tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLouise Submits Ch. 18

Louise Submits Ch. 18


Greetings all, I again wish to thank all who have read, voted, and commented on this series. This story is a work of fiction and fantasy. The events depicted did not and should not happen in real life. Any similarities to real persons are strictly coincidental. I also need to state that everyone in this chapter is above the age of 18.

I also wish to thank Steve for all his assistance while I write. His thoughts and corrections are very welcome.

Please enjoy my story. Vote and/or comment.

Some of you have questioned the place where my story is, and I do understand the concerns, but since I started with it in exhibitionism, I decided to continue there.


I slept good during the night, even if I was tied up. I couldn't move my hands and my legs were bound together, but someone did throw a blanket over me. I was sore all over when I woke the next morning. I don't know if it was because I was bound so tight or because I had been fucked so much.

In just one night, I had sucked all the senior boy's cocks, ate all the senior girl's pussies, was fucked in my cunt and ass by all 25 senior students. And now, I had no idea how they would use me. I am the math teacher, but this weekend, I am their sex slave and I am sure they will use me until none of the boys can get a hard on and the girl's pussies would no longer cum for me.

I was awake, but it seemed no one else was. I didn't hear anything in the building and I couldn't get up. So, I just laid there thinking back on my life. It sure has changed from what it used to be. I never would have never dreamed of fucking or sucking my students. I would have protected them from things like this in the past. Now, I am being used by all of them and they are learning more about life and sex than they are math.

I am used in my classes, I am used at home, I am used by my children. Yes, I consider them my children, just as I have since I became a teacher. All my students are my children. Even after they graduate, they are still my children. I have had some return after being away from school just to thank me for teaching them all about math.

But this year, they will come back to thank me for teaching them how to fuck. How it is getting their cocks sucked and pussies eaten. How it is to see their very conservative math teacher naked or half naked in class.

I then thought about what the rules stated. If they are all that good in math, I'll be teaching naked every day. If not, I'll be almost naked, showing them my tits or cunt. I know that isn't right. No teacher should be doing that, but I lost a bet and then was stupid enough to drop all my limits which included being naked in front of my students and fucking them.

My thoughts were interrupted when some of the students started waking up and making their way to the big room where I was. They were talking about eating and then fucking their teacher some more. I looked and saw Amber, along with April, Sam and Mr. Wilson walk into the room. They looked very refreshed as if they had fucked each other last night. Oh, I know Amber doesn't fuck men, but I know April loves to eat her pussy and of course, April loves to fuck.

As they approached me I saw they were all happy and I also saw that a lot of the students were waking up. I was hungry and had to pee, but did need a shower. I was beginning to smell like stale cum. But, I wasn't going to ask for anything and thought that this is their party and I'm just here to be the entertainment.

"Well, well, well, look who is awake." Amber said, "We will get you untied so you can use the bathroom and then get a bite to eat. You will need to be ready for the long day ahead of you."

Sam and Mr. Wilson began undoing the ropes and April was touching my cunt. I don't know why, but it did feel good. Once I was untied, they allowed me to stand up and stretch. I looked around and saw that most of the students were now up, but all of them had clothes on now. I wondered if I was dreaming that they were all naked yesterday. Oh well, maybe they will get naked later when they begin to fuck me again.

As soon as I was steady on my feet, Amber said, "Slave, we only have one bathroom and it is being used by the students, so you will need to go outside to piss, shit and shower. Is that ok with you slave?"

I was shocked that I would have to do my bathroom duties outside the building, but if I must do it, I will. I said, "Yes Mistress it is ok if that is what you desire."

"And we all get to watch. Isn't this fun slave?" Amber said.

I blushed. My students will see me pissing and taking a shower. Now I am grateful that I had not eaten anything but cum. But having them watch me do the other things is bad enough. I said, "Not really Mistress. It will be kind of embarrassing for others to see me pee."

"Nonsense slave. They all want to learn everything they can and the boys will then know just how a girl must pee. They will then understand why we just can't pull it out and piss." Amber said.

