tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLove Beyond All Bounds Ch. 07

Love Beyond All Bounds Ch. 07


Chapter Seven (A Matter of Direction)

*Rocks hurt. Avalanches kill.*

"I'm wasting valuable time for this Damien. It had better be good," Dad threatened loftily.

"Mom's been cheating on you," I told him honestly. "I have proof." Father's eyes lit up and he leaned forward on the coach where not too long ago I had been screwing his wife, my Mother, on.

"Well, spit it out. I don't have all night," he spat out. I noticed he was trying not to salivate.

"Dad, I want your assurances that she'll be taken care of in the divorce settlement," I hesitated. Dad glared at me. When I wasn't doing something he could brag about, I was of no use to him, so I doubted he expected me to make any demands. In that moment I knew that not only was he going to lie to me, but he was going to punish me for even suggesting any course of action other than what he wanted.

"Sure. I can be generous. Now where is that proof?"

I cut the DVD player on. It took Dad a moment to understand what he was seeing. When he did, he vaulted from his seat and pointed an authoritative finger at me.

"You bastard," he thundered. "I'll break you for this. I took you back home you miserable brat, and this is how you betray me? You dared spy on me, your own Father? You are done here. Give me the damn disc and get the hell out!"

I was about to reply when I heard the clapping from my bedroom as Mom stepped out. April came meekly behind her, but I could tell she was angry. Dad was threatening me. While she was confused about her feelings for him, she was absolutely in love with me.

"Bravo Conrad, bravo," she taunted him.

"You are behind this, aren't you, you bitch?" he snapped.

"No Conrad, our little boy did all of this on his own. He screwed both of us over," she added with a cruel twist of the lips. "He decided that he hated you more is all."

"What the hell? Damn it, who cares? I'm going to go see my lawyer. When I get back all of you had better be out of the home I paid for," he sneered.

"Sit the fuck down, Dad," I said calmly. He snorted and made to leave. "I've copied all your private sessions, Dad. I've got all your partners doing things that will destroy your practice. House? Dad, when they finish suing you, you won't be able to collect Social Security. By all means, you go get your lawyer and I'll get mine."

"Those are private sessions," Dad growled, but he'd stopped leaving. "They are protected."

"Fuck you Dad," I chortled. "I'm not going to show them to the AMA. I'm going to show them to all the husbands you've been cuckolding -- anonymously of course. I've checked with a lawyer and that's just dandy. You are boned."

"I'll kill you," he seethed. I laughed harder.

"Bring it, old man. It will look good in the police report when they come to investigate the homicide. After all, Mom and April will back up my claim of self-defense." I glared at him, daring him to do anything.

"I'm out of here," he growled. Once more he headed for the stairs going up to the main floor.

"April," he commanded. It was her predetermined signal for her to jump in. See, April was the smart one in the family. She began rattling off names and e-mail addresses. The very first one was Kathryn Carter's husbands. She got to her fifth one when he staggered and stopped. By that time I was at my computer. I touched a button and the screen came on to my mail browser.

"You ungrateful cow," he snapped at April. She jumped, but kept going down the list.

"Stop it!" he shouted. "Damn it, I said stop." April looked to me and I nodded. She stopped but Dad noted the exchange. I was the one in charge. Mom gave April a supportive squeeze on the arm. "What do you want?"

"Get on your fucking knees, you Asshole," Mom snarled. Dad stared hate right back at her.

"Dad, I would get used to obeying her if you want to survive," I grinned.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Dad spat. Mom's response was to stride up to him and slap him hard across the face. At the moment, I was imagining Mom channeling every moment she'd been forced to take it up the ass without lube. It left a red imprint on his cheek. Dad looked momentarily stunned, but rage quickly replaced it. He hauled back his fist to strike her. I stepped up and took the hit for Mom. I didn't go down, but it hurt like hell.

"That's going to cost you, Conrad," Mom gloated.

"Fuck you," he shot back. While he was saying that to Mom, I punched him in the gut. When he staggered over, I shoved him hard to the ground. Mom kicked him in the shin. He gave off a cry of pain. I stopped Mom from kicking him again. I pulled Mom with me as I returned to the computer. Dad got up on his knees. I knew he wasn't begging for mercy -- yet. His leg was hurt.

"What do you want?" he asked, still angry but more cautious.

"Take off you fucking clothes Dad." I told him.

"Hell no," he growled. Mom laughed.

"I like the line about you eating her husband's cum out of Kathryn's cunt," I suggested, "but he might feel even better about how the two of you ridicule his manhood."

"I liked the one where he forces Mrs. Danbury to give him a rim-job," Mom offered.

"I thought Dr. Carter using a double penetration dildo on Maxwell McKean's sixteen year old daughter was very enlightening," April said, getting into the game.

"Dad, you have pissed off very powerful people. They will take everything from you. Only your family -- the family you have ignored and abused -- can save you and we have a price." Dad hobbled over to the sofa and sat down.

