tagBDSMLost in the Wind Ch. 04

Lost in the Wind Ch. 04


This is the last chapter of the story of how Cassy met her Master and the events that led to him to send her to the clinic in the series "Finding Home." If you have not already read "Finding Home", I would encourage you to read those stories as well. Enjoy. Xantu.

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Cassy woke to feel his hands warm on her face. "You are shivering child. Why are you so cold?"

"Hmm?" Her mind was so soft and clouded.

He sat in his chair and pulled her up into in his lap. She melted against him, needing his warmth, craving his touch. Her hands crept around his neck, her face pressed hard against his neck, her lips softly resting against his skin, her breath soft in his ear.

His hands gently stroked her back and legs, each touch leaving a memory of warmth and wakening. Cassy shyly, softly began to kiss the skin that lay so tempting under her lips. Once more he tangled his hands in her hair and pulled her face away from him. Her neck arched, perfectly pliant in his grasp, her lips soft and trembling.

"I want you child."

"I am yours. Take me. Take everything."

His lips on hers were firm and demanding. Impatient he forced her mouth open, his tongue curious and insistent. Cassy lay still under his mouth, passive and accepting, losing herself in the sensation. Gradually she met and then softly matched his kiss, her lips trembling, her tongue dancing with his.

Cassy could feel her heart racing, her breath was coming in soft gasps against his mouth. Her eyes were open, her lids fluttering, her fingers lost in his hair.

He broke the kiss and gazed at her, his eyes fierce, his breath harsh in his throat. He stood in one surging movement, lifting her weightless in his arms, and carried her to his room. With one hand he stripped away the blankets and lay her down on her back.

He stood over her looking down. Leaning over he lay his hands on her shoulders and stroked the length of her, his fingertips digging into her flesh. Cassy arched and rippled under the wave of sensation. He gripped her thighs and spread her legs, raising her knees, his eyes on her cleft.

His hands stripped off his clothes, Cassy saw him erect and urgent, his cock rich and red. Cassy felt a wave of need, she writhed, lifting her hands and hips to him. "Please." Not knowing exactly what she needed, just knowing that it was in his hands to give her.

When he lay down on her, his skin searing against the length of her, she made her first sound. A soft wondering whimper shook her, never had anything ever felt so perfectly right. Once more his mouth took hers. She could feel the tip of his cock bumping and seeking at her entrance, a soft and burning brand, lighting in her a greater need.

Her hips surged toward him, her virginal lips moving to kiss and rub against the velvet warmth pushing at her opening. Her mouth against his was breathless and frantic with her longing. He but a hand under her ass and lifted her, pressing her against him. She was dry and closed. Her body still asleep and disconnected from her emotional need. He lifted herself from her and she cried out in agony as the air touched her skin. "No."

"Shh... child, it will be OK." His voice was vibrant and deep. She felt his hands touching her, a soft cool dampness spread on her opening, fingers spreading and probing. Her hips trembled and surged, her hands on him, pulling him onto her, mindlessly frantic for the feel of his skin, the heavy warmth of his body.

This time she could feel him slip slowly into her. She held tight to his shoulders, her face buried deep in his neck. It hurt, each fraction a tearing, piercing sensation, but at the same time the sense of perfection filled her. This was what she was meant for. Her hands slid to his hips and pulled at him, wanting more, begging for her emptiness to be filled.

When he was completely buried in her, he made a soft satisfied growl. "Mine." He pulled slowly out and just as slowly reentered her. Each time he would reach her depths he would shudder and say it again. "Mine."

Cassy found her hips surging to meet his, a soft sweet sensation joining the raw pain burning in her. She softly whispered, "Yes."

His body grew tense, his fingers digging into the flesh of her hips. Instinctively she lifted her knees to cradle him as he lunged deep and growled out "Mine".

She could feel him shuddering and throbbing deep in her, the hot flood of his essence searing her torn tissues. A heartbreaking flood of happiness shook her. A single convulsive sob of joy rose in her chest. Her arms reached around his back holding him close, her lips kissing his chest and shoulders.

He held her close, laying still between her legs. Cassy could feel the burning throb of her cunt as it fluttered and contracted around his softening cock. A warm wetness trickled down her bottom. He lifted himself up on his elbow and looked down at her face. He gently stroked away the tears that she had not even known were there.

