There were a multitude of reasons this library appealed to Heath. One was that it was open so late. He hurried up the front steps in the brisk October night, the smell of dry leaves swirling around him. He had tried to stay away but had given in to the urge. He opened the front door and stepped inside.

Another reason was the dim lighting. He walked down the center aisle between the long tables where the yellow glow of two bankers lamps lit each one. He could just make out the dark colors of the stained glass windows beyond. It had once been a church, long since de-consecrated, not that it mattered really.

The thing that appealed most to him about this library though, he thought as he rounded the end of the stacks, was there. Evelyn sat at the reference desk.

He smoothed his jacket and approached. "Good evening, Evelyn."

Evelyn looked up, clearly flustered. "Good evening, Heath."

"And how are you this brisk All Hallow's Eve?"

Evelyn smiled wryly,."I have the distinct feeling that karma is trying to kick my kiester."

He chuckled softly. "It has been my experience that karma tends to take the long view of things."

The phone rang so Heath nodded and proceeded to his table, taking up his customary seat at a table to the right. He sat down and opened his laptop.

There was something different about her tonight, Heath thought, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. She looked quite... delectable.

He felt the rush of hunger flood his body. Oh dear, this wasn't a good night for this. He hadn't eaten in days and he hadn't permitted himself the pleasure of a woman in over a century. The hunger rushing through his body was sexual as much as a need for food. The seduction that would bring her close enough for him to feed from was as much a part of his sexual desires as it was a hunt for sustenance. He craved sexual release almost unbearably. Why did he torture himself this way?

Heath closed his eyes. His right hand ached to cup the soft upward curve of her breast. She would be surprised, they always were, by the iron strength of his left arm as it encircled her waist and tightened, bringing her soft curves into contact with the taut length of his body. He would lick and suck the side of her neck, tasting the slightly salty tang of her skin. Ah, the thrill of her gasp as he tenderly bit down on her lovely neck, feasting at last.

She had the lithe body of a dancer beneath the shapeless clothes she usually wore. Take the gray fleece sweater with the cuffs rolled up she frequently wore. He could picture it so well. Her neck rose gracefully from the collar of the drab sweater. Her skin was luminous. Perhaps it was the way she pulled her white blond hair back, baring her neck to him. She was a bookish waif who didn't seem to realize what a desirable young woman she had become.

He opened his eyes and looked at her. That was what was different, her clothes. He couldn't see everything she was wearing, but she was clearly wearing some kind of dark purple silk affair with a plunging neckline. What had brought this on? Perhaps a man? Heath sighed.

She was utterly lovely, and so sweet, so kind to everyone who came to her for help. Though when she thought no one was watching, there was a strained look to her face. Money troubles? That he might be able to help her with. He had invested wisely over the years and Swiss bank accounts did not care who was depositing or withdrawing as long as they had the right information. Trouble with a boyfriend? His neck grew hotter. He could fix that easily enough, but really, he had never seen any evidence of a man in her life.

But it was all just fantasy. He could not permit himself to get that close to her. He had not fed on a human in over a century and he would not. This was just self flagellation, longing for her from a distance. He turned back to his computer screen. Why did he keep torturing himself this way?


Evelyn tried to focus on her computer screen. She had begun to think he wasn't coming in that evening and she had worried. He had come in every evening after dark for months now. They hadn't talked much, that may have been part of why she liked him so much. He never demanded anything of her, just a polite exchange of pleasantries. At the same time, she felt an attraction to him and... something more, some kind of peculiar... affinity for him.

He was charmingly anachronistic in his tweed jacket. He seemed a trifle old fashioned for a man with his youthful visage, but it was endearing. The boyish way his brown hair flopped over his right eye made her sigh.

Evelyn tried to focus again on her computer screen. It really didn't matter. He couldn't possibly be interested in her. She had had only one boyfriend in her life, which ended so badly that she had been convinced she could not trust herself where men were concerned. She would rather be alone than saddled with one like the last. Besides, she was so painfully shy that when men did ask her out she tended to demure straight away that she was busy or working or some other excuse. She certainly would never ask a man out herself.

