tagInterracial LoveLotus Queen, or Sex and Kungfu Ch. 02

Lotus Queen, or Sex and Kungfu Ch. 02


"Sure is a quiet night, for a full moon and all." Patrolman Valkov said- half in jest.

"It'll pick up. You wait. The full moon always brings out the crazies." Sergeant Raimes, Valkov's supervisor, replied.

The full moon showed itself intermittently between jagged sailing clouds, and, when it did, it cast the city in feeble light and deep inky shadows. It had rained earlier and the clouds that remained were the tailing edge of the weather system. As the moon passed behind clouds, the way it lit the feathered edge of cloud seemed to be straight out of a Werewolf movie.

"Turn around here. We'll cut over to Amsterdam. There may be something going on over there." Raimes said.

"Sure thing, Sarg." Valkov responded, and then he turned sharply nosing into an alleyway to begin a three point turn.

"What the...? Stop the car!" Raimes said and then he immediately jumped out of the vehicle drawing his sidearm while pulling out a small but bright tactical flashlight and assuming a Harries Method stance that allowed him to keep his weapon on target while also keeping the target in the beam of light.

Then, speaking to the individual in his light, he said, "Hands! Let me see your hands."

Valkov slammed the car into park, threw the emergency lights on because the tail end of the patrol car was hanging out into the street, and then got out of the car. The sight before him was almost comical. It was a Bizarro-world version of events. A pretty, young, and petite Asian girl was squatting down preparing to lift the inert form of a young man into the trunk of a car. The young man had blond-hair, was athletically built, and looked to be a college kid. His hands were bound and there was a patch of duct-tape over his mouth. The girl was also about college age, had shiny straight black hair, and was wearing a cleavage-accentuating corset top.

The girl, who looked to be Chinese, let go of the boy's head and it dropped with a quiet but disconcerting thud to the pavement. She raised her hands while slowly standing. As she was doing so, she looked from the alley to the street. The alley seemed to be a dead-end, but the opening of the alleyway onto the street didn't present an appealing escape route because it would mean running toward the police onto a well-lit sidewalk.

"Valkov, cuff her and then search her." Raimes said.

As Valkov approached the young woman, she began to slowly move to her side toward the edge of the alley. It was a subtle movement that was not meant to unnerve the officer, but rather seemed perfectly benign. Valkov, in a combination of rookie mistake and overconfidence about the threat presented by a Chinese girl of slight build, did not notice that the young woman was putting him in the line of fire between her and Sgt. Raimes.

Raimes noticed this tactic immediately, and began to shift to toward the opposite side of the alley to maintain his bead. He did not want to yell, either to Valkov or the girl, because he was afraid it would distract Valkov and the rookie would look over his shoulder taking his eyes off the woman at a dangerous juncture. Raimes, therefore, just cursed under his breath.

"Face the wall, and put your hands on your head." Valkov commanded.

The girl, now playing the shy polite Asian girl to the nines, did as she was instructed with a cute and innocent smile. As Valkov began to snap the first cuff around the girl's wrist, she spun around in an almost impossible burst of speed, snatching out a concealed dagger from her waist, and driving it into Valkov's chest. The patrolman reacted too late, and had only the time to twist sharply. Valkov shrieked and dropped to his knees. The dagger had gone into the Kevlar bulletproof vest obliquely due to Valkov's twist, and became lodged in the dense tight-knit material. The girl let go when she realized she could not easily withdraw the weapon, and knowing taking advantage of surprise was essential.

She dropped and rolled, as a piece of brick shattered over her head. It was Sgt Raimes' first shot. As she came up running into the darkness of the alley, Raimes got off a second shot that winged her, but did not stop her fast and committed motion. Then she was in the blackness of the alley. Raimes pursued, but cautiously. He kept the flashlight beam, his gun, and his eyes always pointing in the same direction. He put his partner out of his mind for a minute, reasoning that as soon as the threat was gone he would check on Valkov. When he came to a dumpster he edged in a wide arc around it careful to minimize his vulnerability through well-engrained tactics. He made sure to look up, in case the girl had made it to a fire-escape. He systematically searched. There was articulated garage door, and Raimes made certain it was secured.

"Got you covered, Sarg." Valkov said, beginning to come up behind and startling Raimes. The junior patrolman now had weapon and light drawn.

"You OK?" Raimes said, still searching.

