tagNonHumanLove At First Bite?

Love At First Bite?


Halloween. The time of year creepy crawlers come out to touch the mortal, the living, the innocent, and the damned. The time where everyone has a waiting nightmare, and even the trees are strewn with leaves red as blood. Halloween, the time some worship the dead, reveling in their memory, touching the past for a brief moment until finally, with the dawn, the dead fade away back into obscurity, disappear, dissipate.

Yea, that's what some say, anyhow. I, on the other hand, think differently. I know very well and sure that the dead don't dissipate and disappear, because, well, I'm among their numbers. True, for some of us the dawn can be a, well, daunting prospect, but we're pretty much back once night falls again. Shade, Shade Montgomery, that's me, don't ask me what my birth name is because honestly I don't remember.

I guess one could say I'm not really dead, not a ghost or a zombie or what not. My heart beats, but I crave the taste of warm blood, the light of day poses a frighteningly harsh prospect to my pale skin and I desire the feeling of warm bodies against mine, be it man or woman,. Aaah, warmth, something I may only acquire by the grace of a living thing, I value it more then gold. Anyhow, back to Halloween. Like I said, maybe I am not completely dead, but what do you call some one who has lived for seven centuries? I have a hard time calling myself alive, however others of my kind have no such compunction.

Halloween is a time of year I can fully dress up in all my frightening glory, and walk the streets of any city at night without fear of some Holy Roller trying to steak me or some such, but its also a time of year most mortals, er, humans excuse me, yearn to feel the cool soothing touch of the dead. Let me tell you about my most recent Halloween, the year 2001, ah, it was a good Halloween indeed.

Murderer, Monster, those are names I'm used to hearing in the cinemas when talking about my 'race'. Interview with the Vampire was an absolute disgrace, however I did like Queen of the Damned, that Townsend fellow is quite pretty. Sorry, got off track again, let me set a few things straight before I go into my story. First, I am not a murderer, I don't like inflicting pain, and I do not sleep in a coffin, absolutely tasteless and melodramatic if you ask me, that whole coffin thing. My stomach isn't even large enough to drain one of you humans to the point of death, I just take myself a nibble and I let you wander off home without even the memory of my so called 'attack'. Now that those things are set straight, I'll go ahead and tell you my story.

I'd dressed up, I loved doing this every Halloween. I had a nice pair of skin tight black leather pants and one of those alluring fishnet shirts that showed the paleness of my chest off in striking contrast to the dark clothing. I had on a simple pair of boots I'd picked up somewhere, black of course, and a lovely black leather duster type coat. My shoulder length chestnut curls hung loose, and I decided not to add dramatic make up to my startling green eyes that night, they are dramatic enough without help. To be honest with you my attire wasn't much different then normal nights, but then again, normal nights you humans don't really get to see me much.

I wanted to find a nice lovely young innocent to spend the night with, frolicking and making love and well, eating, of course, so I took to the streets. I passed by bars, so many bloody bars it was rather disconcerting, in this day and age you know I'm not likely to find myself an innocent in a bar. Heh. So I passed the bars on by and wandered about town, it was early still, not later then seven PM, the kiddies were still out begging candy off of poor old folks trying to spend a nice evening home. I soon realized that the whole 'innocent' thing was going to be harder then I'd first anticipated, and I felt a frown creasing the pale features of my face, what I sight I must have been, death itself frowning. Hah!

So I continued to wander, all about town in this way and in that, turning large circles until I finally settled someplace near the library. It was late, the library had just closed and I figured maybe I'd find my innocent there. I waited, out in the shadows as the young little girls and boys exited the large building, not many of them really, but enough to catch my attention. After the last had exited, a sigh passed my lips and I frowned again, nope, not here, I thought to myself, turning away just as the sound of the door opening one last time caught my exquisite hearing.

I inhaled deeply of the autumn air, catching the young women's scent, Innocent. Yes, I can smell such things, its best not to go into all my talents or we'd likely be here for days, just suffice it to say I can smell these things. I turned my head and there she was, young woman, 18 or 19 maybe. She had on a pair of unflattering glasses covering her lovely sea-green eyes, her long light brown tresses were held back by some sort of rubber band, letting the ends just barely caress hips that were covered in a pair of too-big blue jeans. She had on a large jacket over her absolutely ordinary t-shirt and a pair of simply-white tennis shoes. As I looked at this 'diamond in the rough' my heart leaped against my chest, and I knew she was the one I wanted this night.