The anxiety attacks had been getting worse lately too. Breathing exercises and working the quieter late shift was no longer sufficient to stave them off. Evelyn had finally seen someone about them and been given a prescription. She had filled it but it sat unopened in her purse. She was miserable, there was no two ways about it. Her parents had both passed away the year before. She and her brother had never been close. The shyness and anxiety attacks made making friends a difficult task. She was alone in the world. It seemed like only her daydreams and books gave her any semblance of pleasure anymore.

Her more recent daydreams had certainly provided pleasure but also left her with a sense of longing as well. They had revolved around Heath. She glanced over. In the latest one, it was late, like tonight. There was no one else in the library and she had locked the front doors. She walked up to him, her hand on the rough tweed of his jacket startled him out of his reverie. She smiled down at him and in one fluid motion, she was straddling his lap. "We're alone," she told him. Her mouth covered his and his hands caressed her hips as she ground herself against his arousal.

Evelyn looked up, startled at the sound of a dry cough from around the corner. Apparently, they weren't quite alone in the library. Steps receded as the patron moved away. She heard the murmur of voices at the circulation desk as the patron checked out. She sighed. Might as well do a little shelving. There were a few reference books that needed to be put away.

Evelyn busied herself in the reference shelves, putting things in order as she shelved, never noticing that her favorite patron had followed her, at a distance, pretending to look at a book down the aisle. She climbed up on a stepper and reached up to put a heavy tome on an upper shelf. Overbalancing, the book went tumbling and Evelyn followed after. She didn't fall far though.

She found herself wrapped in strong arms that gently lowered her to the floor, with her body pressed against his. Shaken, Evelyn braced herself in his arms, one foot between his two, bringing her into intimate contact with his arousal. She looked up. His eyes flashed in the dim light of the stacks. Evelyn drew a breath sharply and felt the adrenaline flood her body.

Her eyelids drooped, her lips parted. She felt his breath as he ducked to claim her mouth. His hands cupped her buttocks and caressed her soft curves as he pulled her tighter against him. His tongue parted her lips and dipped inside. One hand slid between them and deftly slid under her waistband, down into her moist cleft. Then he stopped. In one swift motion, he withdrew his hand from her panties, put her firmly away from him and turned wordlessly. He was gone.

Evelyn gazed down the empty aisle. What had just happened? Had she imagined it? Had she thrown herself at him? How mortifying. She had been willing and he had been so appalled that he left without a word. Hot tears of shame rolled down her face. She felt nauseated and couldn't catch her breath.

"Evelyn! Can you close up without me?"

Evelyn heard Sherry, calling to her from the doorway.

"I've got a hot date tonight. I need to get changed into my costume and go meet him."

Evelyn took a deep breath, and struggled to sound normal. "That's fine. Go ahead."

"Thanks! Have a good night."

"You too."

"Oh, I will."

She needed to pull herself together. She needed to close up before she totally lost it. She was feeling faint, and it was getting harder to breathe. The trembling had set in, the anxiety attack was taking over. Evelyn hurried to lock up and turn the lights out. She grabbed her coat, she needed to get out of there.

She rushed out into the cool night, letting the door slam behind her, heading for home. She nearly ran into a group of merrymakers. One of the girls with whiskers and ears leaned in and meowed at her, the stench of alcohol fumes filled her senses. She reeled back shaking. The group moved off, laughing

Evelyn darted down an alleyway, a shortcut toward home. She was halfway down the alley before she realized her mistake. Halloween wasn't a good night to go running down alleys. A dark figure surged up from behind empty boxes to stand in her way. She saw the glint of moonlight on silver in his hand.

"Oh, shit."

"Give me your purse," he said in a shaking voice.

It was too much. She just shook her head as he advanced.


Heath had been pacing for almost an hour. What had he almost done? He could have had her so easily. Her passion hazed expression had told him she was in his thrall. He could have had her right there, right then, between the shelves of books. He could have spread her legs, thrust into her, bit down on her neck and drank from her. He almost did. That was what left him cold. He couldn't trust himself around her anymore.

