tagNovels and NovellasLouisiana Heat Ch. 09

Louisiana Heat Ch. 09


This is a ten chapter romantic Crime thriller with consenting erotic and romantic sex, male on male violence and a lot of exciting cliff hangers at the endings of each chapter.

As is usual in my stories there are a large selection of colourful characters and not all of the people in my stories have happy endings.

You have been warned -- so if you like the kind of story that combines sex, violence, complicated and interweaving story lines, and that you can sit back each day and read a new chapter -- read on.


The day was baking hot, the air thick, the sun bright, bright enough to make the glare in your eyes burn, so that Hannah wore her big straw hat as she bent over in the field picking beans. Straightening up and stretching her aching back she glance over towards the house where Jake, against all arguments and advice this morning, was working and using the pump to fill up the old tin bucket for watering the pigs. She had told him he needed to rest and keep out of the sun, he told her he had never sat back and watched a woman work in his life, and besides he wanted to earn his keep.

Eventually a deal was set, he would do general work, including helping to tend to the animals, she and Frank the backbreaking work in the fields.

Last night they had slept in each others arms, and she flushed just thinking of the wonderful love making they had made yesterday, and the deep sleep they both had fallen into afterwards, then waking up together, smiling at each other across the pillows, feet finding feet to tangle intimately as they lay quietly listening to the birds outside give the dawn chorus.

She watched as he walked over to the pen, bucket in hand, a long legged, easy walk, the worn old jeans outlining his thighs and hips, making her smile as she thought about how he looked, naked, those long limbs and slim hips under her hands. Rubbing her hand in the small of her back to ease the small pull of muscles there, not necessarily from today's work, but also from the strenuous sexual workout she had yesterday, she followed him with her eyes as he opened the gate into the sty and heard the greedy noise that greeted him from the big mother sow and the growing piglets that she was going to sell. Bending down she continued to tend the beans, her head full of plans that had been placed there by Jake, ways in which she might be able to save most of the farm and sell up only a portion to the county.


Jake watched the fat round bodies of the pigs shuffle each other out of the way as they grunted and huffed around the water and food troughs. The old straw hat that Hannah had given him kept the sun off his face and out of his eyes, but not off his body where the heat was making him sweat, and the thin cotton of the shirt rub against the healing skin of his back. But he was damned if he would let Hannah work whilst he sat on his backside. He admired her so much, her spirit, her need to keep this run down old farm, where he had seen the empty fields in the distance where once they had been filled with rice and crops aplenty. But the country was in a depression, and farmers scrabbled around hardly able to survive all over the country, and the building of the levees in the two rivers had completed the wipe out of the farms that had once made a decent living in the area.

Wiping his arm across his forehead he looked out from the rickety old sty, out over the sagging fence towards where she worked bent over in the sun, big old floppy hat hiding her face, denim overalls covering her shape, sleeves of the old mans cotton shirt hiding her slim arms. He now knew that those baggy work clothes hid a sensuous woman with long willowy but incredibly strong limbs that had locked around his body as he made love to her. Skin covered with freckles, stretched across a body that bowed up and trembled in his arms as she came, a face that glowed, unadorned of makeup, it lit up with passion and had pulled him in.

A real woman.

Tough, kind, passionate, caring, hard working and sensuous.

And his heart grew as he watched her work. If only he had met her over two years ago, he though. Two fucking years, but now what could he offer her.



Rory sat in his office, the one he used to share with Jake, the pen in his hand turning over and over again as he played with it, unable to concentrate for the worry that was on his mind. He dreaded what he had to do tonight. Unsure he could really go through with it. But if he didn't, he and Abigail would be finished.

Or would he?

Throwing down the pen he sat up. What if he went to the Mayor, showed him some of the proof he had, threatened the man with total disclosure and ruin, just as he had originally kept the proof for, told him that he would expose him to the relevant agencies, bring him down if he didn't leave him and Abigail alone.

What if he really did try that and see if that worked first. He wouldn't have to kill.

