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Long Way To Love


This is my first time posting a story I usually write in note books and keep them to myself so here goes nothing. Please be sure to comment! And also there is no sexual behavior between anyone under the age of 18.

The beginning

Sounds of the night time air were blowing faster and faster and were getting louder and louder.The sounds of an oncoming storm seemed to

be so loud and scary in little 4 year old Brooklyn's bedroom.

She was under her blanket with her little hands covering her ears as thunder joined the sounds in the air.

"Be a big girl, be a big girl, I'm not scared." Little Brooklyn kept repeating to herself out loud over and over again trying to calm her nerves.

Then a loud BOOM! Filled her bedroom her big brown eyes grew even bigger.She tossed her covers to the side and jumped up and quickly put her favorite bug's bunny slippers on she knew her daddy would yell at her if she ran around with nothing on her feet and yanked her bedroom door open.

Then turned around and ran back to her little bed and grabbed her stuffed Bugs bunny. Then ran as fast as she could down the hall she heard her daddy in his office on the phone she opened her door and ran in."Daddy I'm scared!" she cried out He ignored her.

Doctor Richard S. Pierce was a well-known brain surgeon across the south. He worked hard to get where he was he originally grew up in Virginia his family was a lower class family of ten living from pay check to pay check.

Richard always hated not having what he needed when he needed it or what he wanted when he wanted it so he pushed away from his family and focused on his future at a young age. At eighteen he got accepted to the best college in New York and left his family only telling his Mother in a letter he never called or saw them again.

In a way he blamed his whole family for the reason why he had to work so hard to achieve his goals. He believed if they had of had money it would mad his young life of being bullied and never getting the girls he wanted a whole lot easier.

After the money started rolling in Richard quickly grew accustomed to his new life as a millionaire and also getting what he wanted.

Richard was Thirty years old when he got a new temp secretary named Clheo Shade. Richard instantly fell in lust with the eighteen year old fresh from Ireland whom was flawlessly gorgeous with her classic Irish looks of red locks, small frame and big green eyes.

Who was also all alone in New York, He seduced her with money and more money, by her nineteenth Clheo was four months pregnant with Brooklyn. She planned to give her child up for adoption. She couldn't let her parents find out that she was having sex and defiantly not with a black man.

When she told Richard her plans he told her there was no way in the world a child of his going to an adoptive as if he couldn't afford to have the child well taken care of.

She tried to leave him she moved and changed her number but he still found her he harassed her day and night until when her daughter was born she traded her daughter for her freedom from Richard. She moved back to Ireland and never looked back.

Richard hired a team to take care of his child and rarely saw her he was never home.

Until one day he came home and saw three year old Brooklyn was actually having a complete conversation with one of four nannies he realized he wasn't there for her first step or words so he fired 3 of her nannies and decided to spend time with his growing three year old he decided the normal place to take a young child was to the park.

The sun was out and shinning in the park with a light cool breeze which brought relief to the heat.

Richard felt out of place as he looked around at the other parents who seemed to know their children so well as he watched them walking their children and helping them on the swings feeding them and loving their children. His own daughter looked at him as though he was a stranger to her, which he was to her.

While Brooklyn was on the swing and her father was pushing her she began to giggle and warm up to him.

Richard couldn't help but smile at Brooklyn's smile which was so much like her mother's he knew instantly that he loved his little girl he just didn't know how to show her.

Then a young woman who looked to be about twenty years old came over with a young boy who looked to be seven or so walked over towards the swing next to them. As they walked over as Brooklyn slipped off the seat of the swing.

She began to cry loudly but Richards's eyes were locked on the young mother who couldn't help but look at him as well. As Brooklyn screamed and she looked at her scraped knee the young lightly tanned boy with bleach blond hair and who was very tall for his age he was nearly 5 feet 5 inches. He sat down next to her she glanced at him with her big brown eyes full of tears.

"What's wrong little bit? "He asked her. She ignored him and just kept screaming for her daddy who was paying her no mind at all.

"Hey come on don't cry." He smiled down to her when his bright white teeth flashed into a flawless smile and his dimples went deep into his cheeks, his bright sea blue eyes were so bright and full of life.

