tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLords, Ladies & Gentlemen Ch. 05

Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen Ch. 05


When Amelia reached Amy's chamber she didn't pause to knock, but simply opened the door and entered. Amy was sobbing on her bed and was being consoled by Mrs Hope, the housekeeper. Mrs Hope turned and saw Amelia standing in the open doorway. 'Good morning to you ma'am,' said Mrs Hope archly.

'Mrs Hope.., oh.., good morning,' replied Amelia, flustered. 'I was just.. err..' she continued, her voice trailing when she realised she had no legitimate reason to be bursting into Amy's room uninvited.

'I know why you're here,' Mrs Hope said bluntly. 'Amy has briefly told me what she witnessed,' Mrs Hope indicated a still sobbing Amy with a nod of her head. 'I was just about to tell the girl that she mustn't say anything about what she saw,' went on the housekeeper.

Amelia couldn't understand why Mrs Hope was counselling the young girl to keep silent; she had known the housekeeper for years and could think of no reason for her to guide Amy this way. She thought that Mrs Hope would have been outraged to hear that she had been fucking Archer, not only fucking the servant, but in full view of Simon also.

'Oh,' said Amelia. 'Thank you Mrs Hope, I'm er.., grateful to you.' Amelia struggled to find the words.

'Some things are best left unsaid,' Mrs Hope said mysteriously. 'Don't concern yourself further ma'am,' she added and a bemused Amelia merely nodded and left the room.

From his vantage point behind the wall, the Master watched the situation develop and when he saw his daughter turn and leave, he decided upon a course of action.

He made his way down to the concealed doorway in his chamber that led to the passage. Once back in the main body of the house he climbed the stairs and stood outside Amy's door. He knocked and walked in, Mrs Hope was still on the bed with a now calm Amy.

'Oh, it's the Master!' cried Mrs Hope, springing to her feet. Amy rose also, albeit a little slower than the housekeeper since she was puzzled by the continuous intrusions into her chamber by her employers. None of them had set foot in the room since she'd been working for the estate, but now there had been two of them within a matter of minutes.

'Ah, Mrs Hope,' said the Master. I understand Amy is a little distressed,' he continued, feigning concern for the girl.

'She was,' replied the housekeeper. 'But she's a bit more settled now, thank you sir.'

'Good, good,' the Master went on. 'I would hate for the girl to lose her place here because of she wasn't able to keep silent,' he threatened, moving over to the two women.

Mrs Hope looked levelly at the Master; she understood where this little scene was going. She knew all too well from her own experiences just how base the man's desires were and how he would be lusting for the young, nubile Amy. She had been fucked by the lecherous old goat herself in the past, it made no difference to the Master that she had a husband and family in the village, he cared nothing for any of them and avidly enjoyed using his power to force Mrs Hope to comply with his wishes.

The Master reached out his wrinkled hand and leant forward to stroke Amy's hair. The girl recoiled from the old man's touch. 'Don't be so prissy maid,' the Master hissed, gripping Amy's chin cruelly.

The girl cried out in shock, her eyes widening in fright at the rough handling.

'You must be kind to me, girl,' the Master said in an appealing tone. 'I can be very generous if I'm pleased, but I can be very harsh if not,' he continued, turning to Mrs Hope. 'Would you agree, Mrs Hope?' he questioned.

'Oh, aye Master, aye. Very generous indeed,' she agreed, wondering what further part she'd have to play in this sordid tale.

Encouraged by the housekeeper's words the Master went on, 'Will you be kind to me pretty maid?' he asked Amy, who looked to Mrs Hope for a sign of what to say or do.

'Yes Master,' Amy mumbled when she saw the signal from Mrs Hope. The housekeeper had nodded at Amy as a sign that she should agree. The girl didn't realise yet, but she had no choice but to accede to the Master's desires, he would take her by force if he had to, otherwise she would be with neither home nor hearth since the Master would send her of with only a moments notice.

'Good,' drooled the Master lasciviously as he eyed the trembling girl. Then he became brusque and said, 'Remove your garments maid, I want you to show me your body.'

Amy didn't move, she just stood, trembling, not understanding what was happening to her. Mrs Hope turned the girl to face her, looking directly into the girl's eyes she said, 'You must do as the Master wishes maid. Otherwise you'll be gone.

Amy blinked at the housekeeper's words, realisation dawning. She began to undress and as she revealed her pure white body to the Master his prick began to stiffen in appreciation.

Finally Amy stood nude, arms across her front in an attempt to conceal her breasts and her legs crossed as she hid her most secret place from his burning gaze.

'You also, Mrs Hope,' said the Master, turning to the housekeeper. 'I think I'll sample your delights again.'

Mrs Hope removed her clothing and exposed her own nakedness for the Master to feast his eyes upon. Mrs Hope was a woman nearing forty, her body showing the signs of childbirth. This meant that her breasts swung low, her belly was round and soft and her thighs and buttocks well padded with flesh. It didn't matter to the Master that Mrs Hope was less than perfect, he desired her all the more for the signs of life her nakedness presented to him.