She began to walk by me, her eyes locked on the ground, watching every single step her little white tennis shoes took towards the last car in the parking lot, I figured it must have been hers. Stepping out before her I smiled, flashing fang, it was Halloween, I'm allowed such things on Halloween!

"Mmm..." I murmured, that smile tugging my lips into something that depicted obvious interest. She immediately jumped, looking up at me with those incredible eyes wide and startled. "What a lovely young woman, I am truly blessed to have been graced with such a sight this evening." I watched as my words sunk in, however, instead of embarrassment or shyness I would have expected, I saw a sudden anger flare in her.

"Ha. Ha. Ha." She said in a sarcastic voice, then began walking faster towards her car, leaving my mouth hanging open, more compliments dangling unspoken from my tongue. I quickly snapped my mouth shut, turning to follow her towards the little Honda CRX that must have been her car, catching up to her without a second thought.

"I beg of you, Lady, tell me how I have offended you this evening." I said in my most gracious of voices, surprised that one such as her would turn down beauty and danger such as me. I'm a vain thing at times.

She stopped, then slowly turned her eyes on me once more, "I do not appreciate you..." she waved a hand in my direction, a gesture of frustration, "Teasing me!" she finally finished, then turned to stalk towards the car, mumbling under her breath words that I am sure were not meant for my hearing, however I was able to catch them anyhow, I believe they were something akin to, 'God damnit, does he think I'm unaware of what I look like, no one would find me lovely, HAH. Let him tease me, I'll go home to my old Halloween movies and a nice hot shower and he can just shove it!'

"Oh, you are wrong, Pet." I said, quite loud enough for her to hear me, "You are beyond lovely, and I do not jest with you. You simply are not 'dressed to kill' as the phrase goes, but clothes aren't really all that important." I grinned roguishly, despite the fact her face was turned away from me while she tried to unlock her door.

"Drop the Prince Charming routine, I'm not an idiot, leave me the hell alone." She hissed, opening her door and dropping into the seat only to slam the door shut behind her. I sat and watched for a moment as she stared at the steering wheel, then put my hand on the passenger side door and opened it, it was locked, but I unlocked it, and took a seat beside here.

"Where are we going, Pet?" I nearly purred, this little innocent was quite fun and fiery, I was more then pleased with my choice as I turned my head to regard her with quiet playful sincerity.

"Wha...?" she blinked at me, "Get out of my car." She said, although she seemed quite a bit less certain now, "Are you seriously coming onto me?" I could see as she asked the question her cheeks flare to life, making her that much more appealing in my eyes. I reached out my hand and lightly brushed away a stray lock of hair from her cheek, reveling in the warmth of the blushing flesh.

"Yes, pet, I'm quite, quite serious." I murmured, grinning once again and flashing fang, "I didn't feel like visiting bars and Halloween parties tonight." I added honestly, rolling my shoulders in a languid shrug. I took this weak moment to gently push her mind into acceptance, yet another one of my abilities, don't question it. I also took the moment to notice the desire she had for such a 'Prince Charming' to come take her away for a night, and I played on it. Come on, what intelligent young woman would let a strange man come home with her on Halloween without a little 'help'?

"I was going home..." she murmured, "Watch some old movies and take a shower..." she let her words trail off as her eyes bore into me for a long, long moment. Finally, however, my 'pushing' had its desired effect, and she turned the key in the ignition, starting the little car up and taking off down the street. "I can't believe I'm doing this..." she mumbled, glancing at me out of the corner of her eye, "he could be some sort of murderer, or monster." Such familiar words, I was stung! Truly stung!

"No monster and certainly not a murderer, Pet." I replied, stretching my legs out as she drove the rest of the way back to her small apartment. It didn't take long, but I examined her a little closer as she drove. She was a slim little thing, not truly athletic but slim in the manner of it was simply in her genes to be so. Her long delicate fingers gripped the steering wheel with an excessive force, betraying her nerves, and her face was as delicate as the rest of her and wore no make-up. She was truly a small little dove, delicate and lovely despite her unflattering dress and obvious lack of self-esteem.