I hung my head and followed her out the door. Some of the kids were already outside and the rest were following us. Now, I was the only one naked, but am sure that will change once the fucking begins. Amber took me to the middle of the big grassy area in the back of the building. She pointed to a spot and said, "OK, my slave, that is where you will do it. Once you finish pissing, I want you to wipe your cunt with your fingers and lick them clean. A little piss never hurt anyone. Besides, we plan on giving you more later."

I hung my head and squatted so I could pee. But, she wanted to embarrass me even more. "You need to open your legs nice and wide slave, so my classmates can see how you piss. The boys just don't know what it is like, and you will show them."

I couldn't say anything. I just did as she said, and opened my legs and she made sure they were wide open and my cunt was out where all of them could see. I had some trouble pissing at first, but eventually I started and when I did, I couldn't stop it. My piss shot out of me and all my students were watching me.

I pissed for a long time and the flow finally stopped. I was beet red by the time I stopped pissing and then all the kids started clapping and cheering for me. I felt kind of proud then and without being told again, I put my fingers to my cunt and wiped my lips. Then put them in my mouth to lick clean. I wiped 3 more times, licking my fingers after each time. My piss didn't taste all the bad.

Once I finished my duty, Amber had me walk to the side of the building. I saw an outside shower there, but not a covered one. It was the kind you would find at a beach to wash the sand off. She pushed me under the nozzle saying, "Now I expect you to get nice and clean. Here is the soap and shampoo. You have 15 minutes. And make sure your cunt is nice and clean too, with no hair on it. The razor is on the shelf. I mean clean inside and out slave. Understand?"

"Yes Mistress, I do understand." I told her as I was turning on the water.

Well, that was quite shocking when I found out there was no hot water. It was ice cold and I squealed as it hit me. But, she said I had 15 minutes to get clean and I had to hurry. I was all wet and grabbed the shampoo to wash my hair. I usually take more than 15 minutes to get clean, so I had to hurry.

Once I had my hair washed and rinsed, I started soaping up my body. I was shivering because of the cold water, but when I reached my cunt to clean it, I almost exploded. That warmed me up quickly as I rubbed my cunt. But when I touched my clit, I found that the rubber band she had placed on it was missing.

I wondered when it had come off and why my clit was still sticking out like it was. Maybe not as much as with the rubber band on it, but it was still out there like a little cock. I couldn't take too long rubbing my cunt and clit as I had to finish up before I was punished. I knew she wanted to punish me in front of my class and I was sure it would be something right on my cunt and extended clit.

She told me to be sure to clean the inside of my cunt also, but I had no douche to use. So, thinking that I had to clean it, I looked around to see what else I could use. I saw a hose at the bottom of the shower with a different faucet to turn it on. So, picking it up, I pushed it into my cunt and turned the water on.

Wow, that was quite a shock. Ice cold water inside my cunt almost put me on my knees. I let it run inside me and hoped it cleaned all the cum from inside me. But I couldn't let it stay inside very long as it felt like my insides were freezing.

So, I pulled it out of me and finished up my cold shower. Once I was done, I shut the water off and stepped out. A towel had been placed just outside the shower area and I quickly dried off. As I looked around, there was no one with me. It seems they all went inside while I cleaned up.

As I walked back into the lodge, I noticed all the students were having breakfast and I realized I was also hungry. All I have been eating is cock and pussy and that cum, even if it is full of protein and might make my tits bigger, it doesn't really fill me up. I hoped Amber would be nice enough to let me eat before they all started fucking me again.

She noticed me walk into the building and got up from her place at the large table that had been set up. She walked to me and looked me over, feeling my cunt to make sure there was no stubble. Then she put her finger in me and checked to make sure no cum was found.

She grinned and said, "Very good slave. I hope you enjoyed your shower and I am sorry we didn't have hot water, but that is an outside shower and the hot water just doesn't go there. Now, are you hungry slave?"

"Yes, I am hungry. May I eat?" I asked.

"Yes, you may. Go sit with the class so you can eat and we can discuss what happens today." Amber said.

