tagLoving WivesLong Hard Night

Long Hard Night


The loud chirping of the morning birds finally persuaded me to crawl from under the downy comforter that comforted me through the night. There were just the beginnings of a chill in the air as this was the transition between autumn and spring.

My feathered friends must have been excited at the slight rise in temperature. I know that I was. Even though autumn is my favorite time of year, I cherish the warmth of the sun.

So I reluctantly rolled off the comfortable bed and slipped my chilly toes into the slightly warmer comfort of my slippers. James had given me a fantastic tongue job last night and that memory still lingered between my legs.

Passing by the window, I opened the drapes watched the sun peeping out from behind a daunting looking cloud. It wasn't going to be a pretty day.

I found James in the kitchen after following the smell of something delicious. He was cooking crepes and they not only smelled appetizing, they also made me feel comfortable.

I kissed him on the forehead and he pecked my lips.

"Mmmmm, those smell really yummy and are making my stomach happy! When will they be ready?" I ventured to ask.

'I didn't make these for you, my dear; I thought I'd take them to work to sweeten up my new boss. I don't want to go out of town again for another two weeks!" he snapped a little angrily.

"You've only been back for a week, how can they send you out again? Isn't there anyone else that can make the decisions about the program over there?" I was becoming a little angry myself.

"We'll see. I just hate to miss that party tomorrow night. It sounds like such fun," he sulked.

"I hate seeing you in this mood, but I know you must go through it. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Yeah, you can call work and tell them I ran away from home!" his anger was building.

He placed the crapes on a warming dish and pulled out a chair indicating I should sit and eat.

I pulled two pancakes off the platter and filled one with cherries and sour cream and the other with raspberries and blueberries. I rolled them into tubes and poured powered sugar over them. The fragrance was sweeter than anything I could imagine. I felt like I was in a restaurant made especially for me.

James poured us some coffee and he joined me at the table. Even though he made himself a few crepes, he barely touched them. He just picked at the soft pancake and mumbled until I finished mine.

"James, you need to tell her that we have plans and that she'll just have to find someone else to close that deal in Seattle. You've not her slave, you're mine Damnit!" I rattled on.

"It's not definite, but you know how she is!"

"Then tell her I made plans," I cajoled him.

"I'll call you later and let you know how I made out," he assured me while putting the dirty dishes into the sink.

We walked to the front door together and he kissed me good-bye. I watched until he backed out of the driveway and waved as he sped away.

I busied myself picking up some clothes that were strewn around the house. After throwing them into the washer, I ran myself a hot bath and immersed myself in the healing heat. I closed my eyes and let it consume me.

The ringing of the phone woke me up. I had no idea how long I had dozed, but the water had gone cold.

"Hello!" I answered still groggy.

"Were you sleeping?" came James' voice.

"Actually, I fell asleep in the tub and now the water's cold. Hold on a minute while I get something around me," I explained.

I stepped out of the now chilled water and wrapped a fluffy towel around my wrinkled body.

"Hi, sorry about that. I think it's the weather."

"No problem. I was just afraid you might be sick, sleeping again so soon after you woke up." "Anyway, I'm just calling to let you know that I have to stay tonight. There are some problems that seem overwhelming for everyone else. But I won't be alone. I have persuaded the head honcho that several others talents are definitely needed and Susanne has informed them that they also must remain and get this finished." James explained.

"I'm going to miss you tonight," I told him.

"Well, I suggest you find a real man to take care of you; I'm sorry I wasn't able to set one up for you," he sounded angry or upset.

"I'll do what I have to do; don't worry about me," I assured him.

After we hung up, I pulled out my phone book and surveyed the names of possible partners. None seemed to appeal to me. I was in a funny mood. I wanted someone new and exciting. I wanted an adventure.

I made myself some lunch and pulled out the newspaper. I turned to the current events section to see what might be going on in town.

There was a car show; that would definitely pull in some males and that might be a good starting place. Then I saw that a new club was opening just down the street, another good gathering spot. The alcohol would help me relax. There was a premiere for a new movie; that didn't sound very hopeful for a new playmate.

I decided to go see the new cars. More light there to view the possibilities, I wouldn't want to pick up someone that might be a serial killer. I could put on something that would attract someone exciting.

