tagInterracial LoveLouise Ch. 09

Louise Ch. 09


Louise woke up slightly disoriented and sore in a place where she shouldn't have been. When she moved, Nathan's arms tightened around her.

"Good evening sweetheart." Nathan said kissing her shoulder.

"Umm hi." Louise replied softly.

"How about a soak in the Jacuzzi?" Nathan asked. "You must be sore."

Louise blushed and wondered why. There was no reason for her to be embarrassed. She was a grown woman who had just gotten married just by having sex. It didn't feel quite real although she suspected that it would take some time to sink in.

"What are you thinking about?" Nathan asked nuzzling her shoulder and inhaling deeply. He found the scent of their combined fluids intoxicating.

"I was just thinking that all it took for us to be married was to have sex... it doesn't feel real." she replied.

"Let me clarify something," Nathan said, "there was no sex... it was the mechanics of sex but what we did was make love. Sex is something that is done to meet a physical need. What we did was meet not only a physical need but an emotional one as well. We are now irrevocably linked and there is nothing anyone or anything can do to break that link."

"What about Barb and Hans?" Louise asked.

He really didn't want to talk about them but thought it was for the best that they did. It was another step toward getting outside issues out of the way.

"I can't answer that. Only they and the fates know what happened but if I had to guess, I would say that Barb did or said something that severed the bond. That Hans wasn't broken up about it tells me that he never felt drawn to her as a mate should. Why the fates paired them is anyone's guess."

"So if they had made love, it wouldn't have happened?" Louise asked.

"No, it wouldn't have but I think that they would have had some major issues to work out." he replied. "How about that soak?" Nathan asked again when what he wanted was to make love with her again.

"Do you mind if we stay here for a little longer?" Louise asked. She wasn't ready to leave the comfort of the bed or to face the real world.

"I don't mind at all." Nathan replied as he planted another kiss on her shoulder. "You were incredible today. The way that you trusted me... I'm honored."

Louise turned so that she faced him, careful to keep herself covered.

"Thank you for being so patient with me, it couldn't have been easy."

"I had my moments but you were very much worth the wait." Nathan replied as he rubbed against her.

To his surprise and pleasure, she rubbed back. Her touch was still tentative but that wasn't important. The longer they were together the more confident she would become.

"Am I doing something wrong?" she asked.

"Not at all, I'm just pleased that you aren't afraid to touch me. There are so many ways in which I want to love you but all in due time." Nathan replied. "But for now, I would love for you to explore again."

Louise bit her lip and blushed. Truth be told she had enjoyed the exploring as much as he had and she didn't need too much urging to do it again. This time it didn't take as long for her touches to become more confident. By the time she reached his feet, she was giving instructions.

"Turn over... please."

Nathan chuckled and happily rolled over. His ass was the one place that she hadn't paid much attention to and he loved having it played with. She started at his feet and stopped at his ass giggling when he flexed the muscles. She laid a hand on each cheek and began to massage them. Then she got the idea to knead them as if they were bread dough.

"That feels good." Nathan said as he wiggled under her gently kneading hands wanting her to knead a little harder. "Sweetheart? Keep doing what you're doing but harder... remember, you can't hurt me."

Louise hesitated and kneaded Nathan's ass cheeks harder and then even harder as she saw that he was enjoying it. Nathan sighed in contentment, his mate was a quick study and then he realized that her empathy was a small part of it. She had moved from his ass to the small of his back alternately rubbing and kneading it as she worked her way up to his shoulders.

He turned over without being told to, he wanted her to see what she did to him. Louise looked into Nathan's eyes and then at his hardness. Slowly, she reached out, put a hand around it, and then paused. Her eyes widened as she realized what was happening, she could see what he wanted her to do. Nathan realized it at the same moment she did and closed down. He didn't want to overwhelm her or make her feel as if she had to do the things that he thought about.


"We'll talk about it later." Nathan replied as he reached down and pulled Louise up so that she lay on his stomach.


