tagSci-Fi & FantasyLOrd of VEgas Ch. 01

LOrd of VEgas Ch. 01


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Las Vegas, never was there a town where one's luck could change so quickly. It had the power to put you in heaven one minute and drop you into hell the next. It could raise the lowliest beggar and humble the richest tycoon. It was also where Lloyd Frank had called home for the past two years and where he would transform from a lowly worker to the lord of the city

Lloyd was an architect, which of course given his name made for some rather funny jokes. Today though he had had enough, after spending nearly three years working on a new mega casino he had been let go, just weeks before it's unveiling.

He was to receive no credit for his work and was being sued for copying designs. It of course was all ludicrous, but the claim had been made by a nephew of Mr. Draper. As Mr. Draper owned the hotel Lloyd knew he'd never see a dime for his work. It was common knowledge to anyone who had worked on it that Lloyd had designed the building because he often oversaw every detail with loving care.

Lloyd would have loved to fight the injustice but there was simply no way he would be able to fight the powerful casino tycoon for his due. Lloyd neither had family nor friends to turn to for help. What little family he had had died years before and he had been too busy working to find friends. He had received some money upon the untimely death of his parents, but most of that had been used to get him through school and during this project. He had been counting on the paycheck from this building to build his life and now that was gone.

To make matters worse his efforts to catch the eye of his dream girl, Crystal Draper the boss's daughter, had failed. Throughout the project Lloyd had gone out of his way to see the stunning hotel heiress, even personally supervising the design and construction of her room. However despite his efforts she paid him barely any notice. Once the room was finished she like all of her friends treated him like dirt. As final insult to that injury she had announced the previous week that she was marrying an old boyfriend whom she had rekindled a relationship with on her recent trip to the Caribbean.

He had to admit that that had been a major blow. It had almost caused him to lose sight of the project, but Jill one of Mr. Draper's assistants and his main conduit to the boss, who also seemed to be his only friend in Vegas, managed to talk him down and get him back on the project. Since then Lloyd's focus had been absolute on the project. Nothing existed outside of it and now it was gone.

So with nothing left for him Lloyd decided to end it all. Sure no one would miss him and wanting to send a message to both Crystal and her father, Lloyd ended his life in her beautiful suite that he had so lovingly and tirelessly designed for her.

Or so he thought because it is with that act that Lloyd's life truly began…

"Awaken Lloyd, my sweet child." Lloyd heard a soft feminine voice say. It sounded familiar somehow, and yet he had never heard it in his life.

He opened his eyes and found himself in a bright room, at least he thought it was a room. He saw no walls or ceiling just bright light on all sides.

"Is this heaven, am I dead?" Lloyd asked to no one in particular.

"Not quite and only if you want to be." The strange woman's voice answered.

Lloyd was a bit confused by this and asked, "Well then where exactly am I? And who are you?"

"As to your first question does it really matter where you are?"

"I guess not, but still…"

"Ah, of course the logic driven mind of Lloyd Frank master architect. Very well, to answer you Lloyd this is a place in between worlds between life and the great beyond. Here you see only what you want to see. Actually given your chosen vocation this should be fun. Go ahead Lloyd create yourself some surroundings would you?"

Lloyd thought for a moment and as he settled on his choice a modern version of a Greek temple assembled around him. The voice complimented him on it and he smiled, "Thanks it was supposed to be the design for the ground floor of the hotel, but Mr. Draper had it changed because it was bad for business. Something about there not being enough room for gaming."

"Well now that we have the where relatively cleared up I do believe we should discuss who I am and more importantly why you are in my presence. Please take a seat." Once Lloyd was seated the voice began, "I am the Goddess of Love."

"So, you're like Aphrodite or Venus?" Lloyd interrupted.

"Yes, among other names, but please don't interrupt our time is short and we have already wasted enough of it with your questions." She said with a bit of impatience in her voice Lloyd quickly apologized and Aphrodite continued. "As I said, I am the Goddess of Love and I am here to offer you a unique opportunity. Although you were unaware of it I am sure my dear boy, you have constructed a masterpiece of a temple to me. What's more you made a virgin sacrifice at my altar."

