tagInterracial LoveLotus Queen, or Sex and Kungfu Ch. 01

Lotus Queen, or Sex and Kungfu Ch. 01


Billy Smithson looked at the door wide-eyed when he heard the rusty bolt sliding to a sharp metallic clack - the noise of which reverberated through his concrete cell. He felt exposed and vulnerable. Smithson, a sophomore at Pace University, lay naked and spread-eagle on his back strapped to an odd sort of table. He had tried to escape, but the more he struggled the more his restraints seemed to tighten and bind. He was gagged, and his attempts to call out amounted to no more than a feeble "m" sound.

When the door opened, he was shocked to see two lovely Asian girls of about his own age walk through one after the other. His feelings were mixed. He had been terrified that some big goon with a hot cattle brand was going to come through the door or maybe an al-Qaida kook with a big decapitating knife and a video-camera. So, in one sense, he was happy to see the innocuous looking girls enter, each giving him a warm bubbly smile as if they were greeters in a Tokyo or Shanghai department store. On the other hand, it was incredibly embarrassing and humiliating to be on display, particularly in front of two attractive girls. Smithson was in good shape and was not particularly shy about his body, but, still, the girls' glances seemed to cut through him.

Billy then recalled his last memory before waking up in this place. It was talking to a cute Chinese girl in a college dive. She had intimated that her apartment was nearby, and her roommate was away visiting parents. Smithson didn't give a second thought to leaving with what he considered a "hot Asian chick", and, the next thing he knew, he was strapped naked to a table in a small concrete cell staring up at a the peeling paint and brown water stains on the ceiling. The girl who he had been walking with had looked like these girls in that she had had long jet-black hair that was worn up, the same placid cream skin, and the same lithe figure.

"You must be terribly hungry. We will get you some food shortly, but now it's time for your first treatment, Mr. Smithson. Do you need to void your bowels or bladder? This will go more smoothly if you get that out of the way. Nod your head once if you need to pee, twice if you need to poop, and three times if you need both." One of the girls said.

Billy nodded once.

The girl moved his flaccid dick so that it pointed down between his legs. "OK, go ahead...There is a hole cut out in the table and a drain below you. You can urinate or defecate whenever you'd like. Then, if we are not here, just push this button, and one of us will come to hose you down." The girl said moving Billy's fingers over the edge of the table to a button with her warm smooth hand.

Billy's brow furrowed. He had no intention of peeing on himself or the edge of the table to which he was strapped. He had wondered about the garden hose that was coiled on an old car's rim on the wall, and about the bit of chill on the backs of this thighs and butt. He was left with a conundrum. He had no way to communicate his desire to be allowed to go to the restroom because of the gag and restraints.

"Do you have a shy bladder? Would you like us to come back in a minute?" The other girl asked.

Then the first girl said to the second. "Do you think we should put in a catheter?"

Billy went wide-eyed, and dearly hoped she was joking though she gave no hint that she was.

"Tell you what... we'll come back in five minutes. You either do your business, or we'll stick a tube up your urethra." The first girl said.

Billy's mind raced. Why were they doing this to him? How could he try to communicate with them? What kind of "treatment" were they talking about? Had he done anything that would anger someone so much they would go to these elaborate lengths to get even? Could these be the girlfriends of some girl who had had a bad experience with him? He didn't think so. He couldn't remember doing anything with the Chinese girl from the other night and he hadn't had that much to drink. She was the only Chinese or Asian girl he'd ever gotten close to sleeping with, but the last thing he could remember was walking with her down the sidewalk. What happened after that? He tried to remember, and wished he could apologize. He hadn't broken up on bad terms with any girls so far as he knew, and the few girls he had slept with without dating seemed no more after a commitment than was he. It had to be connected with the Chinese girl from the bar, but how? Could he have done something to her, something bad, and repressed the memory? He couldn't imagine having done so. He had no history of being other than a gentleman, or at least as respectful as boys his age got. These girls seemed so polite to him. If this was some revenge caper, wouldn't they be hostile towards him. Of course, in a way, they were being hostile to him. They were humiliating him. They were just doing it with polite smiles. Maybe he was just a random victim. Maybe he hadn't done anything to bring this upon himself. But what was he to be a victim of, besides wanton embarrassment? He pushed dreaded possibilities from his mind, like the urban legend about kidney removal.

