tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLouise Submits Ch. 11

Louise Submits Ch. 11


Greetings all, I again wish to thank all who have read, voted, and commented on this series. This story is a work of fiction and fantasy. The events depicted did not and should not happen in real life. Any similarities to real persons are strictly coincidental. I also need to state that everyone in this chapter is above the age of 18.

I also wish to thank Steve for all his assistance while I write. His thoughts and corrections are very welcome.

Please enjoy my story. Vote and/or comment.


I slept the best I had ever slept that night. I think I have finally figured out what I am and what I want. My dreams of being a slave to Amber filled my head all night long. They went from me being naked in class to the senior party to me fucking her daddy again. All I dreamed of seemed to fit into what Amber was planning for me. And for some reason when I woke in the morning, I was happy. So, happy that I didn't care if I was naked, who saw me naked, where I was naked and even being used by students.

But after waking and getting my head clear, that all disappeared and I feared that what I dreamed of would happen. I was worried that Amber could see into my dreams and do everything that I had dreamed of. I worried that I was going to strip naked in school and be caught that way then I would end up in jail with no one to care for me. No one to come to my defense to say it was not my fault. My mind was so confused.

I confessed to April in front of Amber that this is what I wanted to do and she couldn't stop me. I was going to go through with whatever Amber had planned for me and I didn't care what happened to me. I go to school naked and the rest of this week I'll leave the same way. I went to a gas station naked, walked in the street naked. I was told I was going to show off for my class before the party. If I did that, they will know it is me at the party letting them all fuck me. Watching their teacher suck cocks and eat pussy. Why am I doing this?

I swore I would tell Amber that I would not do any more for her and I am walking away from the bet we made. She has pictures and videos of me, but I don't care at this point. I need to stop this insane trip I am on. I will do it today as soon as I have some clothes to put on.

I hurried to get ready to leave so I could make it to school before others showed up. I couldn't afford for anyone else to see me naked. I got cleaned up, had a small breakfast and then walked to my car to drive to school naked. Not even wearing shoes.

Once I was at school, I was alone. Amber hadn't arrived yet and I had to wait for her to bring me some clothes. I sat in my car, thinking of what I would say to her. I thought about saying, I can't do this any longer and I quit. I also thought of saying, I'm no longer your slave and I'm quitting my job, so I don't see you anymore.

So many things were going through my mind, but I couldn't tell her anything until I had some clothes to wear. Then, she pulled into the lot and parked in the student area. I waited for instructions. I didn't have to wait long because she sent me a text.

It said, 'Slave, get out and walk to me. Then we will go in to school and I'll let you know what I expect today.'

I got out and started walking to her. I was naked once again in the parking lot. Almost like it was the first day when I had to walk to get to my car. And she was videotaping every move I made. I noticed she was doing the same today. She was getting more evidence on me, but I was still going to get out of this.

Once I got to her car, she got out and said, "Give me the keys and follow me, slave."

I dug in my purse and gave her the keys. I walked behind her, watching her ass wiggle as she walked. I was trying to think of how to tell her I had enough. I couldn't say anything until I had some clothes to put on. She opened the school door and put my keys in her pocket. Then she led me to my class room.

Once in the room, she raised her skirt, sat in my chair and spread her legs. "Eat me slave and then once I cum I'll give you some clothes to put on."

I dropped down in front of her and put my lips to her pussy. I licked her and in my mind, I wanted to say I quit. But my cunt told me to shut up and obey. I did what my cunt wanted and ate her to 2 very satisfying orgasms. She finally pushed me away and fixed her skirt.

I couldn't tell her no now. I don't think I could ever say no to her. I wanted to quit, but knew right then that I wouldn't tell her anything except that I would obey. I was beaten once again and knew I was her slave forever. Well at least till she went to college.

She opened a bag she had on my desk and tossed me something to put on. But once I saw what she gave me, I almost ran out of the school naked. I couldn't wear this in school.

I looked at it and she said, "Put it on slave."