But what if Claude killed them to protect himself?

Slumping back down he tried to think it through. Claude might bluff him out, threaten him, hold a gun to him and demand the proof? But what if he told him that the papers had been sent off to an Attorney of Law to be opened on Abigail's, or his own death!

That the papers were safely kept out of town with a third party, unknown to the Mayor.

It could work.

It had to work.

Getting up he rushed out to go back to his house. He needed to get the incriminating evidence posted over to the Attorney he knew over in a large town near Layfayette, and do it fast. Arriving at his home he didn't even notice that his wife and child were not even there, all he was focused on was the stuff he had hidden in the attic, and taking from the small pile of ledgers and papers and notes he pulled out one piece, folded it and put it in his pocket and rushed over to his office to write the accompanying letter to his friend explaining that these papers were to be kept safe, unless he had heard that something had happened to him and then they were to be handed over to the authorities.


The Sheriff had driven and walked around the area, checking out to see if there was any sign of the escaped Jake Bailey. He travelled around the Northern edge of the swamp, and up the small trickle of the bayou that meandered north of town, looking for signs that Bailey was hiding out, but all he found was the occasional camp of destitute men with hollow eyes and cheeks, an air of desperation around them.

Later he was going to go down to the south of town and over to Hannah's place, check out for any sign of the escaped man, as well as having another chat with Hannah to see if he could make her see sense and take up the Mayors offer.

Climbing into the hot confines of his car he sat for a while, trying to picture himself in Baileys position, and work out what he would most likely do. He came to the conclusion that his first thoughts were the most likely. If he was Bailey he would aim for Rory Kendal, his old partner and the one that had set him up, and try to get revenge. So starting up the car he swung the vehicle around in the dirt and drove back to town, and to the office that Bailey and Kendal had once shared.


Jake, Hannah and Frank loaded up the produce picked onto the truck and Frank climbed up behind the wheel and hanging out of the window waved as he drove off towards town. Jake and Hannah looked at each other and without words said between them, turned, and holding hands ran back towards the house and the bedroom,

There they stripped off each others clothes, kissing and laughing as they divested each other of the sweaty clothes, before falling in a tangle of arms and legs onto the big bed.

Hannah's hands burrowed up into his hair as their mouths met, her thigh rubbed up between his thighs, moving against his hard and growing cock, his hand cupped her breast, squeezing and rubbing the small globe, his thumb finding her nipple and rubbing with the rough pad at the end of his digit. The sounds of heavy breathing, skin sliding against moist skin, and the soft murmurs of encouragement settled over them, along with the occasional gasp.

Jake rolled over onto his back, pulling Hannah over him, then pulled her knees forward and eased her up, so that he could admire her body as she sat over him, soft skin, freckles, high pointed breasts, long slim torso raising up from where she straddled him, and his spread hands moved slowly, so that he could feel that beautiful skin, from her knees, up the inside of her thighs, his thumbs sliding inside the folds of her sex, his nails raking the hard core of her as his hands spread out at the top of her thighs where they met the start of her body. He watched as her head dropped backwards and her body arched above him, and then his hands moved, sweeping up over her belly, around the sides of her body and over her ribs to cup her breasts where with his fingers he pinched both nipples, twirling them and twisting them gently as she curved forward towards him, her hair hanging down over her shoulder, her hands resting on his chest, panting and moving her hips over his groin looking for friction against him with her wet and hot sex.

Moving his hands to her hips he lifted her up and then lowered her onto his throbbing and needy rod, groaning himself as her body sunk down sheathing him in the glorious centre of her.


Rory stood in front of the Mayor, the gun tucked into his pocket, just in case. "So you see Claude, you either shut the fuck up with your threats or I'll start to drip feed the information to the local newspaper and let them smear your name with the dirt."

"You do that boy," Claude growled, "and you had better start watching your back, cause I'll make sure you go down with me, or even worse."

"I've thought of that. I've sent the evidence to friends out of town, to be opened if I die, say for example prematurely with a small lump of lead in my body. They've been instructed to pass on the goods to the authorities. Either way you'll be fucked."

