tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLooking At The Neighbor Lady

Looking At The Neighbor Lady


I love where I live, it's close to town, but still secluded. I live on the edge of what I call a ravine, a hundred plus foot deep wooded valley with a small stream running through the bottom. It doesn't leave me much of a back yard, but it also means that there are no neighbors behind us. The closest house I have that direction is nearly half a mile across the gully. I know it exists because I saw the lights there this winter. As far as other neighbors, I have one across the street, a couple hundred yards away, and that's it. No side neighbors because I own a couple acres of woods on both sides.

My wife and I have lived here for over twenty years, raising our kids and enjoying the seclusion and solitude. Now that my kids are gone, it allows me to enjoy my other secret passion, being outside naked. I don't know what it is, but I love it. I enjoy feeling the wind tease my skin and enjoy how the wind tickling my balls makes my dick grow. My wife doesn't share my desires, but when she's not home I can go on the deck in the evening and just enjoy the night.


I found the secluded lot almost by accident, and realized that I had to have it. It was perfect. It took the contractor nearly six months to build the house, but it was done and now I could relax on my huge deck and lounge in my hot tub without the annoyance of neighbors. Living in town was killing my passion for enjoying the outdoors. I couldn't risk tanning nude in my own back yard, instead having to drive to secluded places and hike well into the woods to enjoy the feeling of the wind and sun on my naked body.

As I lay on the plush pad of my deck lounger, looking at the lush green valley behind me, I enjoyed the breeze dancing across my firm breasts, teasing my nipples harder. It was all I could do to not reach down and touch myself, not stroke my soft lips as the setting sun bathed me in its rays. This was the perfect place!


There was supposed to be an eclipse tonight, so I took extra time getting my telescope set up on the deck, but in the process bumped the spotting scope that was mounted on the outside of the large tube to help aim the scope. I cursed under my breath and went inside to get my leatherman, having no place to keep the handy tool when I was naked, like I was this afternoon. I retrieved my tool and swieled down to find some distant object to focus on. The new cell tower blinking on the hill top several miles distant would be a perfect target. I aimed the my scope at the tower and focused on one of the junctions of the steel tower before moving to the spotting scope to find the same point.

I wiggled the small spotting scope around, searching the view for the tower, and was surprised to find a house in my viewfinder. I suppose I knew it was there, but I hadn't paid much attention to it. I paused for a moment checking out my new, but distant neighbor, and was surprised to see an extremely good looking woman laying on a deck behind the home.

I quickly shifted my telescope's main optics to find her, settling on her with so much magnification that she nearly filled the field of view. I could easily see her firm C cup breasts as she gently stroked her hard nipples, each centered in the middle of a dark brown, puckered areaola. My dick grew as I watched her fingers stroke her body slowly working closer and closer to her pussy, her legs slowly spreading apart as her fingers grew closer.


I loved the wind teasing me and could feel it's cool fingers tickle the moisture on my sensitive lips. I couldn't help myself, as I gently stroked my breasts and nipples, teasing them even harder before stroking my way lower, slowly working down toward my waiting pussy. I closed my eyes and thought of having a man lick and suck my soft lips as my fingers gently stroked them. My mind conjured a picture of the good looking man I had seen working in the yard across the gully several days before. It was worth going to find my binoculars, and spy on him, his dick clearly visible as he worked naked in his back yard. I pictured his hard shaft slowly pushing into me as first one and then two of my fingers pressed deep into my wet tunnel.


As I watched, she spread her legs farther, her fingers stroking slowly between her legs. I secretly wished it was my tongue sliding between her lips as her fingers spread her wet lips, the moisture beading on them clearly in my scope, as if I were standing there with her.

I allowed my hand to stroke my hard cock as she pressed her fingers into herself, thinking about how tight her tunnel would feel if it were my dick pressing into her. I watched, stroking my dick in time with her fingers, working myself toward a climax as she worked herself toward the same.

I could clearly see the beads of sweat form between her gorgeous tits as she squeezed her nipples and pulled them, her body arching as her orgasm pushed higher. Almost suddenly she stiffened, her body jerking several times as her pussy gushed juices around her fingers, the sight sending me over the top.

My body jerked, preventing me from seeing through the scope for several seconds while my dick spurted its cream across the deck.