I slowly put the little bikini on. I knew I would be fired once the word got out I was in a bikini in school, teaching students. Even if they were all 18, I was still in the wrong. The bikini was white and didn't cover much of me, and it was not just a bikini, it was a thong bikini. I knew I had to say something because if I didn't, she would make me wear it all day.

I had it all on and was ready to say something when she handed me a skirt and blouse to put on. She said, "You will wear the skirt and blouse until my class. You go to lunch with April today and don't say anything about what I am doing with you. Don't tell her what you are wearing. And don't say any more about the party, even if she asks you. Just tell her to talk with me if she needs information. But, I do want to you to tell her you want to suck her husband's cock while she watches."

I quickly slipped the skirt and blouse on to cover my almost naked body. I said, "I understand, but her husband is out of town."

Then she asked, "Well who filled her pussy with cum for you to eat."

I said, "That was her lover Sam. He is a black man and she says he has a big cock."

Then she said, "I forgot she said that, but I didn't know he was black. Ok, tell her you want to suck his cock and you also want to fuck him. But she has to be with you and watch him doing it."

I wanted to say no, but instead said, "Yes Mistress."

Then she said, "And I want a video of you sucking his big black cock and of him fucking your little white cunt with his huge black dick. Do you understand me slave?"

I lowered my head and said, "Yes Mistress, slave understands."

I have lowered myself to be the lowest thing a grown woman can be. A slave to a student and having to do as she wishes, no matter what it is. I hated myself for being this way, but I was so turned on that my cunt was getting wet and making the little bikini wet also.

Amber left and I got ready for the morning classes. I had a hard time teaching because I knew what was coming later. My senior class was going to see me almost naked. With this bikini, which I would never wear to a beach, they would see just about all of me. And with it being a thong type, my ass would be on full display. When I put it on, I noticed the little patches of cloth just barely covered my nipples and cunt slit. Then, since it turns me on, my nipples would be super hard and my cunt was already dripping, making the material wet, which means it would be easy to see through. I was fucked once again.

I got through my morning classes and went to lunch. I was getting nervous about talking with April. If she knew what I was doing, how many others knew. And would she tell anyone about me. I had to tell her I wanted to suck and fuck her black lover, but I remembered back when she had told me she would love seeing me with her husband and lover. Maybe it won't be as bad as I am thinking.

But then, I had to go to my next class in a skimpy thong bikini and I am sure Amber would want more as time went on. By the time the party was to happen, the whole class would have seen me and would know it was me they were using.

I sat down with April and we ate our lunch. We didn't talk a lot while we ate, but as soon as we finished, she said, "So Louise, are you still ok with what you are doing. I mean it is dangerous and you could go to jail."

I said, "Yes, I am ok with it. I think at times I need to quit, but my life has never been fuller than it is now. I know it is wrong and I could end up in jail, but April, if I don't do this now, I never will."

She asked me about the party and I told her I could not discuss it. If she wanted answers she would have to talk with Amber. She said she would. Then I said, "April, may I ask you a personal favor?"

She said, "Of course you can. I am here for you and will help where I can."

So, I blurted it out. I hope I wasn't too loud for others to hear, but had to get it out in the open. I said, "Would you let me suck your lover's cock and have him fuck me too?"

She laughed and said, "Of course I would. I want to see him with others and I think it would be good for you too. So, yes, I'd let you and of course I want to watch."

I think the two of them had set me up. Amber wanted me to ask and she knew the answer. April was more than ready to say yes, so I was sure the two of them had discussed it before.

But, I said, "Good, when can we do it. Maybe this weekend at my house? Can I invite Amber to watch too?"

I was trying real hard to get on everyone's good side. By asking if I could invite Amber, it would mean I wanted her to see me doing it for her. If she didn't want to watch, she would tell me no, and I hoped that is what she said.

April said, "I'm not sure Sam would want another woman there, unless he had the chance to fuck her and I know she won't let that happen because she is a lesbian. But, I'll ask him. Maybe we can do it this weekend."

I said, "That would be nice and I'll let Amber know what you said."

With that, we got up to head back to our classes. I had to be back early enough to remove my skirt and blouse and then greet my students in just the tiny bikini Amber gave me to wear. I wasn't going to be naked, but damn close to it.