He knew her cunt would be molten, hot and wet when he slid his long prick into her. Even though she professed to despise him, the Master knew that she revelled in the physical act of their coupling. The Master had used his fingers, cock and tongue expertly on her in the past and he knew that his housekeeper had climaxed strongly as she'd been fucked.

The Master looked at Mrs Hope and then Amy. 'Move your arms maid,' commanded the Master.

Amy's lips began to tremble and her eyes welled up with tears as she complied and let her arms drop to her sides. The master reached out and felt Amy's soft skin, touching her breasts as the girl's cheeks were moistened with tears.

'Suck me Mrs Hope,' the Master said as he unbuttoned his flies and pulled out his stiffness. 'Show the maid what to do.'

Mrs Hope fell to her knees immediately and took the Master's hard prick into her mouth fondling his hanging balls as she sucked.

'Ah yes, that's so good Mrs Hope,' said the Master formally as his housekeeper licked up and down his long shaft. 'Give it to the maid,' he groaned, 'Let the maid taste me.'

The Master pushed the reluctant Amy to her knees, he had to hold her hair tight in his fingers in order to force her to swallow his prick.

Amy shook her head at the Master's attempt to push his prick into her mouth until he twisted her hair cruelly, forcing her to cry out in pain. 'Suck it you little fucking harlot,' he spat at Amy viciously.

'No, please Master, I beg you, no,' she sobbed before finally allowing the old man to push his thickness between her lips.

The Master fucked the maid's mouth as his lust overcame him, forcing more of his meat into the girl's face.

'Get on your back Mrs Hope,' the Master spoke to the mature woman again. 'Spread your thighs, I want to fuck,' he continued pulling his prick from Amy.

Mrs Hope opened her legs for the Master and he knelt between them on the bed, pushing his cock into Mrs Hope's experienced cunt.

He began to fuck the housekeeper vigorously, his hard thrusts causing her belly and breasts to wobble.

He fucked in this way for a minute or two and then moved Mrs Hope so that she was knelt on the bed, her big rump at his mercy as he fed his long cock into her slippery quim. As he slapped his belly hard up against Mrs Hope's fat buttocks the master took hold of Amy again and forced his mouth upon hers.

The master kissed Amy roughly, forcing his tongue into the innocent maid's mouth, searching for her own wet tongue.

He continued to plough into Mrs Hope relentlessly, sucking on Amy's tight, pert tits as he did so. As he fucked the housekeeper, the master felt her fingernails brushing the underside of his cock where it entered her. Just as he'd predicted, the housekeeper was getting pleasure from their coupling and was frigging at her clitoris as she took the Master deep into her belly.

Mrs Hope groaned and shuddered, her climax pulsing through her body. 'Fuck me you old bastard,' Mrs Hope moaned as she came. 'Come on you disgusting old letch, fuck me,' she continued as the master smiled at her impudent words. It seemed Mrs hope did enjoy the Master's swordsmanship, judging by the lewdness of her comments and her pleasure was confirmed when she cried and shook in orgasm.

The Master pulled his now slimy cock out of Mrs Hope's body, it was coated with thick juices that the housekeeper had pissed onto it as she came.

'On your back maid,' said the Master, turning his attention back to the watching Amy.

'Don't hurt me Master,' Amy begged. 'I've never done this before,' she continued, her words music to the Master's ears.

'A virgin, well well,' thought the Master and then said out loud, 'Lick the maid's cunt Mrs Hope. Make her wet and juicy for me.'

Mrs Hope parted the young girls' thighs and set to her task with some degree of enjoyment. She was beginning to enjoy the depraved games she played with the Master and she wasn't averse to a little taste of a woman. She had had a little affair with a school friend of hers in her younger days, but had broken things off when she married her husband. Now was a chance to relive the memory.

'Mrs Hope!' exclaimed Amy when the older woman parted her labia with her fingers and began to lick at her clitoris.

The master watched, slowly pulling his hard prick as Mrs Hope tongued the young girl's quim.

Amy was watching Mrs Hope tonguing at her sensitive places, her mouth agape as she began to squirm and wriggle with the sensations she was feeling down at her mons. She was torn by her feelings of disgust at what was being forced upon her, but perversely she felt pleasure at Mrs Hope's probing tongue.

The Master, unable to wait any longer, pulled Mrs Hope from the between the girl's thighs. He towered above Amy and pushed his prick into her opening. With one thrust he was inside her, the girl's eyes were wide with the shock of his invasion, and the Master groaned as he felt her tightness.

He began to fuck Amy, pulling his long cock out and sliding back into her tender, young body. Mrs Hope came to him as he fucked and pushed her body against him, squashing her breasts against his chest.

The Master kissed his housekeeper and revelled in the tightness of Amy's virgin cunt, noting the girl's squeaks as he split her quim with his hardness.

It didn't take long before the master felt his spunk aching to be released. He grunted with the effort of holding back but it was too much for him. He had no thoughts about the dangers of letting his hot seed gush into the young girl's cunt. She was ripe for bearing children but he paid no heed as his climax sucked the energy out of him.

Spent, the Master pulled from Amy, his cum dribbling from between her red, gaping flaps. He dressed hurriedly and without another word, left the two naked women as he went in search of his midday meal.

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