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Lord of the Rings: Galadriel



The story is a fictional parody - it's not true, nor is it approved of by the celebrities named in the stories. Authors write these fictitious stories about famous people for the same reason that Larry Flynt made fun of Jerry Falwell, because they can. The Supreme Court of the United States, the country where this site is located, has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution. The specific case law on this was decided in the case of "Hustler Magazine, Inc. et al. v. Jerry Falwell" in 1988. No harm is intended toward the celebrities featured in these stories, but they are public figures and in being so, they must accept that they are fair target for parodies by the public. We believe in the first amendment, and more broadly, in the basic principle of free speech and this section may push the boundaries of that principle, but the United States Supreme Court has approved of this type of material. We believe that the Supreme Court was correct in their decision.

* * * * *

Galadriel laid silently, her wide eyes open and observing the activity around her. She was Elven and therefore, at ease with her nakedness and the people who streamed into the Royal chamber, each touching her body. Rough, callused hands and soft fingers alike caressed her skin as each member of the kingdom gave her a blessing. She quivered with each touch, realizing what lay ahead of her. Tonight, she would attend the Welcoming Ceremony and tomorrow morning, she would be declared queen.

The resonant echo of the hall doors closing boomed through the room and she jumped when silence returned. Everyone in the town would go to bed early this night in preparation for tomorrow's festivities. Everyone except her.

Cool, smooth cloth skated across her skin and the benevolent eyes of her mother, Earwen. "You have received the greatest blessing of any elven queen this day, Galadriel. Greater even than your own mother."


"Truly." Earwen pressed a kiss to her daughter's forehead and helped her to sit up, pausing to kiss Nenya, the Ring of Water Power that rested on Galadriel's finger. "It is time for your Rinsing and Welcoming. Are you ready, dear one?"

"Yes, Mother."

Galadriel gained her feet and stood as an attendant draped a new dark purple robe over her shoulders, removing the one of lesser cloth. "You are my greatest joy, Galadriel. May your reign be long and happy!"

She accepted her mother's embrace and allowed the attendants to lead her to the prepared chamber. Galadriel felt regal as she was led to her polished marble throne in the Welcoming Room. Earwen took her place behind the throne and clapped her hands. "Bring the Royal Attendants forward."

Galadriel tried to control her breathing as colorfully clad elven men and women formed a column on each side of her and escorted her into the main room. She proudly strode to where her mother and father stood, her head held high. Her father stepped in front of her and made the necessary pronouncements accorded to her by her rank.


Galadriel looked from her father to the grouping of young people who stood at her feet. "Choose?"

"Yes." His warm voice cascaded over her. "Choose. You must choose at least one or as many as four."

"What am I choosing them for?"

"Your welcoming, of course!" Earwen smiled at her daughter, putting her arm around her shoulders. "You are required to give your virginity to one in the community to prove the strength of your bond with the village. You must not become pregnant, however. That is to be saved for your husband."

"I see."

"So this night, you can sample whatever you wish before you find your mate and take the vows."

"And women are allowed?"

"Yes. Anything is allowed tonight. Make your choice, dearest."

Galadriel sat up in her chair, her eyes still drawn to the assembly below. "Then here is my choice." Her dark eyes connected with those of Earwen. "I choose you and Father, for I shall require all of the experience at hand to rule wisely." She glanced at her mother, smiling as she noted the mixture of confusion and elation on Earwen's face.

Earwen smiled, her fingertips drifting down and grazing her daughter's nipple. "Then shall we repair to the bedroom?"

She took her mother's arm, watching as the Royal Guard selected the young woman and man from the ranks of attendants and sent the remainder home. Her mother escorted her into the prepared bedroom chamber and watched as Earwen departed. Galadriel knew that when her mother returned, Finarfin would be with her and she was worried what her father would think about her ceremonial choice. Would he be disgusted or would he welcome the chance to form an unbreakable bond with his daughter?

A couple of male attendants brought a large tub in and bucket after bucket of hot water filled it, with the last few cold to temper the heat. Galadriel knew that this was for her and that after each assignation, she would be expected to cleanse herself. She took the opportunity to do that now, sinking into the perfumed water and sighing at the relief that flowed through her. The bath could soothe her body but not her nerves. She could not face losing her father's love and respect and to her dismay, tears began to fall, her body shuddering with sobs.

The doors behind her opened but she could not bring herself to look. She did not want to see her father's angry face. She just couldn't bear it. Finarfin's warm hands touched her shoulders and his voice swept over her. "Dry your tears, daughter. It is time to become a queen."