Lloyd realized that by altar she had meant Crystal's suite which to be truthful was heavy on the theme of love and its Goddess. He also blushed realizing that he was the sacrifice. Crazy as it was even after college and two years in Las Vegas Lloyd was still a virgin. This was primarily due to his bookworm tendencies in college and his near round the clock hours working on the hotel.

Sensing his embarrassment the love goddess giggled and said, "Do not worry about that my dear, if you had not been pure you would not be truly worthy of my offer. You see Lloyd I, like Mr. Draper, need you to build something for me. However, unlike your former employer I intend to pay up front and believe me dear boy, I pay very well."

Lloyd gulped at her words and said, "What exactly do you want me to build?"

"What all gods want silly boy, a following. Granted I have fared better than most of my peers because love never dies. Each day hundreds of thousands of lovesick men and women cry out for my help and it has sustained me. However, I want more, this existence I have is pitiful I can barely stay a spirit anymore, I once was a full woman. I was beautiful, could love, and be loved. So for many years I have waited for one to come along who could give me my following, my empire and restore me to my glory once again. There was once a time when even mighty Zeus feared the power of my beauty. I want that kind of power again and you my dear boy can give it to me."

"Me?" Lloyd asked in shock, "My lady you must be mistaken. How could I build you an empire? I would not know where to start."

She chuckled, "An empire is no different than a building, it needs a strong foundation and careful design. Which, is why I so carefully chose my cornerstone. You with a well chosen support structure shall be all that is needed to restore me to glory."

"And what do I get from this bargain?" Lloyd asked.

The Goddess chuckled and said, "What you desire dear boy fame, fortune, recognition and most importantly the girl."

"You mean Crystal?"

"If she is your desire then yes. Help me build my empire and I shall give you the means to rule her heart."

"How?" Lloyd asked confused.

"Simply my boy, as you increase the love in the world I grow stronger. As I am made of love itself. It feeds and sustains me. It is all I need to survive, that is why I outlasted the other Olympians, I needed no nectar and ambrosia to live, just love. It also feeds my power as the amount of love grows so do our abilities and when they are powerful enough they can cast a spell so deep no man or woman could resist it." She let that thought sink in then said, "However, to business do you accept my offer?"

Lloyd nodded and said, "Yes my lady." Liking the sound of this powerful spell.

"Excellent now please relax, this could sting a bit."

Lloyd felt something warm envelope him then he felt his consciousness expand immediately aware of so much more. To him emotion seemingly became solid. He also felt a need for love, but not for himself strangely. Not the yearning he had felt while alone at night wishing for a woman, but a need to create new love among others.

As promised Lloyd also felt a slight pain as it seemed his body changed physically as well. The alterations to his mind made his head hurt but he also felt his physique change slightly as well. He could tell he was growing slightly taller and filling out most likely to better look the part of a spreader of love.

When the warmth had subsided Lloyd opened his eyes and was amazed at what he saw before him. Standing not a foot away was a strangely shaped cloud of emotion. He knew it somehow to be made of the purest love. The more he looked at the shape the more it began to resemble something. Then he realized it was his goddess before him. Her words coming back to him as he stared at her misty form 'I am made of love' she had said and now that he could see love itself he could see her at last.

Even though she was made of only misty vapor Lloyd knew she was not lying about her beauty. Without much effort he was able to imagine her body back when she still had one and it was clear that the artists that had depicted his goddess over the years had not done her justice. So indescribable was her beauty that he finally understood why Homer had never been quite able to describe Helen.

Seemingly sensing his shock the goddess asked, "What is wrong Lloyd?"

"I can see you my lady, and though I am ashamed for doubting your word, I must say even in your crude form you are truly the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on."

"You can see me?" she asked surprised, "How?"

"The love in the air my lady, I can see it and as you said you are made of love…"

"Incredible." She said simply, "This has never before happened, Lloyd you wonderful boy, it would seem I have chosen far better than I expected. This is spectacular news, but for now come we must get your new spirit back to your body before you are found."

With that she took his hand and he was whisked back to the hotel suite where his body lay dead on the large bed.