Brooklyn slowly slowed her tears as she stared at him as he pulled his army pattern backpack off.

"Look what I got." he said happily still with his flawless smile as he began pulling out a wipe and band aid.

He slowly cleaned off her scrap as Brooklyn just stared at him lost in his eyes almost.

"See? All better." He smiled as he stood up.

"My name is Daniel S. Brenan, can you tell me yours?" he asked her as his bigger lightly tanned hand took her deep cinnamon shaded hand as he helped her up.

Brooklyn yanked at her baby blue tutu as she slowly shifted her body back and forth.

"Huh? Want to tell me your name?" he repeated.

"I Brooklyn." She said softly her plump lips pouting.

"I like the name Brookey." He said.

"Danny." She said.

"No one's allowed to call me Danny, but I'll let you cutie." He said fixing his cap on his head.

Meanwhile Richard was talking to Danny's mom they were smiling and giggling happily.

"Brooke!" Richard called out as he and Danny's mom walked closer. "Daniel." His mom called to him he walked to her as Richard picked up Brooklyn.

"This is my daughter Brooklyn she's three." He said. "Hi Brooklyn you look very pretty, I'm Eva, I see you've meant my son Daniel, and Daniel this is Richard." she said with the same smile that Daniel kept flashing.

Within 3 months Richard and Eva were married and Brooklyn gained a step-brother and step-mother.

Richard and Eva quickly got wrapped up in being a rich well off couple and began to go all around the world shopping and traveling while their kids stayed home with two baby sitters.

Which left little Brooklyn to depend on her new big brother to protect her.

"Hold on for a second, go to bed Brooklyn." he said hardly paying her any mind at all.

"I'm scared." She whispered as he went back to his phone call.

"Yes, fax it over, yes." He said as he sat in his office chair, "daddy."

"GO!" He hollered.

Tears began to rushed down little Brooklyn's face then she turned and ran from her daddy's office.

She slowly walked down the hall trying not to listen to the sounds of the thunder.

She walked pass Eva gossiping on her expensive cellphone talking about her new clothing line Richard was funding.

She knew not to bother her step-mother she would also yell at her so she ran down the hall as she heard another captivating sound of thunder.

She got to a big blue door and she knocked lightly.

"Come in!" she heard Danny yell. She slowly walked into his bedroom which was the perfect bedroom for a nine year old.

"Danny." She whined softly.

Danny was laying quietly on his bed reading a book on photography. Danny glanced over at his step –sister knowing her fear of the thunder and seeing the tears in her eyes and dried tear marks across her little cheeks so he slid over to make room for her.

She climbed into his bed as he lifted the blanket for his step-sister.

"Take off your slippers." He said.

She did so he wrapped his arms around her and held her close after he turned the lamp off.

"I'm scared Danny." She said. "It's okay I'm right here." He told her as he rubbed her back the thunder didn't seem so loud when she was with Danny she then realized nothing seemed that scary when she was with Danny.

A few months later another storm hit as the whole family was in the living room Danny was in the arm chair reading another book about photography at nine Danny already knew what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to capture the world in a lens.

Brooklyn was sitting on the floor coloring in her princess coloring book.

Her parents were on the couch her dad and her step- mother was watching T.V, as a loud Boom of thunder bounced across the room little Brooklyn jumped up to her little feet.

"Come here Brooke." Her father said opening his arms to her.

"No Danny" she whined as she jumped onto Danny's lap and clutched to him. "He's reading Brooklyn come to me." Richard said shocked that the first person his daughter ran to when she was afraid was a nine year old.

"NO." she said as Danny wrapped his arms around her.

"It's okay I'm done reading." Danny said.

"No it's not Brooklyn I said come here now!" he yelled. She shook her head no and just held Danny tighter.

Richard got up and yanked his daughter from Danny as she screamed for her step-brother.

Richard left the room holding his yelling crying daughter.

That was the start of Richard and Danny's relationship. Richard never really seemed to care for his stepson after that night.

As the years passed Brooklyn and Danny's relationship grew closer and closer. Brooklyn always went to Danny when she had a problem and he always listened to her and made her feel better, but things changed when it was time for Daniel to go to college. He got accepted to Harpen university school of the arts in Miami, he decided to not tell thirteen year old Brooklyn who he knew would have a heart attack at the thought of her big brother and best friend leaving her.