"You are not angry with me?"

"Not in the least." Finarfin held up her drying towel, smiling as she came into his arms. "Any father would be honored."

"But I'm not worried about any father. I'm worried about you."

"Then worry no longer." He leaned forward and caught one of her rosy nipples in his mouth, suckling gently. Galadriel gasped and whimpered in pleasure as his whiskers rasped against her skin. "Come. Your mother awaits."

Finarfin easily lifted his daughter, carrying her to the bed where Earwen already lounged. Galadriel accepted her mother's kiss, then pulled her mouth down for a longer and deeper kiss while her father set about covering every inch of her body with kisses. "I love you." She whispered, her breath catching when her mother's teeth nibbled on her bottom lip. "I love you both."

"And we love you." Earwen responded, briefly smiling at her daughter before dipping her head back down and plunging her tongue into her warm mouth. Galadriel moaned, a shiver running through her body. "Let me get you ready for your father."

Earwen gave her one last kiss before moving down Galadriel's lithe body, pushing her knees apart. Her blonde-haired pussy opened like the most beautiful of flowers and she pressed a kiss to the mound. A tremble ran through her body, bringing a smile to Earwen's face and she ran a finger along the dark pink slit, scooping up the liquid that seeped out and bringing it to her lips. Her daughter tasted like sweet honey and she bent to lap up more.

Galadriel shuddered at the touch of her mother's tongue. She'd never felt anything like this before and it was so wonderful that she could barely breathe. Finarfin took her mouth, his hands roaming over her body. She had known the touch of his hands as a child and had always loved how he had made her feel. Now as a woman, those same hands elicited feelings that made her shiver and the look in his eyes ... her heart pounded at the thought of what that look meant.

"Oh!" A sweet twinge rippled through her pussy and she gasped at the sensation. Earwen's mouth moved over her lips, sucking them in and licking deep inside. Each time her tongue plunged inside, Galadriel's body jerked in response, her juices flowing more and more each time until she was cumming. Her pussy twitched around her mother's agile tongue and tingles covered her skin long after she'd pulled away.

"My turn, my sweet." Her father's husky pronouncement sent a new group of tingles racing through her body and the sight of his manhood left her speechless.

"May I touch it?"


Galadriel sat up and reached out, touching his hot, steely flesh. "It's so ... " A thick bead of clear cum formed on the end and she couldn't help herself. She licked it. Finarfin moaned lightly, his eyes drifting closed for a moment. Seeing his reaction, Galadriel licked the fat head again, taking it into her mouth and letting her tongue swirl over the heated skin. His cock was so long and thick that she shuddered, thinking that this beautiful piece of meat would be sliding into her.

"Better stop, honey. I won't be able to last if you keep going."

Galadriel laid back down, her eyes locked to her father's as he moved over her and settled between her legs. "Father, I ... I have not taken a man before."

Finarfin's smile was comforting. "I will be gentle, dearest one." Galadriel nodded and closed her eyes, waiting, her body tense. "Relax, Galadriel. You will enjoy it."

The first stab was filled with pain. She gulped her sob back and held tightly to his arms, tears squeezing from her closed eyelids. Her father whispered soft words to her, his fingers smoothing the tears away and they remained still for a few moments. When he moved, she grasped him so tightly that he looked down at her in alarm, smiling when he saw the look on her face.

"Oh, Father!"

Finarfin began to move inside his daughter's tight sheath, slowly sliding in and out of her wetness. Galadriel forgot to breathe. The sensations were so pure, so filled with pleasure that every inch of her vibrated with passion. She pulled her father's head down, sucking his tongue into her mouth as she flexed her hips to take more of his cock. Their moans mingled together as he seated himself fully into her, stretching her and filling her.

"Oh, you feel so good, Father!"

"As do you, my dear."

Galadriel was caught up in the rising passion and hitched her legs up over his hips, allowing him to drive his prick harder into her gushing pussy. Her muscles rippled around him, her juices lubricating his passage and sending her over the edge. Her shout of ecstasy melded with her father's grunt of release and she welcomed his seed into her body, trembling with aftershocks. It was several minutes before either moved and Earwen presented her husband with a wash cloth to clean himself then helped her into the tepid bath.

"You did a fine job, Galadriel. You will make a perfect queen."

Still shivering from her orgasm, Galadriel smiled, tears of joy dripping down her cheeks, overjoyed that she still had their love and respect. She was now the queen.

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