tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLouise Submits Ch. 01

Louise Submits Ch. 01


Hello, my name is Louise Baker. I'm a Mathematics' teacher in a very elite high school. All my students are very intelligent seniors and are chosen for my class because of their grades and ages. They must have a 4.0 grade average and be 18 or over. Yes, some students are 18 while still in high school.

I am also one that used to be in this type of class and have a Master's degree. I was chosen for this class because of my very high grade point average, my good looks, and being a young unmarried 32-year-old. Then my willingness to cooperate with the system, which sometimes can be very corrupt. I just turn my head and see nothing. They like that in the teacher's position.

I have 15 students in my class and all of them are very smart. Some way too smart for their ages. I have a mixture of boys and girls in class and they are always trying to outdo each other and sometimes me. I usually win against them, but I have this one girl who seems to outwit me quite often. Her name is Amber Wilson. She had just turned 18 when the class started and she put me to the test the first day. A problem came up and she bet she could solve it before I could. Well, I took the challenge knowing I could easily win, but I was wrong. She had it solved and I still had to work on it another 5 minutes.

That is the way our relationship started. And it wasn't just one time ether. Whenever a hard problem came out, she would tell me she could solve it before me. I didn't lose all the time, but it seemed like I was losing more often than I was winning. And I didn't like betting with a student, but there was something about her that I couldn't tell her no.

After a few weeks, Amber came to me after class and asked to speak with me. I stopped what I was doing so we could talk thinking this would be a good time to tell her we would no longer be betting on the problems. I knew she was very smart and I had to choose my words with caution or she might turn them around on me.

I said, "What is on your mind Amber?"

She said, "Well Ms. Baker, I have been thinking. I like to bet on things with you and I win the bets quite often. But, I am bored with that. I would like to make our little bets more interesting. Would you like to hear what I have in mind?"

I said, "Amber, I was going to talk to you about those bets. So, far no one has been hurt and yes, you have proven to be quite an opponent. However, we cannot be betting any longer. It is against school policy and it isn't right for a teacher and student to do those things."

Then she said, "I understand that Ms. Baker, but I want to bet at least one more time. You see, by betting with you, it makes me think more and I must use my brain harder to beat you. Therefore, I need to bet to improve myself. Is that understandable?"

I told her, "I understand that, but it is against policy. If it is ever found out, I could be fired."

"So, you don't want to help me improve?" She asked.

"I didn't say that." I said. "I told you it is against policy and we can't bet any more. I don't want to be fired. But, I do want to help you improve but we have to do it in another way."

She thought for a moment and then said, "OK, let's make one last bet and then it is over. But we both should put something on the line for this last bet. Is that agreeable to you Ms. Baker?"

"Ok, I'll go with that and then it is all over." I said. "What do you have in mind we might put on the line."

Amber giggled and said, "How about we bet on a very difficult problem that is chosen by a third party. It will be just the 2 of us in the bet and the only ones who know of the problem we must solve. Of course, the third party will know of the problem, but not what is at stake."

I said, "Well, that is reasonable. What will the bet be for? Do you want money, dinner out or a new car?"

Amber laughed then. "No none of that Ms. Baker. What I think we should put on the line is ourselves. If you win, you get to own me for the rest of the term. I would be your slave and servant for whatever you decide. But if I win, I get the same from you. The winner has the rights to everything the loser does including what to wear, where to go, how to get there, what to eat and some other things."

I thought it over. A slave and servant to a student. I wasn't sure about that. However, I am smart and she could be my slave and servant also. But, my thoughts were if I won, she would just be a normal student and no more bets.

"That is quite a big bet Amber" I told her. "I am not sure it would be wise to make a bet like that. It is not a good idea for either of us to be a slave to the other. But if I agree, I wouldn't want to be stripped naked in front of the class or made to have sex with any of them. I wouldn't make you do that either since I can win."

She said, "Not to worry. I never even thought about things like that. Besides, I am still a virgin and don't want to give it up until I get married. So, we both have a lot at stake here. What do you say, want to bet me?"