"Yeah, the knife only made it a little way through the vest, I think I got a little cut on my chest but I won't bleed out. I thought for sure it went all the way in. It sure felt like it." Valkov said.

"Good, check that door, and be careful. Stay to the side." Raimes commanded.

Valkov, standing to the side as directed, tried to open one of two metal doors in the alley.

"It's locked, Sarg." Valkov said rattling the door.

Raimes checked the other door. It, too, was locked.

"In the dumpster." Raimes mouthed quietly so that Valkov could hear, but anyone in the dumpster couldn't.

The interior of the dumpster seemed to be the only remaining hiding place available. Raimes got low, and put his hand on the lid, ushering Valkov to keep his weapon drawn and aimed at the opening. With a swift motion the Sergeant pushed open the door, and cautiously peered over the edge. He worked his way around making sure there was no place that the perpetrator could hug tight to the dumpster wall to avoid detection.

All of a sudden, there was a low "MMMM-mmm" sound. It was the young man, who had apparently regained consciousness. Valkov went to remove the young man's gag and bindings, as Raimes had one more look around for the girl who had vanished into thin air.

"Call it in, Valkov. Have them put out a BOLO for that girl." Raimes told Valkov.

When he came back, Raimes spoke to the young man, "And who might you be?"

"Trevor Wardlaw. I'm a grad student at Columbia." The young man said.


Mei's tricep still burned, but it was not as agonizing as when her comrade, Xin, had poured peroxide over the wound to cleanse it. The bullet had not gone into the muscle but had torn a gash along the back of her arm. It was a combination of skill and luck that had gotten her out alive. She had used her ability to move stealthily and her keen hearing to double back out of the alley. It had all hinged on taking advantage of the officer's concern about the dumpster as an ambush point to creep along the opposite wall one painfully slow step at a time. Still she had almost been caught when the second officer turned his flashlight on unexpectedly. One couldn't keep misfortune from frowning one. The best you could do was to prepare for the worst case, and, thus, hopefully mitigate the damage.

Xin spoke as she finished taping a gauze bandage over the wound that she had cleaned and to which she had applied antibiotic ointment, "The Mistress wants to see you immediately."

"Certainly, where can I find her?" Mei said, attempting to be nonchalant but dreading the conversation.

"She's with one of the men, in the caves." Xin said.

The "caves" were what they called a series of concrete cells. The facility had once been a warehouse that stored explosive materials. It had a series of thick walled containment spaces that were designed to contain explosions and keep them from taking the whole place down. It had been used for that purpose in over a decade. It had been entirely vacant for several years before they bought it for a song.

Mei exited the construction trailer and walked through the open space at one end of the facility. The clack of her heels echoed through the cavernous space. It smelled dusty and musty.

The Mistress kept odd hours. It was now the wee early morning hours, during which most people slept unless they were, like Mei, forced by the dictates of their occupations to be up. Mei knew which cell it was because the steel slab of door was open. The young beauty moved quietly to the cell and stood in the doorway. Mei was looking at the back of Mistress Ling and the soles of the feet of the young man she was squatting astride. The Mistress presented an enigma. Her silken silver-hair suggested an advanced age. However, her ability squat over the young man and engage in controlled bounce to take the man's cock inside her was a more physically challenging than many young athletic individuals could carry out for such an extended period. Ling wore a black thin clingy slip-like camisole that was loosely bunched up at her waist and dipped down in the back to show the smooth skin over an athletically muscled back.

"They say you failed spectacularly. Is it true?" Ling asked without missing a stroke.

"Yes, Mistress. A police patrol happened along as I was..." Mei began to explain.

"I don't need to hear excuses. I just need to hear what damage was done." Mistress Ling interrupted Mei while continuing to ride the young man.

"I was not able to get away with the man. Also, I lost the dagger." Mei said.

"Dear girl. You were one of my favorites. I had great expectations for you. That is why I entrusted you with the dagger. It is only because of this that I am willing to give you one opportunity to redeem yourself. You must find out what the authorities know, make certain they cannot interrupt our activities, and it is vitally important that you reacquire that dagger." Ling said without the slightest interruption of her rhythm as she continued to fuck the young man who wore a cock-ring to prevent his release.

"Yes, Mistress." Mei said, looking at the strained expression on the man's face and trying to determine if it was agony or ecstasy. The difference would be in whether the Mistress was five minutes or five hours into the session. Mistress Ling was known to practice sex without release for hours as a means to build chi and to train her body.

"You are dismissed." Ling said.

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