The car pulled to a halt before a small building with four doors down the length of it, clearly her place of residence. She stared at the wheel, not moving to exit the car for a moment, and I could feel her growing wary of me, her mind whirling with the absolute stupidity of what she was about to do. So, of course, I simply pushed her very lightly towards the "Yes, do it." side, and she finally opened the door to get out of the car.

"This is where you live, pet?" I asked as she opened the door into a small and meticulously cleaned one bedroom apartment. A large comfortable looking sofa sat against one wall directly across from a medium sized TV with a VCR and DVD player hooked up to it. The living room opened up into the small kitchen, not much more then a fridge a toaster and a microwave surrounded by a few cupboards. A tiny hall way by the kitchen curled its way back to two doors, what I assumed was a bathroom and her bedroom.

Seeing me examining her small home, the young woman nodded her head, then frowned slightly, "You know, we haven't even introduced ourselves." She said, staring at me, "My name is Ashley, but I go by Ash." She said quietly, those large eyes waiting patiently for me to offer up my own name.

"Shade, I go by Shade." I replied, smiling a soft smile at the pretty thing before me, her scent was intoxicating, and I was becoming somewhat antsy to have her in my arms. I took the few steps up to her, raising my hands to her glasses, gently pulling them off. "You have such lovely eyes, pet." I murmured, and I could feel her body react, the sound of her blood pumping faster with nervousness and a bit of excitement.

Ash took a few quick steps back from me, nearly running into the wall with a small squeak. "I've got to go to the bathroom." She stammered, then took off down the hall and through the door. Suppressing a chuckle, I flopped down comfortably on the couch, waiting for her to return.

I wish I could say I didn't have to wait long, however, that's not the case. After a moment she had peeked out her head and informed me she was taking that shower she had been mumbling about. "Sure, pet, can I join you?" I'd replied with all the wickedness I could muster into my voice. She, of course, said no. So I sat there for a good ten minutes, waiting patiently for my little dove to emerge from the shower, however after ten minutes passed I was no longer quite so patient.

Finally, I stood and padded silently down the hall to stand before the bathroom door, listening intently to the throbbing of the shower against her bare body. Well, lets just say I ended up opening the door, as quietly as possible, and slipping into the room with her. The opaque curtain was pulled closed, and all I could see was the outline of her body, lithe and beautiful. Her breasts were larger then I'd originally thought, looking rather full and pert through the thin film covering her from sight.

"You have a beautiful body," I'd said, loud enough to hear over the thrumming of water. Almost immediately she jumped back, pulling the curtain around herself and peeking her head out to look at me with wide eyed horror.

"Get out!" she shrieked, her face flushed red with embarrassment and sudden anger. I simply smiled while removing my coat, letting it drop to the ground with a soft rumpling sound.

"You don't want me to leave, pet." I murmured, moving to slip the shirt up and over my head and dropping it atop the coat. "I'm going to join you in your shower." As I dropped my hand to the button of my pants, I gave another soft push against her mind. I wouldn't quite call it forcing, just pushing what she already wanted to happen, letting her accept it without guilt for what we would do, what I knew she wanted to do.

She didn't seem terribly convinced, but she didn't look ready to stake me either. "No… I don't think that's a good idea, Shade…" she mumbled out, slowly backing into the corner of the bathtub as I slipped behind the curtain with her, fully nude and sporting the evidence of my arousal quite plainly for her to see. I wouldn't call myself 'massive', but lets just say I do alright for myself size wise.

As I slipped into the tub with her, my eyes took in her form without any encumbrances, that wicked smile I'm so fond of soon playing at the corners of my lips. What the bulky jeans and shapeless jacket had hid from me before was absolutely delectable, and this shy uncertain young woman became the one thing I desired most above all else in that moment.

She was cowering against the wall, her hands splayed out to cover as much of her naked body as possible and her face turned down, eyes avoiding mine with complete and total shame written all over her face. Ah, it was incredibly sad, I'd never seen such a beautiful woman so ashamed of her body, and in that moment I decided to show her exactly what I thought of her.

