Lost & Found Ch. 01


Brian reached out and grabbed my arms, dragging me to him. “Come here sweetheart.”

He wrapped me in his big arms and held me tightly against him. He was still trembling and did nothing but hold me. After a while, the trembling stopped and his hands started to move on me again. He stroked my back and caressed my shoulders. His hand drifted down to my butt, and he stiffened when he felt the scar. He looked at me and there was fire and determination in his eyes. He pulled away from me and kissed me lightly before turning me over.

He started at my feet. He brushed his finger along any scar he found. Once brushed by his fingers, he would trace it with his tongue, kissing it slightly and saying almost imperceptibly: ‘forget.’ He moved up my legs and I knew he was near my knee, where surgery left more scars than the mirror had. Each scar was treated the same. ‘Forget,’ over and over he said it as he touched and licked and kissed each scar. He got to my cheek, and its horrible brand. He kissed it just the same and commanded me to ‘forget.’ I was hard against the mattress. Emotion was riding me harder than Brian ever could. My throat was clogged with it. I needed some sort of release. As Brian shifted and moved up to lie on me, I was hoping it would be a sexual release. But, I was wrong; he continued to minister to old scars, trying to erase the hurt. I felt tears, silent, cleansing tears trail down my cheeks. Once he reached my shoulders and had treated them, he rolled me over gently.

He saw my tears and lowered to my face, kissing them away. ‘Forget.’ He kissed my chest and arms, the surgery scar on my belly and repeated the word again. The tip of my penis brushed in the soft hair on his chest, the knot in my throat eased as the emotion found a second way to release. He moved up me, leaving my aching erection alone again to plant himself at my throat. He found the tracheotomy scar and laved it lovingly. “This saved your life. This is what allowed me to find you.” He kissed it again before raising to take my mouth in a hot kiss. He made me feel so much more than I ever thought I could. For the longest time I had felt damaged by the attack, unworthy of feelings. Now, I was grateful for them. It wasn’t always pleasant, but I was alive.

He lifted me slightly and entered me. Once fully seated, he stayed in place, looking down at me. He moved his hands up to cup my face and keep me looking at him. He rested his elbows under my shoulders and his body rasped against mine as he slowly moved. He thrust gently, keeping the same pace. I felt him buried inside me and I started to grasp him with my body, pulling him, squeezing him. He kept up his slow, torturous pace for an eternity. If either of us built up too much, he slowed us down. He looked into my eyes the whole time. After several of his exquisite thrusts, I noticed he was tearing up as well. I had had tears rolling down my face; overwhelmed by the emotional pull I was feeling build just as much as the sexual build up. The first tear dripped from his chocolate brown eyes onto my face, followed quickly by a second, a third, a gentle rain of his tears.

His voice was cracking as he spoke, “I love you so much, Simon.”

With that confession, I exploded against his belly and I felt him explode inside me as well. The whole time we stared into each other’s eyes. When the explosion stilled, he lowered himself to me. He was still deep inside and his chest rested on mine. Then he kissed me. This kiss was slow and sweet. His tongue brushed mine back and forth, slowly, gently like a slow dance or a tender caress. When the kiss finally ended, his body had calmed enough and his softened cock slipped out of me. He rolled us to our sides and continued to stare at me.

“You realize this is forever don’t you?” He asked me, knowing the answer, but wanting to reassure me.

I nodded at him; I didn’t need the reassurance. He was mine and I was his. That night, for the first time, I held him through the night. I slept on my back with his head resting on my chest, his leg thrown over my thigh and his hand in mine held tightly over my heart. My other hand slowly stroked his back and shoulders. Since I had slept most of the day away, I wasn’t tired. I took the time to think. I knew we would go back to Texas soon and that some changes needed to be made.

The next day, I told my dad that I was okay. He looked at me for quite some time, trying to read in my eyes the truth that I told. He must have found his answer, because he hugged me and smiled at me again. His smile always made me feel safe. We spent the rest of our stay in Oregon getting to know each other again. One night we went out to eat at a restaurant. His boss recognized dad and came over to talk. When he saw me he was surprised and clapped me on the back. Dad talked about Brian and I, referring to us as ‘his boys.’ I was very, very grateful that dad liked Brian so much. But, I saw how dad’s boss looked at the two of us with a slightly disapproving look. I wanted to turn away. Then I saw dad get angry at the look and wished the man a good night.

The next morning, dad cornered Brian and asked if he knew of any companies in San Antonio that could use an accountant. I was surprised that dad thought that way. Brian just smiled and said that his company could use one part time and the architectural firm he worked with could use one too. Dad looked up at me and smiled. “I’ve been away from you for far too long. I’ll simply be closer to my boys.” Brian and I flew home the next day. Dad followed us about a month later. At first he wanted to find a nice home in the city. Brian quickly talked him into staying with us. Since Brian’s house had the almost separate ‘mother-in-law’ suite, it could simply be a father-in-law suite. It had its own private entrance and was connected, but still private from the rest of the house. Brian moved all of his things back into the master bedroom upstairs.

Shortly after we got back from Oregon, I quit my job. I told Brian first of course. I couldn’t keep a job where I was sleeping with the boss. Brian told me he would make me a partner. I simply told him that I had been saving my money over the past few years wanting to go to college. He had gone, but I was too busy running to go. He still made me a partner. Once he announced our partnership in his company, he announced his personal partnership with me at the same meeting. It was quite the coming out party. He told me that since I couldn’t legally marry him, he would tie me to him in as many legal ways as was possible.

Shortly after dad moved in with us, I did have some of my scars removed, the brand on my ass and some of the larger ones on my back. The others didn’t matter. While in my first semester in college, I was in the bath soaking after finals. The warm water and Jacuzzi jets soothed my aching muscles and helped with the healing process. Brian found me there when he got home from work.

He had stripped before entering the bathroom. He sank into the warm water with me. He took my hand and held it until I opened my eyes and looked at him. He smiled at me and kissed me. Brian and I are still together. Dad comes and goes, he dates occasionally and even stays out for a night or two, but I doubt he will find anything like what he had with mom. I worry about him sometimes, but he seems truly happy being with Brian and I. He doesn’t intrude; in fact, we try to get him more involved than he is. He told me once that we was afraid he would go wandering, wanting to see his miracle sleeping again and walk in on an embarrassing situation. Life is good. I am no longer lost and have found the greatest thing in life: love.

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