"What's the deal?"

"First, take off your clothes. All of them." I commanded.

"Fuck you," he snapped. "If I go down, you all go down."

"April's college fund is safe. I have a job that pays well enough. Mom's business is doing better and will be doing much better starting tomorrow when we change accountants." I didn't mention Mom's secret account, or that Danielle had offered to help (by letting me move in permanently).

"Conrad, get out of your clothes, or I will beat them off you," Mom threatened.

"Fuck you. Fuck all of you," Dad snarled.

"Dad, we've been polite. Either you take your clothes off or we take them off." I stated. Dad glared even more hate. I shrugged and went toward him. So did Mom. She reached around back and pulled out some shears.

"You hold him down and I'll cut them off," Mom said gleefully.

"Mom, remember that there are parts we need to keep," I responded. With us hovering over him, Dad finally began getting undressed. I had to keep Mom from saying anything at this juncture. "Underwear too," I command.

"Hell no; that is insane." Dad said his resistance fading.

Mom, you may have the honors," I decided. Mom stepped forward and slapped Dad hard once more. He surged up out of his seat, and I brutally pushed him back down.

"April," Dad called out in desperation. "Help me." April stared at him dispassionately.

"Daddy, when was the last of my birthdays you attended?" April asked. Dad goggled and sputtered.

"When you were twelve," Dad guessed. April looked crestfallen

"Dad, on April's twelfth birthday I took her to the beach; me her friends, plus my date," I answered Dad. "You last attended her fifth birthday."

"I had to work," he grumbled.

"You choose wealth and position over family Dad. How is that working for you now? Now take off the underwear, before I hold you down and Mom cuts them off with her clippers. I would be careful of what you caught. We do have a first aid kit in case there is trouble."

It was slowly dawning on Dad that this wasn't some hair-brained scheme, but a well-laid trap. The DVD had never stopped playing and more and more of his sins were being laid out. He kept all kinds of tapes and somehow his Son had found them. He had found much more too. Dad had this sinking feeling that something more was amiss. If I had his secret videos, how safe was his computer. It was password protected. He needed to get to it as soon as possible. He took off her underwear. He was big, but not thick or as long as mine.

"Rule Number One: Do What I say. If it doesn't contradict what I've said, you do what April says. If it doesn't contradict either me or April, do what Mom says. Disobey, and we will end you. Do you understand?"

"What? No punishments," Dad sneered.

"Punishments come later. Right now, it is all or nothing. It boils down to us being able to survive and you not. Do you understand?" I instructed.

"Yes, fine, I understand," Dad snapped.

"On your knees!" Mom shouted gleefully. Dad hesitated to obey so I backhanded him hard. Now both his cheeks were red. Mom hauled back to hit him again, and he saw the anger on my face. Dad knelt. "I'm going to enjoy this," Mom gloated as she hugged and kissed me.

"Rule Number Two: You are to stay here, in the house, out of communications with everyone, except if we need you for something for one week. If you fail, we will tie you naked to your bed and put a gall-gag on you and feed you through an IV and use a bedpan to handle your waste. Behave, and you may have access to the house, except your office. I am having the locks on it changed tomorrow morning."

"You'll never get away with this," he grumbled.

"You are not well liked. Your staff thinks you are an ass. They know what you do, but don't want to lose their jobs over it. One week is nothing." He had no answer for that.

"Rule Number Three: We are going to put papers in front of you and you are going to sign them. You are transferring control of your financial holdings to Mother and me with the proviso that April will be an equal partner on her eighteenth birthday. This includes the secret accounts were you have embezzled from you partners. I've found Kathryn's stash, but it will take some time to steal it so she can't trace it back to us."

"Bastard, what's in it for me?" Dad snarled.

"No prison time for starters. Hope that we will relent in time. Things will never get back to the way you want it, but you could still have some of what you want. You do know that we hate you enough to destroy you. That is the key truth."

"Let's get to the paper signing," Mom insisted. Dad glared at her.

"It won't work," he grinned evilly.

"My lawyer doesn't see why not. Once I have power of attorney and you add Mom to all your accounts, we pretty much can do what we want. If you don't believe us, fine. Sign. What will it cost you?" Dad started signing. Occasionally he grumbled and we had to threaten, but mostly he scoffed at our efforts. He didn't act impressed. Had he known he was up against one of the best divorce attorneys in the city, he would have been much less confident. When Mom divorced Dad, he'd have his practice that we were blackmailing and little else. That was the plan anyway.

We tied Dad to the bed in the Master bedroom. We had prepared it earlier, so he was made nice and snug, ball-gag and all. Mom played with him a bit before revealing the vibrator and shoving it deep into his ass with one push. Dad screamed like a madman, but the ball-gag held. This was disturbing April, so I took her out of the room. We went back to my basement and huddled on the sofa while I finished much of the work that we still had to for the Gala.

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