After a long, luxurious bath, I scrutinized my closet and pulled out my most sexsational dress that would pull them to me without being overly dressed.

It was light blue with a deep dip between my full breasts and a very short skirt landing just below my Venus garden. Spritzing on my favorite perfume, I felt sexy and appealing. I licked my index finger and touched it to my full hip and made a sizzling sound the spoke aloud "Hot!"

I was ready to play the crowd until I found the right man to fuck the night away. One last look at the hair and off I went to view the new cars and the eligible men who desired them.

The trip took only fifteen minutes and when I entered the showroom at the auditorium it seemed that all eyes turned from the vehicles and landed on my full tits. I held my breath.

A smile crossed my lips as I proceeded into the room. I held my head high in confidence as I was approached by someone I was sure was a salesman. "Good evening, ma'am, how are you doing this evening," his smile was bright and his eyes wondered over my body.

"I'm good, thank you," I responded.

"Fantastic!" He licked his lips. "Is there any car in particular that you might like to look at tonight?"

"Not really, just wanted to drop in and see the new models; my boyfriend and I are thinking of buying a new vehicle this year," I smiled demurely.

"Well, I'd be glad to show you my wears," he blushed.

"That would be nice," I cooed as a circle of man-flesh surrounded me. My salesperson seemed spooked by them.

"Are you looking for a luxury vehicle or a sports car? Personally I think you would look perfect in our latest sports car, convertible top, electric starter; zero to ninety in just six seconds. I can just see your hair blowing in the wind as it teases you."

Glancing down slightly, I noticed that his crouch had stiffened. A slight smile crossed my lips.

"I think I'll just browse for a while if you don't mind," I told him.

"Certainly! If you need anything, my name is Jeff, just call and I'll be there!" I could here the anticipation in his voice.

"Thank you, Jeff; I'll call you if I need you," I smiled and turned toward a sexy little green coup.

I walked toward it with my eyes on an equally sexy male. His smiled brightened as he noticed me heading his way.

I stopped at the vehicle and his smile grew brighter. Casually, he approached me.

"Nice looking car, don't you think?"

"Yes, it is. Looks like something I might enjoy. Sleek, fast, endurance, and drives hard; my kind of ride." I said softly as I looked him first in the eyes then traced a path to his manhood.

He blushed at first then his eyes connected to mine. He held out his hand, "I'm Kent, do you have a name that matches your looks?"

"I don't know; I might," I teased him. "Oh, come on, I've told you my name. Please share with me!"

"Now that's something I might do," I smiled and glanced again at his crouch.

There was a twitch and his face blushed.

"I would like to see how this car feels, want to join me in there?"

"Sssure", he hesitated only a second before he opened the passenger door.

As I slid in my skirt rose to just below my garden; he could see that I had on no underwear. Kent licked his lips, closed the door and rushed around to the driver's side of the car.

Once behind the steering wheel, his moist hand touched my exposed thigh. "Soft skin," he whispered as if he was afraid that someone might hear.

"Thank you," I smiled and opened my knees.

Kent pulled in his breath and let it out again. "Warm in here, huh?"

"Oh? I'm pretty comfortable," I smiled.

"Okay, just don't want you to feel crowded."

"On the contrary, I feel very comfortable." I glanced at his left hand. A wedding ring wrapped around it.

"How long have you been married?"

"Seven years," he answered nervously.

"Happy?" I asked.


"Any children?"

"No, we had problems there. And maybe it's for the best since I'm a bit immature myself." Kent revealed.

"Hmmm, just a child at heart, huh?"

"Yeah, sometimes; most times," he blushed.

"You're not wearing a ring."

"No, but I have a special friend. He likes me to play around; he likes to watch me playing around," I smiled.

Nervously, he scanned the room. "Is he here now? Is he watching now?"

I giggled. "No, he had to work tonight and I got lonely. So I decided to find someone to play with on my own.

His hand scooted towards my wet pussy. His little finger found its mark. My clit exploded with excitement at his touch.

He blushed and said, "I'm sorry, I don't really mean to be this forward. I've never met anyone like you. You're beautiful and open and willing. Not a combination I've ever seen."

I just smiled and licked my lips.

Kent leaned toward me and his mouth covered mine. On parting he said, "You taste good too!"