He had had to pee so badly earlier, and now he couldn't bring himself to do so. He willed himself to calm down and relax. He knew that was the only way he was going to avoid the horrible alternative mentioned to him. He pushed aside thoughts of the possible horrendous fates he might face. He rationalized that any minute NYPD would break in and rescue him. He just needed to get through one thing at a time. He tried to visualize standing at a urinal. The flow came and he resisted the urge to clench up when he felt the trickle of hot liquid on his inner thighs. As far as he knew or could remember, he hadn't urinated lying down since he was an infant. It was so demoralizing. He heard his water spatter on the drain below. He felt unclean.

It seemed like an eternity of waiting, though it was probably only a couple minutes, before the two girls returned. Smithson did not want to press the button because he wanted to stall whatever the "treatment" was that he was supposed to receive. He had to believe he would be rescued soon.

One of the girls was in the process of pulling on a pair of rubber gloves when they returned. This made Billy a little queasy because the gloves conjured up images of surgical procedures.

"Good job. I think you made a wise choice." It was a patronizing compliment by the girl without gloves.

The gloveless girl uncoiled a section of hose and, moving toward the table, directed a light spray of warm water between Billy's legs, over the table, and then washed it all down the drain. She then ran some water onto the gloved hands of the other girl, who had some sort of soap in her palm. That girl lathered up, and proceeded to wash the table and those parts of Billy's anatomy that had been soiled. She started with his inner thighs. It felt quite pleasant, but Billy was too mortified and demoralized to become aroused by it. He was being treated like an infant. When the girl's soft touch passed over his ass, then lightly washed his testicles, and then began to clean his penis, it became increasingly difficult to avoid succumbing to the pleasure. However, being treated like an infant gave him a knot in the pit of his stomach.

"Don't you like that? Doesn't it feel good?" The other girl said in the almost shy yet coquettish fashion that makes men enamored of women of the Orient.

Smithson looked over to see that girl was topless, having removed her blouse and hung it on a hook, and was in the process of removing her skirt and panties to do the same with them.

"It's OK to get excited. You like girls don't you?" The girl said with a punctuating giggle as the other girl went from washing to stroking.

The nude girl approached running a warm soft hand lightly and seductively over Smithson's chest. Billy's heart seemed to skip a beat and his breath caught in his throat.

"Oh, I think he likes girls." The stroking girl said to the other, nodding at the rigid purple soapy member now in her hand.

The nude girl leaned in close running her fingernails lightly through Smithson's hair and raking them over his scalp to excite the skin and generate pleasant tingles. Billy was conscious that, as she leaned over him, her pert warm breasts pushed against the side of his own chest. Her mouth was close to his ear, and the glorious scent of jasmine intoxicated him.

She spoke, "I know this must be disconcerting for you, but all you have to do is lay there and enjoy. There is nothing to be gained from resisting. Just relax and let us take care of you."

Smithson was so excited now that he was about to climax, though he willed himself to hold out. Just when he thought he couldn't hold out any longer, the stroking stopped abruptly, and he felt a sharp pressure between his legs below his testicles. Then there was a spray of water. This time it was cold water.

"Sorry about that, but we need to put on your ring." The first girl said.

Ring? What was she talking about? Billy's head was spinning. On the one hand, he liked hand-jobs from sensual Chinese beauties as much as the next guy, but, on the other hand, it was all just so bizarre. What was the purpose? Where was this going, and, of ultimate concern, was it going to take a bad turn at some point?

Smithson remembered a movie in which a man was drugged and video-taped such that it appeared he was cheating on his wife, and then blackmailed for some purpose Smithson couldn't remember. However, Billy was single and hadn't even been steadily dating anyone since he and Stephanie Jensen broke up of mutual agreement five weeks ago. Furthermore, he was clearly tied down and gagged, and so in any video he would appear as he was, a helpless victim. They could threaten to show his parents, but his mom and dad both knew he was not a virgin, and, while it would be embarrassing, it would not be the end of the world. He was not from some kind of ultra-conservative background. All these thoughts were an attempt to make sense of strange events in a world he almost didn't recognize. All paths toward reason, however, came to a dead-end.

The ring mystery was solved when the girl who had been washing Smithson returned to the table with a stainless steel ring of approximately three inches in diameter hooked on her finger in a hand that held a towel. She took the large white terry towel and began to thoroughly dry Billy and the plastic surfaces under him that were still wet. While Smithson had never worn a cock-ring, he had seen porn videos on the internet in which they were worn, and, therefore, was not surprised when the girl began to gingerly work one nut at a time through the hoop before pulling his flaccid cock through. Smithson knew that the purpose of the ring was to intensify and extend erections.