I got back to my classroom and Amber was waiting for me. She said, "Ok, show time slave. I promised I wouldn't make you strip naked, so the bikini covers just enough, but I want to make one more adjustment before the rest of them get in."

I removed my skirt and blouse and felt so naked. I think I felt more naked than if I was naked. I had no idea how she could adjust a little bikini, but she said she wanted to do something. She had me take the top off and I thought that was it. I would be showing my tits during class. I still wouldn't be naked and that was one of my limits.

She turned away from me and then when she turned back around, she handed me the top and told me to put it on. I hurried to get it on because the class would be in soon and I didn't want them seeing my naked tits.

But, once I got the top back on, I saw what she did. She had cut small holes in the fabric right where my nipples were. She adjusted the top for me and when I looked down, both my nipples were poking through the fabric of the bikini. Nothing but my nipples showed and they were both like bullets sticking out. How embarrassing this is going to be.

I didn't have time to argue with Amber, because the bell rang to start classes for the afternoon. Amber said, "Be sure to walk around and show off for me. If you don't, you will be naked tomorrow."

Then she went to sit down, waiting for the show to start. I was at the door when the students came in and they all looked me over. No one looked at my face. They glanced up and down and then focused on my erect nipples. Of course, once I turned they saw all my naked ass with a tiny string running up the crack. I was so humiliated, but so turned on. I felt my cunt getting so wet and knew it would be soaking the fabric in the bikini. And without a liner, I was sure my cunt would be seen.

I walked to the back of the room and looked down. Yes, I was right, I had a very prominent camel toe and the bikini was all but invisible. I might as well have been naked for them all. But, Amber wanted to show she was the boss and made me do this, knowing what would happen. It was a new form of punishment from her.

I continued my walk around the room, trying to teach, but was sure no one listened to me today. Then, I saw a hand raise at the other end of the room. I walked over to where the girl sat and she said, "Ms. Baker, I've been wondering about that jar you have on your desk. What is in it?"

Of course, she said it loud enough for everyone to hear and I looked at Amber knowing what she told me to say. She smiled at me and nodded her head.

I turned red in the face and probably my whole body, but managed to say, "That is pubic hair."

The girl gasped and I heard someone from the other side. They asked, "Whose is it Ms. Baker?"

I knew she was pushing me and probably had the others asking the questions. I didn't want to say it, but I did say, "It is my pubic hair."

But then Amber said, "Really, pubic hair Ms. Baker. I know you want to really say something else, right?"

So, turning red, I said, "Yes, I do. It is really my cunt hair."

Then someone else said, "Really, cunt hair, can we see where it came from?"

I started to say no, but Amber spoke up again and said, "Yes, Ms. Baker, why don't you show us where the hair used to be."

I knew I was going to show something soon, but didn't expect it today. I said, "Well, that is not a nice thing to show in class."

Then Amber said, "But we want to see it. Pull them down Ms. Baker!"

Someone else said, "Why not all the way off."

I knew I had lost the war then. I slid the bikini bottom down my legs and when they were at my feet, I bent and picked them up. I was now naked on the bottom and my nipples were showing too. I was so red faced and so humiliated, but my cunt was dripping wet. I was excited beyond belief.

Then someone said, "Hell Ms. Baker, you might as well take the top off too."

I don't know who said it, but my hands were already taking it off. And my feet were pushing my shoes off also. It wasn't long and I was standing stark naked in front of my senior class. They could see every part of me. I looked at Amber, begging her to let me dress, but all she did was smile.

Then Amber got out of her desk and walked to the front. She said, "Louise, come up here with me."

I made my way to the front of the room and stood beside Amber. She quieted the class down and said, "OK, this is Ms. Louise Baker, your teacher. You will all see more of her later, but right now she should put her clothes on. Louise, get the skirt and blouse on."

I picked up the clothes and hurriedly put them on. I felt so bad about being naked in class, but I was so turned on and so horny, I think if I could, I would have asked the class to fuck me. My cunt was dripping and was almost like a faucet of cunt juice.

