"Yes!" I said, hardly making a sound.

'Time to get sorted out, I will get a box for your purchases."

His fingers left my warmth and I dropped the front of the dress and walked back into the changing room, I removed the dress and the stockings and just sat there in my bra and panties, still shaking, not knowing what to make of it all it. A few moments later Colin came into the dressing room.

"Not ready yet, let me help you."

He reached around me unclipped the bra and carefully folded it and put it in a bag. He carefully inspected my nipple piercing and gave his approval. Then kneeling down in front of me he pulled my panties down my legs carefully removed them, folded them and put them on the side, Leaning forward his tongue started working its way into my pussy, I opened my legs to give him more room, grabbing his head I pulled him into me. I was savoring every lick, until I needed more.

"For God sake fuck me." I called out.

Colin stood up, taking me by the hand, kissed me, led me to the small table and I leaned over it with my elbows flat on the table with my ass high in the air. I heard the zip on his trouser going down and in a second felt his cock nudging my pussy. His hand were holding me by the hips, I was so wet I must have been dripping. As soon as I felt him go just inside me I pushed back, I really needed to be impaled by him. The force of him entering me astounded me, it was like electricity going through me as the first orgasm hit. My legs were getting wobbly already as his pace increased. My face went down onto the table due to the effect the pounding was having on me. His hands left my hips and went around my waist, the fingertips of both hand joined at my clitoris, teasing it, causing another bolt of electricity through me.

"Oh Fuck." He called out.

As he emptied his seed into me, I could feel his cock pulsating as he came. I lay there totally exhausted for a moment until I felt him withdrew from within me, and then I felt him cleaning me with a towel. He left the changing room as I got up from the table and got dressed. Coming out of the changing room, he was waiting by the till. My box and bag of goodies were waiting for me. He took my credit card, read my name and swiped it through the machine. He walked me too the door.

"Good to meet you Lola please visit anytime."

"Good to meet you as well Colin, It's been a pleasurable experience."

I walked back to the car, sat there for a good fifteen minutes contemplating the pure unadulterated sex, the luck that no other customers had walked in and he had no other staff. I concluded I needed a lot more of these sexual experiences. I arrived home an hour later than expected. Paul my husband was watching TV as usual.

"Have a good day dear, where have you been?" He asked.

"I just got a new outfit for the party." I told him.

He never bothered to reply, I went to the bathroom for a long soak in the tub and realized that I felt no guilt whatsoever about my adventure. I was positively hoping for more. That night we went to bed, I lay there still thinking about it all, I leaned over, grabbed Paul's cock and started wanking him, hoping to stir him into action, but no, he came quickly in my hand, rolled over and went to sleep leaving me to satisfy myself.

Saturday came around quickly; I had settled back into my normal routine by this time. My experience with Colin seemed to have faded from my mind as I got the house cleaned up for the party although more like a Soiree really, just friends and family were coming over. Uncle Dave was the first to arrive to help us prepare everything. He was not my real Uncle, but had been a family friend for many years. Uncle Dave and Paul often watched the ball games together so he was always around the house, a couple of my girlfriend also arrived to lend a hand and by three in the afternoon we were all ready. I decided to take a nap for an hour or two before everybody arrived around 6pm.

I awoke about 5pm, jumped straight in the shower, put on my face, sorted my hair, a splash of perfume and the new panties ,bra and stocking went on. I posed in front of the mirror, admiring myself, just then Paul walked into the bedroom.

"Oh wow! You look hot." He said.

"I can soon take them off, if you want to play." I said.

"No time he said, a few people have arrived." And walked out

Damn it! I thought, there must be somebody who wants it. I put on the dress and did a few twirls for myself in front of the mirror. I did look good. I joined the party and was pleased to see many relatives that I had not seen for a while, with their kids, which was good fun, I opened up various card and gifts and thanked everybody. We all ate and chatted and had a good time. The family started to leave around 8pm just as the friends started to arrive. We had separated the friends until later as we knew they would stay late and the family people with young children would have to leave earlier.

About nine that evening most people who had arrived, I knew well and had many compliments of the new outfit, which made me feel good. Uncle Dave introduced me to two new people who worked with Paul who I have seen before. Both in their late twenties and very hunky, Frank was taller than Dan who was more stocky, I smiled a hello at them and thinking they both can have me anytime.