"Shhh... later." he said as he pulled her in for a kiss. He sat up so that Louise was straddled across his lap with her legs on either side of him. With no effort at all, he lifted her and then eased her down on his throbbing cock. He wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her neck as she began to grind in his lap. He nicked her neck, drew a little blood, and drank from her for the first time. He heard her gasp and felt her shudder as the third orgasm of her life ran through her.

He breathed against her neck, crying out as he came deep inside of her. Afterwards, he licked the small wound and held her in place. Before her, the post-coital cuddling was something that he did only because it was expected of him. Now it had taken on a whole new meaning and he couldn't imagine making love without it.

It wasn't long before Louise needed to go to the bathroom. She looked around for something to put on but the need had grown too great. Nathan wanted to tell her that as far as he was concerned, she never had to wear another stitch of clothing as long as they were alone, which gave him an idea. While she used the bathroom, he started running the water for their bath. Tonight he was going to take her home.


Barb woke up tired and feeling as though she hadn't slept although she knew that she must have. She climbed out of bed and headed toward the shower hoping that the night before had been nothing but a bad dream. She knew that it wasn't a dream when the hot water hit her nipples. She cursed when the hot water hit them.

Thorne's words resonated through her mind. He would rather have had Louise than her, "she wouldn't have rolled over like a bitch in heat looking for a payout." Was that really what he thought of her? That question prompted another, if he thought that and he had just met her, what did other people think? It shouldn't have mattered but it did and then she became angry. Who in the hell did he think he was using her like that?

"But you chose to be used." a voice that sounded like her own whispered. She had spoken aloud and didn't realize it. For the first time in her life, Barb began to question herself. The questions weren't about wanting money and nice things but her method of getting them. She was quickly realizing that she had gotten off relatively easily. She could have been raped, killed or sold off and she would have no one to blame but herself. "I just have to be more careful." she muttered as she oiled her skin.

She had already decided that there would be no more clubs, which left dating services, and the free ones were out. Chances were that the men on there were losers and even if they weren't they wouldn't have money. She needed one of the higher end services where the applicants would be screened and that they would have to show proof of income.

She threw on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt determined that she was going to stay in. She hoped that her sisters stayed away, she didn't want to answer any questions about her evening with Thorne Blackwell. She was however curious about something, what was his connection to the Sinclaires? Moreover, he made a valid point. She needed to stop shouting the Sinclaire name from the rooftops. So far, it had done absolutely nothing for her except to make her a pawn in whatever issues Thorne had with them.

She shuddered slightly but also tingled when she thought about Thorne. She understood the shudder but the reason for the tingling evaded her. She didn't like him and didn't care if she ever laid eyes on him again. She picked up the menu, ordered a tuna sandwich with fries and a slice of cherry pie for dessert. While she waited, she logged onto her laptop and thought about calling Juliet.

She looked at the clock and decided that although it was early enough, she would wait. It was however too late to call her realtor. She turned on the television looking for one of her favorite shows. Any of them would do but she was hoping to find the one about the homes of the rich and famous. It took her several minutes before she located one of the shows. Her meal arrived a few minutes later.

Someone different brought it this time and took it to the designated spot without asking. It made Barb realize that she was and had been the topic of conversation. The man uncovered her food and started to leave clearly not expecting a tip.

"Wait." Barb called out.

"Yes Miss?"

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. Was there anything else?"

"No... thanks."

Barb watched him leave and promptly forgot about him when she heard the theme song of 'Ice-T loves Coco' playing. She sat on the bed and ate her dinner not paying attention to the show.


"Thorne!" Allen said, "What in the hell is your problem?"

He didn't like the panicked, horrified and angry look that he saw on Thorne's face.

"Allen do me a favor and stop asking me what the fuck is wrong!" Thorne shouted. "I don't care to talk about it. Now get your ass to the club, I'm not going in and don't fucking call me unless the damned place is burning down!"


"Get the fuck out!" Thorne yelled cutting him off.

"You know what Thorne? Go fuck yourself!" Allen yelled back angry and hurt that Thorne had spoken to him in the way that he had and that he wouldn't share his problem with him.