"The bed, that is your altar?" he asked raising his eyebrow in surprise.

"Of course my dear, what better altar to me in these times than a bed? Most marriages are consummated on one and true deep love is generally shared on one. Let's also not forget that I am the goddess of lust as well, and plenty of that goes on on these things. Often a bedroom is my temple and a bed my altar, or at least in these desperate times it is. Hopefully you and I can change that a bit, but I digress. Join your body so that I may awaken you and grant you your powers.

Lloyd complied and no sooner had he laid down than the goddess began to chant before exclaiming, "Rise Eros, my son and attend your mother goddess!"

Lloyd rose feeling invigorated and after rising from the bed knelt before her still semi-visible form.

"Now my son, as you have already seen you have the ability to sense emotion, all emotion, but most specifically love. You also can read minds and introduce thoughts if you wish it. Also as you have undoubtedly noticed you are a little bit manlier to befit your rank. However your physical form may change to befit your needs as you see them. This includes, but is not limited to, your penis. As you will discover every woman is different and for some less is more and for others well, you get the picture.

"In addition to these everyday abilities you can also manipulate emotions. However you have the most authority over the power to increase or diminish lust in anyone. You also have the ability to create basic temporary love. I do suggest you use both these sparingly especially that last one. Neither will be utterly helpful in the long run, but both are good to have some fun.

"Speaking of which, I arranged a little coming out party for you my dear that will help you learn to use your powers and recharge us in the process. Rise and take my hand my son."

Lloyd complied and soon found himself in a large room full of people. A sign at one end of the room said 'Caesar's Palace Welcomes You to Venus' Night of Love.' Lloyd smiled. As he looked around to see hundreds of men and women chatting each other up the love and lust flowing in the room was staggering.

"Brilliant my lady," Lloyd thought to himself standing in the middle of a massive singles party.

"Thank you," her voice answered in his head, "I have my moments, now get moving."

"Exactly what I am doing here?" Lloyd asked the voice in his head.

"Pairing up lovers using your new powers of course. Use your more passive powers, sense emotions, read thoughts as you walk around the room. Then maybe give a few couples a little push with your more active powers."

A little confused, but trusting the goddess' word Lloyd began walking around the room. As he did he seemed to only need to look at a man or woman and he could read their desires and surmise their perfect mate. It was a bit of a rush actually. It also gave him a chance to practice his powers, with his goddess's aid, of course. He found that he had achieved a mastery of several of his basic powers rather quickly. According to the goddess this had to do with the atmosphere of the room.

"With this much love and lust floating around my dear just think it and consider it done." She had told him of course this theory only applied to things within his control emotions and telepathy and such.

After getting a feel for his abilities he looked for a way to get started. Then seeing a woman who was obviously with the casino desperately working to get a pack of guys in the corner to mingle, he went to work.

He approached the woman and said, "Hi, Gina is it? Lloyd Frank from LoveMatch.com. Looks like you're having a bit of trouble let me see if I can help."

"Please do, I have been trying everything." Reading her thoughts quickly he saw she was not lying. He could also see that the fact that the night was not going well was weighing on her, as this was her event and the bosses wanted results or else.

"Relax a bit Gina you look way too tense." Lloyd said weaving a little magic on the sexy hotel worker and like magic she calmed down. "Good, now make your way around the room you're doing great, but if you run into trouble give me a ring."

"What are you going to do?"

"Me? I'm going to get the love train started. Once a few happy couples get together it'll start a frenzy."

Then walking up to the group of quiet guys he quickly took in each and like some supercomputer his mind ran what he knew about them against women in the room. He smiled as his mind determined that one of them had an absolute love-at-first-sight match in the room. Using a form of telepathy he called the lucky woman, Kelly, toward the group. He then chatted briefly with the group giving advice as Kelly made her way toward the man of her dreams without knowing it. As Lloyd sensed her nearing her destination he asked her potential mate, Greg, "So Greg what are you looking for?"

Lloyd listened already knowing the answer then said, "You know Greg, it's your lucky day I think I got just the girl for you." Then looking around he said, "In fact there she is, her name is Kelly."