"You look fabulous," said Dan. "Are you sure it's not your 21st birthday." He said smiling

"We would have come to see you before this if Paul had told us how gorgeous his wife was."

"Stop it you flatter's, Uncle Dave get them some drinks please. We all laughed and I left them and mingled with other friend.

I looked there way as I walked around talking and was pleased to see them staring at me. I knew it was just teasing, but I was enjoying it, watching their eyes following me around as I sipped my wine. I walked into the kitchen to open another bottle of wine to fill people glasses, Frank had followed me in, and he came up behind me and kissed me on the neck,

"A birthday kiss." He said.

"Well give me a better one than that." I said.

I turned around to make sure nobody else was in the kitchen and pulled him too me and gave him a real kiss, until we both had to come up for air and separated. A few people came into the kitchen and pretended we were deep in conversation until they left.

"What's that bump?" he asked pointing at my left nipple just showing through my dress.

"That's a Genie; it comes up when you rub it." I said.

"Oh yes! I like that."

He continued to rub gently, I could feel my libido rising. I then suggested we get back to mingling with the others. Ten minutes later, I was saying goodbye to two girlfriends at the front door when Dan came up behind me put his hand around my waist and joined me in waving the friends off; his hand dropped and started feeling my ass. I could feel his hard erection pressing against my leg.

"You certainly have the nicest ass here; hope you don't mind me checking it out." He whispered in my ear.

"You certainly have done a good inspection job, now I want to sit out back and relax."

"I need some relief." He said

I looked all around to make sure nobody saw us and led him into the bathroom, sitting down at the toilet I unzipped his trousers and pulled out his hard cock. He held my head as I fed it slowly into my mouth and using my hand to steady it. I sucked and rolled my tongue around the tip, with a good in and out action it did not take long for him to climax and fire four big spurts down my throat, gulping it down, I could hear him sighing as I cleaned the cum off his cock.

"Thank you, you are very good at that." He said smiling.

We both laughed as I headed out to the yard to cool down in the night air, with him a discrete one minute behind. I took a large gulp of wine to clear my mouth of protein. I had drunk enough wine to feel quite mellow and relaxed.

There was virtually nobody left inside the house except Paul who look liked he was dozing off in his chair, no doubt having consumed a vast quantity of beer. There was a few people chatting, so I sat around the patio table on the deck and joined them. After a few minutes, Dan and Frank ambled over to join us they had brought bar stools from inside the house to sit on. Sometime later people started leaving; eventually I was the only one sitting at the table. The music was still playing softly in the house and Frank suggested a dance. In a clinch with a nice young man, just what I need, I thought. We danced around the table with Frank's hands going all over me. I could feel his hand lifting my dress at the back until he had it around my waist.

"Enjoying the view?" I said to Frank who was sitting watching.

"It needs an adjustment."

He got up from the chair, got behind me and pulled my panties all the way down, I stepped out of them and carried on dancing while he sat back down and watched my ass from his chair while stroking himself. Frank and I sat down again.

"You know something Lola that dress is a real fuck me dress."

"Dan, can you go check to see if Paul is asleep?" I asked.

He returned, smiling and nodding yes. Frank pulled one of the bar stools directly in front of himself and invited me to sit on it, which I did. I kept my knees demurely together until his hand slid up the dress and found my wetness and I opened wide for him as he started to lick my inner thigh working up to my attention seeking clit, as his tongue came into contact with it, an orgasm hit; my legs circled his neck and pulled him in tighter. After a few minutes of his magic tongue giving me fantastic pleasure, he pulled back.

"Get astride me." He said, as he unzipped and pulled his cock out.

I got down from the bar stool and got astride him holding my dress up and lowered myself down on his cock, I was so wet, his cock slid all the way in without hesitation giving me the wonderful full feeling I just loved. I held onto his head, kissing him as I controlled the pace of a well needed fuck. I heard a sound, glanced toward the door to the house, and was sure I saw Uncle Dave watching but was past caring as the time. Two more orgasms flowed through me and I could feel the tension in Frank, as he got ready to cum deep inside me. I increased the pace of my thrusting and squeezed his cock with my internal muscles until he could hold it no longer and he jetted his cum inside of me, with a mighty sigh. We stayed still for a few moments until he said.