It was still not clear to Billy why they would need the ring. He was trying to reason through alternative explanations when the nude girl climbed up onto the table and took to straddling him. Immediately, he found it incredibly difficult to concentrate on anything other than the beautiful nude astride him. She ran her warm hands over his flesh seductively while occasionally letting the nails rake across his flesh. He felt the unusual feeling of constriction as his cock became engorged within the ring.

The nude girl spoke to him. "Oh you are such a stud; you make me so hot." She said in a breathy excited voice.

Then, in a shy, naïve, and vulnerable voice, she said, "Do you think I'm pretty."

Smithson nodded his head slowly. It was the only way he could signal an answer in the affirmative. Smithson was so focused on the girl and the overall euphoric pleasure he was experiencing that he hardly noticed the snap of the other girl putting on a fresh pair of gloves, the cold lube running down his shaft, or the resumption of the hand job. He couldn't see how stiff and darkly colored his cock had become, but he could feel it. However, it all blended together in a general head-to-toe feeling of arousal.

The nude leaned forward pressing her small but shapely breasts against Smithson's chest. Once again, as he breathed in her perfume, he thought he might pass out from the blood rushing away from his brain.

She spoke into his ear as if asking something requiring the utmost confidentiality, "You want to fuck me don't you?"

Smithson again shook his head "yes" in a way the girl was too close to see, but could feel.

Resuming the whisper, she continued speaking, "What about my friend? She needs a big hard cock in her cunt too. Would you put yours inside her?"

He nodded once more.

"I have a secret. I love cum. I think it's so yummy. Would you make some nice creamy yummy cum for me?" She whispered as she ran her fingers through his hair.

While the cock-ring extended out the period before his climax, it did not take too many more exchanges in this one-way conversation before he was on the verge of cumming. Once again, as before, this resulted in the hand-job stopping and a light pressure being applied at his perineum. The purpose of the cock-ring was now clear. They did not really want him to cum. Why would you kidnap a man just to repeatedly bring him to the edge of climax? It didn't make any sense. The fact that it didn't make any sense caused Bill to consider the crazy and dire possibilities.

The nude girl hopped down off the table nimbly. She then walked up to the other girl and took her in an embrace.

Nude girl spoke, "It's too bad you're all tied up, and can't help us out."

To punctuate this statement, the nude girl began to kiss the other girl who was wearing short-shorts and a cotton tank top. Each girl's mouth opened as the kiss became more passionate, and the clothed girl's hands began to roam over the nude girl's body. The clothed girl let down the nude girl's hair, and it fell in a silky curtain, which the clothed girl swept over nude girl's shoulder so that she could kiss nude girl's neck and shoulder. Smithson's erection was now painful, with the skin pulled so rigid the light glimmered off it as if it were metal.

Nude girl pulled the other girl's top off to make her topless girl. Nude girl kissed and gently sucked topless girl's hardened nipples. Then both girls became nude as the girl who had been astride Billy, dropped the shorts and undies of the girl who had been giving him a hand job. Billy's head lolled to the side so he could see the action as the squatting girl lightly kissed the smoothly shaved pubic triangle of the girl she had just disrobed. That girl stood once more and the two moved closer to Billy, kissing, embracing, and caressing the entire time.

"Oh, my, your cock is so hard." One of the girls said as she gave it the lightest and most tender stroke.

One of the girls slipped behind the other into a standing spooned position. The girl behind reached down and put her fingers between the front girl's legs. They were so close, and the cell so quiet, that Billy could hear the delicate moist sounds as the girl squatted slightly so that the girl to the rear could part her labia. The moist sounds continued as the girl behind gently stroked the sex of the girl to the fore. The girl being massaged tilted her head back and softly moaned. The girl who was doing the stimulating concluded, withdrew her hand, and popped her index finger into her mouth.

"It tastes so good. Would you like to try some? The girl said as she put a finger under Billy's nose. It was a mean tease because the gag prevented his mouth from accepting the digit. Still, the aroma of the girl's hot sex aroused him still further. The other girl lightly massaged his nuts.

"Time is up for this session, but we'll be back." The girl said as she withdrew her finger and gave Smithson a kiss on the cheek.

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