He slammed a fist into the wall. He couldn't be with her and he couldn't abide the thought of being without her. It was time. He didn't want to exist this way anymore. He would stop eating, but he knew that it wouldn't be easy. He took the teacup of A negative blood he had been sipping from and poured it down the drain. He really wouldn't be able to trust himself around Evelyn anymore, or anyone else. He would have to confine himself in some way.

Evelyn's face rose to his mind. He had to see her, one last time, to say good-bye in some fashion, even if just from a distance. He grabbed his jacket and dashed out of the apartment.

It was nearly one o'clock in the morning but the streets were relatively busy tonight. People walking between parties, dressed in masks and even costumes, laughed and carried on. Heath slowed down. He was in the habit of not calling attention to himself, not that the drunken revelers were likely to notice him.

Evelyn's apartment was only three blocks from his anyway. For the past two months he had followed her, watching from a distance to make sure she was safely home before he traveled the remaining blocks to his own humble abode.

Her windows were dark, she must have already gone to bed. Looking around to be sure he wasn't seen, Heath silently went up the fire escape. He looked in the window of her bedroom, but the bed was still made. The door to her bathroom was standing open and there was no light on. He looked in the other window that showed him her kitchenette and sitting area. Empty. She was always there at that time of night.

Heath flew back down the fire escape and around to the front door. Her mail was still in the holder. This wasn't like Evelyn at all. Had she gone to a party? Stopped at a bar? No, this wasn't like her at all. He had a very bad feeling.

There was a small store that was open all night which she frequently stopped at. He would ask if they had seen her. Heath set off down the street. The store was halfway back to the library, but he didn't have to go that far.

Heath was walking past an alley when a scent called to him, it was blood. Alarm rang through his body. He turned in and sniffed as he walked slowly. He saw a dark pool that had spilled from beneath some boxes. Quickly, he tossed them out of the way.

"Evelyn!" He scooped her up in his arms. "Evelyn, can you hear me?"

"No... please," she whispered.

Was he hurting her? It was probably her wounds. Poor dear girl, she was delirious, thinking he was her attacker come back. She had lost so much blood. The wound appeared to be in her stomach, not a good place. She was fading fast. There was only one thing to do. Did he have the right? It didn't matter, he couldn't stand the thought of a world without her.

He cradled her, brushing his lips across her hair. "You're going to be okay."


She felt the heat first. Then, as she swam to the surface of her consciousness, she felt the power coursing through her veins. She almost laughed aloud, it felt so good. All the nervousness and anxiety that she had battled her whole life, that had threatened to overwhelm her recently, was simply gone. She felt strong, clearheaded and the blood seem to sing through her veins. Her skin felt so lusciously alive. She opened her eyes and surveyed the room. Her sight seemed more vivid, the smells more intense, her. hearing more acute but still, she didn't know this place.

Her eyes lit on a figure sitting in a chair across the room, under a lamp, reading a book. She did know him. Heath. His tweed jacket abandoned, shirt sleeves rolled up and top button undone. She felt a hunger course through her and throb between her legs. She moved a fraction of an inch and the sheets whispered across her. His head shot up. He rose quickly and crossed the room to her,

"How are you feeling?"

With an arm, she flung back the blankets and slid her hands up her bare abdomen. "I feel fine. Would you like to feel for yourself?"

His eyebrows shot up, and he suppressed a smile. "Much as I'd like to, I'm not sure that would be a good idea. You're not quite yourself."

"I think I had a dream about being stabbed. It was very vivid, but clearly I wasn't." She lowered her hand and probed her abdomen. "I've never felt better."

"Do you remember today?"

"It's a little fuzzy. I know it was at the library. I remember you kissing me. I've waited a long time for that."

His eyebrows went up again. "What?"

She looked directly into his eyes. "I've been imagining us doing all sorts of things for a very long time."

"Oh really?" He looked surprised.

Her right hand slid down between her legs. She saw his nostrils flare.

Heath shook his head regretfully. "Evelyn, something happened that we need to discuss."

She frowned. She didn't like the sound of that.

"You were almost killed."

That just didn't seem very relevant to what was going on at the moment. "So?"

"Well, in order to save you... I had to do something." He looked intensely guilty. That piqued her curiosity.