I saw an empty chair and went to sit in it. The students waited on me and I had a huge breakfast in front of me. Once I had my food, talk began and I wasn't sure I even knew of everything they talked about. Of course, it was all about using me as the teacher in sex education. They wanted to know all the positions they could get into to fuck and was going to use me as the object of their desires.

Once I had finished eating, all the students were ready to begin and some had even taken off their clothes. The table was cleared and a pad was placed on the table. "This is going to be the stage today and our nice little slave is going to be showing us all how to fuck and do many other things. It is going to be a long day for our slave because there will be no rest period for her. Of course, we all get to rest up while others use her, so let's get going. We have many positions and things to do today." Amber told her classmates.

"Yesterday when you all fucked her cunt, that was the old fashion missionary position." April told them. "But, there are so many other ways to fuck and I think by the end of the day we might see most of them. We will have a few demonstrations for each position and then move to the next one so we get to see them all."

They all cheered and clapped and I could hear them agreeing with April. Once they quieted down again, Amber spoke again. "I have talked with the most of you about what you want and some of you guys want to learn how to eat a pussy and yes, even some of you girls are curious. That is the reason I had the slave wash her cunt out. She is going to let the boys eat her cunt and if any of the girls want some, feel free to dive in. But, the slave won't be just having her cunt licked, she is going to be performing oral sex on anyone eating her. In other words, you will all be in the '69' position this morning."

I was ready for that. My cunt needed some relief and being eaten was a good way to get it. I got up on the table and laid on my back, with my legs wide open. I was ready for some action when the first boy was on the table with me. I could see he didn't know what to do, but April was there and she instructed him about what needed to be done and it wasn't long before I felt his tongue on my cunt. Oh, my God that felt so good.

But, right after he started licking me I had his cock at my lips. I kissed the head and took him in my mouth. He was doing a good job on my cunt as I started sucking his cock. I heard Amber say, "Slave if you want to cum, go ahead. Today you have permission to cum all you want."

I had the boy's cock in my mouth and it was going into my throat as he continued to lick my cunt. He wasn't that good at it, but I heard April's voice explaining how to lick a cunt and that he needed to lick my clit too. She also told him to suck on my clit to get it harder and then he could gently bite it.

Well, after that I felt him doing everything she said and soon he had my clit between his lips, sucking on it like it was a little cock. I kept sucking him with the hopes that we could cum together. He was doing good with April's help. He would lick my cunt, then stick his tongue inside before he licked my clit. It wasn't long and he had my clit between his lips again, but this time I felt his teeth on it. I hoped and prayed he didn't get carried away and bite it off.

I was on the verge of cumming when he suddenly stiffened in my mouth and I got a big load of hot gooey cum. I swallowed it all and was almost ready to cum when he stopped. He pulled out of my mouth and stopped licking my cunt. Before I knew it, he was off me and I was left wanting, needing to cum.

April laughed and said, "Frustrating isn't it Louise. Almost there and he stops."

But then she did something that made me not want to cum. With my legs wide open and my cunt out in the open for all to see, she took the wooden spoon and smacked me three times right on my exposed cunt and when she hit me, she also got my extended clit.

I screamed and grabbed my crotch, but Amber was right there and pulled my hands away. "You have to take it all slave, so the students know what happens. You are the sex ed teacher now and spanking your hot little cunt and clit is part of it."

I cried because it hurt but also because I didn't cum like she said I could. However, before I could say anything another boy was over me and had his mouth on my cunt and his cock in my mouth. That did help me sooth the pain in my crotch and I did enjoy a good hard cock fucking my mouth.

He was a little better than the first boy, but still had a lot to learn about eating cunt. Of course, April was right there telling him what to do with my cunt while I sucked his cock. But it was just like the first boy. I was almost ready to cum when he shot his load into my mouth for me to swallow. Then he was gone and I felt that damn wooden spoon on my cunt and clit again.

I had to let 3 more boys lick my cunt while I sucked their cocks and none of them lasted long enough for me to cum and after each boy got up, April smacked my cunt with the spoon. I was getting kind of sore down there. The boys were a little rough on me and then the spoon.