I stroked slowly at first, allowing my fingers to rub across my clit as they pushed in and out of my hot tunnel. I pictured him standing over me, stroking slowly into my hot pussy while his lips sucked and pulled on my rigid nipples. My fingers pulled and twisted as I wanted his mouth to do, my wet fingers in my pussy stroking faster now that my orgasm was reaching its peak.

My body jerked as the first wave of pleasure washed over my sweaty body. I thought of his dick pulsing inside me as my pussy contracted around my fingers and thought about how his hot mouth would feel on my tits as my body jerked again and again, my cum gushing around my fingers and leaving a wet spot on the seat of my lounger. I slowly pulled my fingers from my tunnel, and teased my moisture across my body, allowing the slight wind to dry it, making small chilled patched across my stomach.

I pretended it was his cum instead of mine, drying on my body as my fingers played across stomach and breasts.


I watched her for several minutes, slowly regaining her breathing, teasing her body with her wet fingers, occasionally reaching down to draw more moisture from her wet pussy. After some time she seemed to relax, the show clearly over.

I moved my scope back up to the tower and quickly finished aligning the spotting scope for the nights viewing. With that done I prepared the computer and camera with the scope pointed at the darkening sky. My dick still leaked an occasional string of cum as I thought about the sight I had seen across the gully.


I got my binoculars on a whim, wondering if he was out there, and to my surprise found him on his deck with a large telescope. It was hard to see what he was doing until I rested the powerful glasses on my knees. I could clearly see his mostly limp dick swinging as he worked, and wished that I could see him hard again. I doubted he even knew I was there, but the thought that maybe he was watching was exciting and arousing. I wondered if he ever pointed his big scope toward my house and decided then to make sure my curtains were always open for him. I couldn't help but stroke my still sensitive clit as I thought about what it would be like to cum with him watching me? I wondered if he would like what he saw? I pressed my fingers back inside my tunnel as I watched him look up to the sky and surprisingly stroke his hardening dick. It was getting dark, but the light from the moon and the light from several small candles illuminated him enough for me to see.


The more I thought about the sight of her body the more turned on I got, my dick once again growing. If I hadn't already set things up for the eclipse I would have swung the scope down to see if she was still sitting there naked. I lit several small citronella candles to keep the bugs away while I waited. I stroked my hard dick while thinking of how her fingers slid in and out of her pussy, imaging the squishing sounds that they would have made. Almost before I knew it I was looking her direction, thinking about the curve of her sensuous body and the hardness of her nipples. It was far to dark for me to see anything, but I wondered if she would think I was good looking or just a horny old bastard.

I stroked my dick faster, thinking about how she might taste, how tight her pussy would be. Two fingers seemed to be all she could get in, so I thought she would be very tight, enveloping my cock with her velvety tightness.

Almost without warning, my dick erupted, shooting a rope of sticky cum across the deck, my body jerking as each shot erupted. I continued to stroke my cum slickened dick as it reduced to a trickle, the several huge ropes I had put out, slowly disappearing into the wood of the deck.


He seemed to be more and more turned on. I wondered who he was thinking of as he stroked his fat dick, working it closer and closer to the inevitable. My finger stroked my clit in time with his hand on his dick, pretending it was his dick stroking my pussy. I could see him grunt as his body jerked and a large stream of white cum arched out across the deck, surprisingly landing several feet from him. Five times he jerked, each time a squirt of cum shot from his purple head. I stroked franticly now, rubbing my tiny hot clit in circled, pushing me back up to the brink. I came hard, nearly dropping the binoculars as my body twitched and jerked, thinking of how his dick would feel emptying inside me.

I lay back and rested, my body panting for breath. I wondered if he would think I was too old or too young if he saw me. I wished secretly that he had seen me, and wondered if seeing me would make his dick as hard as whomever he was thinking about when he came.

The moon slowly darkened over my head as if some monster were slowly taking a bite out of it. As it slowly grew redder I wondered how I could possibly get him to come and make love to me on my deck.


It was finally time. I watched the earth slowly eclipse the moon, recording the event on my computer as the shadow slowly enveloped the shiny disk. I was preoccupied though thinking about the body of the woman across the way. I thought about how she looked and wondered how it would feel to stand on her deck and press my hard dick into her hot wet pussy. It was just a passing thought, but I wondered if it could ever happen.

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