"Don't count on it boy, I got fingers in more pies than you think, I got me a load of people I can call upon in high up places that can squash and turn that there information around to bury you, and me to come up smellin' sweet as apple pie."

"Claude, you're bluffing." And taking out the gun pointed it at the Mayor, "and you aren't the only one that needs to watch his back."

Looking at the gun and then at Rory in the eyes, "You're sweatin' boy, and your hands shakin'." Taking a step around the desk the fat man laughed when he saw Rory take a step backwards, "Don't point a fucking gun at a man if you don't mean to use it. Now fuck off you prick and tell Abigail I expect her waitin' at her place for me in the next hour, on her knees ready to be in front of me sucking my prick."



Abigail stormed around the room throwing things in a temper, whilst Rory stood watching her, seeing her as she really was for the first time.

"I must have been mad......I've ruined my marriage for you, set a man up so that he's ended up in jail, and now you want me to kill for you.......well fuck it sweetheart.....you want the man dead, YOU DAMN WELL DO IT YOURSELF." And he threw the gun across the room and stormed out, heading for his house.

Abigail picked up the gun from the floor with shaking hands, sat down on the chair, and placed it in her lap, waiting for Claude.


Frank was driving into town to deliver the produce to the store, when he saw a furious Rory Kendal stride down the street into his office, then the Mayor get into his car and drive like the devil was after him.

Parking up and unloading the vegetables he took them around the back of the store, and after that he stood talking to a friend who swept up for the store owner, finding out what news from the small shanty town that his people lived in further up north.


Abigail sat listening to the Mayor bang on her front door, "OPEN THE FUCKIN' DOOR MISSY, OPEN THE FUCKIN' DOOR."

But she sat there shaking, the feel of the hard metal of the gun very tangible in her hands.


Claude didn't notice the small group of three women that was walking across the road stop and listen, witnessing the commotion occurring on Abigail's front porch.


The woman all looked at each other, shocked looks on their faces, never had they seen anything like this. They of course recognised the Mayor, and watching they saw him give one last vicious kick to the front door then turn and storm down the steps of the porch to his car and saw him drive away with a squeal of tyres.


The Sheriff parked his car outside of Rory's office and knocked on the locked door. Peering through the window he saw it was empty, no sign of Rory Kendal. Walking around the block, his hand on his gun where it sat in his holster, he checked out all the other offices and business, Went around the back in the alley's, looking into old garages and sheds, making sure there was no sign of the fugitive Bailey hiding out.


Abigail was upstairs in her bedroom packing her case, scooping up her jewellery and anything she thought she would be able to sell to put together with her money in the bank to get her across the country to Hollywood. The gun never was far from her side. Everything she had planned for had fallen apart.

That stupid coward Rory had let her down. The Mayor was after her, and Jake was on the loose.

It was time to cut her losses and move on.

As fast as she could possibly manage it.


Hannah smiled down at a sleepy Jake, stroking his back as he laid sprawled facedown on the bed, "I really need to go out and finish the chores around the farm...."


Running a finger gently over the now almost healed skin on his back she asked him, "Why did they do this to you?"

Turning over onto his side so that his marked back was away from her he said, "Because they were sadistic bastards that used their position of power to hurt and kill innocent men in the name of the law."

Lying down next to him she stroked his face, "But that's all over now...."

"I need to get away from here soon....I'll never be safe if I stay around this area....you know that.....I have to leave."

"I know.....I understand....."

"I wish I could stay and help you but it's just not possible......"

"I know...." and she put her finger over his lips to stop him from speaking, "I'll take what you have to give for now.....and after that I'll treasure these moments together.....and always think of you up North...by the sea.....free....and that will satisfy me."