So he spend the summer before he had to leave with her taking her everywhere she ever wanted to go in new York, even in New Jersey.

He knew he had to leave by august the 15th. So august the 14th is when he decided to go to her room and talk to her.

He lightly knocked on her door. He could hear humming from outside of her door he always knew that Brooklyn had a beautiful voice and loved to hear her sing when she did which was rarely.

"Come in!" she yelled. He opened the door and walked in.

"Hi Danny." She said as she stepped back from her canvas as she stopped painting.

"Hey kid, what are you working on?" he asked coming around and looking at her canvas.

"A Snow storm." She said. As they both looked the canvas was jet black with beautiful strikes across of it. It was so simple yet beautiful.

"Wow, how old are you again?" he joked as he began to take pictures of her painting. Daniel always had his camera around his neck at all times.

She giggled Brooklyn began to paint when she was ten and never stopped.

Danny had grown so tall and broad he went from 5'5 to 6'2 in the years and he began to work out so gained tons of mussel weigh and Brooklyn was still short but she was getting thicker to her dismay.

"You know how old I am, so there's this art show tomorrow night and theirs going to be all kinds of amazing work there I was thinking we go." She said happily as she picked up her dirty brushes from her easel.

Danny felt his chest tighten He knew by tomorrow night he should be in Miami.

"UM, I can't." He said softly as he adjusted his beanie on his head. "Why not?" she asked in wonder yet nervously she knew her brother always did things with her whenever she wanted and the only time he didn't was when he dated Annika Toler his sophomore year in high school.

Annika became jealous of the time Danny spent with his Brooklyn and the fact that he wouldn't let her call him Danny or Dan but Brooklyn could call him Danny and even Dan sometimes.

So he dumped her he knew his step-sister was more important than anything. He always put his relationship with Brooklyn before anything and Annika tried to change that.

Richard always hated how to his daughter it seemed as though his stepson could do no wrong and also how she always turned to him first.

The look on Brooklyn's face was full of worry and fear Danny couldn't bring his self to cause her pain like telling her he was living her, because even though he knew he'd be back for holidays and vacation he also knew Brooklyn felt abandoned by her mother and also her father.

Brooklyn felt as though there was always something more important to her father then her and felt as though he was never around when she need him, but she had Danny so she never dwelled on it.

"Um, yeah sure." He said he couldn't believe he was lying through his teeth at that moment to his sweet little sister he gazed at her big happy brown eyes, her flawless oval shaped face, and her natural light brown hair that was red in the light. He couldn't find it in himself to bring pain to such beauty.

"Okay great, you and me?" she asked happily he smiled back knowingly yet sadly. "You and me." He replied softly as he walked towards the door to leave.

The next morning Danny was gone.

Brooklyn went into his room the next morning and some of his stuff was gone she looked on his bare bed and saw a note addressed to her.

She felt her heart drop instantly as she slowly picked up ignoring her shaking fingers.

She slowly opened it.


I love you little bit, so much but I

got accepted to the School of my dreams Harpen. I have the chance to learn so

Much I got to take it. I promise you I'm not leaving you I'll be

Back as soon as I can I promise you. Just don't hate me this is my

Dream I have to do this. I could not bear to look into your eyes and break

Your heart. I'll call as soon as I get off the plane please talk to me when I do I'm

Going to miss you kid.


I'll be back when I can and I love you.

Brooklyn could barely breathe. Her whole body began to shake with hurt and fear at that moment she realized she hated Danny for leaving her and she knew she would never forgive him.

She didn't even feel the tears of hurt and sadness rolling down her face.

Present day

Brooklyn couldn't believe the party her father threw her for her 19th birthday party everyone she'd ever meant was there. Minus the one who'd been there the most, Danny.

After he left for college he called Brooklyn but she never took his calls he was too busy to come home for breaks but for the summer he came home Brooklyn went to 'Young artists of tomorrow camp' before she even saw him and got back a week after he was gone.

Danny then realized she really hated him and buried his self into his school work to hide the pain he felt for the loss of his step-sister.

He never came home for breaks or vacations and barley called.