I thought for a moment and then said, "OK. This will be our last bet. We will go together to find the third party for the assignment. We will let them decide what it is and how long we have till it is answered. Of course, we will have to prove how we got the answer."

She said, "Deal. Let's find the third party so we can get started. I am so excited. This is the first time I have really had to put my brain to the test."


Hi, this is Amber Wilson speaking. I am a student in a very elite school and am a genius in math. I am 18 and very dominate. When I entered the classroom that first day, I saw Ms. Baker as our teacher. I sat toward the front and watched her movements. I knew something was different about her, but wasn't sure what it was to start with. But as I saw her talking and reacting to the students, I knew what it was.

Louise Baker was a submissive. She might not realize it now, but in time she will. I just had to figure out how I could get her as my submissive and slave.

We went through a few days in class and I figured out how to gain my control. She was a great math teacher, but I was much better. Like I said, I am a genius in math, so I decided that I would put her to the test.

I waited for a short time and then started on my project. I went to her and asked questions about math trying to figure out just how much she knew about it. And, she did know a lot.

Then I asked her to bet with me on some math problems. I wanted to see who could solve the problems faster. Ms. Baker was good, but it took her a little longer to come up with the answers. We would go through books to find problems and then we would solve them. I usually was faster than she was, except when I let her win.

I had her where I wanted her, so went to her to proposition her. I told her I thought I was smarter than she was and would like to prove it. She wondered how and I said we should bet on a problem and have some type of reward for the winner. Well, she told me then we couldn't bet anymore because it was against the school's policy for teacher and student to bet.

I didn't give up on my project and said we should do one more bet so we would know for sure who was better. She was leery of doing it because of the policy. But I insisted. She finally agreed to the bet and wondered what we should bet on. She asked about money, dinner, a new car and a few other things, but I said no to all of them.

So, then she asked what we could bet on. I told her we would bet on each other. She wasn't keen on this, but I explained that if she won, I would be her slave and servant for the remainder of the first term. But if I won, she would be my slave and servant.

My plan was to take her for the first term and then have enough on her to make her mine for a very long time.

She tried to argue some about the bet, but I won out again. She told me she would accept the bet, but I couldn't make her get naked in class and she wouldn't fuck the others in class.

I then said I had a lot to lose also because I was still a virgin and wanted to wait till my wedding night. I didn't lie about being a virgin, but had no plans to ever marry a guy. I liked girls way too much. But she didn't have to know that right now.

Well, we agreed to the bet and decided to find a person who could give us a very difficult problem and set a time limit for us. The first one to complete the problem in the allotted time would be the winner and the other would become the slave. I had many plans for my teacher and would make her begin as soon as I won.


We left the school with me driving. We both knew of a guy who was kind of a math guru. We had heard he had problems that no one had ever found the answer to, except for him of course.

We had called him from my classroom and he gave us the address to his studio. He always worked in his studio, but also lived there most of the time. He would get so involved in his math problems he never left to go home. We understood he had a very beautiful large mansion that was cared for by his wife and the many servants they had.

We drove in silence. I was thinking of winning and being able to stop all this betting. No, I would not have Amber do anything except come to class and work hard to improve her skills in math.

We arrived at the studio of Mr. Bart. His real name was Bartholomew, but he insisted everyone call him Mr. Bart. I never knew his last name and I'm not sure anyone else did either. He was an older man of about 70 with gray hair, which was quite long and very unruly. He never combed or brushed it.

Once we parked in his driveway, we walked together to the front door. Amber rang the bell and we waited. It took about 5 minutes before the door opened and Mr. Bart stood looking at us. He was in a bath robe and it looked like he hadn't slept or showered in days.

I said, "Mr. Bart, I am Louise Baker and this is Amber Wilson. We spoke to you a couple days ago about giving us a very difficult math problem to solve."