Then, 3 girls wanted to eat me and they were told they could while I ate their pussies. They were gentler, but I guess it was because they had pussies and knew how to please a woman. But, they also knew how to make me wait and they did just that. I got them to cum, but I was denied the relief with all 3 of them.

Once the boys and girls who wanted to 69 with me were done, Amber said, "Ok, let's move on to lesson number 2. Yesterday, you all fucked our slave in the missionary position and that is the way most people fuck or make love with each other. But there are so many ways to do it. We are going to let our teacher show us some of them and the next one we will do with the boys is the 'cowgirl way'."

I saw everyone look around to see if anyone knew what that was. I guess no one did and I figured by the time they finished with me, all of them would. I just wondered who I would be riding.

And I was about to find out who would fuck me this way when Amber named the 4 boys who would get my cunt one more time. Then she said, "Slave, get off your back and Larry, climb up and lay on your back. To make sure your cock is nice and hard, I want our slave to suck on it for a while."

I did what she told me to do and leaned over, taking the boy's cock in my mouth. It was hard to start with, but I think it grew a little more once I sucked on it. I wasn't sure what else was planned for me today, but I knew I was going to get fucked a lot by my students.

I heard, "Hey Ms. Baker, how does it feel to be sucking a student's cock?"

Everyone laughed at what was said, but I just kept the cock in my mouth. "OK, slave, I think he is hard enough, so climb on up and show your class how a cowgirl rides a cock." Amber instructed.

I stopped sucking and got up on the table facing the boy and eased myself down on his cock. Someone helped guide him into my cunt and as soon as I knew he was in, I sat all the way down. His cock slid all the way in and filled me up. Once it was all the way in my cunt, I started bouncing on it like a girl would ride a horse.

He reached up and played with my tits, making the little bells ring more. He pinched my nipples and I was almost ready to climax when he stiffened up, held me down and shot his cum deep into my hot little cunt.

Once again, I was denied my orgasm. Ms. Amber said I could cum all I wanted today, but so far, every time I was close the boys and girls would cum and I lost out. I was getting frustrated. I had to talk to her and let her know how bad I need to cum.

But, as soon as the boy slid out from under me, another boy took his place and I was made to ride him to orgasm also. But, just like it had been all day long, as soon as I was close to cumming, the boy came, shooting rope after rope of hot white cum into my waiting cunt and I was denied any relief.

Once he was gone, the same thing happened to the next 2 boys. How can this be happening to me? I get all worked up, but don't get to cum. How can they plan something this torturous to me? I wasn't happy about it, but it was happening and I wasn't sure if I would cum at all today.

Once the boys finished learning the cowgirl way, Amber said it was time for another lesson. This time it was the reverse cowgirl. It was the same as cowgirl, but I had to turn around with my back to the boy's head and ride him that way. Once I started doing this, I liked it better. For some reason, it rubbed my clit more and I was getting closer and closer to cumming, but there were only 2 boys fucking me this way and I didn't make it all the way.

As soon as the second boy shot his cum in me, Amber brought the pump back out and attached it to my clit. "I noticed that your clit lost the rubber band and it is shrinking. We can't have that slave, so I will pump it back up and put a new band on for you. Want to be sure it is big enough to pierce tomorrow."

I had hoped that would not happen, but now I see she really means to do it. Why did I tell her I had no limits? It started out that I could still have some control, but in one of my many horny moods, I gave in and now allow her to do anything she wants with me. And, she is doing just that.

She pumped up my sore clit and slipped the rubber band over it. Then she took the pump way and looked at my clit. But, I guess she didn't like the way it looked and pulled the rubber band off before she put the pump back on my clit.

She was working fast on me and I wasn't paying a lot of attention because with her messing with my clit, I was almost ready to cum again. She kept pumping my clit and I think it was close to popping. But all I could think about was a chance to cum.

"Please Mistress, I need to cum." I begged.

"I told you earlier you could cum all you wanted to today. But so far you haven't done it. Guess you don't really want to cum." Amber teased me.

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