I laughed and said, "Thank you! Wanna go for a test drive?"

At that he looked like a deer in the headlights. Then he shook his head and made it back to the present. He licked his lips and asked, "Did you just invite me to your place?"

"Yes, I did. I can tell that you are interested. And I like your boldness."

He cleared his throat and licked his lips again. Then he scanned the showroom probably to see if there was anyone there that knew him.

Turning to me he asked, "Will he be home when we get there?"

"No, he's working all night," I assured him.

Licking his lips again, he nodded his head enthusiastically; "Hell yeah, I want to go!"

"Do you want to follow me or do you want to drive with me?"

"I should follow you. Are you very far from here?"

"Only about five minutes."

"Let's go!" his eyes gleamed with excitement and his prick pushed at his jeans.

He ran around and opened my door. As I stepped out, I made sure to spread my knees open for all the world to see my bare pussy. All eyes turned my way. I smiled; Kent blushed but proudly took my arm and led me out of the showroom.

I heard someone say, "Lucky bastard!"

I lead the way home and Kent stayed on my tail, careful not to lose me.

He parked behind me and was quick out of his vehicle to open my door.

He took my key and opened the door. I walked in and turned on the lights.

"Nice place you have here," he sounded nervous.

I decided to get the small stuff out of the way and try to make him comfortable enough for that prick of his to get stiff enough to please me.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just a little nervous," he blushed.

"Nothing to be nervous about, you're safe with me. I have condoms, and I don't bite unless you want me to. I promise, no one is going to come bashing through the door and kill you or us. I will do mostly anything that you desire providing it isn't harmful to me." I tried to assure him.

Kent took a deep breath and then walked up to me. His mouth covered mine and his tongue darted deep into my mouth. I felt the stiffness grow in his loins.

"You smell so good. I'm never going to forget that fragrance. What is it called?"

"Realm," I smiled.

"I really like it; it turns me on like nothing I've ever smelled. Maybe I should get some for my wife," he smiled. "Then maybe she'd turn me on again."

"That's entirely possible. Especially since it's full of Pheromones. Guaranteed to turn a man's eye and make his dick hard." I cooed.

His eyes gleamed and he said, "It's working on me." His hand grabbed his hard prick and he licked his lips.

"Would you like to help me with this thing?" he asked slyly.

I licked my lips as he slipped the throbbing head out of its bonds. It wanted to feel that thickness between them.

"Mmmm; that looks very tasty." I knelt before him and took the long shaft into my warm mouth. I first licked around the arrowed head. It was smooth and felt like velvet in my mouth.

I felt my juices spewing into my hot cunt. I needed desperately to be fucked! As my face slid up and down the long shaft I felt the fluids building up in my pussy. I also felt his jizm rushing to his knob.

My mouth anticipated the burst of his salty juices and my nipples became hard in the anticipation of his fluids splashing into my hungry orifice.

"Oh gaud!" Kent cried as his salty cum gushed into my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as possible, almost gagging on the excessive amount of cum he shot into my throat.

His body shuddered with the release and his hands dug deep into my shoulders as the flow of passion attacked his being. Once all his fluids had escaped, he fell to the floor, exhausted.

Kent looked up at me from the carpet. "It'll only take a few minutes and I'll be able to give you at least as much pleasure as you just gave me."

I licked my lips and smiled. "I'm looking forward to my turn."

I licked my lips then the tip of his pecker. His body shuddered with pleasure once again. His eyes closed and one hand found my erect clit. He pinched it lightly and then ran his thumb over its tiny head. Fire coursed through my body.

I went to the bedroom and pulled off my dress. I would leave any stains for James' pleasure.

Then I stepped into the shower and basked in the hot water that released the remainder of my passion. Lathering my breast with the soft soap I let my fingers explore the regions Kent's hands had ignored. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasures only I knew how to elicit.

My eyes closed, my fingers caressing my sensitive parts and my mind enjoying the games I played, I was shocked into reality as hands pulled mine away from my Venus garden.

Opening my eyes, Mark was smiling at me. I told you that I would only be a few minutes.

His mouth opened slightly and he ran his tongue across his lips. Then his hot lingua touched the tip of my now erect nipples. A shiver ran the length of my body. My pussy begged to be filled.