He said, "Ah, yes I remember. You are a teacher and Amber is your student. And the two of you like to bet on who is better."

Amber said, "Yes, that is us. But, once we have this problem solved, we won't be betting any longer. It seems it is against school policy for teachers and students to bet with each other. This will be our last bet."

He said, "I understand. Won't you come in. I think I have the perfect problem for you. It took me a week to solve it, but I am sure you will need more time than I did."

I then said, "Well, it might, but in our bet, we would like you to set a time limit for us to solve the problem. The first one to finish with the right answer within the allotted time wins the bet."

"That sounds quite interesting," Mr. Bart said, "But if I might ask, what do you get if you win. I mean if you won't be betting any longer, what is in it for the two of you?"

Before I could say anything, Amber said, "We bet each other. The winner gets to have the loser as a slave until the end of the first semester."

"Now that is interesting." He said. "What will the loser have to do for the winner?"

Once again Amber said, "Anything the winner wants, but we have decided there a few things that won't be done. We won't get into them right now. May we have our problem?"

"Oh, yes the problem." He said. "I will get it for you and be right back."

He left the room and we just looked at each other. I said, "Why did you tell him all of that. You could have just said it was just a bet. You didn't have to talk about being a slave to me."

Amber laughed and said, "Well maybe, just maybe you will be my slave and I can't wait."

Just them Mr. Bart came back to the room we were in. He said, "OK, here is the problem. I will give each of you a copy and suggest you both look them over to be sure they are the same. Once you agree they are alike, I will set your time."

He handed us both a piece of paper and we looked them over. Then we exchanged papers and looked them over. We both agreed they were the same problem that we would have to solve. My mind was already working on it.

Amber said, "Mr. Bart, we agree these are both the same problems. Now if we could ask how long we have to complete it before we return to have you look our work over."

He looked at her and laughed. "Yes, I will let you know when to return, but there are a few things I need to discuss with you. You see, my time is not free and I will expect a payment."

I said, "Yes, Mr. Bart, we knew we had to pay for your service. How much will it be?"

Mr. Bart laughed again. "Well, I was going to ask for some money, but now that I know what the bet is, I want something else. Once you return with the right answers, whoever loses must give me a blow job. My wife doesn't do that anymore and I like it when women suck my cock. So, that will be my payment."

Amber and I both looked at each other. But, we had to do this, so both of us agreed to the blow job, given by the loser.

Then Mr. Bart said, "Now to make it all fair, when you have the problem solved and you believe you have the right answer, you will call me. Say Louise finishes first, she will call me and tell me her answer, but won't let Amber know she is done. Amber will do the same. Then once the time has come to an end, you will both come back here so I can look over your work and let you know if you are right or not. If you are both right, it will come down to who called me first. I will then tell you who won the bet."

Amber and I both said, "Fair enough."

Then Mr. Bart said, "It took me a week to solve this one problem. So, I will give you each two full weeks to solve it. Remember, you will call me with your answer once you are finished. You can only call me once, so be sure that is the answer you want to give me. Then, two weeks from today, you will come here to present your work to me. I will look them over and let you know who the winner is and who will be sucking my cock."

We left with the thought of solving this very hard math problem. I was good at math, but knew Amber was also. Sometimes I think she is better than me. I drove us back to town and dropped her off at her car. Then we separated and went our separate ways.

As soon as I got home, I got the math problem out and began to work on it. I had a new tablet that I could write out what I did to get to the answer. I knew I really had less than the 2 weeks because Amber would be doing the same.

I saw Amber during the 2 weeks we had and she seemed to be working on the problem, just as I was. I hoped she wouldn't finish it in time so I could win and finally get her to stop trying to better me. But, I was also very concerned about what would happen if I should lose. I am sure she will make me do some pretty bad things.

But I had to take her bet to stop it all. Now it was just a matter of time. The first week passed and I was almost done with the problem. I was spending every chance I had to work on it. I had to beat Amber at her game.

