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Lord of the Rings: Grishnakh



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Lord of the Rings: Grishnakh

Since the Great War much of the history of the orcs has been forgotten. The race was predominately illiterate so most of the history that was passed along by the story-songs of the ancients was lost when they were killed in battle. What bit of history that is now available was from the observations of Merry and Pippin during the time they were captured by the orcs.

It is well known that Ugluk was the great leader of the group of orcs that captured the hobbits, however, it is rarely mentioned that another orc leader was with Ugluk, one whom many believe knew the great power of the Ring. While the hobbits where held by the orcs, it was Grishnakh who searched them for the ring and was on the verge of killing Merry and Pippin when the humans counter-attacked the orcs allowing the hobbits to escape. While this story may sound plausible, the true story of why Grishnakh wanted to kill the hobbits has never been told, never until now.

Grishnakh knew the value of the two small captives and kept them under constant watch with two of his best guards. Between interrogations, only his upper consort Opheluk was allowed to see the hobbits. She was in charge of their care and spent much of her day within the hovel where the two were incarcerated.

Like any other orc, Opheluk was foul, stinking, evil and nasty, however, she was not nearly so foul, stinking, evil and nasty as your average orc, in fact she was the least foul, stinking, evil and nasty of the many orcs Merry and Pippin ever saw. It was while in Opheluk's control the hobbits learned a bit of the orcean ways. For instance, they learned that while the male orcs took their lovers at will, the true relationships were those formed between the upper and lower consorts.

The two females who were raped by the male orc were normally lovers and arranged to be caught by the male while together. The sexual congress between the male and the two females was called a rape even though the union was really consensual. Orcs are a savage race and the males spend most of their time attacking dwarves, humans and elves, destroying their towns while raping and pillaging. The female orcs soon learned that to interest the male orcs sexually, they basically had to act as if they opposed the sex and would feign fear and loathing.

Of course the female orcs almost always want the sex, but they want it with their lover, another female. Unfortunately, their physiology requires the penetration from the male cock before they can enjoy the union with another female. With the insertion of the male cock, the female's equivalent to a clitoris is exposed and can touch the other female's equivalent to a clitoris. The perfect union for the females is a quick insertion of the male cock and then an extended, loving session with their female lover.

Merry and Pippin learned all this, not from direct talk from Opheluk, but offhandedly from the things she would say in passing to them and then the conversations they overheard between Opheluk and Grishnakh or between Opheluk and her lover, Adeluk, Grishnakh's lower consort. Opheluk's sleeping quarters was next door to Merry and Pippin's hovel and they were actually able to watch as Grishnakh raped the two female orcs.

Although the thought of watching the gray mass of putrid flesh engaged in a panting, farting, moaning, oozing, sticky, stinking act of sex was abhorrent to the two hobbits, they forced themselves in an effort to learn more about the orcs. Who knows? They might learn of some new way of killing the foul beasts.

When the rape took place, the two hobbits were nearly asleep when suddenly they heard a great commotion and rushed to the wall, where peeking through the thicket of leaves and branches they could see the Opheluk cowering beneath Grishnakh's upturned fist, while another female, which the hobbits assumed to be Adeluk, was already on her back opening her legs. Pippin stared closely between her legs, seeing the gray folds of furry outer lips open up to a milky white set of inner lips.

Opheluk quickly crawled above Adeluk and straddled her, leaning her ass back toward Grishnakh. Her lips were open and glistening as some of her white juices were already dripping onto the female below her. Suddenly Grishnakh's upper cock uncoiled and snaked its way into the folds, spreading them wide with its girth.

Only then did the two hobbits notice that Grishnakh had no lower cock! Instead, he reached his long arm down between his legs and then making a fist, shoved his hand into the willing Adeluk's willing cunt. Once both females were penetrated, the hobbits could see their gray lips open further and the white, slug-like clits slowly emerged and then began entwining with each other.

The females immediately began moaning and thrusting their hips against each other as they all but ignored Grishnakh's spastic movements. He would kink his back as his pimpled cock slipped out of Opheluk and then he would quickly buck forward, fiercely shoving it back into her. It looked painful to the hobbits, but Opheluk didn't seem to notice, she only responded to Adeluk.

When Grishnakh finally came, he quickly withdrew his cock, milked out a few drops of his black, gooey cum, farted loudly and then left the room. The females remained together locked in an embrace while their clits rolled and snaked around each other in an orgasmic feast as their white juices flowed freely from their openings. When they finally finished it looked as if a gallon of milk had been spilled on the floor.

The two hobbits managed to keep from getting sick as the women turned around and gently licked each other's openings clean before climbing into bed together and drifting to sleep. While nauseated by this union, the two hobbits continued observing the sex during the time they were with the orcs.

Later, during an interrogation, Pippin said something about Grishnakh missing lower cock, a comment that sent the orc into a rage. He dragged the two hobbits out of their hovel but as he raised his sword to smite both of them, his hand was pierced by an arrow. Before he could recover, one of the Riders of Rohan ran a spear through his heart and in the confusion, Merry and Pippen escaped. Grishnakh never knew anything of the power of the ring, he never knew Merry and Pippen's connection to it, he merely flew into a rage when one of the hobbits spoke of his humiliation.

It was only later, after the Great War ended, that the hobbits worked up the fortitude to describe their sexual observations to the elven biologists. Though still haunted by the nightmares of the sex they observed, Merry and Pippin were able to capitalize on their knowledge. With the orc male population nearly completely wiped out in the war and the poor females unable to expose their clits without an orc cock penetrating them, their sex lives disappeared.

It was only when Merry and Pippin began carving and selling their line of orc cock wooden dildos that the female orcs could gain their sexual independence. The female orcs loved the dildos and while a few got some splinters, they agreed that the splinters weren't half as bad as the real orc cocks.

Ever the entrepreneurs, Merry and Pippin are now trying to peek in on some goblin and troll sex. As Pippin says, "It's all so disgusting, but hell, if you can make some money, why not?"

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