"Are you OK child?"

"Oh yes." Her voice trembled with emotion.

"Did I hurt you very much?"

"Not very much."

"I am not very experienced with teaching virgins."

"Sir, it was wonderful. I feel so happy."

He gently pulled away from her. Cassy felt a wild surge of sadness as he pulled from her. A tiny whimper of protest broke from her lips. "Its OK child, it won't hurt so much after this."

He lifted her legs and peered closely at her cleft. "You are bleeding some. I will get a washcloth." He gently lay a blanket over her and went to the bathroom. When he returned he just lifted the bottom edge of the blanket and gently washed her cunt. He put a folded dry cloth pressed high between her legs. "Hold your knees together. Keep this up against your cunt. We will check it in while."

Pulling down the blanket her slipped into the bed next to her and pulled her close to lean against his chest. Cassy felt a conflicting mix of exhaustion and nervous energy. She tried to sleep but the sensation of his flesh next to hers was electric. She kept restlessly shifting and moving against him, her hands softly stroking the skin that so intoxicated her.

Finally he trapped one of her hands with his. "Lie still child."

"Yes Sir."

Cassy forced herself to lie still, listening to his breathing and his heart beating so close to hers. After what seemed like a long time he began to breath deeply and turned in his sleep, rolling to his side facing her. Cassy matched his movement, turning her back to him and snuggling back against him. He put his arm around her and pulled her tight to spoon against him. Finally she felt herself slipping away to sleep.

Cassy woke to his voice, soft almost whispering. "No not that much. Damn it, I was careful. OK, OK." She stretched and opened her eyes. He was standing in the door of the bedroom talking on a cell phone. He was dressed and wearing his glasses. She started to climb from the bed but he held up his hand and gestured for her to stay. He stepped into the hall and she could not understand what he was saying, until suddenly his voice was loud and angry. "Fuck no! You tell him to keep the fuck away from me! You tell him I've found someone else."

He came back to the room and sat on the edge of the bed. He stroked her hair away from her face. "Good morning child." His voice still carried tones of anger.

"Good morning Sir. Could I please go to the bathroom?"

A chuckle warmed his voice, "Of course, but first let me check the cloth between your legs." He pulled the cover back and Cassy obediently spread her legs and he pulled the folded piece of terry cloth out from between her legs. Cassy could see that it was mostly soaked with dark red dried blood.

"Go to the bathroom girl and after you are done wash off your cunt and put a new dry cloth up there. I want to make sure you have stopped bleeding."

"Yes Sir."

She got up and walked into the bathroom and peed. Her cunt felt a little sore and much wetter than she was used to. When she wiped there was a light pink residue on the white paper. When she washed, she was a little surprised by the amount of dried blood on her pubic hair. She was pretty sure that it wasn't time for her period. She put another cloth between her legs and walked carefully back to his room, taking mincing steps to avoid dropping it.

He held the blanket back and gestured for her to climb back in. He tucked her in and sat down beside her stroking her hair. "I called a friend of mine who is a doctor. He says it is probably nothing to worry about. He says for you to change your pad and lay down for a while. If you are still bleeding now for me to call him back. He gave me hell for corrupting virgins."

Cassy looked up at him with wondering eyes and caught his hand as he stroked her hair and pressed it to her lips.

He leaned down and gently kissed her on the forehead. "You have stars in your eyes child." He stood up. "Stay lying down. I am going to go do my workout. After I get done, we will take a shower together."

"Yes Sir."

Cassy curled up under the blankets and watched as he changed into his sweat pants. She felt her heart flutter as he stood naked for a brief second.

She was half asleep when he came back. He gave her a slap on the ass and she flinched and hissed. She had almost forgot the welts on her ass. "Lets check you out child." He yanked back the blankets and flipped her over onto her back. He pulled the cloth out and looked it over. "Good job. All clean. I was afraid that I may have broken you. Get up. Lets get that shower."

"Yes Sir."

Cassy climbed from the bed and followed him back down to her shower in the basement. She peeked at her ass in the mirror. She could see that it was criss crossed with red welts. She rubbed her hand across it tenderly.