It hurt Brooklyn that he stopped trying but she would never admitted that to herself.

She learned to deepened on herself and no one else.

She walked around thanking everyone who came but she couldn't help but feel she was being fake in a way because she truly was not happy.

Shela Lamae her best friend walked over to her and hugged her.

"Happy B-Day, can you believe all the people who showed up? I swear it was for the goody bags because we don't even know most of these people and everyone probably heard your dad put a free i-phone 4 in each bag and 200 bucks." She gushed.

"He probably did." She giggled as Cameron Deck Campus hottie at NYU her college began to walk their way. She wanted to go to a school art based but her father wouldn't let her go.

He didn't believe that being an artist was an actual career choice so her major was law and on the side she did art.

"Look I think I know what Cameron wants to be in his Goodie bag." Shela joked as Cameron walked over to them.

Cameron was known as the chocolate god his skin was so flaw less and well sculpted you could barely believe it was natural and plus her father already had their weeding plan he loved Cameron.

Richard saw Cameron as a younger version of himself.

Cameron was studying to become a surgeon, a plastic surgeon. But all Richard cared about was that he was studying to a surgeon.

Brooklyn knew he was attractive but she just didn't feel a spark with him she found him very boring.

"Happy Birthday Brooke." He said happily as he hugged her and handed her a bag.

"What's this?" she asked. "Open it." He said with his award winning smile girls usually lost it over.

"Oh okay." She said opening it she pulled out a brief case. She hated but painted on a fake smile.

"Wow! A brief case!" she said as he hugged her again.

"Yeah for your first future case when you win it you can think of me." He said. She almost couldn't stop her eyes from rolling he was also so self-centered she knew if she asked him what his favorite word was he word say 'me'.

Shela had to chuckle at that she knew her best friend wasn't into Cameron she figured everyone who saw them together could tell she didn't really like him minus her father Richard and Cameron himself.

"Oh wow great!" She said flatly then excitedly not wanting to hurt his feelings.

Richard came over with his wife Eva who was still stunning with her gray less blond hair and her father Richard who was still handsome.

"Hey Birthday Girl, Cam." He said man hugging him after kissing his daughters cheeks after Eva hugged Brooklyn.

"Look at that! I told cam that would be the perfect gift for you, don't you love it!" he said.

"Uhh, sure." She said softly.

"Great honey!" he said.

Shela stuck her middle finger down her throat Brooklyn almost giggled aloud.

Brooklyn was so happy when the party was over she and Shela put on Jammies and got left over from the party and curled up on the couch to the twilight Sagas all five. Brooklyn knew the franchise was kind of stupid you thought about it but she loved it and come on Taylor Lautner was even shirtless in some scenes.

So the mindlessly watched the first and second than half of the third is when Shela fell asleep.

Brooklyn was dozing off when the doorbell went off.

Eva came from out the kitchen and answered it then a loud scream awoke the girls.

"Hey Ma." Danny chuckled his voice was so deep now and manly. "Daniel!" she yelled jumping into his arms she couldn't contain her tears as they rolled down her cheeks.

"I know its late." He said. "We don't mind! Get in here! Oh my god my boy is a man." She said happily.

He chuckled at that.

"What the hell was that?" Brooklyn asked yawning and getting comfy again and so did Shela.

They feel right back to sleep within moments.

"What's going on?" Richard asked coming down the steps.

"Danny's back!" Eva said happily. "Oh, hey kid." He said with no care then turning and going back up the steps after kissing Brooklyn's cheek.

"He missed me a lot." He said sarcastically.

"Honey you know Richard no emotion." She said. "You want some food? theirs left overs." She said.

"Left overs? You cooked?" he asked with a face expression signaling her food was not good. Eva could not cook the whole family knew she could burn water.

"No the caterer from Brooke's party." She said. "Oh yeah her birthday, She's nineteen." He said.

"Yup you're both all grown up." She said happily yet sadly as she walked into the kitchen to heat up left overs.

Danny couldn't help glancing down at Brooklyn sound asleep. She looked so perfect and sweet he felt a deep pain in his heart as he realized this girl was not his little silly step-sister anymore. She was a sexy woman who instantly made his cock stiff and hard.

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