As he pointed to Kelly he saw and felt Greg's emotions rise. He was hooked, but also nervous, Kelly was very pretty and Greg a little unsure.

"She's here looking for love the same as you Greg." Lloyd said urging the quiet man on, "Just go talk to her." Lloyd urged further and with a slight tweak to Greg's emotions, Greg went over to Kelly. As Greg made his approach, Lloyd helped by upping the pair's lust for each other for the moment, to make sure things went as planned. It worked, and from the minute Greg introduced himself there was no doubt it was true love. Everyone around them watched in awe as the pair showed their obvious love.

Turning back to the group of guys Lloyd smiled and said, "It's just that easy sometimes guys, but if you aren't mingling you're not going to have a chance to find out if your Kelly is in this room." The tactic worked and the guys rushed off into the crowd.

For the rest of the night Lloyd worked the room at first looking for cannot miss matches like Greg and Kelly. To his surprise there actually were about ten of those. Word began to spread about the matchmaker in the room and several people found him demanding to be matched, to his surprise a lot of them had high percentage matches in the room. Those that didn't he was fairly honest with and was able to set them up with decent matches. Ones that, while not love, would certainly make for memorable relationships.

As he drew more attention Gina eventually came to his aid and together they organized a list of pairs ranked by compatibility for the dinner portion. A half hour later, when it came time for the dinner, two hundred couples in varying states of love were enjoying dinner together.

"You're amazing you know that?" Gina asked him as they watched the couples eating from afar. "An hour ago this was a train wreck and now I've got two hundred happy pairs. A few of which might take us up on that offer to use the chapel before the weekend is out."

"That would be the Venus chapel right?"

"Of course, given the theme it seemed only fitting."

"Excellent, be sure to let me know if any of the love birds do take you up on that, I'd love to be there."

"That'd be great, you were a lifesaver I tell you. My boss is going to be so pleased."

Lloyd sat with her the rest of the night keeping her company, he could feel her pain. Love had been rough to Gina and it showed in her emotions. She had a good heart that had been trampled on partly because of the nature of the town she lived in. Yet she still selflessly helped others find love.

When the night drew to a close Lloyd stayed by her side and got her to take him home with her. As they sat on her couch she said, "You know I'm not even sure why I brought you home. It's so unlike me, I never bring people from work home."

Lloyd smiled, ignoring her comment, and looking into her eyes said, "So much pain Gina, for such pretty eyes. I wish I was the answer to your quest. I wish that I could have found you a true love like some of those people in that room. You deserve it Gina, so much. However, while I can't give you love, I can bring you bliss. Let me wipe some of your pain away my dear."

She just nodded and Lloyd leaned in and kissed her. He felt her emotions and heard her thoughts as he kissed and caressed her and it only added to his experience. Like his goddess he was able to feed off her lust and it drove him to greater heights.

Soon they were on her bed naked and he just admired her body. She had shoulder length jet black hair that shone in the dim light of the bedroom. Her deep brown eyes now were filled not with pain, but pure lust. Following her body he marveled at her firm tits, they were not huge by any means, but made for a healthy handful to be sure. Her nipples stuck out at attention from her globes showing her obvious arousal. Continuing down her body his eyes passed over her flat toned stomach to find a trimmed jet black strip of hair the led his eyes to her engorged pussy. He was so tempted to bury his face in it but instead moved his gaze down further and admired her shapely legs.

Driven on by instincts born of his new powers and a confidence that stemmed from the emotion in the room his virginity was forgotten. His lack of experience mattered little as Lloyd leaned down and his lips met hers again and for the longest time they only kissed.

As her thoughts drove him onward he broke the kiss and following her mental directions he kissed, caressed, licked, and sucked his way down her body. He made sure to give her firm tits a good amount of attention and nearly got her to cum before moving on.

When he reached her pussy he took his time working in from her lower thighs to the outer lips before finally tongue fucking her and licking her clit. To add to her pleasure he lengthened his tongue to allow him to lick deeper into her dripping slit. He teased her pussy to a pair of orgasms before he was through.

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