She said, "Ok, that is all for today, but I promise you'll all see more of her soon. But, we have to respect that she is our teacher and will do her best to get us through the rest of the year."

Someone said, "How do you know she'll do it again for us. I know I want to see more of her, and I'm sure the rest would too. Can't she teach naked from now on?"

Amber said, "No, she won't teach naked every day. We would never learn anything. I'll think of a way to have her naked at least once a week. Is that Ok?"

The guy that had requested her be naked, said, "Yea, I guess that will be ok. But our teacher is so hot and looks great naked."

Amber said, "Yes, she does, but we still have to graduate this year. So, I'll make up a schedule for us and believe me, you all will enjoy her."

The rest of the class agreed with Amber, so I didn't have to be naked every day, but I was so horny right now, I think I would have fucked all of them. My cunt juice was running down my leg and I was sweating. My face had turned red when I first put that bikini on and it has stayed red all this time. Probably redder now.

Amber looked at me and giggled, but she said, "Now Ms. Baker, why don't you dismiss the class so you can pull yourself together. I'll get you some cold towels so you can calm down. I know you want to have sex, but remember, we are in school.

I told the class they could leave and there would be no homework. Amber stayed behind to help me get myself together before the next class arrived. She was a big help, even though I knew I was wrong in what I did, but she did help me understand myself more.

She said, "Now slave, you can't blame me for what you did. I didn't ask you to get naked, but you did it all on your own. All I wanted you to do was show your hot little cunt to all of them. But you insisted on stripping. I didn't make you do it."

I said, "I know you didn't and I don't know why I did it either. I just felt like it was the right thing to do. And it turned me on knowing my class saw me naked and you are right, I could have spread my legs and let them all fuck me. My cunt is so hot and I need to cum Mistress."

She said, "Yes, I know you do and I'll let you cum tonight. I'll have someone come visit and they can fuck you all night long. Will you like that?"

I said, "Oh, yes mistress I would like that. I promise to be good if you will let me fuck someone. I'll fuck anyone, but I need something soon. I'll even let the students know who I am at the party if I can cum."

"So, does that mean you lift all your limits and I can do whatever I want with you? Amber asked me.

I didn't even stop to think about what she asked. I said, "Yes Mistress, I don't want any limits. You are free to do as you wish with me, as long as I can cum and not get arrested."

"Well, that is a limit slave. Not getting arrested is a limit, but you don't have to worry, I won't let that happen. But, I will do many other things with you." She told me. Then said, "I might have you tattooed and pierced. Is that ok?"

I looked at her and said, "I may not like it, but if you want that, you can do it. I have just given you myself with no limits for the rest of the year or whenever you go away to college."

"Mmmm, that is so sweet my slave teacher. Now it is time for my next class I have to leave. I'll see your naked ass as soon as classes are done for the day. All rules still apply." She said.

I watched her walk out the door as the next class entered. I had to hurry to pick up the little bikini before anyone saw it. I barely made it through the afternoon as I was thinking of sex and slavery instead of math. But the final bell did ring and as soon as my last class left my room, I closed the door and stripped naked, just as Amber wanted me. I wasn't sure where she wanted me, so I went to the corner and put my nose to it. I waited for her, with my naked ass pointing toward the unlocked door.

I just stood there, naked in my classroom. Anyone could have come in and I prayed it was just Amber or maybe April. I hoped no one else entered my room to catch me naked standing in the corner.

I felt my cunt pulsing between my legs and the little drips of cunt juice as they escaped from my slit. I was so nervous, but so excited. I had given up all limits and told Amber she owned me as her slave and I would do anything she wanted, which includes me being naked in class or having my body disfigured by tattoos or piercings.

It felt like I was there for hours, but was probably only a few minutes. I heard the door open and then footsteps. It is so hard to know how many came into my room because I couldn't see them. It sounded like 2 sets of feet.

Amber spoke to me, "I like that slave. Standing in the corner, even if I didn't tell you too. What do you think Mrs. Jones, isn't she the perfect little slave?"

Then I heard April say, "That she is Amber. Can't wait to have her for myself. I think this weekend would be a perfect time for her to taste some black cock. Think I can have her?"

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