"Its very pretty. We should keep it like that."

Cassy turned and gave him a nervous look. "Y... yes Sir."

He arched a brow. "I like your obedient spirit child."

"Thank you Sir."

In the shower he pulled her against his chest. "Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to be in here this close to you touching you, day after fucking day?" Before she could answer he had her mouth in his, stifling her words, his lips hard and forceful, his tongue deep in her mouth.

He let go of her mouth and pushed her away. Cassy staggered back and leaned against the wall, the water cascading over her face. "I have been resisting that impulse for way too long." Cassy touched her fingers to her mouth. His laugh had an angry edge.

Their morning was much the same as other mornings. He had her do laundry and clean the basement weight room. At lunch she thought to herself that salad was actually starting to taste OK.

When it was time for her work out in the basement he got out a riding crop, "Its easier to motivate you with this. I expect to see you really start to improve." Cassy found he was very willing to use to remind her to use better form as she lifted. A quick snap to her sore ass to encourage her to hold on to the bar a few seconds longer. Cassy never once cried out and tried her hardest.

The trouble was that every task he put before her had failure built into it. He would put a barbell in each of her hands and have her hold them them out in front of her until her arms collapsed. Always before he would verbally release her before failure, but now he was just watching as she lost her battles. Everything was like that, hold until she failed and the sharp snap on her ass or thigh, once even he hit her breast, punishment and none of the words of encouragement she had come to expect.

The repeated failures and the inevitable punishments began to weigh on Cassy. She found herself trembling and hesitating, flinching in anticipation of the inevitable snap of the crop. Her mind was spinning in confusion.

Finally she caught the movement of his arm from the corner of her eye, shied and dropped a weight. The heavy metal clanged to the floor and rolled away.

His voice was flat and angry. "Go kneel in the corner."

Cassy knelt in the corner, tears running down her face.

"Do you think you were doing a very good job?"

"No Sir."

"You are right. You did much better yesterday, even the day before that. You obviously weren't trying."

Cassy wanted to protest. She had been trying. The riding crop was just making her nervous. She felt a spark of anger, this just wasn't fair. She knelt in the corner, infected with his frustration and anger, a pout turning down the corners of her mouth.

"You will stay kneeling and think about how you could improve. I will call you for dinner."

"Dinner?" Protest was clear in her voice, dinner was hours away.

"You think I am being too harsh?" His voice as impatient and angry.

Suddenly afraid, Cassy mumbled, "No Sir."

"Don't move, I will be looking in on you from time to time."

Cassy had no way to measure the passage of time beyond the growing ache in her legs. She tried to force blood into her muscles by raising up, tensing and relaxing her legs. She massaged her legs with her hands.

"What are you doing?"

Cassy trembled, her shoulders hunching up around her ears. "My legs are starting to hurt. I was trying to keep them from going to sleep."

"Your legs are supposed to hurt." She heard him walk back up the stairs. He was not gone long. Walking up behind her, he shoved her with his foot. "Move the fuck out of the way." Cassy scrambled to one side. "Stand up and stretch your legs, take a piss."

"Yes Sir."

As Cassy was in the bathroom she heard him pull a bench over into the corner. When she returned he was standing on it doing something with an eye ring in the ceiling. He had a spool of black thread in his hand. "I prefer my fetters be those of the mind."

"Come here. Put your hands together like you are praying and hold them out to me." Cassy pressed her palms together and presented them to him. Taking the thread he wrapped it around and around her hands and wrists. "You are about to get religion girl, and I would suggest you devote your prayers to me."

He dragged the bench out of the way. "Back on your knees." Cassy awkwardly dropped to her knees in the corner her hands held bound so she had to hold her elbows almost touching. "Hold your hands high, girl." As Cassy stood tall on her knees and lifted her hands, he took a single thread and tied it to her hands. The thread went through the ring in the ceiling and he tied the other end to the bench. "If you lower your hands or move around, you will break the thread. That would be a bad thing."

"Yes Sir."

Cassy knelt statue still, but the position was unnatural. The threads around her wrists forced her elbows close together making it difficult to hold her hands high. It did not take many minutes for tremors of fatigue to begin to shake her arms. She whimpered in panic.