Thorne heard the door slam, the engine of the car as it started and the squealing of the wheels as Allen tore out of the garage. He didn't move from his spot. He knew that Allen would get over it and would be back for more. He couldn't believe it! That gold digging bitch was his mate! If he accepted her, it would tie him to the Sinclaires and that was unacceptable. He would rather die first than mate with someone like her or to be tied to the traitorous Sinclaires.

His mind went back to Louise. He liked her as much as he could like anyone and the way that she fought for her sister was commendable. And the other one... she could read the thoughts of vampires, she was a fighter too. None of those two would have gone with him let alone do the things that their sister did and for what? Money? As far as he was concerned, Barb Yancy Simpson was nothing more than a slut who acted as if she was so much more.

It didn't matter; he wasn't going to claim her no matter what happened. Having decided that, Thorne stood up, stretched and decided to take a swim in the ocean. As he walked out of the house, in his mind, Barb Yancy Simpson ceased to exist.


Nathan helped Louise out of the bathtub. He dried her and then himself off in the human way. He wanted her to get used to his touching her and after a brief argument; she gave in.

"Get used to it." Nathan told her.

"Does Patrick do this for Kevyn?" she asked.

"I have no idea nor do I care." Nathan told her as he dried her back. "My only concern is you and I plan on spoiling you so get used to it." he added.

"Does that mean that I'll never be able to dry myself off again?" Louise teased.

"I didn't say that." Nathan teased back and then became serious. "Louise, are you ready to go home with me? I'm not talking about Kevyn and Patrick's home but our home."

He waited for her to respond knowing that it was something that she hadn't given thought to. It didn't take her long to respond.

"Where do we live?" she asked.

"Not far from the rest of the family which reminds me, we need to do a formal introduction and if possible, I'd like to do it before Vanessa and Veronica's wedding."

Louise's heart pounded. This was something else that she hadn't considered.

"All of them?" she asked nervously.

Nathan hugged her.

"All of them and they'll love you." he assured her.

"Ok... I guess... just make sure that I don't do anything wrong like read people." she replied nervously.

"I promise to keep you shielded and if you have no objections I'll tell everyone to keep their shields up. In the meantime, I have something to show you after we check in with your sisters."

Nathan went to the door when he heard someone approach. He opened the door without looking; he already knew who it was.

"Mr. Sinclaire? Here are your freshly laundered clothes."

"Thank you." Nathan said and handed the man a twenty-dollar bill.

"Who was that?" Louise asked from the bathroom.

"Our clothes, I had them cleaned." Nathan replied. "Why don't you get dressed and I'll call Patrick to see what the plans for tonight are."


Kevyn was nervous.

"Do you think that they did it?" she asked. "She wanted to talk about it and we did for a few minutes..."

"Kev, she's fine. If she wasn't Nathan would have called." Patrick assured her. "And if she wasn't ready, he wouldn't have pushed her." he added.

"I know... you're right. What do you think happened with Barb and Blackwell?" she asked changing the subject.

"Hard to say but she looks none the worse for wear." Patrick replied. "Maybe she's learned her lesson."

"Maybe, but I don't think so." Kevyn replied. "If anything she'll be more careful."

"Kev baby, will you stop pacing?" Patrick said as she walked by him for the fifth time. "I'm sure that both of them are fine."

"This must be what it's like to have children." Kevyn said as she sat in Patrick's lap.

"Maybe." Patrick chuckled, "but I imagine that it would be more nerve-wracking. Have you ever thought about having children?"

"When I was with Lonnie, absolutely not. After that? No because I had no plans of ever being with anyone again."

"What about now? Would you want children with me?" he asked.

Kevyn took a minute to gather her thoughts.

"One of the first things that I noticed about this family was that you loved each other. When Veronica was kidnapped, all of you joined and did what needed to be done so that she could be brought home safely. I noticed how protective everyone was of that little pistol Victoria and I remembered thinking that I wished that my family was like that. I also knew that I wanted my child to grow up in a family where they would be loved and protected. That your family had its issues doesn't take away from the care that you show each other so yes; I would want children with you. The only thing that I would change about this family is its past but then even that is a testament to how people can change. It gives me hope for Barb."