I had no idea how far she was into the problem and she wasn't showing any sign of being done. Every time I saw her she seemed to be working on the problem. So, I figured I might be ahead of her.

Half way through the 2nd week, I called Mr. Bart and told him my answer. He said, "Good. I have it written down with the date and time you called."

I was relived I got it done a little early and I was sure it was the right answer. I then watched Amber closer. She looked like she was still working on the problem. I saw her with her pad and she would write in it. Then stop and scratch her head and write some more. So, I figured she was still working it.

Finally, it came time to go back to Mr. Bart and see who won the bet we had. I was nervous going there with Amber. What if I did lose to her? Would she make me do all the things that I saw in some of the movies I watched? I hoped she wouldn't embarrass me too much. But then I would think, she was still working on the problem right up to the day before we had to go back. I couldn't lose.

Amber drove this time and as we were driving she said, "Louise, I am so happy right now. That was the easiest problem I have ever seen. I am sure I will win and you will be my slave. If you want, you can just concede and we can start your training now."

I answered her with, "I don't think so Amber, I saw you struggling to get the answer. So, we will just go to Mr. Bart and he can tell you that you lost the bet. I'll be happy to watch you give a 70-year-old guy a blow job."

She laughed and after that we rode in silence. I thought I had her since she didn't say anything else. I knew my answer was right and I wasn't sure if she even had the answer. But, it was time to find out now. We arrived at Mr. Bart's place and got out of the car. As we walked to the door, I got nervous all over again.

We knocked on the door and it opened right away. Mr. Bart was waiting for us and asked us to come in. He offered a drink to us, but we both declined as we wanted to find out who won.

We sat on the sofa and he stood in front of us. He had a big smile, but that was nothing new. He was always smiling. But he didn't say anything for a while.

Then, he said, "I do have some good news for both of you. When you called me, both of you gave me the right answer. Now I need to see how you got to the answer you gave me. I have studied this problem a lot and know there is only one way to correctly find the answer, so if I may have your papers, I will take them and look to see how you got to the answer."

He seemed to be talking in riddles. But we both handed our tablets to him. He said, "Just sit tight and I will be back shortly."

Then he left the room and I was alone with Amber. I said, "Look Amber, this is a stupid bet. Teachers don't bet with students, so why don't we just leave before Mr. Bart gets back and forget all of this nonsense."

Amber laughed and said, "Now Louise are you afraid you will lose to me? Are you afraid I might have you strip down naked in front of your class? I'm not afraid to lose to you, which probably won't happen. But in case I do, I am willing to even give up my virginity for you. A bet is a bet and neither one of can back out."

I knew I was being taken then. I think she figured it was a done deal. But I had to try. "Amber, I said we had limits when we made the bet. My limits were not being made to strip naked in front of my class or fuck any of them. Yours would be you would stay a virgin during the time. I honor that part and you should too. It is just I don't think we should have bet to start with."

She laughed again saying, "I know and I would not make you strip for the class or fuck any of them. And I would not let you ruin my wedding night by getting me fucked early."

I sighed and started to say something to her, but Mr. Bart walked back in. He handed our tablets back to us and said, "Well, they are both the same. So now it comes down to who called me first. And I am so excited, knowing I will get my cock sucked for helping both of you."

But he didn't tell us who had called first. I thought I had, but wasn't sure. I got done with the problem before the time was up. And I saw Amber still working it after I had called him.

Mr. Bart then said, "Louise, when did you call me?"

I said, "In the middle of the 2nd week. Long before our time was up."

He said, "Yes that is right. You did call before the time was up. Amber when did you call me with the answer?"

Amber said, "Mr. Bart, I called you one week after we left you. I would have called sooner, but I had to be sure I had it right."

I heard that and my jaw dropped. She beat me and now I had to submit to her.

Mr. Bart said, "Yes, that is correct. So, Louise, you owe me a nice blow job before you leave to be a slave to a student. I really enjoyed this and will enjoy it more once those sweet lips are wrapped around my cock."

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