Shhh… Pet, you are lovely, look up here." I whispered, reaching to gently lift her chin so that her beautiful eyes met mine. Ah, at the look in those eyes my heart surely stopped! My perfect Innocent, at my words her cheeks flushed even prettier and I barely thought as my mouth descended upon hers, slow and gentle but with just enough force and heat to steal her breath from her lungs.

She gave a soft whimpering sigh, releasing her fear to bring a hand to my cool cheek, touching me there with her soft fingertips. That small tiny little touch made me wild, and it was with pure force of will that I did not devour more then her lips in that moment. I pull away from the kiss, and drew her away from the wall. "Come here, little dove." I murmured, and she obeyed as if in a daze, her eyes locked on my smiling face.

"I don't think this is a good idea…" she began to whisper her denials again, but they died on her lips as my hands slid along her shoulders and down her sides to lightly caress the warm flesh of her belly then around to the small of her back. Ash hesitantly bit her lower lip at my touch, the action wholly innocent and completely adorable. I splayed my fingers against her abdomen, lightly raking my fingernails against the smooth skin and causing a slight shiver to run the length of her spine.

"You do not wish to stop, pet." I whispered, dropping my lips to the damp curve of her neck, flicking my tongue over the fluttering pulse there then lightly grazing my fangs, resisting the urge to drink. I could not help but give a quiet sigh of contentment while I continued to place soft cool kisses against the heated skin of her shoulder and neck, nipping oh so gently every once in a while.

She didn't want me to stop, and it was obvious by the reaction I got from my kisses. Gently I turned her in my arms, pulling her back against my chest and positioning her so that the spray of warm water caressed her breasts and belly even as my hand slid down to the wet curls between her legs. The moment I touched her there I could feel her body tense against mine, and I nipped quietly at her shoulder, "Relax, pet." I whispered to her, just resting my fingertips against the heated lips of her pussy. She did relax, if only marginally, resting more of her weight back against my chest in a silent sign I may continue.

My fingertips pushed into her, gently and slowly, searching out the sensitive bud of her clit and began a slow rotating motion about it, all of my attention completely taken with her reaction, her pleasure. She gave a soft hiss followed by a low moan then rested her head back against my shoulder, giving me better access to the flesh of her throat and neck.

After a long moment of my continued teasing affections, her body began to shiver with anticipation and pleasure, and I slid my fingers down farther between the lips of her pussy to the virginal opening. She tensed again, shaking her head, but I did not listen knowing full well she would find pleasure in my touch, I slid one finger into her and began a slow careful exploration, searching for the bundle of nerves that was her g-spot while my thumb reached up to begin its circular caresses at her clit once more.

I got an almost immediate response, she gasped softly then bit down hard on her lower lip to smother the soft moans that could not help but escape her throat. "Oh Gods…" she murmured, then dissolved once more into uncontrollable moans. I continued my caresses, my finger exploring the inside of her heated folds while my thumb teased her clit, refusing to let up even as she began to squirm, the pleasure becoming nearly too much.

Finally, she could take no more of it and her knees went out from under her, weakened and rubbery from the sensations I was sending through her body. She cried out, a sound so incredibly sweet and tortured, her body tensing against mine even as her pussy clenched my one finger with unyielding force. Bending my head to her neck I sank my teeth into her warm flesh, drinking in her pleasure, her essence, her innocence. My fingers continued their teasing, not letting up, enjoying the feeling of her shuddering form as I drank my fill of her.

Leisurely, I pulled my hand from her sex, turning her in my arms once more so that I could look into her eyes. Bringing my hand up to my lips, I quietly licked my fingers clean of her juices while she blushed. "You bit me…" she whispered, bringing a shaking hand up to the small wound at her neck, fingering it tenderly with a small flinch.

"Did it hurt, pet?" I asked, licking my lips to savor the taste of her, wanting more. I knew I hadn't hurt her, the bite is a pleasurable experience and she shook her head silently, pressing her body against mine. I wrapped my arms about her slight frame, kissing her lips in the gentlest way and I suddenly knew, this one was mine, mine for all time, and I would have her this night.

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