I threw back my head and surrendered the rest of me to him.

His chest was fuzzy with thick dark hair and it tickled as he pressed against me nibbling my neck with his lips as his hands explored all of my secret places.

I moaned aloud as his touch tingled on my skin. The water became warmer as his mouth covered my slit and his tongue slipped inside of me. His hands supported my weight for I could no longer do so.

The splash of the water stopped suddenly. I felt him lift me out of the shower and opened my eyes for the first time since he had entered the porcelain cubical.

Kent wrapped me in a towel and dried my hair and face. Then he again began kissing me. His mouth was warm and his hands explored every inch of me.

Carrying me into the bedroom, he gently lay me on the bed. He arranged my hair on the pillow and then spread my legs wide. Climbing onto the mattress, he knelt between my V-d legs and his hot tongue lapped at the juices that were now flowing there.

I moaned with pleasure and pressed his head deeper between my legs. "Lick it good baby; Mama's really hungry tonight."

He dug in and his nose flicked my clit as his tongue fucked me. It was really nice, but I really wanted a long hard Johnson in me. I wanted to be fucked until I couldn't walk.

I pushed him away from me and turned him over. His prick stood tall, wagging back and forth. I took it in my hand and stroked it slowly. I licked at the throbbing head and then I straddled him. His pipe slid easily into my wetness and lightening flowed down my legs.

My breath caught as the warmth flowed through me. My knees pushed up and down fucking his prick slowly at first. He licked his thumb and forefinger then massaged my clit. With the other hand he played with my now hard nipples.

The friction of our passion warmed me and my legs pumped faster to drive his pipe deeper into my horny pussy.

"Fuck me good baby! I need this more than you can know!" I cried as my head fell back, my hair tickled my hips.

Kent's hands found my waist and he assisted my rhythm making the fire burn hotter. He lifted me up and down quickly and I felt I was on a carousel, riding my favorite big horse.

I closed my eyes and my head fell backward as he jacked his shaft deeper and deeper in my hot fluids.

The gush of his manhood overflowed my cunt and spilled into his dark pubic hair. I wanted James to be home to lick him clean and suck his seed from me. But alas, he was not.

I rolled off him and soon heard the gentle breathing of his sleep.

Still not satisfied, I wanted more. I didn't want to wait until he awoke for another round. I thought, 'I should have picked up two.

I went to the dresser and pulled the biggest dildo I had and sat on the side of the bed. Legs open wide, I shoved the plastic dick deep into the fluids that had been deposited there.

Pulling it out, I smeared the slippery cum onto my still hard breasts. Then pulled them to my mouth and licked his salty gift again.

Fucking myself once again with fake cock, I played with my hard clit and my body shook with pleasure. But I was still denied the release that a long hard fuck would have given me.

The third time the phallus was pushed into my cunt it was snatched from my hands and replaced by a really large piece of living flesh.

"This can never do what I can!" he said as he stroked his long prick while slipping its head in and out of my lips. "I just needed a little nap. Now I'm ready to take care of you the rest of the night! Get on your knees, baby because I'm gonna fuck your tight, sexy pussy doggy style!"

"Mmmmm, that's what I need, an all nighter! I want you to fuck me like I've never been screwed before. I want you to make me beg for more." I whispered into his ear as I licked it.

"You're going to throw out that boyfriend of yours before I'm through with you!" he guaranteed me.

Kent pushed me back onto the bed, then flipped me over, rump in the air. His fingers ran between my pussy lips then his tongue explored the salty area. "Mmmm, tasty."

I'm gonna do your cunt first, cause I don't wanna attack your ass until I'm really hard.

His first ram was hard and I wasn't ready for it. I bit my lip to keep from crying out. Then he slowed, just enough, to make it come in waves of pleasure.

His movements were slow and deep. He found those special, tingly places; my body sang joyfully and responded in a way I had never known before.

Kent's hand rested lightly on my hips, at first, then on my shoulders as his shlong slid effortlessly in and out of my flower garden. My pussy generously stayed lubricated providing him all the moisture he needed to keep going.

He screwed me tirelessly for several hours. Then exhausted he whispered, "I need to call my wife and rest for at least a half an hour before I can continue one. I'm not as young as I use to be."

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