"I think that our children are going to be beautiful and brilliant." Patrick said. "This brings up another topic, school. You haven't changed your mind about that have you?"

"No and if we can get everything straightened out, I would like to go back nest semester." Kevyn replied.

"It can and will be worked out, what about work?"

"I don't know... if I quit I can go to school full time." Kevyn replied.

"Then quit." Patrick advised. "You can take most of your classes on line if you want."

"I don't know if I'm disciplined enough for that but then again, I'm quite sure that you'd keep me on target." She replied.

"I would at that." Patrick agreed. "Let me know what you decide and we'll make it happen."

Patrick's cell phone rang before Kevyn could reply.

"Nathan! How are things? Really? Congratulations! Louise is all right? Good, Kevyn was concerned. Can I call you back? Ok give me a few minutes... talk to you soon."

"They did it?" Kevyn asked excitedly.

"Yes and Louise is fine. They want to know what our plans for tonight are. I think he wants to show her the house that he's building for her."

"He's building her a house? That is so awesome!" Kevyn exclaimed.

"He designed it himself with her in mind. Anyway, he wants to know if we're going to meet for dinner and /or go see Barb."

"Let's go see Barb first and then we can have dinner. That way they can be on their way and we can go home... she won't be coming back will she?"

"No sweetheart, she'll go home with Nathan." Patrick replied.

"You know how it is when you know something is going to happen but you're still surprised when it does? That's how I feel. I knew that at some point that they would mate and I'm thrilled for them but I'm still surprised. Does that make sense?"

"It does." Patrick confirmed. "But remember, they don't live far from us."

"Alright, Barb and then dinner." Kevyn repeated still dazed by how quickly things had changed for Louise.

She was still thinking about it when Patrick called Nathan back and when he got off the phone. So much change and in such a short period of time she mused.

"All set." Patrick said, "They'll be here in about twenty minutes. I think that's more than enough time to make love, don't you think?" Patrick asked as he stripped them.


Twenty minutes later, Nathan and a nervous Louise were standing outside of Kevyn and Patrick's suite. Before knocking, Nathan pulled her away from the door and into a corner.

"What's bothering you?" he asked.

"Nothing really." she replied. "I'm being silly."

"Lou, if you're bothered by something I want to know about it. It doesn't matter how silly you think it is, if you're bothered, then it isn't silly. Now what's wrong?"

"I'm just nervous... I mean... never mind."

"No, not never mind." Nathan said firmly. "This isn't Pittsburgh where you couldn't or wouldn't say anything and where to some degree you chose to suffer alone. Those days are over and you need to remember that. Sweetheart, you aren't alone anymore, you can come to me with anything, and I do mean anything. This is a two way street, I will come to you as well now talk to me."

Tears burned Louise's eyes as she listened to Nathan. He was right, but it was so hard.

"I'm just nervous about us... I mean we were single when we last saw Kevyn and now..."

Nathan was beginning to understand what she was thinking and tried to ease her anxieties.

"Are you worried because it seems to have happened so quickly?" he asked.

"I guess so... I mean how long have we known each other?" she asked.

"We should have talked about this before we mated. That's my fault and I apologize." Nathan said touching her face. "Relationships in my world happen much faster than in the human world. What you're feeling is normal and it isn't silly. Some of us would consider two weeks too long and then there are those who think that it isn't long enough but it varies from couple to couple. What I'm trying to say is that Kevyn and my uncle's relationship was just as fast as ours was and they had issues to deal with on top of it. They aren't going to think any less of you and my guess is Kevyn is chomping at the bit to see you."

Louise took a deep breath and relaxed.

"Thank you." she said as she pulled him down and kissed him on the cheek.

Nathan hugged her grateful for the small step forward in their public lives.

"Ready?" he asked after a few minutes.

"Ready." Louise replied.

They had just walked up to the door when it flung open.

"There you are!" Kevyn squealed as she threw her arms around Louise and then Nathan. "You're really alright?" she asked.

"I'm fine." Louise replied, "Are you going to let us in?"

When they were sitting, Kevyn in Patrick's lap and Louise to Nathan's right. Barb was the topic of discussion.

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