He sat down on the edge of the bed. "Evelyn, you don't know what I am."

Certainly she did. "You're a historian, a researcher."

"No, that's what I do. I meant, what I am."

She just looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to spit it out.

"I'm a vampire," he mumbled.

"What?" She laughed.

"I am a vampire." He said flatly, but louder.

"I heard you, but what do you mean? You subscribe to a Gothic standard? You drink blood? You've had your teeth filed? What do you mean?"

"I mean, I came to this country during the civil war as a British soldier. I've been here for 235 years. I drink blood."

She scoffed. "You expect me to believe this?" She was getting cross. What was the point of all this? "If you don't want to sleep with me, just say so. You don't need to make things up." She got up and looked around. "Where are my clothes?"

Heath looked anguished. "Evelyn, it's true." He followed her.

"Oh, bite me." Evelyn said in frustration.

In a split second he was standing in front of her, his teeth bared in a savage grin that displayed a pair of very long fangs. "That could be arranged."

Evelyn gasped. Her eyes narrowed. "What did you do? Put in false teeth and contacts when my back was turned?"

He sighed. He captured her right hand and brought it to his lips, pressed a kiss into her palm in a courtly gesture then grazed her wrist with his teeth.

Evelyn felt a ripple pass through her body. She shook her head.

"Look in the mirror, my love." He took her by the shoulders and gently turned her.

Thrown off her rage by the term of endearment and his mouth on her skin, she turned and looked in disbelief at her own red eyes. She opened her mouth and reached up to touch the fangs.

"I thought vampires couldn't be seen in mirrors?" She said skeptically.

He laughed. "Oh, Evelyn, there is some truth to the tales, but a lot of myths and exaggerations as well."

"Okay, let's assume what I am seeing is real." Her gaze challenged him. "What does this mean for me?"

"It heightens your sensitivity, good in some ways, bad in others. You can only stand in the sunlight for the briefest of times, it bothers the skin and eyes. You can ingest food, but your body doesn't extract nutrients from it. You need blood. You're not invincible, but you're strong."

"Kind of like being a superhero?"

He smiled sheepishly. "Kind of, but the best part is..." He hesitated, then let his hands slide from her shoulders forward and around to cup her breasts and brushed his thumbs across the already erect nipples. She moaned enthusiastically.

The sound seemed to set him off. He spun her around and his head dipped as he captured the left nipple in his mouth and swirled the tip of his tongue around it.

She couldn't stand the teasing. She pushed him backwards onto the bed and pounced on him. Her body covered his and she rubbed against him. The intensified emotions and sensations coursed through her. His desire, finally released, echoed her own, bouncing off of each other and picking up speed and intensity.

In a swift move, Evelyn found herself lying on her back under Heath. Just as quickly, he slid off her to the side. She reached down to take his arousal in her grasp. Though he moaned his pleasure at her stroke, he only allowed her two quick pumps before he pulled her hand away, lifting her arm up over her head.

His hot breath caressed her ear as he whispered, "Be still, let me."

His right arm pinned hers over her head as the tip of his left hand fingers stroked ever so lightly down her shoulder, around the outside curve of her breast and along the upward swell of the soft mounds. His fingers teased around and around relentlessly, brushing over her nipples then traveling outward again. Down her arms his whispering touch wound it's way, drawing lazy patterns so lightly that it almost tickled but the feelings reverberated across her skin and sped their way to her core.

She was panting now, her eyes closed tightly, her arms held tight but her legs twisting, tensing as she shuddered at the heavenly torture. The touches ratcheted up the tension in her body until she didn't know whether she would go insane or orgasm. His fingers finally sought the well lubricated center of her and stroked just once.

Suddenly, he stopped. He let go of her arms and moved away from her a few inches Evelyn found herself breathing heavily and shuddering. She wasn't sure what to do, thinking was just a bit difficult and she felt almost spent though she hadn't even come yet. She looked up into his face and found a lust hazed predatory expression, hungry, as he moved inch by inch around her, down the bed.

Heath took hold of her ankles and lifted them up as he moved in between her legs. Up and up they went as he moved forward until they were resting on his shoulders and his swollen cock was nudging her slick labia.

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