"You are one hell of a Fuck, Lola!"

"Ditto! Now will somebody get me a drink of water? I am so thirsty."

Dan ran in the house to get some water, Frank and I sat back in our chairs, with big smiles at each other. Dan came back with a pitcher of ice water and some cookies if we were hungry and for some reason the butter dish, I gulped down some water and felt perky again. I knew Dan would want a turn before the evening was over, but I needed a break for a while. Twenty minutes later the urges were back. I looked at Dan and whispered.

"Do you want to fuck me Dan?"

"Hell yes." He whispered back.

Dan pulled me up from the chair I was sitting in and bent me over the bar stool in front of Frank so I could hold his shoulder for support, my dress was lifted to my waist. I put my feet more apart to accommodate him thinking it was just a pussy fuck until felt something cold and wet on my ass and a finger probing my asshole. It suddenly dawned on me what the butter was for, I now felt two finger probing back there, Frank start distracting me by kissing me and groping my tits which had been neglected all night and which were still encased. I felt Dan's finger withdraw and his cock starting to nudge its way in, the butter was acting as a good lubricant.

"Go very slowly Dan! " I whispered.

I could feel his hands holding my hips as his cock gradually got more and more inside me the feeling of fullness inside me had never been greater. I was not comfortable in this position, but it got better when Frank put his arm through the bar stall legs. He started rubbing my clit and inserting a finger in my pussy, not quite a double penetration nevertheless, good enough for a first time. The sensations in my ass were getting to be pleasurable with Dan's steady pace.

"Please go faster Dan." I called out.

And he obliged, a bit too fast, as within a minute, he came, pumping his cum into me until his cock got soft before pulling out. We all sat down to relax and take a drink. Although my body felt sexually sated, it certainly was not too much for me.

"We had better go inside and check on Paul, we may have to carry him to bed."I said.

We all adjusted our clothes to make ourselves look presentable before going back into the house and check on sleeping Paul. It was nearly midnight, he seemed to be the only one left there, and even Uncle Dave was nowhere to be seen. We all stood looking at Paul and he suddenly opened his eyes.

"Happy birthday Lola, I hope you enjoyed my gift to you," he said, smiling.

"What gift?" I asked

'Frank and Dan, they are my gift to you. They are you playmates until tomorrow morning if you want them of course."

"Oh my God." I virtually squealed. See you in the morning dear husband. "

I leaned over Paul and gave him a huge thank you hug and kiss. Grabbed Frank and Dan, by their hand and I led them to my bedroom. We all sat on the bed while Dan told me what had transpired. It seems that Paul wanted my sexual need satisfied on my birthday and knowing he could not fulfill that, they had volunteered. They had agreed it would be a onetime thing with Paul. My lust was not about to argue. I told them I was going to have a shower and offered them the use of the second bathroom down the hall. I took my clothes off and had a hot shower to revive myself somewhat, then jumped into the center of our King sized bed covering myself with just a sheet and perfume.

Frank and Dan returned from their shower together with towels around their waist I was already starting to drift off to sleep. They pulled the sheet back to stare at my nakedness, from the smile on their faces I knew they liked what they saw. They both jumped into bed dropping their towels as they did so with one on either side of me, immediately starting to play and suck on a breast each. I had an idea.

"It just past midnight, how about we sleep until three am and go for gold again, I need to rest for a while. I will set the alarm?"

"Good idea," said Frank.

I really wanted to suck those cocks dry immediately, but I also wanted them both inside me at the same time. I had to make sure they could keep them up and firing for the next round.

It just seemed like a few minutes and I could hear the alarm ringing I looked up to see Paul bring in coffee for us all, he must have been listening to our plan, he put the coffee on the side and left, it certainly was welcomed though, we all sat and drank our coffee in silence, still half asleep. I laid back and immediately felt the usual stirring in my body of sexual need, my hands went down both the legs either side of me and found two flaccid cocks resting, I started to softly stroke them both, I knew I would have no hardness problems as they both started to grow in my hand. Frank and Dan were now fully awake.

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