Leaning over he kissed her, a kiss so sweet it brought tears to both their eyes. "You'll always be in my heart wherever I end up...." He whispered, "I love you...." *

The Mayor was now at boiling point, unable to take out his frustration on Abigail, steamed up over Rory Kendal, and wound up because the Sheriff wasn't moving fast enough getting that little cow, Hannah, on that last farm, taking his offer and getting off the property so he could sell it at an inflated profit. Storming around his office, kicking chairs over, and scattering paperwork on his desk, the two secretaries in his outer office sat stock still listening to their boss as he shouted and ranted out loud to himself, and crashed around in there. They could hear the occasional curses such as "Fuck that bitch Roseaux, and damn that little cunt Campbell, all women are whores.....I'm going to kill that little weasel Kendal if he doesn't tell me where that fuckin' information is hid."

Opening a drawer in his desk he took out his .38 S & W and slipped it in his pocket.

The two women looked at each other in shock as suddenly the Mayor stormed out his office, past them, and out the door. *

Rory sat in his empty house, his life in ruins around him when he heard the crashing of glass around the back, then the sound of the back door crashing open. Getting to his feet, his heart in his mouth he grabbed a heavy lamp and removing the shade stood with it raised up, ready to defend himself.

"That you Jake?" he asked in shaky voice, expecting to see his old partner come to exact revenge.

The Mayor appeared in the doorway of the room that Rory was in, "No Kendal." and he stood there the gun pointed at Rory, "You're going to tell me where that stuff is that can incriminate me or I'm going to kill you bit by bit, slowly, a bullet here, a bullet there, first your leg, then your arm, next your balls, until you're begging me to stop and let you tell me."

Rory's answer was to throw the lamp at the Mayor's head and make a run for the door to escape. The heavy lamp base hit the Claude on the side of the head and in a reaction the finger that was on the trigger of the gun retracted and there was a loud bang as the bullet shot out of the gun.


Outside of Rory's house his neighbour was getting into his car when he heard the sound of the shot coming from inside the Kendal's home. He stood there, hovering half in and half out of the black Ford car when a minute later he saw Claude rush out the front door and run down the street to get in his car and drive off.

Slowly getting out of his car the neighbour cautiously walked towards the Kendal's home, the front door open where Claude, in his hurry, had forgotten to close it, and called out through it, "Anyone there?......hello?........Kendal?"

There was no answer so he walked slowly in to the house, until he saw the body of Rory Kendal laying sprawled out, face up, eyes open but unseeing, blood seeping from the gunshot wound in his chest.

Staring in horror and backing out of the room and then running down the hallway to outside the house he bent over throwing up, before he ran next door and phoned the sheriffs office to report the killing.


At the same time the neighbour was phoning the Sheriffs office, the three women who had witnessed the incident at Abigail's were telling the deputy about it. "Well the Mayor was shouting that he was going to kill someone, and he looked mad enough to do it!"

"He kicked her door.....hard and was threatening her."

"I've never seen anyone so angry....especially the Mayor."

"It's probably nothing ladies......people make threats all the time....doesn't necessarily mean they're going to actually go through with them...."

Just then the phone rang and saying, "Excuse me ladies...." he picked up the phone and heard the frantic neighbour tell him about the shooting of Rory Kendal.


A sweating and scared Claude drove sightlessly in his car not noticing where he was going, just driving around aimlessly. He hadn't meant to actually kill Kendal, just scare him into giving up the information was that could ruin him, but the lamp when it had hit him had caused him to jerk and fire the gun, and the next thing was a dead Kendal laying on the floor.

Driving along, not seeing where he was heading, he drove south along the road towards Hannah's place.


Jake and Hannah lay facing each other on the bed, quietly talking about their lives, their hopes and dreams. The afternoon drifted along as they focused on each other, the worries that both had didn't intrude on the tender time that they lay spent and complete, and content on the bed, drowning in each others eyes.


Frank said goodbye to his friend and climbed back into the truck ready to drive back to the farm. He drove along at a steady pace, the windows open to air the hot and stuffy confines of the trucks cab. Weaving his way through town he aimed for the road that lead south, passing the cluster of people as he went that were gathering outside the sheriffs office, that now included the sheriff, deputy, the neighbour and women.

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