tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLottery Winner Ch. 02

Lottery Winner Ch. 02


Over the next several weeks' Colleens had stopped and made regular payments on her loan to Jim. He had sex with her on several of those visits, it was usually the quick slam, bams thank you ma'am kind. This week he told her he had an interesting proposal for her, but Colleen did not know what to expect. She arrived at his house wearing a tight spandex tank top with no bra and a pair of skin tight blue jeans.

She walked into his house to find him sitting naked on the couch watching television waiting for her to arrive. She pulled off the tank top and went over to the couch and sat next to him, he looked at the housewife for a moment and then he spoke.

"Colleen's I have a proposal for you." He said.

"We already agreed to this, what more can I do?" She asked dejectedly.

"I understand you have an eighteen-year-olds son who has graduated high school this year." He said.

"No, I'm not letting you anywhere near any of my kids." She said getting up and grabbing her shirt.

"Stop and listen, I will call your loan paid in full, you will never have to have sex with me again in any way shape or form, all I want is to watch you seduce and fuck your son." He explained.

"What!" She yelled. "That is sick."

"Think it over my dear or get your ass over here and start sucking my cock." He said lewdly waves his at her.

"I'm not in the mood now, maybe tomorrow if you can stop being so fucking sick." She said to put her top back on and leaving.

Later that afternoon after working at the shop she watched her son Tom swim in the pool, he is handsome and muscular. She watches the water bead off of his tanned body as he dives off of the diving board and into the pool. Would it be so bad to make love to her son one time, to be out of Jim McMullen's debt forever?

Colleen made sure she could see all of her family as she dialed McMullens' phone number, it rang a few times and he picked it up. They planned everything out, he would be hiding in a closet in the back storeroom, she would have him help her put boxes of new merchandise away and then seduce her son.

Jim promised to have the document there with him and has it stamped paid in full, if her husband asked she would say that he had a change of heart and forgive the loan. He hung up and she planned what she was going to wear that day, then later that night she asked her son if he would help after the store closed at noon on Saturday.

Saturday came around and at closing time her son walked into the store, Tom could not get over how good his mother looked today. His friends had always told him his mom was a milf, yet he just laughed it off, today he saw her in her full beauty. She wore a tight tank top that made her breasts jut out in front of her and showed her cleavage. She also had on a tight denim skirt, which showed off her beautiful round ass and her shapely legs, the black heels that she wore today some how made his mother look even more sexy, when she usually wears sandals or sneakers in summer.

"Hey Mom!" He shouted as she rang the last customer out.

"Hey Kid." She said back, just not as loud.

When the customer left, he turned the sign too closed and locked the door, then he followed his mother into the back storeroom. Jim was already hiding in the closet, Tom watched the sway of his mother's beautiful ass as she led him to the back and he could smell her sweet intoxicating perfume.

"All right you start with putting these pots and pans away and I will work on putting the utensils away." She said.

"Sure Mom whatever you want me to do." He replied.

She started putting things on the shelf and he was doing the same, he kept stealing glances at his mother. He noticed her nipples were now protruding against the fabric of her shirt and his cock was now stirring at how fantastic she looked today.

After everything was put away Colleen decided, it was now or never so she told her son to come over and sit on the desk so she could pay him. He told her she did not have to pay him, but she insisted she was going to do so. He nervously sat on top of her desk and she came in front of him, she had a look in her eye unlike any he had ever saw on his mother's face.

"Baby, do you have any experience with girls yet?" She asked her son.

"Uh no Mom." He replied nervously, hiding the fact that he was lying.

"Well I thought then as payment for being so helpful today that I give you some experience before you go to school, it will make things less awkward for you." She said in a low sexy whisper putting her arms around his neck and leaning in to kiss him.

Tom could not believe what was happening his mother was kissing him full on the lips, and he had no choice but to respond. He kissed her back and pushed his tongue inside her wet warm mouth, Colleen was surprised by his eagerness. His hands were now running up her back, then one hand slipped around front feeling one of her tits.

Colleen moaned into his mouth as he teased one of her nipples to become fully erect, she broke off the kiss and pulled her top over her head. Her son gasped when he saw how beautiful hi s mom's tits were and leaned in and sucked on them.

"Oh yes, oh baby you suck mommy's titties so good." She said as he licked and sucked her tits.

"Mom your tits are so beautiful." He said to lick a sensitive nipple with his tongue.

She gently pulled away from her son's licking and sucking, she lifted his tee shirt off of him and kissed her way down his muscular frames. She gets down on her knees in front of him and helps her open his jeans and pull them down, she then pulls his boxers down and his seven-inch cock pops up in front of her.

She takes her sons cock into her hands and then she puts it into her loving mouth gently sucking it. Her son moans in pleasure and places his hands up to her head to gently get her suck more of his cock and faster. He is soon shooting wad after wad of his young salty cum into his mother's mouth. She stands up and wipes the filth from her lips and chin, she knows this is not enough to satisfy Jim so she tells her son to get up.

He does as he is told and she gets up on the desk, without being told what to do he starts kissing his mothers' neck and works down to her tits. Then he kisses down her stomach, she pushes her back so she has to use both hands to support her weight, he spreads her legs and pulls the crotch of her panties apart. His mothers' pussy is beautifully manicured and he spreads the wet pink lips apart then he lowers his head and feverishly begins to lick her pussy.

Colleen begins to pant, then she starts to buck her hips, grinding her wet pussy against her sons mouth. She starts to cum and in the back of her mind she realizes her son is experienced, he knew how to bring her pussy off with his mouth. When her orgasm subsides, her son now stands up between her legs and slides his reharden cock into her. The two begin to fuck hard on her desk, her son with one hand on her back the other holding onto one of her tits.

Tom waits until his mother cums and then he pulls his cock out and gets her off of the desk, he bends her over and pulls her panties off. Then he gets behind her and shoves his cock into her doggie style, he fucked his mother with long hard strokes.

"Oh yes baby fuck me, fuck me hard." She cried.

"Oh fucking god." He groaned and came inside his mother.

After several long awkward moments he pulled his deflated cock from his mother put his pants back on and ran out of the store. Colleen buried her face into her hands and stood crying as her son ran out. Jim came out of the closet, he took Colleen by the hand and led her to her desk and then he bent her over it, he too fucked from behind, his hard large cock sloshing inside her already used pussy. She cried the whole time he fucked her even when she reached a tearful orgasm, he pulled his cock out short of cumming and shot it all over her ass.

Then he threw the contract down on her desk, it was stamped paid in full, Jim pulled up his pants and laughed as he walked out of the shop. Colleen took the document and put it into her safe, was having her own business and being free of Jim worth not having her son look at her in the same way again, only time will tell.


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