His voice came from behind her, "When you get too tired, lean against the wall. It will help." Cassy leaned and pressed her elbows against the wall and pressed her forehead against her arms. Almost instantly the strain was greatly relieved. She sighed in relief. There would have been no way she could have held that position for very long without using the wall.

"You will not always have the wall. I suggest you practice holding the position without the support. You will benefit from it." She could hear his steps on the stairs.

Cassy took a deep breath and leaned back, carefully holding her hands high. She could not feel the thread holding her hands up. She was afraid she would break it without knowing. Breathing deeply through her mouth, she focused on forcing her arms and muscles to relax, willing the tremors of fatigue to stop. Somehow this focus on her arms helped her ignore the burning ache in her knees and thighs.

When she could no longer control the spasming shakes in her arms, she leaned forward. The support easing the pain in her shoulders, a sweet reward for her struggle. As she rested her head against her arms, she could feel that her legs were beginning to protest in earnest. She forced herself to ignore them. She knew from experience that eventually they would grow numb. It would be almost unbearable when she stood up, an agony in some ways worse. Pain postponed seemed to accumulate interest.

As she knelt for what seemed hours, Cassy silently castigated herself for her failure. The riding crop did not hurt half as much as the cane and she could do that. What was her fucking problem with the crop. If he chose to beat her with it, she should have been fucking grateful. Over and over, Cassy would pull herself away from the wall, a deliberate self torment.

Her attention was so focused on her body that she did not hear him come into the room. His voice sent a shiver of apprehension over her, a physical sensation of prickles as goose bumps spread over her skin. "You will find my punishments to be rather difficult and time consuming. Tell me what you have learned."

"I am sorry Sir. I was unfocused. I allowed distractions to interfere with my obedience."

"Yesterday was perhaps too stimulating. You will get used to pain and fucking. I will not accept them as an excuse for failure."

"Yes Sir."

His hands were warm on her arms as he slipped a pair of scissors under the thread and cut her hands free. Cassy clenched her teeth as she slowly lowered her arms. Her shoulders screamed in protest.

"OK get up on your feet."

Cassy swallowed hard and nodded. "Yes Sir." It took her a couple of attempts and she had to hold onto the wall to keep from falling. Her legs visibly quivering with pain, the muscles twitching and spasming. Cassy could feel tears being forced out from under her eyelids. When she felt like she could control her balance she turned to face him. Her face a mask of sadness, she stared at the floor.

He put his hand under her chin. "Don't feel so sad child. You are done with it now. It is forgotten. Remember your lesson so that you may improve. I am proud of how well you endured this."

He dragged the bench back to its assigned place in the center of the room. "Child, I think we should add some color to that sweet little ass of yours. Come assume the position you took yesterday. Do not worry about telling me if you are ready. Today I decide whether you are ready."

Cassy's legs felt like noodles as she carefully walked to the bench. She cast one fearful glance at his face before she turned and leaned over. She could feel his hands on her, inspecting the welts, taking inventory. "Yes, most definitely needs some color. Brace yourself child. This shouldn't take so long."

Cassy gripped desperately onto the sides of the lifting bench. The searing crack of the cane seemed much more painful today than yesterday. She sucked air through her teeth in an audible hiss. The second strike came almost before she could exhale, forcing the air from her lungs in an audible grunt. Cassy clenched her lips shut and forced herself to breath through her nose, the compulsion to remain silent even more imperative today. The next three blows came at the same quick pace. Cassy's knees were shaking so hard she feared she would fall.

"That should do it for today. I still don't get why you are so quiet. It will not make any difference if you scream."

Cassy was filled with an overwhelming thought that he was wrong. Screaming would make it so very, very much worse.

He went out after dinner leaving Cassy to finish cleaning the kitchen. As she went to the basement to curl up in her blankets with a book, Cassy wondered where he went when he went out in the night.

Cassy woke to her light being blinked on and off and his voice calling her. "Wake up child. Wake up and come out and play." She blinked and looked up from her blankets. He was leaning up against her door frame and had a odd grin on his face. Cassy got up and walked up to him. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him. He smelled like tobacco smoke and something else she was unfamiliar with.

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